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How To Make Money Online From Home Effective Methods

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Make money online from home is a real thing and if you don’t know how to it, I will tell you some of the most effective ways here!

As a premise, I wanted to say that none of these methods is an easy way to make money! Something you need to have clear in mind is that if you want to make money online from home it will take a lot of efforts.

95% of the people who starts this journey fails and the only reasons why I believe this is happening is that they give up to early.

The benefits of making money online are huge, but in most of the cases, you will make zero money in the beginning! This situation can last for months if not years and a lot of people gets discouraged.

In this article, I will tell you what are my favorite ways to make money online and eventually a nice passive income stream.

But I will also tell you some methods and ways you can use right now to make less but instant money like freelancing and using certain apps.

make money online from home

Be aware that freelancing and using these apps to make money or even doing stupid stuff like filling in surveys according to me is working and selling your time to make someone else richer.

I like to make money online and create passive incomes, but this will require a lot of time and efforts. At the end of the story if you want to make money online from home here I will list the most sustainable and effective ways to do it.


Top 9 Make Money Online From Home Methods Without Investment


1 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online, and more specifically with niche sites or media buying.

Being an affiliate is awesome, any company on the internet have an affiliate program! You will be able to sell other people products and get commissions for that product.

You don’t need to own anything and you will need just a lot of traffic on your websites to make money.

You can buy traffic with media buying but this is more advanced.

affiliate marketing

This blog will be all about affiliate marketing and SEO! If you are interested in how to make money online from home with affiliate marketing sign up for my newsletters.

I have prepared a few other articles you should read to help you understand how this works! This is a huge business you need to study and put into practice the things you learn to start making money.




But affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, works like this. Do you see that banner just below to this sentence? Or this link here, click this link.

n26 banking

When you click on that banner or link you will be my customer and if you decide to buy something or sign up I will get a commission!

I have recommended to you this fabulous product that otherwise without me probably you would never discover.

You will have to pay no money to me and the company will automatically give me a commission and I will make money. Share on X


2 – YouTube Videos

YouTube after Google is the most visited website on the internet. There are people like Logan Paul that make just stupid videos that are probably making 1 million dollars a day if not more.

You might be wondering how, and the answer is simple. He has a lot of attention, and attention brings money.

If you are able to attract the people’s attention you will make money!

make money with youtube

The way that he does this is just by creating pretty good stupid videos that get shared and liked all over the internet.

Right now he has 17,588,087 subscribers, which is 1/3 of the population of Italy.

Having so many subscribers will bring Paul a lot of views, and a lot of views on YouTube means a lot of cash.

On average the Ads that are shown on YouTube pay 0.003 CPC (cost per click) every time someone loads a video basically you will be making money.

Let’s assume that you have a video with 100.000 views * 0.003 $ = 300$

So now you can see that Logan Paul’s videos with millions of views make a lot of money. On average every 1 million of views a YouTuber you will make $2000 dollars.

This is just free money that comes in because people are watching your videos! But actually, the big cash from YouTube comes from affiliate product in the video descriptions or selling out your own products like Logan Paul does.

He’s selling apparel for his brand called Maverik, a lot of people buy these clothes! He’s paying probably a few dollars to create the t-shirts and sell them for 29$.

A lot of his subscribers buy his apparel because they saw his videos. If you sell 1000 t-shirt a day which is a pretty reasonable number 1000* 20$ = 20000$ just from t-shirts.

So now do the math and see how much you can make. A lot of people is using YouTube to drive traffic to their affiliate sites or membership sites, or websites where they can sell online courses to learn a specific skill.

I know a lot of talented people who are selling online courses for 199$ for instance, and after they have built a nice audience on YouTube, via a webinar they could sell this course to their audience.

I know a guy who manages a YouTube channel on how to make money online. Every Wednesday he’s making a webinar for the new subscribers where he’s talking about how to make cash online and at the end, he’s selling his course for 199$ to the new subscribers. On average he sells 250 courses a week.

250 * 199$ = 49750 $ a week

Ok so now you see how powerful YouTube is, why not starting a channel based on something that you are passionate about?

If people will see your passion and you will be able to attract attention you will make a lot of money. Share on X


3 – Start A Blog

Having a blog of any kind if you respect some SEO rules and you write stuff driven by passion will bring money nonetheless.

Of course, you need to stick to my blog to learn how to make it profitable!  I promise you that as soon as you will start having traffic you will be making money.

To have traffic on a website is not easy and it will take a lot of time! But you will get there if you follow me, I will teach you everything!

start a blog

When you will have traffic on your blog, you can make money with affiliate links on it like here on this blog.

I love certain products and I know that you are interested to make money online from home! So I am recommending to you certain products that I know that will help you.

But this is a little more difficult approach to make money and it takes even more time. If you have no patience to monetize your site via affiliate marketing you can just hire a company like AdThrive or AdRoll and if they see traffic on your site and they are interested in advertising with you will get paid CPC.

Every time someone loads your website and ads are shown you will make money.

I don’t like a lot to stuff my websites with ads and pop-ups so here I am keeping it clean! But at AdThrive are experts and they will monetize your site to the best.




If you are not banned for life like me, you can also use AdSense from Google! These 3 services according to me are the best ones to make cash online from a blog with no pain!


4 – CryptoCurrency

You can make a lot of money in our times with cryptocurrency. If you were to spot the new bitcoin now and buy a lot of these assets for a few bucks you can become a millionaire later.

This is what I mainly do with cryptocurrency!

 I have invested a significant amount of money on many cryptocurrencies. I have put them safely on my ledgerwallet and I hope to wake up in a few years millionaire. Another option is to invest in Bitcoin and see if it rebounds.  You can store it simply with a Bitcoin multisignature (multisig) wallet.

make money with cryptocurrency

It is actually possible that you will become a millionaire if you invested the right amount of money in the right cryptocurrency that will go to the moon in near future!

This technique is very easy to do, you will just need a Coinbase a Binance account and money to invest. This is called Holding cryptocurrency.

Instead, if you want to make an instant profit and live off cryptocurrency you need to learn how to trade and make profits from trades.

There are many videos and tutorials online and you can learn everything for free or for very cheap. A tool I suggest you use is TradingView.




This will give you a clear picture of the markets! If you are able to read stocks graphics you will make money from cryptocurrency way faster compared to the stocks because of its volatility.

So if you are interested in making money with cryptocurrency you can also read this another article I have made!

Ask me questions if you don't know how to send money to a wallet etc... Share on X


5 – Freelancing

If you have valuable skills and you are willing to trade your time for money, an effective and good way to make money online from home is with freelancing.

Instead of having to go to a stupid office you will solve people’s problems worldwide.

Of course, this would be very hard without the internet, but since the internet exists and we are living in amazing times we should take advantage of it.

There are millions of freelancing platform on the internet. You can sell your skills and get hired by employers all over the world asking you any kind of stuff.


Some examples could be, creating a scraper to scrape email, manage their Facebook pages, writing blog posts on their blogs, fixing a bug on their sites, installing WordPress on their site etc..

In the list below there is the Top 6 Freelancing platform I know! The number 1 is the most famous and used and so on.

I really love these platform and I am a user of the first 2 and I have done some jobs as well there and earned some money! But then I have discovered that affiliate marketing is cooler.

  1. Fiverr
  2. UpWork
  3. Freelancer
  4. KonKer
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Guru

You might need some ways to get paid and here in this article, top 10 payments gateways are the best ones you can use.



If I were you I would sign up for each of them and start looking for jobs that may comply with your skills.

You can learn new skills on simplilearn or coursera, let me know how it goes.


6 – Sell Digital Stuff

You can sell your digital products like online courses or social media accounts or pictures!

Or whatever is digital online and make money from it.

Let’s assume that you are an expert playing the clarinet, and you made tabs and covers of punk rock songs played with the clarinets!

You can sell these tabs as a digital product.

sell digital products

If there are people interested in buying your lessons or tabs or whatever you have created from this punk rock clarinet business you can sell it online.

Once the course or the digital product is created this will bring in a totally passive income for you.

There are many platforms you can sell stuff online but the ones I think that are working best and are easy to start off and free are these:

  1. GumRoad.
  2. Selly.
  3. Simplegoods.

Sign up now and figure it out, it is very simple, you create a product and you can sell it via these platforms.

You can even launch your products from YouTube videos to GumRoad so to get traffic.

Then it is up to you to generate the right amount of traffic for these products so that you can sell them.

People will also be able to browse your products on these sites and purchase your service form the platform.

There are also websites like Etsy to sell handcraft creations you make worldwide.

I know a guy making a lot of cash selling Bamboo lamps on Etsy. Share on X


7 – Buy And Sell Domains

I am not sure that you can live off of this! But of course, if you are smart about it you can. The other methods I have listed before and that I will list later are all methods where you can live off with no problems.

sell domains

You can earn from $1 a day to up to 100k a day and the sky is the limit, and knowledge is the one that will bring in money for you.

So the more knowledge you have the more money you will make.

I love to learn stuff on simplilearn if you are interested to learn new skills check them out. But not to digress into unrelated subjects you can make money online from home by selling domains.




There are certain domains that can be sold for a lot of money! And sometimes if you spot a free domain that can be profitable you can make cash.

Let’s assume that would be a free domain if you buy it for a few bucks you can eventually sell it for a few millions of dollars probably.

There are many websites that act like a real estate for domains and here are my favorite ones you should make an account with.

  1. Flippa.
  2. Sedo.
  3. Afternic.

Your job will be to spot the good domain and then wait for buyers to buy them! You can also create an awesome landing page or a sales funnel on your domain for sale. Read more about sales funnels here.




8 – Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is very popular and it can be very lucrative! In a few words, drop shipping is selling cheap products at a higher price and make a revenue from it without the need of having the products!




If you read before in the YouTube section, I was talking about Logan Paul selling t-shirts! He’s probably manufacturing the t-shirts in China for a few bucks and then someone over there takes the orders and ship it worldwide.

The easiest way to create an online store to sell stuff is Shopify, this is how he does it as well. Shopify is an e-commerce platform, super easy to use with a lot of plugins and features.

The simplest way to create an e-com website is with Shopify + Oberlo + AliExpress.

drop shipping

The idea is that you choose a niche and create a website that is selling cheap products from AliExpress on your website for more.

For example, I know a dude that he’s selling bamboo watches from AliExpress that costs 4-5$ on AliExpress for up to 120$ a piece.

It will be your job to create a fake brand on it and make the people believe that these products are exclusive and great and you will make money.

Have you ever seen on Facebook ads for products that cost $29.99, if go to AliExpress you will find the same product for 2.99 or less!

To accomplish this you will need to open a Shopify store!  You can get a free trial for 15 days and then it will cost something like 29.99 a month.




With the free trial you will be able to open your store, and with the chrome extension called Oberlo, you will be able to save to your store the products that you see on AliExpress and multiply the AliExpress price automatically of a factor you decide.

Many Shopify stores online are using the Facebook Ads method! People advertise their store on Facebook, and then if you know how to run profitable campaigns on Facebook and target the right people you will get sales.

I don’t really love this way of making money because it is a bit scammy! It is not adding any value and also it requires a lot of fo work to create campaigns and build a strong brand so that people will buy.

shopify oberlo aliexpressI have mentioned the famous method “Shopify + Oberlo + AliExpress” because is the easiest way to make money with an e-e-commerce site.

You can just go to Google and Google “drop shipping Shopify Oberlo AliExpress” and you will find millions of tutorials.

You can use Shopify also to sell your own products like a digital product or whatever you want to sell! Tha way you will not be scammy and if you produce yellow lollipops you can sell those.

With drop shipping and oberlo, you will need just traffic on your website, and the AliExpress guys will ship the packages for you and you don’t have to buy any products.

You might need to deal with refunds and chargebacks and all of this but if you are smart about it you can make millions of dollars in no time.


9 – Make Money Online Apps

Scrolling is the new smoking!

The sentence above is what I think! On average each of us spends over 120 hours a month on their phones!

This equals to 120/8= 15 working days on your 9-5 job.

How else could you take advantage of this relationship with your phone? Maybe making money?

If this sounds good to you, here I will list the best make money online apps for your phone.

I want to say that I almost never tried any of these apps because I don’t like to make money this way. I have earned a few bucks with Validately a while ago and I have tried GigWalks in America for fun.

You will make money instantly but you have to kind of work still, and I said multiple times I like only passive incomes.

I want to make money while I sleep!!



sweatco.inSweatCoin is very interesting, this app uses your steps to give you cash based on the steps, you will earn 0.95 sweatcoin every 1000 steps.

I have no idea how they make money because I have made no research!

I guess they are selling your location to advertisers since it is using the geofence feature of a smartphone.

All I have found is this article about sweatcoin on digitaltrends. If you install the sweatcoin app today and you make at least 10.000 step per day you will make around $900 in 2000 days.

Definitely, you will not survive off of this and you don’t have a lot of control about it. The only thing you can do is walking and running more.




getslidejoySlideJoy is a simple app to make money online from home with your mobile phone.

You will make zero efforts to make money with this app. The concept is that you install the app and SlideJoy puts ads on your mobile phone on your lock screen and on the main dashboard.

You will get paid each time the ads are shown on your device and if you click on them. Of course, you don’t have to click on them.

If ads are not bothering you, install SlideJoy now and start making some side money online for using your phone.



tolunaToluna is according to me the best app that will pay you to complete surveys.

It will pay you with PayPal and the designs and reliability are higher compared to other survey websites or apps.

You will not make a lot of money but still, if you work a lot you can make some decent money. I can not imagine my life replying to surveys questions but if you are bored and you don’t know how to spend your time instead of scrolling on Facebook you should definitely fill in some online surveys and make the extra buck.



foapIf you love taking pictures with your mobile phone you should definitely check out Foap!

This app will pay you cash for awesome pictures you take and depending on how many downloads and popularity the picture gets you will earn more.

If you are already taking some great pictures and you think that the pictures that you regularly take on your trips or at home are worth it, you should install Foap.



swagbucksSwagBucks is one of the most famous websites and apps in America to make extra cash while shopping online or surfing the web.

The easiest way to make extra money is via a browser extension that will send you messages and tasks to complete each time you go on a website where it will be possible to earn cash via Swagbucks.

You will earn Swagbucks that can be converted into money.


Make Money

make money appMake money is another app that will give you money to watch videos, complete micro tasks and so on.

They will send you ads and stuff of course and your opinion and feedback will make you money.

Do not think that you will make a lot of money, but if you are really bored and you have nothing better to do, which is something I really don’t understand ( there is always something awesome to do in this world) you should use your time making cash with this app.



gigwalkGigWalk is kind of fun, I have installed this app a long time ago and found it interesting.

You will get paid via PayPal to do something very similar to a treasure hunt in your city.

You will get paid to complete tasks like this one for instance: ‘take picture of the license plates of all the Lamborghinis that you see around you‘ or ‘take picture of the cheapest chocolate bars in each store in your neighborhood‘ and so on.

Once the tasks are complete you will get money. There are more complicated tasks that will actually pay you a lot of money.



champcashIf you are an affiliate marketer you will earn cash on your referrals to this app!

So you can start making money completing stupid tasks like the ones listed above with the other apps!

 But on top of this, you will make cash also referring other people to this app.

If this sounds nice to you make an account with ChampCash now.



viggleViggle is another app that will pay you to watch television and videos!

If you are a fan of the digital entertainment why not installing also this app.

You will get paid with PayPal to watch your favorite show with ads around of course. But still, you can make money online from home doing stuff you are already doing.


Surveys On The Go

surveys on the goSurveys on the go is another survey make money online app that will pay you cash to complete surveys that the advertiser will send you.

These will be mainly demographics studies and A/B testing survey for some specific business and niche.

If you like to reply to surveys then make an account and download the app also here at surveys on the go.



ipollSame here at iPoll, this website and app are very similar to survey on the go and they will pay you to complete online surveys.

I find this job very boring but if you feel like you can do that, start making money replying to surveys.

You might be wondering why you can get paid for filling in this surveys, but if you stick to my blog you will soon understand why.

Knowing what a specific group of people likes more and having their email and demographics will boost sales to the max.

Advertisers want to know what people would like to buy or in what they are struggling so that they can create the right products to put on the markets and make millions of dollars.



validatelyValidately is a serious app, I have used them a few times as well, you can earn up to $70 for each call you record or receive from the validately team.

This website and app will call you and you will test websites on their platform!

Usually you will give them insights from the websites where they are redirecting you. You will be recorded to talk about the experience you are having from the homepage of that website and usually, there are multiple A/b tests from website A to B and you will be asked which ones you like the most and why and what improvements they should apply to the website to make it more appealing.

Calls are usually 30 minutes or 1 hour and you will receive up to $70 on PayPal for each call. You will get an email each time a campaign is available and you can easily make $50 a day with 30- 45 minutes of work a day.



There are millions of ways to make money online from home but most of them are not working or are scammy ways.

The only one I am sure you can make a lot of money with is affiliate marketing! With affiliate marketing, you can make millions of dollars but it requires a lot of work, techniques and you need to work a lot especially in the beginning to make a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing will create many passive incomes streams and I love them.

If you instead are less patience and you are looking to some others make money online ideas you should try the other methods listed in this article.




The other methods from 4 to 9 are some make money online fast methods that will actually require some work from you!

But still, they can all be done from the comfort of your home and probably are the best make money online from home methods out there.

If you found this article useful please share it with your friends looking to make some extra cash and comment below for any question. Share on X

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