Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing How To Start A Blog For Success | How Do I Start A Blog | #1 Tutorial

How To Start A Blog For Success | How Do I Start A Blog | #1 Tutorial

How To Start A Blog For Success | How Do I Start A Blog | #1 Tutorial post thumbnail image

If you start a blog you can potentially earn any kind of money per day, for someone can be easy for other less easy.

Unfortunately, the world is pretty dumb and the people who make the most of the money are the ones that work with dumb stuff.

If you take the case of Logan Paul, for instance, is making millions of dollars probably a week only by being stupid on YouTube.

Meanwhile, people who work a lot with other niches makes a lot less with a lot more of work. So picking the correct niche is the main thing when it comes to making money with a blog.

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how to start a blog

I have many websites in many niches included adult stuff, and over there is very hard to rank at first but then when you start ranking is a goldmine.

Now I am going to show you step by step what are the solid foundations to start a blog that can ideally milk money on autopilot day after day.


Why Should You Start A Blog?


Before digging into the technical stuff, I am going to tell you why you should start a blog. Without motivation and a vision, you will not go anywhere in life and in this case with your blog.

Here are a few reasons why you should start a blog:

  1. Writing will make your thoughts more clear.
  2. You can just send a link to your tutorials or articles to people.
  3. You will interact with people that have your interests
  4. You can reach the world.
  5. You can potentially make a lot of money on autopilot.

Let’s just analyze the point number 5 which probably is the most interesting for anyone here on this blog.

how to make money on the internet infographic


How Do I Make Money With A Blog?

The answer to this question is so simple, and you must understand it! This is how it works for real!

If you have a lot of traffic money will come on autopilot!

Because there will be companies interested in advertising on your website! And you will become an authority where everyone would love to interact with.

An Ad space on the side of a website with a lot of traffic can cost easily $1000 a week. If you have 3 Ad spaces on your blog, do the math and you see how much you can earn.

If you start a blog the right way, usually 1 year after the first blog post and appearance on the internet, if you do everything right, traffic will come.

On this blog, I am gonna show you all the best ways to monetize your websites and blogs! So don’t worry about it.

But for now, all you have to understand is that in order to make a lot of cash with a website you need a lot of traffic, period!

To have a lot of traffic you will need to follow this blog and all the SEO rules so that you will get organic traffic from Google, which is the best traffic you could get.


How To Start A Blog For Success Step By Step


Step Number 1  | Pick A Niche

Before you start a blog you need to look inside your brain and really understand what you can give value to the world.

There must be something you really like and you have heaps of stuff to write about? Unless you are an outcast of society there will be something you are passionate about.

It could be absolutely anything:

  • Fixing cars.
  • Making a potato cannon.
  • Being dumb with your girlfriend.
  • Philosophy.
  • Scandinavian Porn.
  • In love with a city.
  • A fan of a certain movement.
  • Into diets.
  • Etc…

popular niches

There will be a big chunk of people interested in the same thing as well, the world is huge. And if there are people interested in that there will be people searching for that and you will make money.

Of course before picking a very dumb niche you want to make a plan first and trying to figure out if it can be a profitable niche or not.

Yes, you can start a blog talking about how to make potato cannons! But then you need to be able to write about how to make potato guns, potato slingshots etc…

And then you also need to give your readers insights on how to do DIY guns or cannons! So that you can keep your audience engaged and prone to click your ads and/or buy something.

If you have a lot of traffic on the potato cannon website, there will be big companies that are selling guns etc.. Willing to pay a lot to put Ads on your site.

So this is my overview of how to pick a niche, I will make a post only about that and link it back here when ready.




Step Number 2 | Pick A Domain Name

Once you know more or less about what about your blog will be, you need to find a good domain name!

Some people buy old domains so that they think they can skip the long process of getting their website in a better authoritative position.

I honestly don’t believe in this anymore! I saw brand new websites with no backlinks on it and with a new domain that were doing awesome.

I think that Google algorithms got very smart and they no longer care if your website was online for 10 years or not.

I mean they do care but it should not be your main focus. Just start off with a virgin new domain!

Here are my tips when picking a domain name:

  1. Try to keep it short (less than 11 characters)!
  2. Always prefer .com TLD top-level domains.
  3. Include your blog main keyword in the domain name. (
  4. Do not use numbers, dashes and all of this stuff.
  5. Google the name you have in mind to see what comes out in the search results.

You can use the tool below to check if the domain that you are looking for is available or not! If it is, you can go forward and buy domain and host before someone else does.

It will be very cheap and the only money you will have to pay to have your business online up and running.

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Step Number 3 | Host Your Stuff Somewhere Good

If you want to have a website you need to have a place where all your files will be available 24 hours a day.

That place is called hosting!

There are millions of hosting companies on the internet, and some of them are just very bad. I have tried many hosting companies and the most famous ones where I strongly advise you to stay away from are Godaddy and Hostgator.

They are horrible and absolutely not worth the price you pay.

You need to have a reliable hosting plan, that has a nice TTFB time for the first byte! And that will not cause you problems in the future.

tmdhosting shared hosting

Google loves websites that load very fast and that are always up and running.




If you start getting 504 errors or it takes forever to load, or your website’s servers are located in a 3rd world country you will not rank on Google ever.


Best Hosting Solutions To Start A Blog!

Here are my top 3 choices for a hosting plan, and I will shortly explain why next to them.

  1. TMDHosting: this is my favorite hosting company, and I only use this one for years already. The reason why I love them is that they are offering absolutely any solution, from traditional hosting to VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting and many more. Also, they have awesome customer service, literally the best one, and they accept any kind of website. They have zero restrictions, you can host websites talking about guns, pornography, hacking etc.. They are 100% tolerant and you will have zero problems with them. It is very easy to use and super WordPress friendly.
  2. BlueHost: It is one of the most promoted online, very easy to start with and it is one of the most used among the WordPress community. If you plan to have a regular WordPress blog and no more advanced websites go for them. A lot of people is happy with them and you can always upgrade to better stuff.
  3. SiteGround: one of the fastest hosting providers on the internet! They are famous for their blazing fast websites even with shared hosting solutions. (read this SiteGround versus Bluehost comparison). I honestly like more TMDHosting! But if you are looking for a basic plan and you are willing to pay a little more money compared to TMD you will definitely have a faster website with a basic shared hosting plan.




So if you didn’t already I advise you to pick a hosting plan! Start playing around a little bit with your purchase.

If you are not lazy I advise you to start to learn how to code with freecodecamp! You don’t have to do the whole thing but it will help you a lot to become successful.

tmdhosting support


Step Number 4 | Code Your Website Or Use WordPress

On step 4 you will need to create your website! The easiest and most efficient way to start a blog is with WordPress.

You can decide to install WordPress with the “click to install functionality” from your hosting cPanel!

Or you can install it manually with a simple drag and drop via FTP on your hosting. You will have to download the file below and drop it in your domain root folder.




WordPress is the most famous CMS in the world, and they have plugins and themes for any need. They have a huge community and all the most famous bloggers online started to have success online with a WordPress Blog.

My advice, if you have a bit of time is to learn to code a little bit so that you can tweak your themes for free to the next level!

If there are bugs or problems to solve you will not need to pay someone else to fix it and you will not need to give away your logins.

The best way to learn how to code, or at least the basics so that you will be able to create your own websites even without WordPress is by doing freecodecamp.




They are awesome and you should try to complete the full-stack developer part, at least for the front-end developer part.

Also, you should learn the google developer tools a bit, they are coming in handy very often and they will help you stand off the crowd.

find freelancer on fiverr


Step Number 5 | Write Compelling Stuff And Respect The SEO Rules

And last but not least, whatever website you have in mind to have either an e-commerce website or your company’s website you will need to have a blog or at least a section where you keep your website alive with new content.

The #1 ranking factor that Google or any other search engine take in consideration, is the new content and the quality of the new content you produce.

If you have a blog where you will post an article with consistency for years, sooner or later if you respect some basic SEO rules you will rank.

It is my mission in this blog to teach you all about SEO and how to rank websites. You don’t want to get bored with this article with all the techniques you should use!

But here I am going to tell you the most important things!


And then I will go more deeply into these concepts on other blog posts, so make sure to subscribe to my newsletters. Click To Tweet


The Purpose Of This How To Start A Blog Article

The purpose of this article is to help you start a blog with the foundations that you need if you want to be successful.

You need to pick a really good niche that is interesting for you! You can not screw the domain name picking, and mostly you cannot host your sites on some bad hosting.

tmd hosting best hosting plan

Hopefully, by now you understood why picking a good niche is important! And if you don’t know what to pick or you have some ideas, please send me a message or an email and I will give you some support.

An idea that might be stupid for you, might be absolutely genius for me and I can show you why.

The only things you will need to do after you have chosen a good nichedomain name, and hosting it will be to learn a bit WordPress!

wordpress backend

It will be very rewarding when you will see your Google Analytics traffic going to the moon! You will be grateful for that day when you decided to start a blog.

You probably don’t believe me now, but if you will put up good content and host it on a good host that will be always online you can easily get 100k visitors a month reading and sharing your stuff.


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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Blog? 

I think that if you are going to start a blog right now, you might fall in one of these categories. And the prices to have a blog are respectively these ones:

  • if you have one new blog it will cost you on average $3 a month.
  • if you have several new blogs it will cost you on average $6 a month.
  • If you have several blogs with a lot of traffic on it, it will cost you on average $25 a month.


Can I Have A Blog For Free With No Hosting?

I think that using platforms like bloggers, medium or whatever they are is absolutely not a smart idea. You will never and by never I mean never make a lot of cash if you don’t have your own websites on your own hosted domains.


Why Should I Use WordPress?

Because is the one that has the better support and compatibility with everything you need to make cash online. It will make your journey way easier and you can customize the whole thing if you are able to code a bit. You should not use other CMS or code your blog on your own. You will make mistakes and it will take you too much time, and time is money.


I Don’t Like The WordPress Themes What Should I Do?

If you don’t like any of the free themes that WordPress has to offer you! You have only four options.

  • code your own themes.
  • hire someone that code them for you.
  • tweak the existing themes with your coding skills.
  • buy premium paid themes on elegant themes or envato market.

envato market

Should I Write Only In English?

English is the language that has the most of the internet traffic! But it has also a lot of competition. There is no way that you can rank on google on the first page for certain English keywords! Meanwhile, you could easily rank for those keywords in your mother tongue language. This blog is in English but since I speak Italian as well! All of these articles are translated into Italian. It will be way easier for me to rank on the Italian part of this website compared to the English one. So yeah use your language skills to build a website and you will eventually succeed even better.


I Suck In Writing I Can Not Have A Blog?

Everyone sucks at something when they start. Don’t be shy and be confident in your abilities! Do not get tired of mistakes, learn from them and get better. No one was born a writer, but with the practice, you will become a good writer. Just put stuff out there and you will slowly get better posts after posts.


How Much Money Can I Make With A Blog?

You can make an infinite amount of money, there are no limits, this is why I love having profitable websites. You never know how much money you will make the next day, it could be $1 it could be $70.000 everything is possible. But my advice is to set a reachable goal at first and focusing on having a constant income flow of that amount. You need to develop your own strategy so that you will always make that amount no matter what. I will guide on this on this blog. It usually takes at least 1 year to see some traffic on a new blog. So keep writing for 1 year and make no money until then.


How will I get Paid?

You will get paid from advertisers or as an affiliate via WIRE transfers every 15 days or a month.  I use N26 as my affiliate bank. Many companies are using PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Paxum etc.. You can read more about this in this article I have made here Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

n26 banking


How Many Words Should Be My Articles?

It has been proved that 75% of the articles on the first page of Google on average have 1890 words. So try to keep your articles all about this length. This doesn’t mean that you have to write all the time long articles like that, but at least try to keep your main articles with 2000 words or more. The more words you will have the more keywords you can start to rank for, the more keywords you start to rank for, the more cash you will make.  But still, focus on making compelling and thorough articles that can add value to your readers.


How To Get More Traffic?

When you start a blog you will have zero traffic, and this situation will last for months! The first nice spikes of traffic if you keep writing stuff and respect SEO rules can be seen after 12 months from the first blog post. Once you start to get noticed from Google, people will contact you to create backlinks pointing to your site and traffic will grow organically from Google. If you don’t mess up with Google you will get a constant flow of visitors and cash.


How To Improve My Website Speed? 

If you are using WordPress and TMDHosting I have prepared the biggest guide on the internet that you have to follow and copy the settings to have the best WordPress speed. You can see my full tutorial here: how to improve WordPress speed.


What Are The Must Do When I Start A Blog?

When you start a blog there are a few things you must absolutely do in the first place. One of the most important things is to create a google webmasters tools account and verify your properties. I will make more tutorial about that soon, but for now, you can just create a google webmaster tools account and try to figure out yourself. The few things you must do immediately are: verify the domain, submit the website sitemap, choose your preferred version and target location. Put “unlisted” if it’s a worldwide website.


How To Learn And Use WordPress? 

The best way to learn WordPress is by doing it. The main sections you should master as a WordPress user are these:

  1. Posts.
  2. Appearance.
  3. Plugins.
  4. Settings.

Play around with these sections, create some test posts and play around with the settings and the appearance of your website.

You need to learn how to install a new plugin and how to apply a new theme and how to use these plugins to do whatever you need to do.




If you didn’t already I strongly advise you to get hosting with TMDHosting and install WordPress on it!

Start writing your blog now so you can see good results within a few years and make money.

host your site on tmdhosting

What You Will Learn On This Blog! 

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog so you will get notifications on new posts. I will slowly break down these topics:

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Free and Paid traffic hacks.
  4. Coding and WordPress
  5. Make money with a computer and an internet connection even while you sleep.

Follow me on social media, you’ve got all the links on the right bottom side of this blog, also comment and contact me if you need help.

Here are my top resources I always use to become a great affiliate, take a look here!

 Do you want to be a free man or woman? Jump in the crew then!

Much Love and Peace Out,

Marco Diversi.

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