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How To Make Money From A Website

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If you are reading this blog you are probably living your life asking yourself how to make money from a website.

Even if it seems impossible, making money online it is absolutely possible.

To explain this I would like to recall a recent quote from Bill Gates:

In the early days of Microsoft, I felt like I was explaining something completely foreign to people when I would talk about our business plan.

They didn’t understand how a company built entirely around software could be profitable. The idea today that anyone would need to be pitched on why software is a legitimate investment seems unimaginable, but a lot has changed since the 1980s.

This book is an indispensable guide to how to think about the evolving economy: Capitalism Without Capital Bill Gates

Bill is one of the biggest influencers in my life not only because it was the richest man on earth but because he's wise as fuck. Share on X

how to make money from a website

There was a period of my life where I was thinking:

Why Bill Gates still is writing stuff on his blog, reading a lot of books and creating companies to help people’s with diseases.

I was not able to understand why a person that could make it rain even after his death, still is working.

It is only recently that I came up to the conclusion that if you have unlimited curiosity and you love what you are doing there is no way that you can enjoy life driving Lamborghinis or drinking on an island.

You need to learn, learn and learn all of your life.

And here is my vision on how to make money from a website these days!


How To Make Money From A Website

We are in a transition period like the one when Bill Gates decided to create a profitable company based on software.

Right now if you tell your family and friends that you make money from a website they will not understand.

The internet is everywhere, we spend more time staring at our mobile screens than staring at the eyes of who we love, but still, no one understands.

You can not make money online with a website if you have only one option and you are testing only one niche.

I mean you can, but then you need also a lot of luck, and I personally do not believe in luck.

My advice is to create several websites in completely different niches using completely different techniques and technologies.

i.e: a website talking about fitness with ads and videos, another one with no ads but reviews.

You need also to learn how to get traffic from search engines or paid traffic. If you have traffic, money will come, but to get traffic is hard and discouraging most of the time.

You can read my article on what is SEO to have a better vision of this.

There are millions of ways to monetize a website but each of your sites must have a different monetization purpose. Share on X

working on a website

Here in this article, I am going to tell you what are the most efficient yet profitable and evergreen methods you can use to make money online with a website.

Consider that the world is moving very fast and something that can be profitable today might not be tomorrow and the competition is fierce.


#1 – Promote Products As An Affiliate

The method I like the most about how to make money from a website is definitely with affiliate marketing.

This is the best for me because I like to have no responsibilities and freedom.

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else product and getting a commission.

The most famous affiliate program and the one where all started is the Amazon affiliate program. Now, there is no way that you can become rich by being an Amazon affiliate, I promise.

The world changed a lot, Amazon doesn’t need affiliates like in the early stages and they have put the commission rates very low.

The good thing is that there are millions of other companies paying a lot of money that are trying to grow and need your help and that can pay you a ton of cash compared to Amazon.

I suggest you read my article on:




But in a nutshell, any legitimate website has an affiliate program you can join. Once you joined you will get a personal link and each time someone clicks on your personal link you will get a commision from the company you are affiliated with depending on if they buy something or fill in an email.

Commission rates vary from $10 to up to $2000 or more. On average commissions are going to be around $60. Share on X

If you get a few commission a day you can easily see that you will earn more than your 9-5 job.

This blog is all about affiliate marketing so stick to it, subscribe to the newsletters, ask me questions and I will help you.

The most profitable ways to create a passive income stream with affiliate marketing is via niche sites, tutorials and CPA marketing.

affiliate marketing


#2 – Email Marketing

Building an e-mail list is probably one of the most important things when you start an online business.

I personally don’t like pop-ups and bothering people asking for the email. In this website, I have a little banner on top that triggers once in a while and a subscribe button on the bottom right.

My goal is to get subscribed only people really interested in my stuff, at least on this blog and then those are the ones that are going to be more willing to eventually take one of my advice when I send them an email.

If suddenly Google decides to penalize your sites, your traffic will drop to zero in a matter of seconds, meanwhile, if you have a solid email list people will still visit your site and eventually purchase something you have to offer them.

It’s like having a small grocery store at the end of your street. People that need something and that is lazy to go to the mall knows that you are there to offer them good stuff just a few steps from their doors.

It is very important to build an email list and If you are interested in having the best tool that will help you create awesome sign-up forms and email automation I want to recommend ConvertKit.




ConvertKit is the best EMS email marketing service out there, and it is also pretty cheap.

This is a top quality service, do not look at anything else, trust me and get ConvertKit for your business and to build an email list.

convertkit free trial


#3 – Create A Course Or A Digital Product

People start to understand that you can fully educate yourself on the internet. Google knows a lot of things and if not Google people on the internet can teach you crazy stuff.

You can take classes on coursera from the MIT or Stanford for free.

You can interact with the biggest experts in the certain field via their sites, forums and all of this.

You can learn from YouTube videos, blogs, eBooks etc…

You can listen to podcasts when driving around and if you are open-minded and willing to learn to stuff because you know that knowledge will make you rich you are also willing to spend money on your education.

I mean there are people in the United States that dumps more than 50k a year to pay college tuitions to learn stuff that can be learned in a year of hard work basically for free.

Some courses are specialized and will make your journey in learning something you are really interested in easier. Share on X

Building your online digital course, ebook, podcast or YouTube channel can be very profitable, especially if you can create an audience that trusts you.




There are websites like clickfunnels, coursecraft and teachable that will allow you to create an online course that rocks.

You can read also Pat Flynn talking about how to start a podcast.

listen to clickfunnels webinar


#4 – Selling Ad Space

If your website has a lot of traffic, and this will take a few years before it can be profitable you can sell ad space.

The most common way to do that, unless you are permanently blocked like me is via AdSense now called Google Ads.

People will advertise on your site via Google, and they will pay you per click (PPC) or even per impression CPI (cost per impression).

I don’t like a lot of AdSense because the earnings are smaller compared to AdThrive for instance or simply selling ad space on your site with services like buy sells ads etc.

There are websites with 100.000 visitors a month that are making over $2000 only from CPI traffic. If you sell ad space you can easily sell one banner space for 1 week for $1000.

My advice is to leave some space on your articles and website for ads. Do not put too many ads, 3-4 on the side and a few in your articles are enough.

People don't like #ads. Share on X

If you have a lot of traffic you can use google ads, otherwise, use other services like the ones mentioned above.

The most secure and used way to make money from blogs or simple websites is with this method.

But you will need traffic.

sell ad space


#5 – Create A Membership Section

You can use clickfunnels or a WordPress plugin to create a part of your website that requires a monthly fee to get access.

I love these kinds of things because these are pure passive income streams that will pay you each month and give you the security that you are not going to be broke ever.

You can use clickfunnels, for instance, to grant access to a group of people on a special Facebook group or section of your website.

You can put a course or a community like a forum there where people can talk and grow.

A very smart idea is also to have a section where you ask an amount of money to link to another site from your site.

You can create a partner page and then ask $5 a month for a backlink in there.

People like to pay for stuff online and creating something special and give them access for instance 14.99$ a month can eventually make you rich.

You will need to study the price yourself based on what you offer, your audience etc..

Be smart about this and again a good software that will do this job is clickfunnels.

membership site


#6 – Sponsored Posts  

Once you get “famous” you can ask for money for a sponsored post on your site. You can start accepting free guest posts or even ask money to have a sponsored post.

For instance, your website niche is fishing. If a big company selling baits for fish wants to make an article on what’s the best bait for carp fishing on your blog they can pay you a lot of money based on the quality of your traffic and how much money that article can potentially make to that company.

You can use tools like SEMrush to figure out all of these details if you are a website owner you want to check out the website that is asking to post an article on your blog.

With SEMrush, you can basically understand how much money they are making and if they are rich you can ask for a bigger price.

Negotiation and smelling opportunities are something you always need in life. Share on X

#7 – Selling Leads 

If you are building an email list with ConvertKit or via widgets, membership sections and or members account etc… is generating leads after you got their consent according to the new GDPR rules, you can actually sell these leads.

There is no fixed price, it all depends on how good the lead it is and from what country it comes from.

On average people pay for a lead (an e-mail) something like $3 to up to $15 or more.

If you have 100k e-mail:

100.000 * $3 = $300.000

This is going to be a lower number for sure, but if the quality of your leads is good it can get very close to that.




So don’t be stupid and start collecting leads with ConvertKit on your sites.

convertkit best ems


#8 – Create An E-commerce Section

My grandma told me more that one time, that her mother so we are talking about 80- 90 years ago was going every morning to the city center of my town which was 14km (8 miles) from her house to sell a few eggs so that she could buy flour to make food.

She was walking each morning for almost 5 hours each day back and forth so that she could make some tagliatelle and piada.

She was waking up at 4 am so that she could work with the animals and beasts in her factory by 9 am, there was no asphalt on the roads and bikes were only for rich people.

Now, we can order an iPhone cover from China for less than $1 that will get to you in just a few days.

Buying online is definitely more convenient and probably in the near future physical stores will not exist.

Even now you can order your grocery at home with a few clicks on your smartphone. E-commerce sites and online stores will be the future.

If you have already a real store or you are planning to open an online store you can do that pretty easily.

A simple way to do it is via Shopify for instance but there’s plenty of other alternatives.

You can create a website talking about fishing, writing on the blog to get traffic and then create a subdomain with a store selling fishing products.

Building e-commerce sites are the future man, if you don’t know it I suggest you take a look online and start your ecom site now.

ecommerce site


#9 – Offer A One-On-One Call With You

If people love you and your brand is getting noticed you can become a consultant or ask a ton of money for a one-on-one private call.

You can coach and guide whoever needs your precious help building what you’ve built or whatever service you are offering.

Let’s assume you are the number one making Italian food and a famous restaurant that will open in Los Angeles needs help to create their menu.

They can search on google one-on-one Skype call with an Italian chef, you will pop up and you can charge them a lot.

Talking to people worldwide is almost free these days, all you need is an internet connection. You can easily charge $500/ hour and even more depending on how big you became.

one-on-one call


#10 – Sell Stuff Via Webinars

I know a lot of people that don’t even have a website but that is making a lot of money with the internet.

Some examples of people I have studied is on YouTube.

They are making YouTube videos solving problems and answering questions that people are looking for. Share on X

They are building an audience about this stuff and once they start having serious visualizations they either send the video traffic to their site or to a funnel created with the magic tool called

Once the visitors end up on the funnels landing page they will get a message asking for an email in exchange for something free like a simple guide etc.. etc..

Then most of the time they will end up creating a tripwire or a cheap giveaway via a webinar or some online stuff selling a product they have created.

For instance, I could sell an SEO course or an affiliate marketing course via this website and to build even more trust with my customers I can go live on a webinar.

People like the internet but still real interactions are the ones that are bringing the more cash.

I know people that via webinars sells courses that cost more than $2000 dollars.


try clickfunnels for free


You can create live webinars or records webinars with clickfunnels.

I strongly suggest you make an account now with them to get 15 days of trial completely free to try out all of these features.



#11 – Create A Massive Website

If you have the guts, the skills and a good idea you can create websites like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon and even Google.

It doesn't make any sense to me that in 100 or more years people will still use Google to search stuff on the internet. Share on X

Maybe the internet will not even exist anymore and we will all have a chip in our brain that connects to the internet and search for stuff directly from our thoughts.

Thinking big and having visions will make you rich, do not stop yourself when you see Google or Facebook or whatever website you see online.

The world likes brilliant ideas and more efficient stuff. Share on X

If you believe in yourself and you know that you can create a better Google a better Facebook and a better world in general work your way to this goal.

All the most successful people created all the stuff they have created because they strongly believed that they could solve a problem better than someone else.

This is called advance and you can be part of it from today.

how to make money from a website 1

#12 – Ask for donations

And last but not least if you add value to your readers there will be a chunk of them willing to donate for your site.

You can call them angel investors or whatever you want but there are many.

Some people just have a lot of cash and if they see something they really love they will donate.

I have a blog where I talk about my thoughts mainly and I swear to god I have got $520 in donations from a Swiss person one time.

He just clicked on my donation button and gave me $520 without even saying hello.

That was the biggest donations I have got but other smaller donations are happening once in a while.

You can easily create a donation site where you will publish exclusive stuff via clickfunnels or if you like social networks via Patreon.

Patreon is very popular among YouTubers and bloggers because of its simplicity and because is free.

ask for donations



So there are tons of methods you can use to make cash from a website.

If you want to learn how to make money from a website I suggest you stick to my blog and also read other blogs and watch YouTube videos and most importantly to take action.

If I am telling you now that all you need to get started is to get a hosting and a domain and start writing, just do it.

Do not wait until you have the knowledge to do it, skills that are valuable today they might not be valuable in a few months. Share on X

The world is moving very fast and if you don’t act now you will always get the same results and you will stay in the same situation.

Knowledge is power but only if you act and start doing it. You can read my tutorial on how to start a successful blog.

I suggest you spend those $2.95 to start your website, get TMDhosting now and a free domain.




If you start a website today, and learn how to make money from a website following my blog and constantly learn you will make a lot of money sooner or later I promise.

All of these methods are generating passive incomes and they are 100% sustainable, without having to actively work to make money.

If you liked this article and you found it useful and you have discovered new stuff and tools, please share it and at least tweet it now. Share on X

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