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How To Find A Profitable Niche In 3 Steps

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Niche marketing and SEO is the best combination when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

It is proven that media buying campaigns and buying traffic is no longer very profitable due to the high competition.


Having a website or even better a few websites talking about one single problem can be in the long run very profitable. Click To Tweet


You could sell affiliate products from the traffic you will get on your site or display annoying Ads and generate some Adrevenue.

When it comes to picking a niche to start a website most people start to dig into what are the most profitable niches and then they hope that their site will become famous one day.

This approach is not the best approach ever, in fact, niches that are not considered to be profitable can be profitable if you have some passion about what you are writing about.

In this article, I will tell you how to find a profitable niche market and how to make it profitable without the risk of losing time.



How To Find A Profitable Niche Market In 3 Easy Steps


1. Do Some Keyword Research On A Topic That Interests You

Before starting a website you should always figure out the niche, it’s going to be a mistake if you pick a niche only because it’s easy to rank.

There are millions of websites out there and if you are not fierce in picking the right keywords and niches there is no way that you are going to make money.

A good niche should always have:

  1. High demand,
  2. Buy Intent,
  3. A lot of products to sell.

The best way to do some keyword research is by using some tools that can be found for free or as a freemium online:

These are the best tools you can use for keyword research, meanwhile, if you are looking for an all in one marketing tool I suggest you make an account with SEMrush.




What you have to do is to go on Ubersuggest and drop keywords in it. If we try to drop the word “tea bags” we can see that there is a pretty high search volume.


teabags ubersuggest


What that means is that 27.000 persons each month are searching for teabags, and if you are going to sell teabags and rank on the first spots on the SERP on google you would eventually get 27.000 customers each month buying your teabags.

Start creating some notes for this new business that you are going to start and then try to understand where to start buying a domain that includes your main keyword in it.

The domain name is one of the most important choices when starting an online business.  For the teabags business, the best domain would be and not


2. Check Who Is Ranking On Google On That Topic

Then you want to create a blueprint of all the websites that are ranking on the first spots of Google for your niche.

This way you will be able to understand who are the guys you have to beat and how big the competition can be.

In order to do that you can use a VPN (to change location) and an incognito browser and put on google the main keyword of your niche and business.

You can also use tools like the ones mentioned above as well. SEMrush is my favorite tool for that, you will be able to find all the competitors and how to beat them.


3. Take The Decision Of Building A Website Or A Business Around This Niche

The best niche is the one that you are more comfortable with and that you in the first person has problems that you want to solve.

For instance, if you have problems sleeping, creating a website that helps people sleep better can turn out to be a profitable niche.

You will need to do intense keyword research and figure out what topics related to poor sleeping you can rank with your site.

Then you will be able to monetize it with ads or with CPA offers or many other ways once you start getting traffic from people interested in hearing your voice through your website.

Something that works is to grab your notepad and start listing all the things you are passionate about and that you have a strong interest.


In another list all the problems that you are facing in a specific field and all the possible solutions to the problems. Click To Tweet


This way if you will make a website around your interests and problems it will be less difficult for you to create awesome content.

You could also use your notepad to list all the problems that your friends and people around you are facing.

Try to figure out if people would spend money to solve the problems that are facing and that if it can be created a business around these problems.



What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

You could use Amazon to dig into niches and things that can be sold online. Just look at the picture below and try to figure out what can be sold online and that people would buy.

Amazon is the biggest online store ever and you can use it as a search engine for products.


amazon categories


The most profitable niches for affiliate marketing are:

  1. Beauty and Weight Loss,
  2. Health and Wellness,
  3. Dating and Romance,
  4. Adult Niche,
  5. Hosting,
  6. SaaS Software,
  7. Porn,
  8. Outdoor Survival,
  9. Pets,
  10. Fitness,
  11. Fashion,
  12. Gadgets,
  13. Self-Improvement,
  14. Investment,
  15. Loans.


All of the niches listed above are pretty much evergreen and profitable, but like all the stuff that is profitable, there is also a fierce competition to deal with.

In fact, speaking for me I am doing good with the adult niche and especially with cam sites and adult sites but it took me over 3 years to get some traction on my sites.

Something that people will never stop searching for is food, sex and ways to feel better.

If you are going to spot a micro-niche that solves some of these problems you will be making money.



If you have a passion for what you are doing there is no way that your website or blog will not become popular.


Passion will kill competition and put you on the first spots of google within a few years and then it will be even more fun to enjoy all of your efforts. Click To Tweet


If you are going to build an online business you need to be sure that it is going to be about something that interests you.

On top of that, you need to do some keyword research and figure out if you will ever be able to rank on Google for the content that you are going to produce.

If you are going to start a website the best tools I can recommend are these 3:

  1. NameSilo (to buy a domain)
  2. TMDHosting (to host your sites)
  3. SEMrush (as the best marketing tool.




I hope that this article was helpful and that you will start to make money online through your passion and websites.


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