Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing #1 CPA Marketing Guide And Insights

#1 CPA Marketing Guide And Insights

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CPA marketing is the best way to monetize a website!

If you are a newbie with making money online, you might wonder how big websites are making all the money they make.

It has never been so easy to figure out how people make money from a website.

Big newspaper sites or authoritative sites started to put ads everywhere on their sites so that they can earn some extra money.

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CPA networks instead, are giving you the chance to monetize the traffic on your site to the next level.

If you are wondering what’s the acronym CPA meaning, I have talked about this in other articles but to recap CPA means (cost per action).

These affiliate networks will pay you each time a user makes an action on your site.

If you want to know more and an opinion from a CPA marketing genius, buckle up and read on!


What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA (cost per action) is an affiliate model where CPA networks will pay you when people will perform an action.

The most popular actions are these:

  • PPL (pay per lead).
  • PPS (pay per sign up).
  • RevShare (for a lifetime).


You can read more about making money with affiliate marketing here.


how cpa marketing works

Each time someone performs an action like the ones listed below you will get money:

  • put an e-mail.
  • give their mobile number.
  • install an app.
  • pay for something.
  • etc…

From your affiliate dashboard, you will be able to pick various offers and choose if you want to be paid per lead or per sign up or revshare.

Pay per lead is when the user put an email or perform any other action where it is not necessary to pay for something! This is the one that pays less but is the easier to accomplish.

If you want to join one of the top cpa networks that will approve you immediately, with no requirements and a lot of offers on a beautiful platform you can join MyLead.

I am not using this network a lot but I think that is a very good one to start if you want to learn Internet Marketing.

You can become familiar with some affiliate terms reading this glossary.


The Value Chain

The reason why CPA offers are better compared to CPC/CPM (AdSense, AdThrive, etc…) are multiple.

But let’s assume that you are a business owner with your business ideas and your own product that costs $30.

Something you need always to remember is that you will make a lot less money with physical products compared to digital products.

(selling a $100 chair on Amazon will give you $4, meanwhile selling an hosting plan will give your $70 or more no matter what!)

If you want to make more money you need to rise up on the value chain, and here on this picture is how a value chain for a product looks like.


value chain

Building a product is hard but can eventually bring the most of the money!

Meanwhile, an affiliate can earn even 50% or more selling a product but is not that easy as well!

With CPA you can earn money only from free leads or selling products with the pay per sign up option.

On a CPC/CPM marketing model it will be easy to earn money but the money to be made is a lot less.


How To Start CPA Marketing And Where To Find Good Offers?

This is probably the least of the problems!

I am into CPA marketing since a while now and every day I am discovering new CPA networks. It looks like there are so many that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all of them.

What’s sure is that some of them are very bad and some other are very good.

The ones I am more comfortable and the best cpa networks I like the most are these ones:




But there are also other cool websites you can use to find reviews of new networks and offers.

My favorite website is called AffPaying, but also AffBank, OfferVault, and oDigger are pretty legit.

You can just type into these sites something you would like to promote and thousand of offers will pop up.

My advice is to start working with the top affiliate program in the article I have mentioned above.

Then once you get more familiar with the offers you can start skimming the bad stuff from the good.

The CPA requirements are different depending on how serious and big the network is.

Some networks might even call you to ask questions about your business.

When you fill in the forms, try to be honest, these guys are experts and they will find out any lie you will tell them.


Another big network you can join that have interesting offers is cpalead! My favorite one is CrakRevenue but it’s only for adult niche and advanced users.

Usually, when you try to join a network they will ask you if you have a website or multiple websites, how big is your email list, and how much money you are earning a month as an affiliate.

Obviously, if you are a newbie your revenues are very low or even zero, but a lot of the networks listed above don’t require earning proofs.

What they want to see is a website though, this will help you a lot getting approved! You can read my guide on how to start a website otherwise they want to know if you are doing media buying.




CPA Network Setup

Once you are inside the platform you will be able to see a lot of offers.

You will need to become familiar with the CPA networks terms they are using.

For instance, with CrakRevenue, they split PPL into DOI and SOI, which means double opt-in and single opt-in.

  • You will get cash with the DOI option if the user confirms the email!
  • You will get cash with the SOI option if the user put the email without confirming!


cpa offers on crakrevenue


When you open the offer you will see details about the offer! You should read the terms first!


cpa offer details


You can click to see what GEOs (countries) are accepted and most importantly retrieve your personal affiliate link.


affiliate link


For the same offer as you can see in the screenshot, there are several different offers. Each of them has a different payout and purpose and device.


same offer different payout

  1. If you are planning to use the offer only for PPL you should pick DOI – SOI links.
  2. If you want a PPS in a certain location of your site you should pick the link from that offer.
  3. If you want Revshare you should pick the revshare offer.

Depending on the traffic you have you might want to test all the options. Then use the one that makes you most of the money.

You might also want to test all the different landing pages available.

For instance for the offer shown in the screenshot above, recently CrakRevenue created a new landing page that increased the EPC (earnings per click) of the 35%.

A good CPA network will give you a lot of creatives (banners, etc…) and landing pages options.


Start To Integrate The Offers In Your Sites

Then you will need to find the best strategic plan to integrate the offers on your sites.

What I usually do is to figure out if I want to put nasty banners or pop-ups on my sites or leave them clean. Click To Tweet

The advantages of CPA marketing is that you don’t have to put banners to make money. You can seamlessly integrate the offers into your website and people will not even notice it.

What I suggest you do is to cloak all of your links and put it somewhere easy to manage.

If you are on WordPress you can just use the plugin thirsty affiliates to do that. If you have coded your site just make a folder and drop all your links in there.

The reason why you want to do this are multiple:

  • affiliate links are constantly changing, you don’t want to spend time going through your articles and change them one by one.
  • usually, these links are long and ugly and search engines don’t like them a lot.
  • people can accidentally strip off your affiliate link part and you won’t get any commission then.
  • cloaking links will make it easier to manage them and do A/b testing.

If you want to look at very successful CPA sites you can just Google something like:

hosting coupons

For instance, if a website like this one will pop up, this is a website where the coupons will not work.

coupons that are not working

But once you click on the “get promo codebutton to try to uncover the coupon code, their affiliate link triggers, the cookies go into your browser and when you buy, they will get a commission.

This is a scammy tactic that makes millions of dollars!

I don’t like these websites but this is just to make you understand how an idea can make you a lot of money.

You can check if your affiliate link has cookies or not, using RedirectDetective.

Just drop your affiliate link in there, if a little cookie symbol will pop up it means that if someone clicks on your link it will be linked to you for at least 30 days.

cookies yay


Get Traffic And Money

A mistake that a lot of newbies make is this one:

They see millions of offers and they think that is smart to promote them all!

While this is a very nice thing to do, if you have time, most of the time is just time-consuming and not worth it.

These offers are usually good just for a few months and then new and better stuff comes up.

The best thing you can do is to become a master in one vertical (the niche of the offer), and then become an authority for that specific product.



The best way to do it is via blogs and websites!

More specifically the business that makes the most of the money, in the long run, is SEO and content marketing.

Growing your websites with awesome content, get subscribers to your email list and send them email marketing newsletters is the best way to make a lot of money.


Read The Number One SEO Guide

Read About Niche Sites

The Best Keyword Tools


convertkit email marketing


Media Buying

If you want fast results and you’ve got money to spend, media buying done right is the fastest way to get your websites on the first spot.

You can buy traffic from Google Ads, Bing ads, and many other companies will provide you good traffic and so much more.

Something interesting to do is to buy Ad space for a fixed price. It does not matter how many clicks and impressions you will get, you will pay a fixed amount.

This is my second and most favorite way to get traffic. You are taking the traffic from websites that already have a lot of traffic to yours for a fixed price.

semrush not a problem


Social Media Marketing

Social media are growing exponentially!

I have often vivid dreams or visions that in 10 years Facebook would disappear to take place to a most advanced social network where people will be able to touch each other via advanced virtual reality and teleport technology.

Dude, the technology is advancing very fast and right now social media are hot and you should grow your business around them as well.

My favorite social media are:

You can literally reach millions of people if you decide to pay for ads or if you are legitimately slowly growing your audience and social media presence.

semrush social network



CPA Marketing Stuff You Didn’t Know

Serious CPA networks will assign you an AM (affiliate manager) right away after you sign up.

Although I think that these guys are paid to do the most stupid job in the world because each time you ask them for help to make more money they are usually not competent and able to help you!

These guys can at least monitor your traffic and give you payout bumps and tips about what offer to pick.

A payout bump is an increase in your payout because you bring to the CPA network good traffic, and good paying customers.

may i bump your payout

If the basic price is $50 for instance if you start selling dozens of these products you can easily rise up to $80 or more depending on the offer.

So try to keep a friendly relationship with your AM as useless as it is!

It will never help you to make more money because otherwise, it would not work for the company but make the money for itself.

But still, it can save you time if you need to get approved on an offer faster and analyze your data.

CPA marketing and its earning potential is infinite, it all depends on how much quality traffic you can drive to your affiliate links.

If you want to learn it you should start to become active on some affiliate marketing websites like mine and join some good CPA affiliate marketing forums.




I also have a forum where I would like people to interact and start posting stuff, you can join here for free.



CPA marketing and affiliate networks are one of the best ways to monetize your websites. Also one of the best alternatives to AdSense now called Google Ads.

A CPA network will pay even if a user will not purchase anything!

They have a powerful business model where they can afford to pay you even when a user put in an email or a mobile number, install an app or whatever else free stuff.

You should watch the video below to start creating a marketing funnel for instance.

listen to clickfunnels webinar

They are also offering bigger payouts to affiliates that bring sales and the main advantages of CPA marketing are that you don’t necessarily need to put ads or pop-ups on your sites.

You can just plan your website in a way that integrates CPA offers in it and the user will not even notice that you are making money from your site.

I gave you an example of the stupid coupon sites but there are millions of other examples available.

What I would do if I were you is to start a website right now! Start to play with SEO and internet marketing now.




There are some good articles on this blog you should read!

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And now I would like to hear from you:


Do you have experience with a CPA or you are just a newbie? (what’s your obstacles?)


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