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100 Alternative Search Engines | Search Engines List

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We are all using Google at least in the western world, but do you know that there are hundreds of alternative search engines?

Some of them are cool free search engines just like Google, some others are engines that are used mostly in certain countries.

The very interesting ones are the private search engines that respect your privacy most than anything, some others are niche specific engines.

I am gonna put on this search engine list article all the best top search engines available at the current moment.

There are a few that are actually a very good Google alternative,  some of them are very uncommon search engines.

So let’s jump in into the cool stuff and list all of these sites like Google.



Private Search And Anonymous Search Engines




DuckDuckGo is my favorite engine after Google. It works very well and it’s completely private and anonymous.

If you are looking for a safe search engine that will allow you private browsing DuckDuckGo is a very good solution.

I am pretty sure you will love it very quickly! You also have a fantastic mobile browser and many options to toggle in the settings.



Qwant is another engine that takes care of privacy and also it has a new look. When you search for stuff you will get a cool left sidebar where you can pick cool things.

You can also pick only the social results and shopping results. Qwant is pretty cool though.

Search Encrypt

search encrypt

Search Encrypt is a privacy-based platform where your data will not be sold to anyone like on other engines.

I find privacy very important when browsing online and all of these sites listed here are pretty awesome and you should use them once in a while.



Gibiru claims to be an uncensored anonymous search website, it provides very clean and precise results.

Gibiru has also a Firefox extension that will turn all your searches into completely encrypted and private.



Start Page according to them is the most private search engine available. It probably is but also the others are.

They are making money with ads when you search for stuff without retargeting and selling your data to advertisers.

You can read the ‘how we protect you‘ page if you are interested and start using it.



Lukol is an anonymous search engine that works worldwide and doesn’t leave any trace of your identity. It uses pretty good algorithms and the search experience is overall good.

Also, the Lukol superman dude looks pretty cool.

alternative search engines 1

Yep is a brand new search engine made by the guys behind the famous SEO software ahrefs. There are still a lot of things that are not working right but it seems pretty promising.

This search engine doesn’t run any cookies in your browser unless you really want them from the engine settings.



SwissCows is a Swiss-based complex privacy-safe web-search website. They are asking for donations because they have almost no ads and a pretty user-friendly experience.

A lot of people is using it in Europe and it’s a pretty cool site.



SearX is another privacy respecting and completely unfiltered search engine. It is very clean to use and is pulling out nice results.

In this section of this list, there are probably my favorite engines you should use and I hope you find it interesting.

Disconnect Search


Disconnect Search is cool as well if you read their slogan it says “stop search engines from tracking your searches“.

You can pick duckduckgo, bing, and Yahoo to run searches with disconnect search without being tracked from them.



Oscobo is super fast and straightforward no ads and completely private website. Is among the good search engines that you should consider and it looks very nice.

It is a very good google alternative and you can even set up Oscobo as your favorite engine. Pictures and videos search is very clean and super fast when looking for stuff.

Discrete Search

discrete search

Discrete Search is completely anonymous and private as well, something different here is that there are some ads based on what you search.

Also, it will give you the chance to search the same result if it’s not satisfying for you on google, yahoo, and bing.

Your privacy will be exposed to them then.



Top Search Engines




Google is the most famous and most visited website on planet earth. It is always first on the Alexa rankings and it doesn’t look that anyone could take his place anytime soon.

They have the most advanced and sophisticated search engines and it’s used from more than 98% of the population on a daily base.

They all aim to be first on google and believe it or not, you will need to deal with it.



Bing is the second biggest search engine and it is developed by Microsoft. They have a very nice homepage and they are actually giving you credits everytime you search for stuff.

If you use it a lot you can win prizes and they have very good and accurate results on their results page. You can get access to office365 and OneDrive.

So yeah, Bing is cool as well!



Yandex is the most popular Russian search engine. If you have a business you need to submit your sites to Yandex and considered it.

It has pretty good search results and webmaster tools. It is a website to consider on your top 3 list of the most important websites.



Peekier is another privacy-oriented website, it is here on this Top list because I like it. When you search for stuff on Peekier not only it will be private and anonymous but also cool.

If you don’t believe it just try it. The way that results are presented on the SERP is unique. From the menu on the right, you can remove the safe search and change the layout in a super simple way.

I suggest you try different settings.



Yahoo was one of the biggest sites back in the days, now the big G took over and this website starts to lose ground but still, it’s very popular.

You can run searches, get a yahoo email and read the news.

Google Advanced Search

google advanced search

Google has also an advanced search feature that you probably never used before. You can access it via the link on this site or from the search result page and click on the advanced search just below the search box.

You can then pick so many options from there and refine your search experience to the next level.



Baidu is the most used website in China to search stuff on the internet. China is the country with the biggest number of people living in it.

You should definitely check out how your websites are indexed on Baidu as well. If you are Chinese you can use it as your primary search website.



Foreign Search Engines




Kvasir is very popular in Norway, this land is full of money and learning Norwegian and start using this one to advertise is a good an idea.

Also, they have good developers and you can see it from how cool is the search experience on Kvasir.


Startsiden is another Norwegian engine and a lot of people in Norway is using it regularly. You can create an email and read the news and you should consider it to try to get some Norwegian customers.

They are providing cheap advertising and it’s a very popular site in Norway.


alternative search engines 2

Metager is a famous German website where you can search for stuff on the internet in a pretty safe and secure way.

They provide privacy and protection and if you are based in Germany you should bookmark it.



Arianna is a website that belongs to a very old but still very popular website used in Italy.

Old people probably think that Google doesn’t exist and many Italian creatures of habit are using Arianna for their email and to search stuff on the internet.

If you are Italian you might want to check out how the search results for this looks like for your sites. there is like 2% of the Italian population using it.



Naver is the first choice engine for Korea, Korea is a country that is expanding globally and where there are a lot of smart and rich people.

Naver is very popular over there and many Koreans are using it as the first choice.



CocCoc is a cutting-edge new concept cool search engine for Vietnam. It is very popular in Vietnam and many people are using it.

CocCoc allows you to search stuff with their alphabet and I was able to talk to some Vietnamese people recently and told me that they love it. This is used also in Cambodia.



Yamli is an Arabian website, it is pretty popular and will make it easier for you typing in Arabic on a computer.

You can search for things using the Arabic alphabet and you can add websites to Yamly for indexing via the button on the homepage.



Eiktub also is an Arabic service where you can type stuff in it and get suggestions and the corresponsive phonetic sound with the traditional alphabet.

Check out Eiktub if you are Arabic.



Yoolki is the fastest way to write Arabic and search for things on the internet. It is a very simple website that needs an upgrade but that still works fine.

Check out Yoolki and search the web in Arabic.



Sogou is the second biggest site where people search for things on the Internet in China.

Very similar to Baidu and used among a lot of Chinese people it a must use if you have a Chinese business or if you are chinese.


so is the third biggest Chinese website that people uses to find things on the internet. Of course, it’s all in Chinese like the other sites discussed above and it works pretty smooth.



Seeme is a famous website used in Thailand, you can create your email and read the news and search for things on the internet with the Thai alphabet.

It is very popular over there and you should check it out if you want your websites to be shown on it.



Naijoo is the biggest Nigerian Google alternative and first choice for many Nigerian people.

There are fewer ads on it and results are more focused for people living in Nigeria which is a country with many inhabitants.



UralWeb is another website used mainly in Russia where you can read the news and create your UralWeb email.

I guess that it’s like for Italy but for Russia. Many old people might still use this website to search for stuff, and old people usually means money.



Alternative Search Engines




Ecosia is an engine that you need to use if you are into ecology and preserve the environment. Everytime that you search for stuff on it the money that it will make will be used to plant trees.

This is a very cool idea and this makes it a very interesting and coolest among all the engines in the world.


alternative search engines 3

DogPile uses the API of the three biggest engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo and condense the results all one page.

It is actually very cool and it saves you time if you want to look at the results from all the 3 websites mentioned before.

You can just put your keyword to search the internet and hit the ‘Go Fetch‘ Button.



GigaBlast is an open source search engine, sometimes things are not working as expected but still, there are some features that are disappeared on the main engines that you might want to check out.

Bugs apart it is a cool idea.

Search a Lot

search a lot

Search A Lot and 100SearchEngines which is the same thing are actually pretty popular.

I was reading some reports and stats a few months ago and discovered that a lot of old people in the United States uses this website to search for things on the internet.

Search a lot is easy to use and user-friendly. It is almost 20 years that is out there so there must be people using it.



Yippy is a completely Ads free and encrypted website, what I like the most about Yippy the left sidebar when you search for things.

If you search for ‘dogs‘, for instance, on the left sidebar you will get collapsable categories related to dogs so that you can discover interesting stuff without having to use the search box.

If you search for a person you will see all related to that person. This is pretty cool!

You can also preview how a crawler sees your site by pressing the ‘new window‘ button on the results.



Uncommon Search Engines




Scribd is the biggest website you can use to search for books, audiobooks, magazines and so much more.

If you are a fan of these digital products you must make an account with Scribd.



Ask is a minimalistic website you can use to search for things on the internet. It is an old website, very popular back in the days and still widely used by some fans.

Just Watch

just watch

JustWatch is a huge place to search for movies and anything related to entrainment.

If you run a search on JustWatch you will be able to get results from anything that has videos on it such as, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Vudu, Hoopla and so much more.



TinEye is the most powerful reverse image search engine on the internet. If you drop a picture in it you will be able to find out if the image is unique or already used somewhere else.

Finding images has never been easier thanks to this awesome image search engine.

CC Search

creative commons

CC Search will look at any website on the internet and find if it’s protected by copyright or not.

You can check and uncheck the ‘find me something I can use‘ box so that you will avoid any legal issue when using stuff you find on the internet.


recipe puppy

RecipePuppy is a cool website where you just dump in ingredients and it will pull out the best recipe you can do with the food you’ve got.

It is a very good idea and it deserves more attention. There are also mobile apps doing this but this website is huge.

Internet Archive


Internet Archive store screenshots of any website on the internet. You can, for instance, go look how facebook looked like 10 years ago, and you can see screenshots of any website on the internet since their creation.


archive fo is another website where you can search for any website and see a screenshot or download screenshots of how any website was.

It is like a time machine on the internet.

Active Search Results

active search results

Active Search Result is a website that does not work properly to search things on the internet but you can use it to submit sites to less known engines and to search for rankings and indication of web pages.

Wolfram Alpha

wolfram alpha

WolframAlpha will give you results based on computation and data.

It is software for scientists and the search results you will get using this website are definitely for smart people.


alternative search engines 4

Ezilon is a big online directory where you can list any website and search for it once it’s listed. If you have a big business you don’t want to miss having a backlink from Ezilon.

Not a lot of people is using it but it’s still an authoritative website.

Lumen Database

lumen database

Lumen Database is the official website that will allow you to check out for DMCA issues your sites might have got and penalties.

You will be able to read all the warnings and legal stuff related to your site or any other site you search for on it.



Different Search Engines




Kiddle is the choice website for kids, all the adult stuff is removed from search results and things that people search on it will prioritize websites for kids.

If you have kids in the house you should let them use this website instead of others.



20search is a little buggy but basically, you will have a list of 20 search engines on it and you can perform a search on each of them from 20search.

For instance, you can drop something into the Google box and hit search and you will be finding things on google, it comes in handy but sometimes it’s throwing errors.


mamma is a huge coupon finder engine, you will be able to find coupons for anything you want to buy on the internet.

Be aware that the coupon industry is huge and most of the coupon sites you will find when searching for stuff on the internet are scammy.

Mamma.Com I think can only be beaten from this awesome chrome extension called Honey. Install it and you will never have to search for coupons again.

Board Reader

board reader

Board Reader is very fast when searching for things, what is interesting about board reader is that results will be only forum related results.

You will be able to find all the stuff that has written on any forum, reddit included in a matter of seconds.

Board Reader is not first on this list but actually is an essential tool you must use if you are an affiliate marketer or trying to make money online.

Blog Search Engine

blog search engine

Blog Search Engine will pull out all the blog posts that have been written related to a particular query.

This website as well will come in handy when trying to find awesome content to outrank your competitors without the need to get paid tools like buzzsumo and so on.

Of course, this is pretty rudimental but at the end of the day not that bad.



Wikimedia is the company behind wikipedia, which is the most famous website from wikimedia.

But actually, it owns many sites such as wikiversity, wikispecies, wikinews, wikisource, wikibooks, wikiquote, wikitionary etc..

All of these less known wiki sites have a huge amount of traffic and you can use them to search interesting stuff on them.



Wikipedia is the only website in the world that probably is ranking for almost any query.

It is the biggest encyclopedia on the internet with millions of visitors each day, this website can be used to search for absolutely anything and you can even contribute to it.



CrunchBase is the largest online database to list companies and businesses.

It is an engine where you can read the news and search for a company in your field, this is good for networking and to do competitors analysis.



SimlarWeb is a freemium tool I have discussed on other articles as well.

You can search for websites on it and you will get as results precious information and a list of the most related websites to a specific website.

This is can be used a lot as a spying tool and it’s very cool and popular.



BuiltWith a website you must you to spy the technologies behind your competitor’s websites. You can see how they are built, from there they get advertisements and so much more.

It is a smart engine that will help you figure out how any website is made.



Wiki.Com is will find any article available on websites like Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia site.

The search results will be populated with encyclopedia related articles.


libraries io

Libraries.Io is one of the most alternative search engines for developers. If you know how to code a bit you will soon figure out that libraries and framework will make your developer life easier.

With your search will be easier.



Ludwig is one of the most alternative search engines that will help you write better English when searching for stuff on it.

The way it works it’s pretty simple, it will scour the web searching for sentences similar to the ones you wrote.

If there are many matches it means that the English is good. You can also use it as a desktop app and let Ludwig correct your mistakes.



AskJevees is a very old website still used mainly in Latin America.

It will use the Google API search results but it will pull out different results from the ones that Google will usually pull out.



Artcyclopedia is a cool website that will allow you to search for any kind of art.

If you are a fan of those Michelangelo painting or even just some poems from some unknown artist in your area, you should be able to find it on Artcyclopedia.



Social Network As Search Engines


Facebook Search


Facebook is the 3rd most visited website on the internet. There is no wonder that it can be used as a search engine.

From the top menu bar, you can search for anything you want, you will be able to see if there are groups and pages related to that query.

This will help you, for instance, to find out if there is made to be made or people interested in a particular field.

LinkedIn People Search


Linkedin also is a huge website where you can find professionals and interesting groups.

You can use it as an alternative search engine to spy on competitors and figure out in what people are interested and to expand your network.

Twitter Search


Twitter Search and hashtags can be extremely powerful when it comes on studying the markets and what people share or gets viral about.

Twitter is a social network that took me a while to understand, but I actually love right now more than facebook.

Is a good source of news and it’s very fast and simple and useful to read if you use it the way it should be used.

Social Mention

social mention

With Social mention you can easily discover all the mentions you have got on the internet or that your competitors have got.

You can then easily steal their competitor’s audience or at least study your competitor’s audience.

It is a website to search for mentions.



AllTop is a huge website where people posts articles and that gathers all the best information from any website on the internet.

You can use it to see what other people are posting what’s trending and so much more.



BuzzSumo is the most popular and paid tool you can use to find out what people like on the internet.

You can just drop keywords or links in it and it will give you the most shared articles on the internet so that you can try to emulate them and that way you know what people like.

For instance, you can search for ‘cats‘ and see what’s the most appreciate cat article.



Flickr is the biggest image search engine for photographers, you can find anything related to photography and there is a lot of traffic on it.

This website will help you in finding images of any kind and you can use it to see what kind of images people like for your marketing strategy.



Pinterest is another huge social network that you can definitely use as one of the coolest alternative search engines.

On Pinterest, you will be able to create boards related to a specific interest and attach articles and blog posts to it.

The best way to increase traffic on a website is by creating cool boards or at least spying on other boards via the Pinterest search box and do a better job then what’s already there.


tweet reach

TweetReach is a free Twitter analytics tool that can be used as a new search engine to discover new content ideas and so much more.

You can use it for free and the results are laid out in a very cool way.



Porn Search Engines




PornMD is the most popular porn search engine on the internet. You can find new porn sites and anything adult related on it.

If the results on traditional engines have too much safe search and are not good for you, you will not have that risk using PornMD.



NudeVista is another cool adult search engine where many videos, pictures forums, and hot stuff can be found using it.

NudeVista is very popular among the amateur community and a good solution for fanatics in that niche.

If you have an adult business site, you need to be sure that your sites are indexed on these porn search engines.



SinX is a brand new engine for adult search, the first launch was in October 2018 and it looks actually very good.

Some issues are still present since it’s a new site but SinX it’s definitely one of those sites you want to bookmark.



ReXXX is a huge porn videos engine where you will be able to find all the adult movies published in the history of the internet.

Not a lot of people use it but they actually should use it to find outstanding content.



BadJoJo is another powerful website that will allow searching videos of any niche and you can use it also for your marketing strategy if you have an adult business.

The adult niche is one of the most profitable niches and also at the same time it is evergreen and money making a niche.

You will never have problems if you start getting your adult business going. But it’s hard!



PornDex is an index of all the most famous and popular adult sites on the internet.

You can list your business or search for other popular adults-only sites related to yours or just to search for blogs, videos and so much more.



TubeGalore is a famous porn aggregator site, you will see videos in there using the API of all the best tubes on the internet.

This is adult only and not recommended for kids.



FUQ as well is a huge aggregator and it ranks first for queries like ‘porn‘ and so much more.

It is a very powerful website that you can use to search for anything adult related or to improve your adult marketing strategy spying on competitors.



Torrent Search Engines




Torrent.Me is the most popular website to search for torrents and torrent websites.

Torrents are files you will need in order to download certain software on the internet. While I don’t encourage you to use torrent files because it is immoral and not legal, you should always buy software.

But sometimes it happens that you really don’t want to pay money for something you can have for free so here you have



Torrenntz is another cool website and torrent search engine you can use to find torrent files.

It works almost in any country and it’s free to use. You can also look for .onion files and mirror links.

It is a pretty good torrent site.



Toorgle as well is a torrent search website. You can also install the Firefox extension and run custom searches.

With Toorgle it’s pretty easy to discover new stuff thanks to some ranking features that this engine have.


torrent seeker

Torrent Seeker as you can tell from the name will help you find torrents on the web.

If you want to be in peace with yourself you can use these websites not only to download pirated software but also to discover what software the people are trying to get for free the most.

If it works still you can also use the pirate bay site.

This can help you create new products and see what the market needs for instance for cheap or for a cheaper price.



Veoble is another famous torrent website. You can run searches and download the torrent files to drop into your torrent software like Vuze or uTorrent.

You can find your favorite torrents pretty easily also here.



XtorX will help you search the web for torrent files and as mentioned before also to figure out what people really want to buy but that they rather have for free.

You will have access to a huge list of torrents and torrent sites.



Onion.Link is one of the dozens of websites that will give you a list of .onion sites.

If you don’t know what is a .onion file you should run a search on any of the alternative search engines listed in this article.

TOR is a browser that will allow you to navigate the dark web, which is a slice of the web that you have no access regularly.

To get access to these hidden sites you will need onion links and files, and on you will find these files.



People Search Engines




Pipl is the biggest people search engine available, you can search for anyone on this planet and it will pull out all the information that is available with respect to privacy.

Pipl is used a lot to search for leads and contacts and you should always do a search on pipl before starting to work with people you don’t know.

Zaba Search

zaba search

ZabaSearch is another people search engines website very popular in the US.

You can find information and it claims to be the best public information engine.


Best Job Search Engines




Monster.Com is the biggest and best job search engine available. You can search for any job in any region and recruit candidates all over the globe in a matter of second.

If you didn’t already I invite you to join monster and start using it to find new jobs or to study the work market.



Indeed is another and one of the biggest and best job search engines available. There are many users using it and it ranks first for many job-related queries on Google.



Glassdoor is a very good website where if you are a company you can list here and get reviews from people and employees.

It is also a powerful job board and engine you can use for job-related stuff.


simply hired

SimplyHired is a famous engine you can use worldwide to search for work and so much more.

If you are trying to make money online you might don’t want a regular job, but you can use these sites to study the job market and improve your SEO strategies.



AngelList is the best angel investors website where startupper and online genius are gathering around, founding empires, building companies and ask for money.

You can search for companies and niches and when it comes to making money online it ‘s a cool website to search for new companies and study the markets.



Best Flight Search Engine




Trivago is the best flight search engine and not only, but you can also search for hotels, accommodations, and trips.

Trivago is very simple and it looks like one of the coolest traveling alternative search engines available.



SkyScanner is the best flight search engine available. You can choose any option when searching for flights.

One option I really like is the ability to pick the whole month when looking for cheap flights and then see what’s the cheapest A/R flight.

If you are not working Monday to Friday in an office you can save a lot of money with Skyscanner.


alternative search engines 5

MoMondo is another cool flight engine where you can easily search for any flight around the globe. If you don’t know it, using a VPN will save you heaps of money when it comes of booking a flight.

You can read my other article talking about the best VPN and then get Surfshark.



Kayak is another important website you can use to find flights, book flights, hotels and so much more.

They have a lot of experience in the industry and sometimes good deals.



HotWire is one of the most famous hotel search engines where you can find flights, cars to rent and even bundles deals.

If you are looking for cheap flights or hotel deals you can use Hotwire for free and find the best stuff.

You should always use Surfshark when buying stuff online and change your IP so that the price will go lower.



convertkit free trial





I hope that this article about alternative search engines you can use for different purposes was helpful.

I have made a list of 100 top search engines and separated them by purpose. You can easily move around the article using the menu on top of this article.

My favorite search engines are the private search engines and more particularly DuckDuckGo and Peekier.

DuckDuckGo is a very popular search engine and it’s like having an encrypted google in your arsenal.

I like a lot Peekier as well and Qwant and some other websites to find some niche result or something more in particular.


It took me a long time to create this list! If you feel like this is the best and most complete list, which by the way it is please share it with your friends. Share on X


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