Marco Diversi Resources Best VPN NordVPN Review | How VPN Works On PC & Mobile & Tricks

Best VPN NordVPN Review | How VPN Works On PC & Mobile & Tricks

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In today’s world privacy is so important, if you work online you need to pick the best VPN based on your needs.

The 25th of May 2018 a law called GPDR will be out in Europe and it’s all about privacy and stuff I don’t really understand.

I just see that I am getting a ton of emails from companies saying “we have updated our terms and conditions” and blah blah blah.

Honestly, I think that all of this is retarded! No one cares about privacy online, we still gonna have to use Google or Facebook no matter what they write on their terms.

But choosing the best VPN especially in this century is important so that if you make some mistakes online you will be partially covered.

best vpn

An affiliate marketer is often doing things online that can cause troubles! And your IP address is often exposed.


Investing some money in a good VPN will save you money in the future!


And also you will keep your persona kind of clean on the internet. Click To Tweet


What VPN Means

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network! In other words, your computer will connect to the internet via an encrypted server that your VPN provider will give you.

Most of these VPN companies are based in regions where they have less strict rules compared to the western world.

If you want to understand how VPN works, you can think it about having a big router where all the people who pay for a virtual private network have access!

Your computer will virtually connect there without having to pass via your home router.


Why VPN Is Used

The main reasons why a VPN is used is that Google and Facebook know everything about you!

They are collecting millions of data every day and they are selling your preferences and browsing history to advertiser and government.

If you are using a virtual private network you will make it way harder to find out what you are doing online.

Also, with a VPN you will able to change your IP address to whatever IP address you want! And you can visit websites available only in one country from anywhere in the world.


nordvpn best vpn try now


A famous example is being able to watch Netflix from a country where Netflix is not available. I hate TV and movies so is not my main goal but for some people it is.

Also, Spotify usually is only available in one country for free! But with a VPN you will be able to listen to Spotify worldwide.


Which VPN Is Best

After many trials and experiences, I came up with the best VPN ever on planet earth. I came to this conclusion based mainly on these points:

  1. Best price.
  2. The biggest number of servers.
  3. Customer support.
  4. The speed of the connection.
  5. Impact on your computer speed.


Best Price For Best VPN

The best VPN you can get is called NordVPN, they have very low prices!

If you are interested in having the cheapest plan ever that only costs you $2.99 a month! I have access to this deal as an affiliate and you can get it only from me for 2.99 clicking on the button below.




If you want to buy it from their website you will not be able to find the 3 years deal but still, prices are very cheap!

You can get it from $3.99 a month for 2 years.

nordvpn pricing


The Biggest Number Of Private Servers

It makes NordVPN the best VPN ever the fact that they have over 4220 servers around the globe. You will have plenty of servers to connect to even if you are based in a less known country.

It is important to get a VPN that has many servers because usually the speed of your internet will decrease based on how far you are from the server.

For instance, if you are living in Los Angeles and you connect to a server based in Los Angeles, your internet speed will be faster compared if you connect to a server in New York City.

NordVPN promises a loss of speed of an average 10% -15 % maximum for local servers connection. And a loss of the speed of 10% – 25 %  if you connect to a server far from your location.

If you are in the United States and you want to connect to a Norwegian server to have a Norwegian IP address, your internet speed will decrease usually of 10 – 25% of the total speed.




If you compare this to other VPN you will see that the best VPN is NordVPN.


Customer Support Is Outstanding

nordvpn best vpnThey have a live chat customer support, and they are replying within a few seconds. The guys are very prepared and they are able to solve your problems in a matter of seconds.

They have also a support ticket system for customers within your account. The website is designed very nice and also the mobile app is the best VPN mobile app you will ever use.

It makes it difficult not paying for NordVPN when you see the app.


The Speed Of The Connection Of The Best VPN

As I said before the most asked question when buying a virtual private network is this one:

will VPN slow down the internet ? “.

And the answer is Yes, it will definitely slow down your internet speed! But since the internet speed in our times is very high, losing a 15%  of speed to have more privacy, potentially escape from lawsuits and keep your persona clean it is a good deal.


Impact On Your Computer Speed

In order to have a VPN working on your computer or mobile phone! You will need to download the mobile app and the PC software.

There are many companies that are offering a VPN service! Usually, their apps are sucking off a lot of RAM from your computer.

The best VPN is NordVPN and the mobile App and PC software are working asynchronous and are very awesome.

All you have to do is to download the apps and then connect to whatever IP address you want.

You will get by default the fastest server and IP to connect too. A nice feature is the ability to connect to websites that are not available in your country.

You just have to search for that website on the menu bar of NordVPN bar! You will get the best server that will work the fastest as possible.  You can see a video down below that explain this and also why NordVPN is the best VPN.


What VPN Connection To Choose

Once you are logged in to your Mobile App or PC software you will need to pick a server to connect! If you are wondering what VPN connection to choose…

Usually, the best option is a connection that is on a server from the country you are connecting from and with the lowest server load.

A low server load means that there are fewer people using it and doing tasks on the same server! Try to pick also the closest location from you if it’s possible.

Look how many miles far apart you are from the server.

If you still have some doubt on what VPN connection to choose! Usually, with NordVPN you get the best VPN optimal configuration by default.

NordVPN is the best VPN service ever because with a single account for $117.55 every 3 years you will have a service that you can use on 6 different devices!

I advise you to get the 2 years deal from the image below, you will not find it online.

nordvpn 66 off


VPN Uses

VPN In Affiliate Marketing And SEO

The purpose of this blog is affiliate marketing, SEO and make money online. The best VPN you can get is NordVPN and the purpose of a VPN in affiliate marketing is pretty easy to understand.

If you are running aggressive media buying campaigns, you probably will use your own domains to host landing pages etc.

Even if you have whois privacy, if you really bother someone, they can trace you!

They can come knocking at your door via the IP address and address protocols.

You don’t want to get in troubles so this is one of the main reasons you need it with affiliate marketing.

Another reason is that you can create a lot of different accounts! For instance on Facebook or Gmail, or skip the line on certain free services that limit the use of a service based on the IP address.

Let’s assume you are using a service where with the free version you have 5 tries a day!

If you have a VPN all you have to do is to clear cache and cookies of that website from your browser and change the IP address.

You can potentially have a tons of Facebook accounts and other accounts that without a VPN you would not be able to have.

On top of this, you will be able to spy the competition in any other region or city or country of the world.

If you are running a diet pills offers in Sweden, you can see how those ads you are running how they are visible from Argentina for example.

vpn tunnel


VPN VS Proxy

If you want to go more into details about this I advise you to read this article from how to geek! But in other words, both proxies and VPNs are hiding your IP address.

The most advanced and secure encrypted connection you can get is using NordVPN!

Proxies can be cheaper but are harder to configure! They come in handy only if you need to do illegal stuff! Stuff where you can just get a new proxy and then dump the old one when it gets banned and blacklisted.





The main differences between a VPN and VPS are first of all the price! A VPS can cost you a lot of money but with a VPS you can also do other things.

A VPS (virtual private server) is an entire server you own where you can install software, host websites and run processes way faster than on your computer.


With a VPS you can have access to a lot of IP addresses and CPU power. Click To Tweet


You can get an extremely powerful computer where you can run heavy tasks and all of this remotely without slowing down your computer.

If you are looking for the best VPS on planet earth I have it for you as well! Just click the button below and you will land on the homepage of the best VPS ever, and you can chat live with an operator.





A Tor network is an encrypted connection that you can have using a special browser called TOR that uses .onion files to mask connections.

The problem with the TOR browser is that there are many websites that are able to figure out if you are using a TOR browser or a TOR based proxy!

You might be denied to access the website you are trying to access.

A TOR network works pretty well if you are trying to hide some internet activity from your browser! But it’s not reliable and when you get off the browser you are completely exposed to all the other processes happening on your computer.


VPN For iPhone

It doesn’t make a lot of sense if you are logged in Gmail from your computer and then you use your phone to surf without a VPN there.

Your computer and your phone are strictly related and everything you do on mobile can be seen on a desktop and vice-versa.

With NordVPN you will get full access to all the servers on your mobile via the app. You can install and use one single account on 6 different devices.




You need to create an account with a service that provides you a virtual private network like NordVPN to have it on PC.

vpn connect 6 devices

If you didn’t already I advise you to create an account now! You can have then VPN for Mac VPN for Chrome and VPN for Windows without any problems.


VPN Touch

VPN Touch is very popular lately, but honestly, I don’t like them a lot because they trick you with an empty landing page as a homepage!

tunnelbear free vpnIt looks like it is a free VPN but in reality, you will need to pay right after you download their app.

And once it’s all configured on your machine they are forcing you to buy stuff.

I don’t like them, instead, if you want a VPN Free that is quite serious I would go for TunnelBear.

They are offering 500 MB a month where you can use their VPN for Free! But with 500 MB you can not do that much and you will have to upgrade soon!

So I advise you to get NordVPN or if you want to try TunnelBear and have 500 MB a month for free go for it now! They are pretty good as well.

tunnelbear pricing


VPN Free

If you need a temporary service available only on your browser or mobile phone there are several options you can pick.

These VPN Free services are pretty bad and with a lot of limitations and blocks!

But still, they will do stupid jobs like avoiding the download limit from the same IP that some websites might have, or changing the language of a specific website to the language of the country you are surfing.

Here are the best VPN free extensions and mobile apps.

tunnelbear vpn

VPN Free Extensions

VPN Free For Mobile

These services are not very efficient and not working very good but are free.

get a vpn on your computer

With a few bucks, you can have an awesome service for the next 3 years! Without the need of having to avoid ads on the apps and IP blocks that usually these free services have.

VPN With Dedicated IP

With NordVPN you can also have dedicated IP addresses.

All you have to do to have a VPN with a dedicated IP is to leave your computer always online or put into the app settings what server and IP address you would like to always connect from that specific machine.

Having a dedicated IP have serious advantages if you are doing affiliate marketing! I will cover these advantages maybe in another post.


Extra Uses

If you are not going to use this awesome tool for an online business or to mask your privacy in front of the government or whatever you think you need to be masked from.

Here are the most common and worth the price uses you can get using the best VPN like NordVPN.

  1. Netflix: You will be able to watch Netflix even if it’s not available in your country. If you are living in Singapore and you want to watch Netflix from the USA you can do it with a VPN.
  2. Spotify: When you sign up for Spotify the first time your location will be registered in Spotify. If you travel to another country you will not be able to use Spotify for free because you can listen to Spotify for free only in your country. All you have to do is to change IP address with NordVPN to your country and you will have it for free again.
  3. Cheap Flights: It is proven that if you want to buy a plane ticket for cheap, all you have to do is cleaning your browser cache and cookies and mostly using a location where people are poor. If you buy a ticket from the USA to Italy it will cost you less money if you buy the ticket from the USA to Italy using a Cambodian IP address compared if you use a US IP address.
  4. Use Google in another language: It is almost impossible to search on google stuff with a different top-level domain. If you are in the USA and you want to use, it will be impossible unless you are using a VPN.
  5. Spy competitors in other countries: based on where you are located the search results of Google is different. Using a VPN you will be able to change the location to whatever you want and spy the competition if you are doing affiliate marketing in any other country.


NordVPN Pricing And Payments Methods | NordVPN dedicated IP price

I love to the bones NordVPN because they are the only ones that have many payments methods. If you want to get the best VPN with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple you can do it with this company.

NordVPN is also very famous for providing a dedicated IP server and the NordVPN dedicated IP cost is $70 per year in addition to the costs of whatever else plan you will pick.


For instance if you get this NordVPN offer with 30 day money back for $2.99/mo deal it will cost you $ 2.99 x 36 Months = $ 117.55




nordvpn accepts cryptocurency


They accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Cryptocurrency and more.

If you don’t know how to buy stuff with cryptocurrency

I advise you to read my awesome article! Where I am explaining all you need to know to get your crypto wallet up and running for free.




In this guide, I will guide through making a coinbase account and a Binance account!

These are two websites you will need to buy stuff online like a VPN or whatever you want to via cryptocurrency.





A VPN is something you need if you have an online business or if you just want to be more secure and having more features as an internet user.


The best VPN subscription you can get is called NordVPN. They will allow you to connect 6 different devices with only one account.


No one else will give you so many devices you can connect ever. Click To Tweet


If you get the special deal from my website, you can get the next 3 years paid for only $2.99 a month!

So you will pay only $107,55 and you will have an awesome VPN for the next 3 years.




best vpn nord vpn 2 years deal


I hope that all your doubts about what’s the best VPN are clear now! If not, please send me an email or comment below.

Having your private internet access is now possible, just start your VPN subscription now.


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