Marco Diversi Resources 3 Essential Chrome Extensions For Affiliate Marketers

3 Essential Chrome Extensions For Affiliate Marketers

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To make money online you will spend many hours online, these chrome extensions for affiliate marketers will save you a lot of time.

There are millions of extensions for chrome! But something you must know is that each single extensions is using a significant amount of RAM from your computer and it will slow it down.

So you cannot install the whole chrome store on your browser because then your computer will go slower as well.

In my experience, you should not have more than 20 extensions enabled on your chrome! Try to be as minimalist as you can and keep on only the ones you are using on a regular base.

From the millions of chrome extensions for affiliate marketers available online, I will give you a list of the 3 top and essential chrome extensions for affiliate marketers you should absolutely use all the time and install right now.

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1 – KeywordsEverywhere

KeywordsEverywhere is probably my favorite extension, as an affiliate, I end up searching stuff on google all the time.




KeywordsEverywhere chrome extension is absolutely radical and awesome! With a few minor settings and configurations, you will be able to see search volumes,  CPC, and competition, everywhere. See the screenshot below to understand a little better.

google search results with keywordseverwhere enabled

This is not the only place where you will be able to see the search volume but also on many other websites like for instance answer the public you will be able to see the same data.

keywords search volume on answerthepublic

Answer the public will help you find questions that people are asking to Google! And with KeywordsEverywhere enabled you will be able to see the search volume of these questions and your mission is to reply to those questions.

The data that KeywordsEverywhere is pulling out is from google keywords planner, of course, you can obtain the same results using google keyword planner!

But I don’t think that everytime you google something you will do it also on the keyword planner.

google keyword planner results for chrome extensions


how to find keywordseverywhere settingsKeywordsEverywhere is absolutely great. In the screenshots below you can see the optimal settings.

I keep it checked everywhere except on the keyword planner since there is no need to have it there.

Also, it is best practice to connect the extension to your AdWords account with the API key.

You can get your free API key from this link.


2 – MOZ Bar

The MOZ bar will give you precious insights about backlinks and domain authorities of any website on the internet.




MOZBar is a chrome extension for affiliate marketers that you must have! If you click on the MOZ bar extension when installed in your Chrome browser you will be able to activate 3 different modalities.

The first one is the most aggressive and sometimes it can bother you! It will pull out many pieces of information from any website and even from the search results.

mozbar active 1st position

The second one I love it because it is not invasive and you will be able to see the DA at a glance! And if you are really interested with another click you can check out the backlink portfolio of that website.

mozbar in second position

The third mode is off, and if you don’t want it to use your browser RAM you should keep it off, I try to keep it always in the second position.

mozbar off

You will need a free Moz account to pull out all of these numbers! The most important metric is the DA domain authority, then if you click on ‘links‘ you will land on the Moz link explorer.

I will make a tutorial on the Moz link explorer on this blog since it will require a lot to explain how to unleash its potential.

moz site explorer

But long story short you will be able to see all the link pointing to the domain you are looking at and their respective DA.


3 – Check My Links + Elink Chrome Extension

Check My Links is another must have chrome extensions for affiliate marketers because it will help you create awesome backlinks.




CheckMyLinks chrome extension purpose is to scan any website and highlight the broken links on any web page.

Broken links are not very great under the SEO point of view, so you can outreach the owner of the website where you find broken links and ask to replace the broken link you found with one of your articles link.

If you are on a website niche related to yours, it will be very likely that the website owner will thank you and place your website link on their website.

Doing this will increase your authority (DA) and in the long run, you will become an authority. You can think of this as one of the most powerful techniques to create awesome backlinks, and Google loves awesome backlinks.

Check My Links green and red

Broken links will be marked red and yellow links are the valid ones.

The process you need to follow is this one:

  1. surf the web.
  2. run check my links on a webpage.
  3. find broken links.
  4. contact the website owner.
  5. ask to replace the broken link with a link to your blog.

You can also use this extension together with elink chrome extension that will help you remember all the websites you would like to get a link from.



In this article, you have discovered 3 of the most essential chrome extensions for affiliate marketers you should install.

I find them very useful! And since I don’t like to have stuff I don’t really need these are my top 3 extensions you must have.

I find it very useful to be able to see the search volumes of all my google searches! It helps me figure out what to write next.

I also love to see the authority of any website I visit and when the authority is interesting I run a check my links check.

This last extension will highlight all the broken links on any website! You can then reach out to the website owner to replace these broken links with your website.

These are the best chrome extensions for affiliate marketers you should use, and if you find them useful please comment below.

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