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SEMrush Coupon Promo Get SEMrush Free Trial Account

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On this page, you will only find a SEMrush coupon deal and I will explain to you how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Since I am a SEMrush affiliate I have special deals for my readers!

For instance, if you will click on the buttons on this article or any other article talking about SEMrush on my blog you will get a SEMrush free trial for absolutely no money.

semrush coupon free trial

I want to highlight that if you are going to make a SEMrush account you will be able to use SEMrush free for a lifetime with the freemium limited version.

Like any other SaaS (software as a service) you will need to pay a monthly recurring fee to have full access to it.

The SEMrush pricing, in a nutshell:

PRO $99.95/mo
GURU $199.95/mo
BUSINESS $399.95/mo
ENTERPRISE  $Custom/mo


Here you can read more about the difference between SEMrush PRO and SEMrush GURU which are the most popular plans.




If you are interested instead of having a better overview of the product you can go ahead and read this SEMrush guide.


How To Use The SEMrush Coupon

Something I wanted to talk about is the fact that when you click on the SEMrush coupon you will need to make an account!

In certain circumstances, it might ask for a valid credit card so that they can reduce fraud and spam or creating too many accounts.

semrush 7 days free

Since you will always have 5 searches a day to run, hypothetically you can create 100 accounts and have 500 searches a day free.

Of course with the free version, all the features are limited but still you can do a lot of stuff with 100 accounts.

semrush credit card

This is definitely not recommended to do! SEMrush is a serious company and the best SEO & SEM tool available with no chances to be surpassed by anyone else soon.

However, some people might get intimidated when it’s time to pull out a credit card in front of a website that maybe have no knowledge yet.

SEMrush will charge you absolutely no money, and it’s 100% safe.

semrush account confirm


Then if you confirm the account you will have full access to the #freemium #saas version. Click To Tweet


semrush successful activated

This is the SEMrush dashboard for the freemium account! However, if you want to get the PRO version you will need to put a valid credit card to avoid fraud account.


semrush freemium


If you are going to click on my coupon or buttons the thing you should do is to create an account with your best email. Go back to your Gmail or whatever you have and confirm the email immediately. Open a new browser tab and try to log in to If not the first time if you open a different tab or private windows after that the email is confirmed you should be able to bypass the credit card thing. However, this is probably the most reliable company and you should put your credit card just to give them some sign of respect and to get the PRO version immediately. This tool will make your business go to the moon.


semrush free trial worth $99



In this article, I have shown you how to take advantage of this special SEMrush promo and how to have the SEMrush PRO version completely for free.

This SEMrush promo code is probably available only for a limited period of time and you should take the opportunity on the fly.




With a free SEMrush account, you will have access to a freemium version! Using The SEMrush coupon provided and a valid credit card you’ll get a PRO version.


semrush coupon free trialIf you want to have a completely free PRO version you will need to make an account now via the SEMrush coupon pictures!

You will be redirected to a landing page and you can create your SEMrush account.

I advise you to use your best email to make the account and confirm the email right away!

If you put the credit card however they will charge $0 money from you and it’s very safe! It can be just a little annoying for certain people. You can have a bank reserved only for things you do online in less than 7 minutes, make a free account with N26.

I hope that your SEMrush coupon hunting ended up good! You will be able to use the PRO version for free, or the freemium, if you confirmed the email.

semrush ton of data

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Marco Diversi.

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