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Marco Diversi

Engineer | Affiliate | Solutionist



My name is Marco Diversi and I am a very talented individual, never shy in front of the challenge and adventurous. I graduated from the University of Miami and after that, I did any kind of job and always felt that this kind of life of slavery was not for me. That's why I started to learn how to code and make money online. I am very good at driving organic traffic to websites and I can teach you how to do it. My goal is that you make a lot of money so I will make a lot too.

Version Control: Git, GitHub.
Development Tools: Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Docker.
Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, English, Italian, French, Dutch.
Frameworks & Libraries: jQuery, React.js, Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS.
Design Tools: Photoshop.
SEO: SEO, SEM, SERP, Affiliate Marketing, Driving Traffic, SEMrush, MOZ, Social Media Marketing.

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