Marco Diversi SEO SEMrush PRO VS Guru | How Much Does SEMrush Cost

SEMrush PRO VS Guru | How Much Does SEMrush Cost

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SEMrush is the best and only SEO tool you will need to make your sites awesome, and in this article, we are going to talk about the features of SEMrush PRO VS GURU, they also have a Freemium plan, a Business and an Enterprise plan.

Having an online website is a serious business, making 10k a day is not that difficult if you are doing things right.

I have over 50 websites spread all over the internet and quite a bit of experience on how to drive targeted traffic to a website.

I have noticed that 95% of the online websites fail because they don’t treat this like a serious business.

People don’t invest their time and money in tools that can be profitable for the business.

semrush pro vs guru


If you want to improve your muscles there are no shortcuts, you need to practice a sport, eat well and invest in some supplements.

There would not have been Arnold Schwarzenegger with no dedication, tons of good food and supplements. Click To Tweet

The same things apply to an online business, you can not expect any results if you only drop stuff online with no criteria.

I promise you that the only things you will need to accomplish this are these:



SEMrush is the best food and supplement you can give to your website to grow his muscles.


It is used by over a million of people and it comes with several plans:

  • Freemium.
  • PRO.
  • Guru.
  • Business.
  • Enterprise.

Even though with a free plan you will still be able to do stuff, is with the paid versions that the best gains and mass will come.


SEMrush Benefits

If your main question is:

Is SEMrush worth it?

I can give you an honest answer about this! The answer is, it would be nice if it was cheaper, but honestly, this is a very complex tool that can eventually make you a millionaire if you use it properly so, $99 is a pretty legit price and totally worth it.

Some of the biggest SEMRush benefits that make it worth it are these:

  • you can create awesome websites audit.
  • keyword research to the next level.
  • it will help you create new content.
  • it will help you rank better the content you already have.
  • it will maximize your backlink strategy. ( You can even connect your Gmail address via the ‘link building tool‘ and outreach the website owner within the platform).
  • spying on AdWords Ads and PLA research (product listing ads).
  • position tracking.
  • on page SEO suggestions and strategies to rank high and increase traffic.
  • Social media tracker and advice to get more engagement.
  • brand monitoring to make your brand stand out.
  • Content analyzer and tips.
  • And much more.

Run your first SEMrush audit from the script below.

If you follow the tips given from SEMrush your website will soon rank high on Google and you can eventually make a lot of money.

Something that I think is crazy is the on-page SEO suggestion feature and the outreach feature in the video below!

But these are just some of the awesome features that you can get with a SEMrush PRO account.


How Much Does SEMrush Cost

There are 5 plans you can get with SEMrush. As a newbie, I strongly suggest you create an account now from the picture or button below to get a freemium version.


semrush sign up


This is the way to have semrush for free and it will allow you to run 5 searches a day and add 1 project to your account and monitors up to 100 pages for free.




If the Freemium version is not enough then you will need to pay! The costs of this great product start at $99.95 a month.

You can see a picture with the detailed prices from the pictures below.

  • freemium.
  • PRO.
  • guru.
  • business.
  • enterprise.

semrush prices and plans

If you want to get your SEMrush pro trial now you can use the button below! I will be able to give you 7 days of SEMrush PRO.




SEMrush PRO VS Guru

If you are wondering what is SEMrush PRO and what is SEMrush Guru you are in the right place.

I am going to tell you the biggest advantages of having a guru plan compared to a PRO plan.


$99.95 $199.95


One of the biggest advantages of having a GURU plan over the PRO plan is the historical data feature.

If you are running a domain overview and trying to figure out for what keywords a specific website is ranking for you will be able only to see the live data in the current state as today.

This applies also to the traffic analytics and other features.

It would come in handy to see for what specific keywords a website was ranking years ago to see their SEO improvements.

If you look at the video below you can see what I mean. I have a PRO plan and I can not see historical data but I would love to see it.



On the traffic analytics tabs there are several options:

  • Traffic Overview.
  • Traffic Sources.
  • Geo-Distribution.
  • Destination Sites.
  • Subdomains.

With a Guru version, you will be able only to see the Traffic overview tab.

traffic analytics on semrush pro


From the traffic sources tab you can get answers to questions like these:

  • Where do they get their traffic from?
  • Who are their most active affiliates?
  • Which domain is worth trying to get a backlink from?
  • Are they acquiring new partners?

And for the other tabs as well you can get precious insights to steal your competitor’s traffic.

With a SEMrush Guru account, you will have access to Multi-device/location tracking.


5 50


SEMrush GURU plan will allow you to manage 50 projects and create branded reports for your clients with your logo and customized.

You will be able to track 1500 keywords instead of 500 with the PRO version.

Tracking the keywords is very important if you want to get targeted traffic. Having the chance to track so many KW it definitely makes the difference.


500 1500


With the guru version, you can also compare results with multitargeting, for instance, desktop and mobile results.

You can also add extra users for a cheaper price.

1 2
$70 /mo $140 /mo


The SEMrush GURU trial is only available using the button below, so please create an account now to get your free trial.




SEMrush GURU VS Business

If you want to know the difference between SEMrush GURU and SEMrush Business you are in the right place.

I am going to tell you the biggest advantages of having a SEMrush Business VS Guru plan.


$199.95 $399.95


With a business account, you will unleash all the SEMrush powers!

The main difference between SEMrush Guru and SEMrush business is that you will increase your limits a lot.


Results per report (KW) 30.000 50.000
Reports per day (KW) 5.000 10.000
Projects 50 200
Keywords to track 1500 5000
Pages to crawl 300.000 1.000.000
SEO Ideas Units 800 2.000
Social profiles for monitoring 100 300
Scheduled PDF reports 20 50
Max additional users 2 9


If you use it a lot you might need to have these limits increases and a  business plan might be a good solution.


semrush guru plan features

If you need even more stuff, you can always buy as needed or contact the support to get an enterprise custom plan.

  • With SEMrush business, you will access to Product Listing Ads (PLA) for the keywords analytics.
  • You will have full access to traffic analytics and locations, which is very interesting if you have a business worldwide.
  • You can share with’ read-only ‘ your projects to customers or any user to see your work without touching it.
  • White label completely customized reports.
  • You can add extra users for a cheaper price.


API access NO YES
White Label Reports NO YES
Traffic Analytics Location NO YES


And last but not least, with SEMrush Business, you will have full access to the SEMrush API.

If you don’t know what an API is, I suggest you study a bit here.

But if you are able to code you can build your personal SEMrush or awesome tool using their API.



I don’t even feel like that calling SEMrush an SEO tool is enough.

This is just a must have software at this point that you can use from your browser and that will solve any kind of problem on your site so that it will rank on Google.

You can do so much stuff with it that you will need to spend a lot of time looking at all the features yourself.

If you didn’t already I strongly suggest you create a free account and get SEMrush free forever as a freemium with 5 searches a day for free.


semrush free trial worth $99


If you want a list of what all the plans above include, here it is:


Site Audit On Page SEO Checker Position Tracking Social Media Tracker Social Media Poster Backlink Audit Marketing Calendar
Brand Monitoring Post Tracking Content Audit Organic Traffic Insights PPC Keyword Tool Organic Research Keyword Research
 Keyword Magic Tool Ad Builder Advertising research Display Advertising Backlinks SEO Content Template Sensor
Keyword Difficulty Gap Analysis Traffic Analytics Lead Generation Tool Topic Research My reports Notes


We have discussed the features you will have on top of those with a guru and a business plan, and all the main differences between SEMrush PRO VS Guru.

You can switch between any plan as many times as you want without losing any money.


semrush subscription info tab


There are no hidden fees or re-bills, all is crystal clear and visible under your personal account subscription info tab, where you will get your invoices.


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