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How To Understand Search Intent

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Search intent definition (user intent) is what users are trying to find on Google depending on their needs, it needs to be accurate.

Google instant results is when you start typing something in your browser and you get instant results without pressing return.

If you are trying to get some sales from your websites, you must understand that this got way harder lately.

A buyer potentially can have thousands of websites that explain to him how to solve a problem.

Only the website that brings to them the most buy intent after their awareness of the product or service will land a sale.

You can take advantage of these 2 factors to boost your rankings and increase your sales and now I am going to tell you why.


Search Intent Composition

Search intent results are subdivided mainly in 4 different kinds of intents:

  1. navigational (10% of the search volumes);
  2. informational (80% of the search volumes);
  3. transactional (10% of the search volumes);
  4. commercial (conversion or user intent)


user intent


As we can see above the commercial search intent is the one that in most of the cases brings a conversion.

To be more clear here is what users are searching specifically:

  1. to visit a website. (i.e: searching for Marco Diversi instead of going on
  2. to know something. (they usually use: how, what, where, why questions).
  3. to do something. (the users complete an action such as giving away their email or purchase something)

When a user finds what they are looking for and they trust the website it might happen that they convert.


How To Optimize Your Content For Search Intent Analysis

You might think that this is an easy task to do, but i think that it actually takes some time.

The main goal is to provide your users exactly what they are looking for.

The page that a user will land after clicking on the search results needs to comply with their intent.

What I am usually doing to accomplish this is to use the google instant results feature to figure out what users are looking for.

Google instant results feature is a smart suggestion tool that comes directly from google.

When you start typing stuff in your browser it automatically gives instant results.

These results are what people typing a query search the most on Google.

So now let’s try to give some practical examples on how to optimize for search intent using google instant results.


Google Instant Results To Optimize For Search Intent

Let’s assume that you have a blog, and you have already 100 articles on it.

What you can do is to type on google something that will lead to a specific article on your site.

For instance let’s try to type:

Linktree free alternatives template

I should be somewhere on the first page. Now you want to go back to google and start typing for instance:



link tree google instant results



The first two results (blue) are strictly related to you, and more specifically are your 2 latest searches regarding that query. (Ignore them)

The other results such as, Linktree free, Linktree template, Linktree examples are what is most searched on Google regarding Linktree.

And more specifically these are related to the article we made about Linktree on

You can use this trick to fill in your articles with sentences or paragraphs covering these topics.

If you look at my article you can find that i give the users a free downloadable Linktree template, and i give some examples on how to use it to replace Linktree.

You can use this trick to create new articles from scratch or to update your old articles according to search intent and rank brain from Google.


Using The Google Console To Find Relevant User Intent Keywords

Another of my favorite tricks to figure out the most appropriate user intent keywords is using the google console.

In order to use this trick, your website needs to be at least 6 months old and your console needs to have at least 1000 keywords in it.


google console to find search intent


As we can see we have purchase intent keywords in it like, “free” and alternatives like “better than“.

In these two cases, we can see that we almost got no clicks from the SERP, but still these are relevant keywords that need to be used on our article and incorporated to give a better user intent result.


We could go ahead and add a few sentences on how to get a better #free alternative to #Linktree. Click To Tweet


This method is super powerful and it can be used also to create articles from scratch.

Just pick a high search volume keyword in your console that gets to rank but still has no clicks and creates an article only about that.

For instance, down below we see that flippa gets searched 74000 a month and we got no clicks for it.


flippa console


Throw flippa on your browser and start to look at the google instant search results and optimize your articles for search intent.


flippa google instant results


You can also use the related keywords at the bottom of the google search results.

In order to obtain some results, you will need to hit enter on the keyboard.

If you have installed the extension KeywordsEverywhere you will be able to see the volumes of these related keywords and also other suggestions on the side.


flippa related keywords



It is very important to optimize for search intent nowadays, you must create informational content with buying user intent.

If you don’t want to spend any money you can use the google instant results trick or the search console keywords in your google console.

It is very important to create articles that are talking about these specific user intent keywords rather than writing random stuff.

If you need help to accomplish that and you have money to spend my advice is always to get a basic plan with SEMrush.




Semrush is my favorite SEO software and you must use it if you are serious about online marketing.

My two cents on this topic are not thrown and ready to be applied to your content marker life.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t rank, the process is always the same:

  1. create awesome content,
  2. optimize the content,
  3. make mistakes,
  4. create backlinks,
  5. rank on Google.

If you want to learn more i think that this article from ahrefs is the best regarding search intent.


I hope that makes sense if it makes sense please comment below or share this article. Click To Tweet


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