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Alternative To Dropbox & List Of Best Cloud Storage Services

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Remember those days when we used to store data on floppy disks and cd rom?

Right now both technologies are obsolete, no one is using a cd-rom to store data. SSD hard disks and cloud storage got very cheap, safe and convenient.

I installed Dropbox on my computer in 2009, I was probably one of the first users, in fact, I was able to invite a lot of friends to it and now I have almost 300GB of space that all came from referrals.

When I was inviting people to Dropbox I had no idea that this invite thing was a marketing strategy and something very related to affiliate marketing as well.

Dropbox grew exponentially thanks to this referral system, back in the day I had a lot of friends and I was able to earn a lot of GB.

Only 7 years later I discovered affiliate marketing and now I am making quite a lot of money with it.

If you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer you will start to accumulate data!

Cloud Storage Services or file hosting services are something you will need to deal with sooner or later.

There are many alternatives to Dropbox, and here on this list, you will discover absolutely all the best and most popular alternatives to Dropbox.



All The Best Cloud Storage And File Hosting Services List






pCloud is according to me one of the most interesting cloud hosting solutions. They are using very good encryption technology and a beautiful dashboard.

You will get 10GB free in any case, and if you sign up via the link on this site you will get a 500 GB trial for 30 days.

What is going to make you switch to pCloud is probably the lifetime pricing solution. As you can see below with $350 you can get 2TB of cloud storage and updates for a lifetime.


Free Storage: 10GB Free + 500GB / Trial

Pricing:  500GB  $49.99 /year OR $199 for a lifetime – 2TB $7.99 /mo or $399 for a lifetime – 10TB $7.99 /mo or $1190 for a lifetime.






iDrive is my favorite Dropbox alternative, in fact, they have outstanding pricing, encryption, and security to the next level and mostly it is very cheap.

You can use it also to run backups of your machines, it’s available for any device and it’s always on top of the best file hosting services reviews from the biggest sites.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing:  2TB  $52.12 / Year —  5TB $74.62 /Year


mega nz


Mega is the service i have signed up for after Dropbox as an alternative. The reason why I am using Mega as well is that they are offering 50GB of space completely free + bonuses.

Also, something that is awesome about is that is the only completely private file hosting service.

In fact, no one, not even the CEO and the developers authorized at mega has access to your private keys.

The data is completely private and never accessible by anyone but you. Combined with a VPN like Surfshark is an awesome service.


Free Storage: 50GB

Pricing: 200GB $5.63 /mo — 1TB $11.28 /mo — 4TB $22.57 /mo — 8TB $33.86 /mo






DropBox is the most popular and used file hosting service. There are no doubts that is a good service but if I want to be mean to them they are a little bit too expensive.

You can earn free space by inviting people the same way I did to earn almost 300GB of space, also the app and the technology behind is outstanding.

Something that is not amazing is the encryption, in fact, the private keys are not completely private.

If someone at Dropbox wants to see your stuff, even if they need a lot of permissions they can eventually see it.


Free Storage: 2GB

Pricing: 2TB 11.99/mo — 3TB $19.99 /mo + Custom


Google Drive gSuite


google drive


Google Drive and gSuite are definitely a little bit expensive, but with the free version having a Gmail account you will get 15GB completely free which is quite a lot.

You can use Google drive to store documents and Google docs, Google sheets, etc…

You might be familiar with this cloud hosting service and it’s definitely one of the best and most complete options out there.


Free Storage: 15GB

Pricing: 30GB $6 / mo  — 1TB $12 /mo  –  Enterprise Plans



Stackpath Object Storage


stackpath object storage


StackPath is a CDN (content delivery network) and probably one of the best and most popular ones.

They are offering an object storage solution but this won’t work like with the other services listed above and below.

You will need to have some coding knowledge in order to get your files on their cloud but the good thing is that it is super cheap in fact you will pay only one cent per GB of traffic that passes from you.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: $0.01 GB




alternative to dropbox 1


Sync is another great service that offers 5GB of free storage and very good technology and encryption. They have also interesting paid plans starting from $5 / mo for 1 TB.

You can share and play with your documents from anywhere and take advantage of one of the best technologies in cloud computing.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 1TB $5 /mo 3TB $10/mo — 10TB $15 /mo




alternative to dropbox 2


Box is another very popular file storage service, with a great domain name and a good technology behind and the app is definitely kicking.

What makes it great are the unlimited storage options starting from $15 a month.

You can get unlimited cloud space for that price, there are also more expensive plans with more features and you can check them out on their pricing page.


Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: 100GB $5 /mo — Unlimited Storage $15 /mo






OneDrive is the official online cloud storage service from Microsoft. Like Google Drive by Google, it will offer you many cool features such as docs, Microsoft Office, and Skype online.

They are giving away 5 GB for free with a Microsoft account and it is definitely interesting the $10 / mo plan with unlimited online storage.

The free version is definitely something you want to have no matter what at least to gain the benefits of Microsoft products.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 1TB $5 /mo — Unlimited Storage $10 /mo




alternative to dropbox 3


Masv now called massive io is a pay-as-you-go cloud storage solution for business owners. In fact, you will be able to pay only $0.25 cent per GB of traffic on your storage cloud.

For instance, if you are someone that doesn’t have to move a lot of files around and wants a cheap solution this is a good option.


Free Storage: Free Trial

Pricing: 1GB $0.25 Pay as you go




zoho file storage


Zoho docs is another great solution, I am using Zoho for my email here on this site since they will give you 5GB of space free.

With Zoho docs, you will gain access to many (office products) for a rather cheap price.

Zoho is a great solution for business owners looking for cheap solutions and great results. You can read my  Zoho mail review here.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 100 GB $4 /mo — 1TB $6.4



Amazon Drive


amazon drive


The fact that Amazon is conquering the world is not a lie.

In fact, Amazon is not only the biggest online store that ever existed but also a place where developers, nerds, and geek can purchase stuff like hosting, computing power, and awesome stuff on it.

Amazon Drive is the Amazon file hosting solution, they are offering pretty cheap plans starting from $0.99 a month.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 100GB 0.99 /mo — 1TB $4.99 /mo


Cloud Google




Google cloud combined with gSuite is a very good solution for developers and nerds. In fact, you will gain access to the most powerful Google tools and cloud storage services.

It is a pay-as-you-go solution and you will need to contact the sales department to have an idea of the costs.


Free Storage: Free Trial

Pricing: Pay as you go






RapidGator is an interesting solution. Why?

They are offering unlimited storage for free, the thing is that the files will expire and you won’t be able to store them online for backups or as a cloud storage solution.

This comes in handy if you need to temporarily move files, store not important files just temporarily or share huge files with friends so that they can download them.

If you want to use it as a real cloud storage solution you will need to pay and plans starts from $14.99 for 3TB.


Free Storage: Unlimited but files expires

Pricing: 3TB $14.99 / mo — Unlimited $99 /mo




alternative to dropbox 4


Zoolz is very popular for people who need to create AI backups of their data. It is a bit expensive but definitely worth it if you have important files and not a lot of time to back them up periodically.

Zoolz doesn’t offer any trial but it is associated with AWS and they are using very similar technology.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: 100GB $15 /mo — 1TB 16.67 /mo






DataFile is a pretty outdated file storage service, I won’t use it to store my files or important documents.

They are offering 10GB of storage for free and something interesting is that premium users can upload files as big as 30GB in one shot.

This service can come in handy if you have huge files like blue ray movies or massive stuff in general.


Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: 1TB $9.99






FileFactory offers one of the cheapest plans on the planet, if you pick the annual plan you will be able to store unlimited files from $7.93 a month.

They are probably not the best when it comes to features and privacy and safety, but still if you want to live a cheap life and having unlimited file storage and a pretty good platform to use give them a shot.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: Unlimited storage $7.83/mo






iCloud is the official cloud storage service from Apple, boom! If you have an iPhone or some mac computer you might need to use this service as well.

I am personally using the free 5GB option and storing all of my data and pics on my time capsule and external hard drives. That way i won’t need to pay more money for my pics.

Although it can come in very handy to have a plan with iCloud so that you can have all of your millions of pictures on the cloud I don’t find it worth it yet.

If you have money to spend definitely opt-in to have an iCloud plan as well.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 50 GB $0.99/mo  — 200GB $2.99/mo — 2TB $9.99/mo






SugarSync is another very popular service but honestly, I think it is too expensive. You will gain access to mobile apps, high security, and good service but still, it’s too expensive.

They have an online cloud backup solution as well and may feature but I still think it costs too much.


Free Storage: 30 days of trial

Pricing: 100GB $7.49 — 250GB $9.99 — 500GB $18.95






Linkifier is a very popular cloud storage service in the adult industry. It will allow you to download at high-speed files from other hosting services like rapid gator, youtube, mega, Openload, Mediafire, etc…

You can store unlimited files on it and download directly from your favorite sites.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: Unlimited for 30 days $9.99


K2s CC


moneyplatform biz

This is a unique platform, mainly used for the adult niche as well. They will give you 10GB of space for free and then depending on the traffic you have on your material and stuff you will need to pay.

It is quite outdated but with some awesome features like FTP upload and so much more.


Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: Depending on traffic






Uploaded.Net is another popular file hosting service in the adult industry, it will allow you to put adult stuff and on top of that, it costs only $99.99 for 2 years of unlimited download speed and storage.

The service obviously is not as good as Dropbox or etc.. I would not put my personal files on it but if you have some not very important stuff this is very cheap.


Free Storage: 2GB

Pricing: Unlimited $99 for 2 years






Cloudup is made by the guys behind WordPress (Automattic). It is definitely not super good and awesome but it’s free.

You will get 200GB for free for a lifetime and it’s definitely the service that gives the most for free.


Free Storage: 200GB

Pricing: Contact sales




alternative to dropbox 5


SpiderOak is widely used because of the good technology behind this service, the mobile app, and encryption.

There is no free bundle and also it costs a little too much for the amount of TB you will get.


Free Storage: 21-day trial

Pricing: 150GB $5/mo — 400GB $9/mo —  1TB for $12/mo






I remember using MediaFire to store huge files and send shady stuff back in the day.

MediaFire is still kicking, with 10GB of free storage with an account, 20GB x file upload, and 100TB plans for a rather cheap price this is a great solution.

MediaFire is a pretty solid and safe company and apps and a huge community of users are available.


Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: 1TB $3.75 /mo  — 100TB $40 /mo




alternative to dropbox 6


NextCloud is an open source project you can use together with your hosting if compatible. It is based on a machine learning security algorithm and relies on a hosting plan to store files.

It is definitely one of the most expensive solutions on this list but yet if you are a smart person one of the most powerful.


Free Storage: You need to ask

Pricing: You need to ask






CloudMe is a European made file hosting solution with many happy customers.

The prices of the plans are very expensive, you will gain access to a multi-user account where other people can use your account but still, it is way more expensive and not even as good as many other services listed above.


Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: 1TB $149/mo — 2TB $249/mo — 5TB $759/mo






Synqion is a weird cloud storage solution, I don’t really understand them very well and also it doesn’t look very awesome.

If you want to check them out I think that are German and ready to give you a product that might be not worth it.


Free Storage: You need to contact them

Pricing: You need to contact them






Egnyte is another file hosting solution, it doesn’t convince me very much and I would rather use other services than this.

Overall the pricing is not too high but not very competitive as well, you can take a look your self to it and then decide if it’s good or not for your business.


Free Storage: Free Trial

Pricing: 5TB $8/mo — 10TB $20 /mo — Custom Plan






Honestly, I have put this too low on this list, I have personally not tested it yet, but it looks like one of the most promising cloud storage services on this list.

It is available as a web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension, it will allow you to connect your existing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon drive, etc…

Pricing is pretty cheap and the features are heaps. If you are looking for a great Dropbox alternative take a look at Koofr now.


Free Storage: 2GB

Pricing: 10GB $0.5/mo — 25GB $1/mo — 100GB $2/mo — 250GB $4/mo — 1TB $10/mo






Tresorit is a made in Swiss cloud storage service fully encrypted and secure that will allow you to connect multiple users with one single account.

They have advanced technology behind, mobile apps available and the cost is not super expensive considering all the features and users you can connect with one account.

It can be used to send up to 5GB to any user for free.


Free Storage: 5GB only for sending

Pricing: 1TB $12/mo — 2TB $24/mo






OwnCloud is an open source project, you can download the source code and install it on your hosting provider.

They are working with many hosting companies, the advantage of these services is that you completely own your files and definitely no one will ever be able to look at them.

The cons are that it can be less safe compared to cloud-hosted services like the ones above.


Free Storage: It relies on the hosting partner

Pricing: It depends on the hosting service you are going to use






Resilio is a p2p based cloud storage service, it works with an internet connection but also with no internet connection within your local network.

You can transfer files very fast and it comes with many features and integrations for developers such as docker, AWS, and so much more.


Free Storage: Free Trial

Pricing: From $3/mo






eFileCabinet is quite expensive but it will give you access too many features for teams.

You can interact with your team and find many options to make it easier to interact with other people working on the same files.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: 25GB $15/mo — 1TB $30/mo — 5TB $55/mo — Custom Plans






FileStack is an advanced cloud storage service and CDN for developers. It will allow you to interact with dev tools and SDK, webhooks and so much more.

It is definitely expensive but it is a solution that will guarantee the best performance when testing apps and advanced developer storage.


Free Storage: 0.5 GB

Pricing: 20GB $49/mo — 150GB $149/mo — 350GB $299/mo — Custom $499/mo






Seafile is another open-source file sync and share solution mainly used for teamwork. You can install it on your hosting and have up to 1000 users interacting within the same account.


Free Storage: 3 users free

Pricing: Up to 1000 users for $30/year





Pydio is another great open-source sync and store service used mainly for the deployment of apps and teamwork.

Plans come full of features and you should take a look at them if you want to.


Free Storage: Free For Basic Features

Pricing: $1520/year + Custom plans






WeTransfer is mainly used to send big files to people.

Gmail will allow you only to send 25 MB email meanwhile if you are using WeTransfer you will be able to send up to 2GB files via email to anyone worldwide for free.

With a paid plan for $12 a month, you will be able to store 100GB files and send 20GB files in one shot.


Free Storage: 2GB Free For Sending

Pricing: 100GB + 20 GB Sending $12/mo


fex net is a super cheap file hosting service that will allow you to send files anonymously for almost no price in a few seconds.

With an account, you can send up to 1TB for $2.04 a month and store files in the cloud.

Honestly, I have no experience with them but the pricing looks like one of the best deals on this list.


Free Storage: None

Pricing: 10GB $0.33/mo — 100GB $0.71/mo — 1TB $2.04 /mo






FileCloud is a new and cutting-edge service that you will like a lot. Why?

It is available both self-hosted and open source and you can install it on your own server. It will have no storage limits that way and costs only $4.20 a month. You will be able to share and store files and manage them all.

There is also a hosted version on FileCloud, this is a great dropbox alternative and you will be able to store up to 1TB or more.


Free Storage: Free Trial

Pricing: Self Hosted No Limits $4.20 – Hosted on FileCloud 1TB $10/mo






I often put the best things at the end of my lists, Degoo, in fact, is the most similar to Dropbox and a great alternative if you are looking for something cheap and effective.

With a free account, you will get access to 100GB of storage for free, whoa, and then you will be able to earn extra space by inviting friends or watching ads.

They are offering a 10TB file storage plan for only $9.99 a month, they are pretty famous for their good privacy and fast transfer of files.


Free Storage: 100GB

Pricing: 500GB $2.99/mo — 10TB $9.99





The world is moving toward cloud computing! If you have an online business or just simply working a lot with computers you will need a place to store your data.

On this article, I have listed 41 cloud storage services where you can safely and securely host your files.

Most of these services are great alternatives to Dropbox, other services are open-source projects you can install on your own servers.

It took me a while to prepare this list and I am confident that these are the best services on the market right now.

Dropbox still is a great solution, but if you are looking for alternatives here you have some.

The thing you should value the most when picking one of these services is the pricing options and the privacy/security of the service.

It is recommended to always use a VPN when surfing the internet and my favorite one is Surfshark.


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