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Best Affiliate Marketing Resources For Webmasters

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Most of them are free and others are freemium or paid, I will write which one I use and how I use them.

There is no way that I am going to pay for music, movies, or software. I spend money only where I really need to. Most of these resources are free to affiliate marketing resources.

Here in this section, I will list all the best tools I am using every day to become a very good affiliate marketer and also other things I love.

I will give you multiple options for certain products and I will write at the bottom of each:

  • If I am using it (♥) or If I am not using it (♣) and why.
  • Some comments.

** ♥♥ Means that you need to use it and have it absolutely!

The only thing that is completely necessary to start this journey is a hosting plan to host your site, and files and domains/URLs.

There is almost no way you can make big cash without having a hosting plan and some sites, or at least some domains you can redirect traffic from with no hitches.

Some people are making money only using social media, but I think is retarded and it takes too much effort and it leaves nothing to you that you can re-use in the future.



tmd hostingTMD-hosting is my favorite hosting company, they provide regular hosting Cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated servers for a cheap price.

Google ranks a website based on page speed, and with a cloud hosting plan that will cost you 10 times more than another hosting company, you will get high speed.

Also, they have awesome customer service and they allow any kind of website, even adult stuff if you are in that nice. TMD-hosting (the most dedicated hosting) is very easy to use, very fast to interact with and it has many awesome features like WordPress installation and unlimited bandwidth and email trusts me it’s the best hosting company.

  • ♥♥ I am using it because it’s cheap and quality 300 times better than other providers.
  • ♥♥ Because after years of experience the quality and value for money are the best.
  • ♥♥ PAID

liquidwebLiquid Web is definitely the best hosting plan you can get. They have dedicated servers, cloud, and VPS hosting.

The speed is the fastest on the internet so no contest with anything else.

The problem is that is rather expensive and if you don’t have a solid business or you are sure that the internet will be your best friend it is not worth it. The page speed they provide is very fast and Google will love it.

  • ♣ I am not using it because it is too expensive, I do have traffic increasing but still, it’s not the time for this investment.
  • ♣ I have tested websites that are hosted there and the speed is blazing fast.
  • ♣ PAID

bluehost Bluehost This is the most used and promoted online, the reason why everyone promotes this is that they pay a higher commission compared to the others above.

But honestly, is not that awesome like TMD, if you want to get something that everyone is getting get Bluehost but there is no contest between TMD-hosting for price, speed, and quality. If you want to join the mass get Bluehost.

  • ♣ I am not using it because the quality is not great and it costs more than TMD
  • ♣ It pays a higher commission so everyone is promoting this and also is very famous
  • ♣ PAID

dreamhostDreamhost is a good alternative to TMD hosting, speed is the same almost, they have dedicated servers, and regular hosting, and so on.

The price is higher than TMD so for me, still, TMD is the best, but this one is used by big companies and is a very reliable hosting provider.

I recommend it to anyone, but still, the price is rather high. If you are just starting and if you are willing to pay more I would go for liquidweb instead.

  • ♣ I am not using it because I am very happy with TMD-hosting
  • ♣ Used by huge companies and the platform looks great.
  • ♣ PAID

siteground hostingSiteground is another legit hosting provider like TMD-hosting. They are very famous for the blazing fast speed that they provide and the simplicity of their hosting platform.

They are based in Europe and prices are a little bit higher compared to TMD. But if you are looking for another alternative and support in many languages and fast but more expensive.

With TMD you will get basically the same service for a lot cheaper, but still, siteground speed is definitely something they are famous for, and if you are willing to pay more, go for it.

  • ♣  I am happier with TMD-hosting
  • ♣ They are famous for website speed.
  • ♣ PAID


n26 bank N26 is the best bank you will ever have. I have put all my money into it since it is 100%, super secure and the website and the app are to the next level.

I will never stop saying how nice and awesome this bank is. If you don’t believe me, just open a bank account with IBAN and SWIFT now from your computer or mobile in just 8 minutes.

The credit card is so cool looking and I would never go back to another bank. It is available all over Europe and the United States and Canada. Expanding all over very soon. Open an account now and dump your shitty bank. #nobullshitbank

  • ♥♥ I have it of course, it is very radical and awesome
  • ♥♥ In 8 minutes you will have a credit card and an IBAN / SWIFT and you can get paid online.

payoneerPayoneer is a very popular payment gateway for affiliate marketers. It was used a lot a few years ago and still a lot use it to pay affiliates.

It is 100% free and you will receive a credit card, and a semi IBAN/Swift personal code.

I call it semi because it will not be personal like with N26 but when you will receive cash there, it will pass first to the Payoneer network. But still is second in my list of best payment gateway.

  • ♥ I do have it and use it all the time, some CPAs pay me there.
  • ♥ Is not awesome like N26 but you must have it, I get paid on Payoneer and then withdraw to N26
  • ♥ FREE

epayments ePayments is another payment system a lot of CPAs are using to pay you. It is similar to Payoneer but it costs $2.49 a month to have it, and fees are kind of high.

But the credit card and the website and the service are great.

Also, it is interesting the fact that you can purchase and sell cryptocurrency directly from their dashboard. You must have it as well even thoughts the costs are kind of a rip-off.

  • ♥ I do have it and use it, what I  usually do is to get paid here and then transfer to N26 for $0.5.
  • ♥ Fees are low, it is possible to transfer to cryptocurrency

paxumPaxum is very old and ugly-looking, but still, a lot of people will pay you here, unfortunately.

To order a card is $40 a year, I did not order the card and usually what I do is get the money in Paxum and then withdraw them with a WIRE to my awesome N26 account.

If you do this you will have to pay only the WIRE fees and not $40 for the card. I think it is very smart since the website doesn’t look good.

  • ♥ I do have it because a lot of people are using it to pay me.
  • ♥ It is not looking good, but you must have it.

transferwiseWise is an awesome tool that will help you eliminate the fees when moving your money around.

I use it sometimes when I need to transfer money to someone that is not using my currency.

But actually, if you have N26 you are pretty much covered with this too since they have the lowest fees on the planet.

But WISE can come in handy if you are living in a country where N26 is not available.

  • ♣ I do have it but I don’t use it that much, I have N26 which is awesome enough.
  • ♣ Fees between currencies are very cheap.
  • ♣ FREE


sendinblueSendInBlue is probably the best EMS on the market. I use it all the time on my mainstream websites, like here on Marco Diversi because it’s completely free to use for up to 300 emails a day.

If you are interested, I can introduce you to some awesome features like automated campaigns and SMS integrations, and many other things.

It is freemium and you will have 300 emails a day to send for free when you sign up. So definitely worth it.

  • ♥ I have it and I love it! Automated e-mails are very awesome and easy to use.
  • ♥ 300 emails a day free.

convertkit ConvertKit is the best EMS available in our historical period.

It is extremely easy to use and you can do complicated tasks with ease.

You can create e-mail magnets, forms, and e-mail automation workflows based on each individual customer and their needs.

Creating an e-mail with ConvertKit is very pleasant and sublime. The inbox rates are super high and it is the best email marketing service you can get.

  • ♥ I am using ConvertKit on most of my sites.
  • ♥ It is paid, but cheap and you can get a trial using this website link.
  • ♥ PAID

aweber Aweber is a great e-mail marketing platform, I like it a lot because is super easy and has features like landing pages and pop-ups and many other user-friendly features.

I use it because they are more flexible with the adult niche. However you can not send a lot of adult-related stuff, you need to go slow with it as well.

Aweber is similar to SendInBlue but it is paid. Meanwhile, SendInBlue is freemium with 300 free emails a day free.

  • ♥ I do have it because I have some adult sites and I like the landing page feature.
  • ♥ It is paid, and if you have the money just use it.
  • ♥ PAID

privyPrivy is a great tool to collect e-mails on your website. It provides so many services such as banners, landing pages, pop-ups, and more.

The design is great and you can integrate it with the API with any EMS out there. It is free for the main features which are more than enough, and I use the free version as well.

You can pay for advanced stuff, but honestly, you don’t need to. I like that you can customize a lot of stuff and it fits just perfectly with Aweber and SendInBlue.

  • ♥ I have it and I use the free version.
  • ♥ Nice banners, email collectors pop-ups, etc…


semrush Semrush is the only tool worth paying for SEO. There are infinite tools you can get, but this one has all the features you need to become the best SEO guru ever

Please do not buy any other SEO tools that promise crazy stuff.

This one is more than enough. With a free version, you will be able to run 5 searches a day. You will have full access to a free account, but if you plan to do a lot of searches and use advanced tools you will need to upgrade. It is totally worth it.

  • ♥♥ I have it and I pay for it, it’s the only tool I pay for.
  • ♥♥ It is giving you the best SEO overview in the world.

alexa Alexa it will be your friend very soon. It is free and it will give you easy-to-understand metrics on how much traffic goes to any website you type in, and from where the traffic is mainly coming.

It is a simple yet straightforward and powerful tool. I use it all the time for instance if someone asks me for a backlink to my site.

I put their website in it and I have an overview of what’s going on and if there are actually people looking at it. This is a tool to use for fast results on a website you want to know more about.

  • ♥ I use it all the time as my first check on a website I want to know more.
  • ♥ Fast and accurate
  • ♥ FREE

moz MOZ is another of your best friends. With him, you will be able to check DA domain authority PA page authority, and many other metrics of any website in a matter of seconds. I will talk about DA and PA on my blog.

It is very important to know how they work and the best and fastest way to do it is using the MOZ bar plugin for chrome or firefox, where you will be able to see those metrics in a matter of seconds.

  • ♥ I use it all the time all day long.
  • ♥ It gives information on the domain authority, there are many metrics and it’s free.

majesticMajestic is very similar to MOZ, it gives other useful metrics to figure out how a website is ranked on google.

I am not paying for it since you have 2 websites a day you can try.

I use it often when I need to know more about a website or my website and I am very interested in looking at how the backlink profile is growing and other metrics that you will get used to understanding by doing this an SEO job.

  • ♥  I use it but the freemium version
  • ♥ useful metrics and backlink profile

similarweb SimilarWeb is very similar to majestic. It includes Alexa and some useful easy to understanding metrics on how the website ranks on Google and on other search engines.

I am using it sometimes when I am lazy to take out some metrics from semrush.

But again if you have semrush you don’t need any other paid tools.

This one is a freemium as well.

  • ♣ I am using it but the free version
  • ♣ Easy to understand metrics

gtmetrixGtmetrix is the best tool for the measuring speed of a website online.

Google ranks a website based on how fast they load. If you have a bad hosting plan and a poorly coded website it will most likely load very slowly and it will rank behind other sites on google.

Speed is one of the most important factors in SEO, so definitely check out gtmetrix.

It is 100% free to use it unless you want to upgrade to services where they are going to fix all the problems on your site to make it faster.  I am fixing all these problems that gtmetrix is telling me to fix alone DIY.

If you are a little bit smart and with willpower, you don’t need to pay for someone else to fix your problems. They will also make a worse job than what you can do.

  • ♥ I am using it all the time and free
  • ♥ It will give you tips to follow to improve the speed of your site

screamingfrogScreamingfrog is a great software for your computer. It runs on your machine, I have it but is cracked and free but in reality, you have to pay for it.

If you are using WordPress you probably will not need this tool but if you code your websites you need it absolutely.

I have several websites with over 30.000  pages all hardcoded from me and there is no way that I can make a sitemap without screaming frog. Also, it will tell you where your website lacks SEO. Screamingfrog is a powerful crawler that will crawl your site in any part.

  • ♥ I have it but cracked
  • ♥ It is the only way you can create huge sitemaps, other free tools will not do the job
  • ♥ PAID

redirectdetective Redirect Detective is a tool that helps you to see where a URL redirects.

As an affiliate, you must cloak all your affiliate links so that Google will have a harder time seeing that are ugly affiliate links.

Sometimes you want to make sure that your cloaking went well and this free tool will help you a lot. If you have a mac, you can use your mac terminal and run this command on your URL, curl -IL will do the same.

  • ♥ I use it sometimes but most of the time I use my mac terminal
  • ♥ It is free and ugly looking but it works perfectly
  • ♥ FREE Barracuda is a very powerful tool, it is 100% free and it requires that you have installed google analytics on your websites. What it does is very simple yet powerful.

Google update its algorithms all the time. We never know what happens ok? With Barracuda you will be able to see if one of the Google algorithms impacted the traffic on your websites.

Sometimes it can happen that all your traffic vanish away, sometimes it just goes up. If you got hit by a Google algorithm you can then go back to your site and make it algorithms friendly.

  • ♥ I use it once in a while when I see radical changes on my sites
  • ♥ It is free and easy to use
  • ♥ FREE

google webmasters toolsGoogle webmasters tools I will make tutorials and posts about google, bing, and Yandex webmasters tools.

But these are basically free tools that if you don’t use them you are out of the market.

Are the most powerful tools for SEO out there, are free, and basically are telling you what to do in order to rank first on google. There is so much to say about these tools.

But the first thing you want to do is to create an account with these 3 webmaster tools and submit your website sitemap to google, bing, and Yandex. Then, there are millions of options inside but I will talk more later on.

  • ♥♥ Yes I use it all day long and they are free
  • ♥♥ Following their advice is the only way you can rank a website
  • ♥♥ FREE

bing webmasters tools Bing webmasters tools again like I said for google webmasters is one of the top resources to use if you want to rank on search engines.

There is so much to say and all you can do right now is to trust me and make the accounts that will last all of your life.

You need to create new website domain proprieties and verify them and submit the sitemap to Google so that they know that your site is online.

  • ♥♥ I am using it all the time, you gotta have it
  • ♥♥ It is nice looking.
  • ♥♥ FREE Yandex webmasters tools is the google for Russia. In Russia, people use Yandex instead of google. So you want to make sure to apply for a Yandex webmaster tools account.

You will need to follow my blog to become good with webmaster tools.

But the good thing about Yandex webmaster tools is that they are giving you nice insights on how fast your site loads and many other things directly via notifications. They do this also on google and bing but it takes a little more effort to figure it out. Moral of the story you need to have those 3 webmaster accounts. Period.

  • ♥♥ I am using it all the time and I have an account
  • ♥♥ You must submit to Yandex
  • ♥♥ FREE


google keywords plannerGoogle KW planner is one of the most powerful resources you will ever use. There is no way I am writing an article or launching a new product without doing a little bit of research with google KW planner.

This tool is completely free and it will allow you to see what people search on google and in what volume.

If you are interested in instant results you can also install this chrome extension called keywords everywhere. I love it and I will talk about this on my blog. For now, just make your free google keyword planner account and install the extension if you like too.

  • ♥♥ I use it all the time and is my best free friend.
  • ♥♥ You are not going anywhere if you don’t use the keyword planner
  • ♥♥ FREE

kwfinder KWfinder is an awesome tool combined with google keyword planner. What I usually do is to suck all the data that I can from google keyword planner and then I put the keywords I want to rank for in KW finder.

What I love about this tool is that the KW score that gives is very accurate. If you put a keyword and you get as results “easy” it’s gonna be easy for real to rank it. If it’s “possible” it’s gonna be possible but hard, if it’s “hard” it’s gonna be very hard.

You will have 5 searches a day completely free with the free version, some data are limited and less precise compared to the paid version.

I would invest some money in this tool only if you are going to use it, I have a paid version but honestly, you can start off with the free version for a while, and when your websites start to rank and you make more money you might consider to get the paid version.

  • ♥ I have a paid version, and I get more accurate reports, I love the KW score combined with google KW planner makes it a win.
  • ♥ With the free version, you will have 5 searches a day


wordpress is a free and very famous resource called also CMS that will allow you to be able to make a website without having to know how to code.

Even though some coding skills are required for WordPress you will be able to put up a website or a blog in a matter of seconds. If you get TMD-hosting there is the auto-installation option in there.

You don’t need to do anything. Then I will make tutorials on how to use WordPress. But for now, you just need to know that it exists and you might want to use it.

  • ♥♥ I use it for some blogs I have, this blog is on WordPress as well.
  • ♥♥ It is 100% free the version.

elegantthemes Elegantthemes is a company that makes themes for WordPress. If you will use WordPress you will have available millions of free themes you can use.

So definitely you don’t need to pay for themes. But with elegant themes, there are awesome themes you can purchase that are looking sometimes better and they have more functionalities than the free ones.

Me, honestly I never bought a theme, but the reason is that I know how to code and I just tweak and modify the free themes and make them the way I want to feel and look. If you are not able to code check elegant themes out.

  • ♣ Never bought a theme because I know how to code
  • ♣ If you don’t know how to code, you might consider it, themes sometimes look better here.
  • ♣ PAID


leandomainsearchLeandomains is a free tool that will help you pick a nice domain. You just put your domain name idea and it will pull out a sh** load of results.

It is free and easy to use and very recommended to use after you buy your hosting plan. In most cases, at least with TMD, you will get a free domain to register.

Don’t get the first that comes to your mind, use this tool to help you and guide picking a good name. Also, use the Google KW planner to see if people actually search for the keywords you might include in your domain name.

  • ♥ I use it when I need to buy  a new domain
  • ♥ It is free and easy to use and needs to be combined with a google keyword planner
  • ♥ FREE

expireddomains ExpiredDomains is a marketplace of domains that are going to expire or that are just expired or going to expire soon.

The advantages, if you know what you are doing of buying an expired domain are huge. A new domain will have domain authority 1 on a scale of 1-100.

If you get a second-hand domain you might get a domain with a DA already higher and so it will be easier to rank on google. Be aware that some domains might have high DA but are still not a good investment. There are also dozens of other metrics that count, one of them is the spam score for instance. If you don’t know what you are doing just get a new domain, otherwise you can think about getting an expired one.

  • ♣ I have never used it but I know people that do.
  • ♣ It is just perfect if you know what you are doing to skip the long process of acquiring authority on a website.
  • ♣ PAID

flippa Flippa is very similar to expired domains. You can also sell your domains and buy domains and bid on domains.

It is, in my opinion, the best marketplace to buy and sell certain kinds of businesses. I used to buy cool domains with nice names that were not used yet, and then resell them.

I have started to make an OK amount of money but it was taking me too long so I decided to focus on affiliate marketing. If you are willing to spend a lot of time doing similar tasks buying and selling domains might be an option.

  • ♣ I used to use it all the time now less
  • ♣ You can buy and sell domains
  • ♣ FREE


onenote Onenote I can not imagine my life without OneNote. Is it enough? This is the best 100% free software to take notes.

There is no contest with anything else. It works on windows and mac and it is free. With OneNote, you can take notes to the next level.

I will make tutorials on how to use it on my blog so check them out. You need to have one note and if you want the clip-to-note chrome extension to save notes in your account in one second.

  • ♥ This is my god and daily bible software
  • ♥ I love it, it will allow you to take notes to the next level
  • ♥ FREE

clickfunnels ClickFunnels is the holy grail of any marketer. They claim that if you have a click funnel account and pay $99 a month you will not need a website anymore.

They will provide you with hosting and anything you need to generate crazy leads and sales that rock. Russell Brunson is the CEO of this company and he was a billionaire by the age of 30. He’s very smart and I recommend you to watch his webinar here.

And of course, get clickfunnels to boost your business to the next level. This is a must-have tool and totally worth it. With click funnels, you can make webinars, landing pages, websites, email magnets, and everything you need to start making big money.

You can start your free 15 days trial now, with no credit card and pain, try click funnels now.

♥♥ This is a from god website.
♥ ♥ PAID

leadpagesLeadPages is very similar to click funnels, the only difference is that is less complete. Russell Brunson said that leadpages are like a calculator and clickfunnels like an iPhone.

The good thing is that leadpages have definitely better-landing pages and is cheaper than clickfunnels. So if you are just starting I advise you to get leadpages to create awesome landing pages.

If your business grows then my advice is to get clickfunnels, since they provide any kind of service that existed on earth, and you will not need anything else then.

If you are willing to pay $99 a month go for clickfunnels instead if you want to go cheap and nice quality for landing pages, email magnets, and forms get leadpages.

♥ They have crazy good landing pages
♥ It is cheap


 Buzzsumo I honestly heard about this recently and I don’t know that much. But the purpose of this tool looks awesome.

Basically, it will allow you to find articles and things people share on the internet based on your niche ideas or keywords you want to rank for.

Also, you can see the publisher so that you can contact them and them to publish your articles if they might interest them and you are in the same niche. With the free version, you will be able to do some searches a day. I don’t know a lot but I will know more soon.

  • ♣ I don’t use it but I should
  • ♣ Nice tools to find content that gets shared and find authorities

grammarlyGrammarly is highly recommended to anyone. Even if you are English moth tongue this thing will catch up with all of your typos and bad sentences you make.

It will help you for free to create awesome content without typos and mistakes.

Google is smart and hates typos and mistakes so you better make a Grammarly account now and also install the chrome extension here. The free version is more than enough, I use it free as well. With the paid version you will have advanced tools but honestly, I think that free is more than enough if your English is good.

  • ♥♥ I use it all the time and the free version.
  • ♥♥ Awesome tool to catch up with typos

wordcounterWordcounter is awesome. If you are using WordPress you will probably install plugins on it. The most important plugin is Yoast SEO.

This will help you with the SEO it is freemium and I use the free version as well. If you want to upgrade Yoast SEO to a paid version it’s stupid, because here it comes word counter.

This website will allow you for free to do what Yoast SEO premium will do. I mean it will be easier to do it with Yoast Premium but if you have some patience you can use word counter and save some money. I like a lot the keyword density feature of the word counter. This will give you so much money and it is an awesome tool to write good articles.

  • ♥ Yes I use it all the time and it’s free
  • ♥ With some patience, you will have the Yoast SEO
  • ♥ FREE

33across 33across is very cool. I don’t know how to explain it in a few words, but it’s 100% free and useful. The purpose of this tool is to grow your backlink strategy to the next level.

Everyone that will try to copy content from your website will receive a copy of the text and in addition to the bottom a link back to your site.

All of this happens in the background meanwhile people are trying to copy an article or some content on your site. It is definitely an awesome free tool to use. I am using it via a free account on 33accross website and I inject the code via Cloudflare which I will talk about it more later and on the blog.

  • ♥ I am using it and it’s great
  • ♥ Lovely tool to improve your site ranking and revenues
  • ♥ FREE


fiverr Fiverr is one of the most used freelancing platforms. You can sell gigs on your own or buy gigs from freelancers.

Be aware of people from Pakistan, India, etc. They are trying to scam you most of them don’t know what they do. Some services I use Fiverr for are like creating logos and outsourcing some repetitive and boring jobs that anyone can do.

But for the hard and important stuff, I only trust myself. Do not trust anyone telling you that he will rank your SEO rankings for $5 or even $200 or whatever it is. It does not exist anyone able to do this, SEO requires time no one can fix your problems in a shot.

  • ♥ I use it, I have some gigs myself as well and I buy gigs for certain things
  • ♥ there are many freelancers on it and you can outsource work

upworkUpwork is another freelancing platform. You can actually find awesome jobs and learn a lot while freelancing.

I did for a while myself too but the fact that I needed to do something that would make richer someone else was bothering me.

I wanna be my own boss and do whatever I want, but if you are in the need of money and to learn new skills definitely use work to find clients and learn new important skills.

  • ♥ I use it and I like it
  • ♥ There are millions of freelancers


google analytics Google Analytics is an advanced tool from Google to keep track of everything that happens on your website.

You need to track traffic and things that are happening on your site if you want to know if your website is actually doing good or bad.

There are many tools to use and this one is free and very powerful but sometimes it can be hard for someone to read data. I always combine google analytics with StatCounter below. They are both free and StatCounter and the StatCounter app make it a little bit easier to see your stats and what’s going on your sites.

  • ♥♥ Yes I use it all the time
  • ♥♥ Advanced statistics from google
  • ♥♥ FREE

statcounter StatCounter combined with google analytics will give you a good overview and understanding of what’s going on in your websites.

I use also Quantcast but I feel like having Google analytics and StatCounter is enough.

This is interesting for the smartphone app which is very easy to use. It is  100% free if you are willing to lose old stats in replacement for new stats.

I never look at my stats of 6 months ago so it is more than enough to have the free version and I highly recommend having a StatCounter account linked to any of your websites.

  • ♥ I have the free version and check my stats many times during the day
  • ♥  Easier to read compared to google analytics, if you are lazy this is great
  • ♥ FREE


crakrevenue cpa CrakRevenue according to me is the best CPA, you will learn a lot working from them. The affiliate platform is the most advanced compared to any other platform, the affiliate managers are friendly and they are all bros.

I love it and I am aiming to become one of the best affiliates by the end of 2018. If you are interested in becoming good with them I am an expert.

They have only adult niche stuff, but still, it converts very well and it’s awesome. I have other blogs talking about this awesome platform I am not gonna talk about it on this blog since I am trying to keep it clean and not an adult. If you are interested in becoming a super affiliate with crakrevenue shoot me a message.

  • ♥ I do have it and it’s one of my favorite CPAs, super high paying payouts even $400 PPS for some offers.
  • ♥ Contact me if you are interested I will send you tutorials on how to become approved and make $
  • ♥ FREE

peerflyPeerfly is another great CPA network, they are paying in time and they have thousands of offers of any niche.

They do have mobile, dating, software, food, education, health, and fitness.

They got them all, also there is Luke that makes good tutorials on media buying and it is definitely one of the best CPAs to work for. I suggest you start with Peerfly and Crakrevenue, then move on to other CPAs if those ain’t enough.

  • ♥ I use it and it is great
  • ♥ Nice support and blog
  • ♥ FREE

adcombo cpa networkAdCombo is another CPA network with a lot of offers. The platform looks awesome and the support and affiliate managers are working every day.

It is normal to get responses during the weekend and they are very helpful.

They have any kind of offer for any geo, and they are paying via WIRE, PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Paxum.
It is definitely a good network to work for, and if you have crakrevenue, peerfly and adcombo you are good to go. I advise you to make an account with these 3 CPAs now.

  • ♥ I use it and it is great.
  • ♥ Nice support and blog.
  • ♥ FREE

Awempire Awempire is another great CPA, again is an adult but they have crazy offers that pay up to $165 per sign-up.

Also, they have a very neat white label system where you can put up your own white label website in a few clicks and earn up to 40% revshare for life.

I have made a cam white-label site and lately, it is starting to go pretty well.

If you are interested again shoot me a message and I would help you with no problems.

  • ♥ I use it and make money from them
  • ♥ High paying payouts and the possibility to create white label sites that will make money on auto-pilot.
  • ♥ FREE

clickbank Clickbank is usually where everything starts for an affiliate marketer. If you say “I am an affiliate marketer” ignorant people will say, ” oh so you sell for Amazon and Clickbank?”.

Well, my answer is no, I have made an account with Clickbank a while ago, they have millions of offers but honestly, most of them are scammy offers and still they convert and you will make money but you will not add so much value to your customers.

Getting started is pretty good, but the payouts are not that high also if you don’t constantly earn money they will actually take out money from your account if you don’t reach the minimum payout.

I would start to make an account just so you will have the chance to see what a huge marketplace of offers looks like and how hoplinks and stuff work.

  • ♣ I have an account, I have made some money but then I did not reach the payout and lost my money.
  • ♣I still use it all the time to find niche ideas, new products will pop up on Clickbank when they will come out so it’s good to use click bank to study what people want to buy, and then it’s your job to make a product or find a product that will actually add value
  • ♣ FREE

mobidea Mobidea beautiful and outstanding CPA network. It has a tracker embedded in the platform and the feature that you just click a button and you will get paid the next day in your bank account.

They have any sort of offer and the support is young and nice.

I am not a super affiliate with them but I am planning to be soon when I have time.

Definitely, check out mobidea and you will find an offer to promote for sure.

  • ♥ I am using it but not so often
  • ♥ Awesome! Get paid tomorrow feature and simple tracker embedded in the platform.
  • ♥ FREE


plugrush Plugrush with plugrush, you can buy or sell traffic. It is an advertiser platform and extremely good if you are looking for paid traffic.

I have some tubes where I have installed plugrush on it and the cool thing is that I make money all the time from people clicking on my videos.

I also used it to do some media buying and the platform is no doubt the most user-friendly and more efficient at least in the adult industry.

  • ♥ I am selling my traffic to them and sometimes buying traffic
  • ♥ It is a very nice platform very user-friendly
  • ♥ FREE

juicyads Juicyads another adult advertiser platform, it works a little differently compared to plugrush. Here the thing that people sell or buy the most is ad space on their or somebody else’s website.

Some websites with a lot of traffic can ask up to $5000 a week for ad space. What I am doing is to place ads of crakrevenue offers on still cheap but good websites.

I usually pay $50 a week to place an ad. I also use it to drive traffic to my own sites and I usually pick the cheapest ads possible because I am interested to gain some referral traffic from more authoritative websites, it’s not my main goal to convert if I point to my sites. They might convert than when they land on my sites.

  • ♥ I have used it to place ads on other niche sites
  • ♥ It is very cheap

trafficjunky Trafficjunky is heaven for adult traffic. They have power over all the most famous adult sites on the internet, they sell ad space and traffic.

You can sell your traffic too and they are just the kings. I have put it in the 3rd position because there’s the catch.

Trafficjunky is extremely expensive and if you don’t have a huge budget, at least $30.000 a day to run campaigns you probably will not make any good money.

I used it like 2 years ago when I was a newbie and I swear I blew $500 in like 30 minutes without making any money. But I know that the big guys that are investing serious money with them are making millions of dollars a month. So if you have the budget and you know what you are doing just try traffic junky.

  • ♥ I have used it a while ago
  • ♥Super expensive but the best source of traffic

monetizer Monetizer finally some mainstream traffic. Here you can buy traffic from any niche and kind.

I am not a super expert with monetizer but I have a friend that he is and he’s making a killing with it.

If you are interested I will make you in contact with him.

He’s gonna definitely be more helpful than me with this traffic source. Definitely, check monetizer out if you need clean and nice traffic to drive offers too.

They are growing a lot as a company and they are leading the business for sure.

  • ♣ Not using it that much but it’s good.
  • ♣ The well-designed platform, traffic of any kind.
  • ♣ FREE

propelleradsPropellerads they have any kind of traffic, mainstream and on any offers.

You can be a publisher and an advertiser as always and what’s propeller ads are famous for are their crazy awesome pop-unders pop-ups and everything that pop up on websites when you see them is probably coming from propeller ads.

If you are interested in buying traffic from pop-unders it is so cheap. You can get 50.000 pop-unders on many different sites for almost no price. The problem is that many browsers at these days block pop-unders and a lot of people hate them and just close them. But still is very cheap and they offer ads placements and regular traffic as always.

  • ♥ I am using it for popunders.
  • ♥ You get cheap targeted traffic for just a few bucks. Totally worth it.
  • ♥ FREE

zeroparkZeropark is a very good traffic source as well as monetizer. These two guys are rivals and awesome, I would make an account and test it.

There are people that combine peerfly with zero parks and make so much cash.

The thing is to create the right combination of offer and traffic quality. That is why in the next resources sections there will be the best affiliate marketing trackers on the web. You need to track your traffic and especially if you pay for it with an advertiser platforms like zero parks.

  • ♥ I am using it when I decide to run some media buying campaign for certain offers.
  • ♥ It is very nice and easy to use
  • ♥ FREE

TRACKERS is according to me the best affiliate marketing tracker. I have created a nice article on this blog and it is 100% fee if you plan to use less than 50.000 events a month.

There is no contest with any other tracker and also you need a tracker if you want to be a good affiliate.

With a free account it can be more than enough tacking less than 50.000 but if you need more plans starts from $29 dollars. They have many networks already yet within the platform and they have crazy features like tracking from their own domain the platform is way easier to use compared to the most famous affiliate marketing tacker called voluum.

I am sure that in the next few years voluum will be replaced b redtrack since it is way better and cheaper. So reserve your seat on redtrack and make an account now.

  • ♥ I am using and love it so much
  • ♥ Great customer support

 voluumVoluum is the most known marketing tracker online. Probably because was one of the first to be invented and most of the affiliate marketing using it and are lazy to change it.

Honestly, I think that is pretty good but it’s freaking expensive and there is no trial. There is no way to try it if you don’t pay $99 dollars.

I don’t want to pay $99 dollars a month for something I can not try. Also, it is very expensive compared to redtrack so there is no contest to the fact that is the best tracker.

  • ♣ I don’t use it, it costs too much, I use
  • ♣ It is good but there is no trial.
  • ♣ PAID

adsbridge Adsbridge is a voluum competitor for a few years, and at least they have a 15 days trial. It is expensive and there is no contest with which if you did not get it yet is the best affiliate tracker out there.

Ads bridge is an alternative to Voluum and still is pretty well known and used.

Certain things are easier to do on ads bridge but still the cheapest and best alternative to adsbridge and voluum is So I am very frugal in spending my money and I think that you should get as well.

  • ♣ I never used it
  • ♣ I know it’s famous and good but expensive
  • ♣ PAID


resources 1Surfshark If you are looking for protection, anonymity, and security on the internet you might consider buying a VPN.

What a VPN (a virtual private network) does is give you a personal IP address protected from, in this case, the Surfshark network.

You can also change your IP address to escape country blocks. A famous use of a VPN is by Chinese people who want to use Facebook in China. But in affiliate marketing, a VPN can be super useful so that it is harder to get blocked on certain services, and if you get banned from something you can’t create an account without having to move to another apartment to get a new IP address.

I am using it sometimes and I just buy it when I need it for certain things, I will talk about this more in the blog.

  • ♥ I am using it sometimes but not all the time
  • ♥ Surfshark is the best VPN you can get, just trust me
  • ♥ PAID

protonmailProtonmail is the coolest email service. I like it because they are completely encrypted, no one will be ever able to read your messages.

They are using a protocol that only the sender and receiver can read and no one will be able to see what you wrote. Also, it is very fast to use and the inbox rate is way higher than Google.

Still, you will need a Gmail account if you want to be an affiliate. You can link your custom e-mail or proton e-mail to Gmail with gsuite. If you don’t know anything about g-suite just go check them out.

You will get a free trial and it’s transforming any email into a Gmail email and it will keep the original format.

You will be able to use hangout and YouTube and it will be a Gmail email with Google Drive and 1TB of space. Check out gsuite and protonmail.

  • ♥ I use it and I like it a lot, and connected to G-suite.
  • ♥ 500MB of email space is free, it is enough if you don’t use it that much.


youtubeYouTube if you know how to use it is the best educational platform.

You can learn absolutely everything, you can make money with it and acquire crazy skills that at school will never be taught.

You will be face to face with the most successful people in the world and you can learn so much that you probably have an idea yet. All you have to do is to build your subscription list according to your interests and start listening to at least at videos.

  • ♥ I am using it all the time
  • ♥ Awesome content for a learner
  • ♥ FREE

freecodecamp FreeCodeCamp There are millions of coding schools and paid courses online. If you are ready for the plain truth here you have it.

There is nothing, not even that costs millions of dollars that is even close to being compared to freecodecamp, which is 100% free and it will guide you step by step to become the best coder on earth with practice and not stupid useless stuff. You can become a full-stack developer within a year or so. You will learn so much and everything is explained in a way that you will actually learn. I took this myself and here is where it all started.

Using the freecodecamp skills I have started to build websites, working as a freelancer as a developer, and then I have started affiliate marketing I am constantly using my coding skills learned with freecodecamp to improve my websites and improve them.

  • ♥♥ I have completed many parts of freecodecamp and It’s the best course you will ever take.
  • ♥♥ Awesome and 100% free from zero to the end. Even if you want to pay for it, you can’t.
  • ♥♥ FREE

 courseraCoursera Looking for free education from Harvard, Stanford, MIT and so on? Well, coursera is what you need then. The best professors worldwide prepare the most awesome classes ever.

This is my favorite online learning platform in the world. They have interesting courses of any kind and the classes are awesome.

You can follow the classes all for free. And you can ask for financial aid if you want to take exams and have access to the exercises. If you don’t want to ask for aid which is usually always granted you can pay to take the class and get a grade from the processor and real certificate.

  • ♥ It uses it all the time, I took 40 courses and got certificates from it.
  • ♥ If you apply for the financial ad is free

edx edX is very similar to coursera but here classes are more technical and scientific oriented. You can find any subject on Coursera but here the stuff gets more scientific.

This is my favorite learning platform and I took one of the best classes of my life called CS50 which stands for computer science 50.

The professor is awesome and if you will be able to complete the class you will learn so much that you won’t regret it. Problem is that is quite hard and you might decide to give up pretty soon. But if you don’t it will be enourmous rewarding.

  • ♥ I am using it and it’s great
  • ♥ Awesome to the bones.

google Google Search is always and it will be always your best friend. You can ask him/her or whatever it is whatever you want and bad or good you will always get back a reply.

You can also speak to Google and he will reply, AI is within us and google knows and can do anything.

If you are a friend of Google, Google will be a friend of yours, if you try to trick Google, Google will punish you. So treat Google with respect and you will always have the right answer to your problems at the right time. So if you didn’t make an account on Google.

  • ♥ I am using it all the time
  • ♥ It is awesome
  • ♥ FREE


cloudflareCloudflare explaining Cloudflare on a resource page is impossible. I will write a lot about it. But just so you know it is mandatory and free from what we need.

The first thing you want to do to make money online is buying hosting with TMD, choose a domain name, and the setup your Cloudflare account.

This is so important and it’s mandatory that you have it, Cloudflare will improve your website speed. Will give you free HTTPS protocol and will allow you to inject code in your site without compromising performances and one of the most awesome and important features is that it will give you total control of the DNS of all your website from one single place.

Also, DNS parameter changes are immediate, meanwhile using your hosting provider panel can take up to 2 days to see the change. Cloudflare is a must-have and with the free 100% version, you will be good to go.


leadquizzesLeadQuizzes is an amazing tool you can use to build interactive surveys and quizzes to entertain your users and boost conversions.

According to the research people that get entrained with a quiz are 300$ times more likely to purchase something.

If you are interested in making the best quizzes, LeadQuizzes will give you the chance to have the best looking forms and templates to increase your conversions. Give it a try now and let me know if this tool helped you with your business.

  • ♥ I am using and it’s awesome.
  • ♥ Awesome to make surveys.
  • ♥ PAID

foxpush Foxpush is the best push notification system I know. I am saying this because with a free account you will get 50.000 subscribers to your site.

I am still using the free plan on all of my sites since I did not reach 50.000 subscribers for push notifications yet.

But honestly compared to all the other companies like PushCrew and many others this is one is the revolution and 50.000 subscribers for free it’s just insane. I have push notifications also on this blog and I think is a good way to send your visitors notification on new posts or offers. Of course, without spamming too much.

  • ♥ I do have it and with a free plan.
  • ♥ 50.000 free a month.

skitchSkitch is a great resource and software that will allow you to draw sketches on your pictures. It is very easy to use and fast.

You can blur images, and add notes and arrows, and text. It is my favorite free tool to modify pictures and add things in a few clicks without having to use photoshop.

I like a lot because it is working on a computer and it is free and fast. You can download it now and start adding stuff to your pictures with ease.

  • ♥ I have it free and use it all the time
  • ♥ An easy way to add things to your pictures, such as arrows, blur, and text
  • ♥ FREE

filezilla Filezilla is the best FTP client software. It is 100% free and a must have it if you want to become a good affiliate marketer.

You need to talk to your hosting and via FTP is the best way to do it.

There are many other more fancy software out there, but still, FileZilla and its ancient look is the one that works the best.

A feature I have found only here is the “binary transfer” option. What a binary transfer means is that your files are transferred not as a file but as a bunch of 1 and 0, this makes it a lot faster to move around files from place to place via FTP.

  • ♥ I am using all day long and free
  • ♥ Binary option transfer for the file is a special feature of FileZilla
  • ♥ FREE is the best coding editor. I like it because is open source from Adobe and for HTML it has a preview mode that works without having to run a server on your local machine.

Meanwhile, if you have PHP code or you are using a framework like ruby or rails you would need to have a container like a docker or set up a server on your local machine.

I use it to edit files on my hosting from FileZilla. You need to put as a default editor once is downloaded on FileZilla and you will be ready to code.

  • ♥ In my opinion the best editor.
  • ♥ You must have to modify the code.
  • ♥ FREE

bitly is a famous URL shortener, I don’t’ love it but it has an analytics system more powerful than rebrandly so I use it as well.

But for most of my shortened URLs, I use usually or my own coded redirects or rebrandly just below. is very famous and I do have many short links there but they have many restrictions.

Especially with affiliate links, it is not the best solution ever. If you need to send out some ugly or weird link this is the way you should do it if you don’t know how to cloak.

  • ♣ I use it but is not the best
  • ♣ Nice analytics

rebrandly is my favorite URL shortener. The reason why it is is that you can have a custom URL using your domain to shorten URLs and get n OK analytics from rebrandly.

Also, they do not block affiliate links like bit.lyt, and if you use Cloudflare you can redirect even long domains. meanwhile, with bitly, it has to be a short domain.

Like here on I am using a subdomain to redirect from rebrandly you can check it out here and everything that goes after the URL is tracked from rebrandly like here . You can not do this on Bitly, especially on a subdomain and a long domain like this one with a lot of chars.

  • ♥ I have it  and love it
  • ♥ Custom domain shorten features

addthisAddthis is a very famous social media sharing button and social media-based tool and resource. I don’t love it but it’s fine.

If you are using Cloudflare as I said before, you would be able to inject AddThis code into your website without compromising speed and quality of your site due to many buttons and javascript.

I like a lot the option with sharing buttons that are opening when you hover over them. I do use it on some of my sites, but on some others, I like more to have hard links in my footer or somewhere on my site.

  • ♥ I use it on some sites for social media sharing buttons
  • ♥ It is easy to use

canva Canva is very amazing. It makes it easy to create thumbnails for youtube, awesome pictures and banners and even resumes and infographics.

A friend of mine introduced it to me, I thought it was a joke but I ended up using it all the time all day long instead of photoshop.

It is a must have it tool and wit the free version you will be able to do absolutely everything.

There is also a paid version where you will have more options but you don’t need it. I mean if you feel like you might need it just go for it, but I am using it 100% free.

  • ♥ I use it all the time and for free
  • ♥ You can do crazy stuff with it and it looks good


airbnbAirbnb is the replacement for hotels and expensive traveling. I have used it many times on my trips and even to go back home to see my family.

I have found crazy deals that I would never be able to have with the regular hotel system of this world.

Airbnb Is radical and awesome and I feel like everyone should have an account.

You can also rent your room in your house and make money with it. This is the future of hotelling and you will love it if you don’t believe me.

  • ♥ I use it all the time and it’s radical
  • ♥ The future is here

couchsurfingCouchsurfing is like Airbnb but more spartan and free. People will offer their couch to sleep all over the world. Is a great and free way to travel.

I was one of the first users back in the days and I have got a paid membership for free. I think that now is like $30 lifetime to have it.

You can also use it for free but if you are trying to host or give a better impression a paid membership of $30 for life is worth it a lot. You will also receive gifts from Couchsurfing such as stickers and t-shirts. so it is well worth it.

  • ♥ I use it all the time and it’s awesome
  • ♥ I have a paid membership and using it all the time

uberUBER is the future of transportation. They even have self-driven cars in the US. I used to work for the mass a driver and making some spare change that allowed me to survive for a while.

Then I have stopped but kept using it when I was traveling around the world. It is so awesome and I was one of the first drivers to use it back in the days.

Right now I am just a passenger, feel free to join uber and dump the stupid taxi system we have now in the 21st century.

  • ♥ I was a driver and I am a rider still.
  • ♥ It is the future of transportation

google flightsGoogle Flights is a very nice way to find plane tickets. I always use it to have an idea of all the possibilities that I might have and then I use a private browser or I clean the cookies on the airline company I am interested to buy the flight from.

I usually use google flights only to find the airline that offers the flight.

And then with a clean browser with no cookies on, I buy the ticket from the airline. That way is cheaper and with google flight, we will be able to see all the available flights.

  • ♥ I use it all the time when I need to travel
  • ♥ It’s so awesome looking
  • ♥ FREE


coinbaseCoinbase is the best way to safe and even buy bitcoin BTC, ethereum ETH and litecoin LTC.

If you want to buy bitcoin or make money with cryptocurrency you need a coinbase wallet. This website will allow you to withdraw cryptocurrency from your local bank in your currency.

They are charging crazy high fees to pay when buying and selling bitcoin, is all a scam for people that he’s not well educated and smart. I know a trick so that you will not pay any fees.

If you are interested to make an account with coinbase and contact me when its time to sell and buy a currency that I am gonna tell you the trick to avoid the stupid fees.

  • ♥ I use it all the time and it is very awesome and safe
  • ♥ It is a must-have if you want to start playing with bitcoin
  • ♥ FREE

binanceBinance is the main place to buy ALTcoin. An ALTcoin is everything else that is not bitcoin. Ethereum would be an altcoin, Cardano as well. There are many coins you can buy and trade online and make money from.

My most recommended and complete trading platform is binance. It is free to join and of course, you would have to pay to buy altcoins. I know a trick to pay no fees when buying bitcoin via coinbase.

To buy any altcoin you need to have bitcoin, you cant buy them with your currency. So the combination of coinbase and binance it is a must if you are planning on getting into crypto.

  • ♥ I use all the time and I have invested a lot with it.
  • ♥ I love the platform and the trading system.
  • ♥ FREE is the best way to earn bitcoin and get paid for answer questions from people.

Also, with you will be notified on new ICO and potentially good investments you would want to make in the crypto space.

The integration with Gmail is awesome as well, it will let you customize your inbox and bounce e-mail out of your network. It is 100% free and you can earn up to $5 a day with ease only doing simple tasks. Definitely, check them out and make an account with earn. It will require linking a LinkedIn profile and Telegram account. The first thing you want to do is to join the airdrops lists. These will give you bitcoins everyday.

  • ♥ I am using all the time to bounce email and I get paid for airdrops.
  • ♥ It is awesome and must have it, and 100% Free.
  • ♥ FREE.


Building a strong partners relationship with other websites related to my niche and content is vital when trying to succeed with a website.

That is why I am creating this partners page where you can see all the people that linked to me and that I work with.

If you want to become a partner and add your link to my partner page contact me and we can find a solution to it.  here is my partner’s page.


Some of the links above are affiliate links, and if you decide to buy some of the paid products I will get a small commission as a referrer. I have a lot of experience with affiliate marketing, and I feel like recommending these products to you because they helped me a lot. The 80% of them are free to use, or freemium, so only a few of them will actually give me a commission. Do not buy anything if you don’t feel like it will simplify your life and/or make your revenues increase. I hope you will become a good affiliate marketer and I am here to help you. 

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