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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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If you are looking for shortcuts to make money online, or you’ve just listened to some gurus giving you some false hopes, I am sorry for you.

The best way to create a 100% passive income,  without having to necessarily work on something specifically is via affiliate marketing.

And by passive, I mean that you will earn money randomly during the day, even while you sleep.

The only prerequisite that you need to arm yourself of is a lot of perseverance and patience. Then a lot of others skills are coming along, but mainly if you are perseverant you will reach high skies.

I never felt smart enough and with the leadership to run my own business. Also, I always felt I didn’t have any money to invest in something, and even if I did have some money I was skeptical about throwing them out.

I also like my privacy and my alone time! So I wanted to be able to make money with affiliate marketing even in my bedroom.

If you are in a similar situation you might want to consider to generate money with this, and I will do my best to help you.

make money with affiliate marketing

If you are interested in knowing how you can change your life radically. Read this blog, where I am going to introduce you on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

We will talk about the best ways to generate cash with it, and the pros and cons of becoming an affiliate marketer. Click To Tweet

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Before you can start to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to know what affiliate marketing is more specifically.

If I want to give a serious definition of what it is, I would need to use some bad words probably, like:

  • It’s The Shit!
  • Fucking Awesome!
  • Dope as Fuck!
  • And so on.

I am telling you this because it changed my life for the good, I struggled so much in life and didn’t want to work for someone.

But in practice, the next sentences will explain how it works.

Becoming an affiliate marketer means that you will sell some products, via your websites or network, and earn a commission from the company you are an affiliate with.

Like on this website, you can see banners for N26, which I think is the best bank in the world. Since I love them, I have decided to promote it on my website so that you can open an account. And for instance, I am gonna place a banner just underneath here.

n26 bank open an account

If you click on the banner, a cookie will go in your browser, and if you decide to open an account with them, even a month later, I will make $40 straight in my account.

The link that you click is linked to my affiliate account and is personal, so N26 will be able to pay me because I have brought a new potential client in their business and I get money for it.

You will pay zero cash to me, and I will pay zero cash to them. Isn’t this awesome?

How Being An Affiliate Works More Specifically?

I don’t like to give explanations on things, and then leave you disappointed that you still don’t know what I am talking about.

Let’s go back to a straight example, and I will use the N26 example because it’s easy to understand.

So I love N26 and I want to promote it ok? I think it will add value to people and I am promoting it. To do so, you will just need to go to their website and applying for an affiliate program with them.

Like here is their affiliate program, but if you are not familiar with affiliate marketing yet, don’t do it yet, they might not approve you.

When you will be approved, you will receive an account where you can log in with email password like on your Gmail account.

For N26 it will look something like in the picture below, since they are using an affiliate platform you will get familiar with, which is called hasoffers.

n26 hasoffers affiliate dashboard

From there you can go browse the offers you can promote and retrieve your affiliate link, connected to your account.

You can also add a parameter so you will be able to see from where the click came from, in my case I have added marcodiversi-blog

The link will look like something like this

The part where you see: aff_id=2241 is your personal affiliate ID number, that will return the click stats and eventually the sales or sign-ups that are coming after someone clicks it.

n26 hasoffers affilaite links example

The advantages of affiliate marketing are that cookies will go in the customer browser, and even if they open an account in 1 month, I will still get the cash.

The good thing is that not only N26 has affiliate programs, but almost any website or product you see online has one.

You can literally make money with affiliate marketing with any possible imaginable products that you can’t even imagine.

How Will I Get Paid?

Companies will pay you via WIRE transfer (I use N26 as my bank), PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, and many other methods.

But how to make money with affiliate marketing? What you have to do to get paid?

Here are the main concepts to understand, they are very easy and once you understand this you will be ready to go.

  • PPL (PAY PER LEAD). You will get paid when people will put their e-mail in a form or somewhere else, obviously the payout is lower but it is also very easy to achieve. Have you ever saw a pop up asking for an e-mail or to sign up somewhere? When you fill in an email, most of the time you will give money to someone. The payout varies depending on the region, like in poor countries you will get $0.01 and in rich countries, it is common to get $3.25 to up until $8 or more. If you have 20 persons filling in an email, and the sign up pays $3, you will be making | 20 customers x $3= $60. Not bad huh?
  • PPS (PAY PER SIGN UP). Here you will get paid one time only when someone puts in the credit card after they clicked on your link. Like if you were to buy TMD-hosting to host your site, which is my favorite hosting company and you will pay $2.95 for instance. I will make $60 in one shot. And then it’s over. I really like this kind of payout, but it is obviously harder than filling in an email. Some PPS go often to $160 and up to $400 for certain other offers. Now, an example as before | 20 customers x $60 = $1200
  • REVSHARE (REVSHARE LIFETIME). With the revshare, you will get a certain amount on the total price they pay, like 4% up to 65% usually. I work for a lot of companies that usually give me 40%. Like if you were to buy semrush, my favorite SEO tool I will get $39.6 every month, for each person that decide to upgrade for a lifetime until they stop the subscription. So if you have | 20 customers x $39.6 = $792 every months for lifetime
  • AFFILIATE REFERRAL (REFERRAL ON OTHER AFFILIATES). This is not your biggest goal, but it is cool. Many affiliate programs usually offer a 5% revshare on the affiliate you referred. Like if you sign up for peerfly, via my affiliate link, I will earn 5% on your earning for a lifetime. So it’s my goal to instruct you on how to make money because if you make a lot, I will make a lot too. If you have many affiliates under you, and they all earn let’s say $1000 a month, you will get $50 for a lifetime from each of them. | 20 Affiliates x $50 = $1000 a month for a lifetime.

** “CONVERSION” | Is a word you must know! When someone performs one of the actions above is called conversion. You can run offers for multiple payouts, it’s up to you which one to choose and where to use them.

semrush revshare payout

Links will have a different structure for each of these payouts written above, affiliate marketing is all about placing your links somewhere profitable.

What Is The Most Profitable Way?

One of the most profitable ways to make money with affiliate marketing is via blogs, websites and online stuff. The hardest part is to get a significant amount of traffic so you could increase your income.


To increase traffic you will need to learn how to make a simple website, copywriting, and SEO. I will guide you through on this blog.

So make sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I will send you a notification of new blog posts.

I am not gonna write anything more here, because I have a plan of breaking down this blog in many sections and articles so that you can use each of them to achieve one single goal.

Niche Sites And E-mail List Building

One of the best ways to do affiliate marketing, by the way, is with niche sites and growing your email list.

I have many websites online! This is my first one where I talk about how to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you decide that my content is good, and you’ve learned more from me than from someone else, you might decide to subscribe to my blog. Then I will send you e-mail notifications on new blog posts, helping you for free on how to make money online.

In exchange, if you trust me you will use software or tools I use to become successful. I will get a commission from you without having to ask any money.

You can apply this to any niche. In my case here the niche is: “make money online“.

There are many niches online like, health, fitness, dating, dogs, cryptocurrency, make money online, coaching and thousand more.

It will be your mission finding something you are passionate about and write compelling stuff, and if you follow my advice you will be successful.

marco diversi make money with affiliate marketing

Source Of Traffic To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

I said before that once you get the traffic you will make money with affiliate marketing. But how to get traffic? Here are the 4 most popular ways, ordered by the most powerful to the weakest.

  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC. This is the traffic that comes from Google when you type in something in Google. To have your website first in search results you will need to respect the SEO rules that we will talk about in this blog section by section.
  • PAID TRAFFIC. You can pay for traffic. I will talk about this on this blog, paid traffic usually convert less, costs money, but it’s immediate. You can go on the first page of Google from a day to another meanwhile with organic can take years. Google uses AdWords and the results you see on top, with”Ad” written in green at the bottom is paid traffic.
  • REFERRAL TRAFFIC. Any traffic that comes from social media, or email you send or any links that point back to your site is referral traffic. It’s a random source of traffic and it doesn’t have much weight on the SEO.
  • DIRECT TRAFFIC. Is the one that comes from people that know your business or that have bookmarked it. Like probably you will not need to Google your favorite sites like Gmail or Facebook every day, you just go there.
semrush paid traffic


What are Affiliate Networks

You can be an affiliate for a company and apply or their company website, or you can work for a CPA (Cost Per Action). Where the actions are: PPL, PPS, REV-SHARE, AFFILIATE REFERRAL.

A CPA or also called affiliate network is a company that will give you an affiliate account. You will be able to promote thousands of different products and offers.

The advantages of working for a CPA are mainly these. 

  1. You will get paid only from one entity instead of millions of different companies.
  2. You will get an affiliate manager to help you.
  3. There are tons of offers you can promote and not just one or two.

If you want to start with some CPA networks here are my favorite ones:

peerfly affiliate network

Pros And Cons When You Decide To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


  1. We can do it from home.
  2. You don’t have to buy a product and no need of having an inventory.
  3. Almost no costs or investment, only hosting and a few websites.
  4. Freedom of working at your schedule!
  5. 100% Passive income.


  1. Organic traffic requires at least 1 year of work before you can see some money.
  2. It can be frustrating working and earning 0.
  3. You need to be really motivated.
  4. Learning SEO and Coding can be a bit hard for someone.
  5. You depend on Google! If Google wants to ban your site is over.


I gave you a simple overview and some practical examples of how you can make money with affiliate marketing.


I also told you what more specifically is affiliate marketing. You’ve learned what an affiliate program is and how a company will pay you.

Your best friends will be your personal affiliate links and get the conversion. The different types of conversion listed above are called payouts. Click To Tweet

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need at least a few websites. In order to have a website, you will need hosting. My favorite and best one is called TMD-hosting, you can read my review on TMD here.

tmd hosting best hosting plan

This is the only money you need to pay. If you stick to my blog and subscribe to the newsletters. I will send you emails on new blog posts. Read my guide on how to create a blog.

My articles will instruct you on how to do it step by step for free.

If you will buy some of the tools I love, I will get a commission and I would appreciate. I will also make a crazy awesome step by step cheap video course.

But for this, it might take a while still in order to finish it. I want it to be the best and no BS course on the internet.

Marco Diversi Eagle Be A Free Man

What You Will Learn On Marco Diversi!

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog so you will get notifications on new posts. I will slowly break down these topics:

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Free and Paid traffic hacks.
  4. Coding and WordPress
  5. Make money with a computer and an internet connection even while you sleep.

Follow me on social media, you’ve got all the links on the right bottom side of this blog, also comment and contact me if you need help.

Do you want to be a free man or woman? Jump in the crew then!

Much Love and Peace Out,

Marco Diversi.

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