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How To Become A Super Affiliate And Earn Big

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A super affiliate is a fearless and perseverant person, with a strong vision in its mind that what he’s doing will generate incomes in the future.

The fastest way to become a super affiliate is running campaigns with media buying. If you are smart enough you can potentially earn your first million dollars in a few days with almost no budget.

This situation will never happen to you and me probably! In order to make a lot of money you either need to be super smart or having a big budget to spend.

But of course, if you are very smart and you are able to analyze all the numbers coming from the campaign so that you can optimize each single earning to the next level!

Potentially, you could make a million dollars in a few days with almost no budget.


how to become a super affiliate

A lot of gurus lately are making money with courses where they teach on how to make cash, instead of making cash with affiliate marketing.

I am pretty sure that in this world there are still a few memorable affiliate marketers that are making a lot of money being an affiliate.

But they are probably not having a douchy website or waving their flags saying” I am a super affiliate“. They are probably enjoying life on a tropical island with their family while running profitable campaigns from anywhere in the world.

I am definitely not a super affiliate yet, but I am working my ass off to reach that point!

I consider my self pretty skilled and ready to put up an article on the best skills you need to have to become a super affiliate.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else products or services, and earn a commission from it. If you want to know more I advise you to read my other article about this here.

The picture below is supposed to be a link. The affiliate link is everything for you.

an affilaite link

But to be short on this article as well, you can be an affiliate for any company. I like a lot to sell software and tech stuff.

Once you are an affiliate of these companies you will get a custom link, and everything that happens after someone clicks that link will be connected to your account.

As an affiliate, you can earn money mainly in three ways. You can be paid for:

  • leads (someone fills in an email after having clicked a link).
  • sign ups (someone makes a purchase after having clicked your link).
  • revshare (you will earn a percentage of the total price of that item for life).

There are many advantages to doing this! You can use whatever techniques you want to promote those products or services, and you don’t need to own them.


10 Must Have Skills Of A Super Affiliate

  1. Persistency: you need to be consistent and perseverant at least in the beginning. You might want to start with media buying and you can lose a lot of money with it. Keep trying, improving and learning and you will make it big soon.
  2. Experimenting Niches: do not focus only one niche. Write down all the niches that interest you and that can be profitable. Do not invest money in selling cheap stuff, try to find some high ticket offers and networks and experiment a lot.
  3. Set a Fixed Earning Goal: my biggest goal was to make $100 each day no matter what. It is very hard to have a constant flow of money each day! It can be a struggle even to make $1 or 5$ each day with consistency. My advice is to set a reachable goal and then scale it up! You know why? Because once you reach that level, and $100 a day, for instance, is a good level, you will just start to make more and more with less work.
  4. Learner: if you have no plans of studying and learning each day, do not even start. I am following all the blogs I am interested in with Feedly. You need to constantly learn what’s hot and what’s not and what are the new technologies available from other blogs.
  5. Data Driven: learn how to read big chunks of numbers and track everything with
  6. Optimization: if a campaign does not break even, do not give up! If the offer is out there, it must convert for someone. You have already spent money trying to make cash with that offer! If you believe in that offer, try to optimize it rather than giving up.
  7. Self-sufficient: a super affiliate doesn’t need the help of anyone if something bad happens. A while ago I was running an offer, and then meanwhile it was running the SSL certificate expired. Since I control my stats pretty frequently I have figured that something was wrong, and in a few clicks, I was able to see that the SSL was expired and how to fix this while the campaign was still running.
  8. Creative With Creatives: it’s not a casualty that banners and landing pages are called creatives. You need to be creative if you want that click to happen. Here in these two pictures, you can see what I mean. Which banner are you more likely to click?engaging banner

    boring banner

  9. Campaign SuperHero: you need to become a superhero with campaigns, no matter if are paid or free campaigns. You need to track, optimize and make more cash in any campaign you are running.
  10. Dreamer: when people asks you what’s your job? You need to be proud of saying, I am an affiliate marketer. People will not understand, but you know that it works and you can make big money with it. Continue to dream big and you will eventually make big money.

semrush sem tools


5 Ways To Get Traffic

  1. Blogs: having tons of blogs and knowing SEO and how to rank them is the most profitable way to earn a lot of money. This blog will be focused on this.
  2. Email List: growing an e-mail list is like having customers that love you and willing to purchase something from you.
  3. Social Media: social media are free and if you have patience they can bring in a lot of money for free. But lately, it requires so much efforts to make cash with them unless you go viral.
  4. Videos: are super powerful. YouTube is the second and biggest search engine after Google. People are lazy of reading stuff, and being visual with videos can bring money in your wallet.
  5. Paid Traffic: media buying and paid traffic are the best ways to earn an income overnight. You can read more about media buying in this article.

namecheap domain


Best Tracker

The best affiliate marketing tracker available and for free for less than 50.000 events a month is

I have made a review on this tracker and I highly suggest you read it and make an account with them if you did not already.


superman diamondThe biggest affiliate marketing tracker is Voluum but it costs a lot of money and you don’t want to start spending money on complicated stuff.

Using you will gain some momentum on how postback URLs works and how to set up a tracker on a website or on a campaign.

This tracker is better than voluum, less famous and support is great. There are no reasons to not create an account now.




What Are The Benefits Of A Super Affiliate?

tmdhosting speed up your websiteBeing a super affiliate means having freedom and being able to make a lot of money wherever you are.

I also love the fact that you don’t need to buy any products or services, and you can sell someone else products without having any responsibilities.

If you are selling the products you will make money, if not, no one will care and it is just bad for you that you will stay broke.

The main advantages are:

  1. Freedom.
  2. Not having to own anything.
  3. Possibility to make a lot of money overnight.
  4. It’s fun as a game.
  5. It requires many skills and you will become smarter.



In conclusion, to become a super affiliate you will need:

to master many skills and having a very perseverant attitude. Click To Tweet 9 steps to be a super affiliate

Many people will ask you where your money comes from and when you will reply they will not understand. 

It is your mission to believe in your ideas and acting towards your visions and goals. The best way to be successful as an affiliate and become a super affiliate is experimenting with everything.

You need also to track all you can and become an optimizer!

  1. Run campaigns.
  2. Build websites.
  3. Create awesome landing pages
  4. Write articles.

If you will do that a lot of problems will come along! Be always curious to find out a better solution and you will learn all the tricks on the way.

This is how you can become a super affiliate and live the life of your dreams.

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