Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel | How & Why You Need It

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel | How & Why You Need It

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Someone said that websites are outdated and if you know how to create a powerful sales funnel you can turn your dreams into reality.

You Are One Sales Funnel Away From Your Dreams. Russell Brunson

A sales funnel, in a few words, is a website designed for one of the only purpose of generating leads, sales, and money. In this video from clickfunnels, we can see what’s the difference between a website and a funnel.

As we can see, making some good sales funnel is very important for your business to turn visitors into gold.

There are many ways you can create one sales funnel!

But here, we are going to talk about 3 ways you can create it. Share on X

If you are interested in knowing what a sales funnel is and how to transform yourself into a cash machine continue to read this article.


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What Is An Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel?

As I said before a sales funnel is a website designed to turn your visitors into money. Regular websites most of the time are lame and they have no call to actions on it.

Having a funnel can generate 10 times more cash if created with the right tools.

clickfunnels softwareTo have this marketing funnel explained in a few words we can say that a funnel will most likely force a visitor to give their email in exchange for something valuable for free.

If your website has a nice landing page, with a nice funnel and for instance is offering a free tutorial on how to make $100 a day in exchange of an email, you will probably give away your email for that.

Once this person opt-ins their e-mail is like having acquired a new customer. If they love your job they will be very likely to take your advice and or to buy something from you.

A marketing funnel will help you to build this strong relationship between you and your customer. As for my experience, these are the three best ways to build a marketing funnel.

  1. Code the whole thing.
  2. ClickFunnels.
  3. LeadPages.


Hardcode A Sales Funnel

If you are a coder, or you have learned how to code on freecodecamp, you might want to code the whole thing.

The advantages of coding your funnel are without any doubts huge.

This is a list of the advantages you might have if you code your sales funnel. 

  1. 100% free forever.
  2. You can stand out from the crowd and grow your email list. (ConvertKit Webinar).
  3. Total control of your funnel.

With a hardcoded funnel you will have to pay zero money, and if you are smart you can make something completely different from the traditional funnels. If people will love it, you can potentially make 100 times more cash than with a paid funnel-like clickfunnels.

dotcom free book

Biggest disadvantages of a hardcoded funnel:

  1. It will take you months to create it if not years.
  2. If you don’t know how to code it can cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Some features like analytics, split test and webinars and crazy email magnets might be not as powerful as with the ones on clickfunnels.

I am able to code but there is no way that I will code my funnels. With $99 a month, you can get clickfunnels and have all the problems solved. If you don’t believe me get your trial now.




If you are still interested in coding your funnels I advise you to start learning to code with freecodecamp. It is 100 % free and you will eventually be able to create free awesome funnels soon.


Create A Sales Funnel With Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels will be one of the best investments of your life! You can get a free 15 days trial if you sign up now from the button below.

try clickfunnels for free

With this funnel software web app, you will be able to create crazy converting stuff with a few drag and drops and adjustments.

With ClickFunnels it will be possible to create leads magnets, email popups, webinars, online courses, membership sites, check out pages, split tests, a squeeze page, awesome landing pages and so much more.

All of this will only cost $99 a month and you can get a free 15 days to taste if you use the button below on my website.




sales funnel examples

In the picture above we can see a blueprint and sketch of a funnel. A marketing funnel is made from multiple elements, usually four or five at least.

In this example we have an opt-in page where we are going to collect an email, then we give away something either for free or as a trial for very cheap.

Then there is a check out page that redirects to an upsell page, where usually you put the same product you have just sold but with other options in it.

Like if you were to pre sell diet pills, you could put an upsell page with some loose fat creams and a free gym ball included.

funnel hacking sales funnel examples

ClickFunnels will make it super easy to create your funnel! All you have to do is to design it like in the pictures above and then make it with clickfunnels.

try clickfunnels for free

If you are interested I am going to tell you how to drive traffic to a funnel later in this article. And I will write it more thoroughly in the next article so stick to my blog.


Create A Sales Funnel With Leadpages

LeadPages is another great tool that will allow you to create crazy landing pages, email magnets and so much more.

Russel Brunson, the founder of clickfunnels said that clickfunnels is like an iPhone and leadpages is like a calculator.

And according to me, this is pretty true! The advantages of a calculator are that you can solve a problem for sure but it might take more time compared to having an iPhone able to have many apps on it.




The advantages of leadpages compared to clickfunnels are these:

  1. landing pages are more beautiful.
  2. price is lower.
  3. the website runs faster.
  4. Constantly adding new landing pages.
  5. Customer support replies faster.

If you want something nice looking and cheaper than clickfunnels you can get leadpages. And it will be a nice option.

But you might be asking, what I am gonna do with landing pages or funnels if no one will see them? I am going to reply to this question now.

landingpages with leadpages


How To Make Money With A Sales Funnel?

So now you have a system to create awesome marketing funnels but how can you make money with them?

To answer this question I will first list three ways you can make money with a sales funnel:

  1. you have a business and a website with a lot of traffic already.
  2. you are paying for traffic, PPC or media buying.
  3. you are using techniques to drive traffic to your funnel.

expertsecrets free bookThe first option is pretty easy to understand if you have already an online business and traffic on your website. All you will have to do is to convert the homepage of your website into a nice looking funnel.

With the second option, you can drive traffic to your funnel via PPC traffic or media buying. This can be expensive but if you make the right funnel you can potentially make a lot of cash.

The third option requires more efforts and it is basically all about finding out where your competitors are hanging out, and getting traffic from, and do the same on your funnel.




Hacking A Funnel And Driving Traffic With SimilarWeb

The best way to make a lot of money with funnels is to hack other peoples funnels and trying to see where they get the traffic from.

A very simple method you can use right now, and I will talk about this more thoroughly in the next post, it is this method.

Go to, get an account approved! Then search for an affiliate offer or products to promote that might interest you.

ClickBank is a marketplace where there are Funnels all over the place.

look at offers in clickbank marketplace

Once you have found your favorite funnel that you think that it can be profitable for you, go to and paste the URL of that funnel into similarweb.

search for the clickbank offer on similarweb

This website will tell you if there is actually traffic on this offer and a lot of other things. What you want to do is to look at if they have a significant referral traffic.

If they do, look at where this traffic comes from! Very often most of the traffic that goes to that offers come from banners placed on very old and authoritative websites with heaps of traffic on it.

similarweb top referring

Once you found out on what website they are placing ads, just reach out the owner of the website! Ask how much it would be to place your ads on it.

Go to Fiverr and hire a $5 freelancer to design a few awesome banners! Once you have those banners and the owner of the site approved.

Link those banners to your funnel or affiliate link.

Your funnel must be different from the one that you have hacked from Clickbank! But it must keep the same structure.

If they made it that way it means that it converts that way. Always create a roadmap like in the sketches above.


Suggested Tools To Learn How To Make Cash With Marketing Funnels

get free dotcom bookIf you want to learn how to turn your life into a dream thanks to a funnel. I suggest you stick to the training provided by clickfunnels.

You can get a free copy of the dotcom best sellers book from Russel Brunson now.

It will be 100% free and one of the most important books to read if you want to build a solid online business.

I highly suggest to order your copy now and read it even multiple times. There are concepts in there that are bomb.

Another great tool you can get is the funnel university. There will be a step by step training that will teachfunnel university you from scratch how to build a profitable funnel, hack your competitor’s funnels and drive traffic to your sales funnel to turn it into a goldmine.

The course is very easy to understand! Even if you suck with technology and computers you will be able to follow the whole thing and apply those concepts to reality! Act and make money.

A poor person will say: “I can not afford this course”. A rich person instead will say ” how can I afford this course?”.

This is what it will make you rich, and trust me following this course can potentially make you rich.

Let’s assume that you hack a funnel from a company that is making $10.000 a day! You are going in there and drive traffic to that funnel via similarweb method or with the paid advertisement.

Even if you screw all up, don’t you think that you can still make at least 100$ out of that investment?

If the huge company was making $10.000 a day!

In the worst case scenario, you will make just a little portion of the huge company profits! So, it is worth a try. Also, watch the webinar from the picture below, it is interesting.

listen to clickfunnels webinar


Integrations With Famous Services And Resources

ClickFunnels and LeadPages are perfectly integrated with the most famous EMS Email Marketing Services and payments system.

With a click and the API keys, you will be able to connect your mail providers to clickfunnels and leadpages and send out the emails with a click.

Integrations With The Most Famous EMS Email Marketing Services

Integrations With The Most Famous Payment Gateway.


Guys like Pat Flynn and Jimmie Schwinn are using clickfunnels and leadpages.

If you email me personally,  I will give you the special Russel Brunson discount on clickfunnels. I can not put it here because I will need your email to link it to the offer.




I suggest you host everything you have and buy domains on TMD hosting, here is my review of the best hosting out there. 



In conclusion, I gave you a marketing funnel template and definition to follow! We have discovered that there are mainly three ways you can create a sales funnel, and we talked about why your website needs to have a marketing funnel.

A sales funnel will convert way more than a regular website and will turn your visitors into a gold mine if used properly.

My suggestion is to have a website hosted on tmd-hosting, writing a blog on the side to generate traffic via content marketing.


try clickfunnels for free


Then you need to have a funnel homepage, to collect your visitor’s email and to build a relationship with them giving away something valuable.

I am not doing this on because I want to test what happens with this less aggressive approach. Share on X

I am sure that not doing this will make me lose money! But on the other hand, maybe the people that get very interested in my blog, will subscribe or bookmark it.




Everything on this website is the top-notch software and advice! So be sure that everything you read and get from here it will be the best worldwide.

Marco Diversi Eagle Be A Free Man

What You Will Learn On This Blog! 

Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog so you will get notifications on new posts. I will slowly break down these topics:

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