Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing How To Get Around Ad Blocker With Your Ads And Bypass AdBlock | Free

How To Get Around Ad Blocker With Your Ads And Bypass AdBlock | Free

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If you are trying to make cash online you need to have Ads somewhere, here in this article I will teach you how to get around ad blocker for free.

There are many paid tools or plugins or upgrades that allow you to get around ad blocker! But I am gonna tell you how to do it more efficiently, working 100% and for free.

You probably don’t believe me, but sometimes the most efficient solutions are 100% Free! You are still there paying for stuff you don’t need.

how to get around ad blocker

If you are interested in knowing how to get around AdBlock blockers for free!

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How AdBlockers Works?

Before diving in the methods you need to use to have your ads shown, you need to understand how ad blocker works.

AdBlockers usually works in a very simple way! They are able to figure out what can be an Ad from what it can not be an Ad.

An Ad usually is made of these components:

  1. Name.
  2. Link.
  3. Picture.
  4. Alt Tag description.


The First Trick On How To Get Around Adblock Blockers

The Name: If you want to get around ad blocker the first thing you need to do is to name your file, in a way that is not recognizable as an Ad.

If you are working for CPAs or networks, usually the ads you download or use from them are named something like this:


If you upload to your server an image named like that, you are already out of the game! Ad Blockers will recognize from the name that this is a banner.

The Link: if the link includes words like ‘banner‘ or sizes or capital letter your ad will be not shown. Certain websites are blacklisted from adblockers as well, to bypass AdBlock detection you need to make some typos in your link or use another name.

Like for instance if you are into the adult niche, and you name a link with fuckbook.php in it, it will be not shown! Because ‘Fuckbook’ is a blacklisted word, and it will bounce back to the browser.

Instead, you have to rename that link with a typo like this one fucbok.php, this typo will not be recognized and the click will go through.

If the ads are shown and when clicking on them they will bounce back, it is because of the name of the link. This means that it is blacklisted from adblockers. Share on X

The Picture: needs to be named in a way that is not recognizable like an Ad “tmd hosting sign up”, is a good name for instance.

The ALT Tag: is recommended to have it from the SEO point of view, so that Google knows what semrush serp searchthe image is all about.

Same thing here,  give it a name that is not recognizable as before “tmd hosting sign up” and not “tmd hosting banner 300×250”. Always use a lowercase sentence, uppercase sometimes is considered as an Ad.

If you don’t have an ad blocker, you can get one here, and then you will be able to see youtube videos with no ads and many more features.

But still, you will be able to see my ads haha!

bypass ad blocker

The Second Trick To Get Around Ad Blocker

If you are working for CPAs or networks they might give you some HTML code or JS code you can add to your site code or sidebars or plugins.

Well, if you use the HTML code or the JS code, your Ads will be not shown for sure. You can not change the name of the pictures and links in a given HTML banner code, so this will trigger Ad blockers.

The same applies to AdSense ads, which are only available via HTML code.

Also if there is some HTML code on the side of your site structured that way, Ad blockers will trigger as well and your ads will be not shown.

What you have to do is always this:

  1. download the banners from the company you are promoting on your computer.
  2. rename them with a nice name.
  3. upload them to your server.
  4. link them to an offer with a name that is not recognized as an ad.

Google Chrome Ad Blockers

Since the 15th of February 2018 Google embedded ads blockers within Google Chrome. This is actually less powerful than the traditional ad blockers extensions like this one.

But still, it will block the ads on your website if you name them like ” banner 320×250″ or linking to a blacklisted website or if you are using HTML code for your banners.

To get around ad blockers embedded on google chrome all you have to do is the stuff listed above! But to get around ad blockers extensions you will need to read further the next subheading.

ice cream ad on a wall

How To Get Around Ad Blocker And Eliminate Any Chance That Google And Ad Blockers Will Not Show Your Ads

Everytime that someone requests to see your website via a browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox etc. Before the website gets painted on the browser (painted is the official term) in a nanosecond the browser will read the .htaccess file and the robots .txt file.

These two entities are telling Google what to do on your website before getting shown. What is interesting for us is to create and modify the robots.txt file. You can see the robots.txt file for my website here:

All of my ads links are links created after the /zx directory, everything in my URLs that includes the zx in the URL will not be considered from Google and any browser.

I told everyone that I don’t want them to go see anything that includes zx in the URL.

As an affiliate, you should know that Google does not like a lot ugly affiliate links. You should always redirect all of your affiliate links via a 301 redirect with PHP or with a plugin for WordPress called “thirsty affiliates“.

As we can see here, this is the structure of my affiliate link for TMDHosting:

This is a 301 redirect URL and since in the robots.txt file, I told everyone looking at my website to don’t go and look at anything that goes after zx. No one will see it.

User-agent: * 
Disallow: /out 
Disallow: /zx

You can copy my robots.txt file, you will need to change the parameters as below:

User-agent: * 
Disallow: /putYourFolderYouWantToDisallow

Here you can test your robots.txt file:

Disallow: [means that you don’t want anyone to, go in there.]

Allow: [means that you allow going in there, usually, people put ‘out’ as a folder for affiliate links]

You can use Allow: if it happens that in one of your URLs there is the word you put to disallow. I have put zx because I don’t know any word that is formed using zx, also I like to have the folder nice and visible, in this case at the end of my space on the hosting sorted alphabetically.

Disallow: /out

If you are doing this, you are very close to making your ads nice and visible even with ad blockers enabled.

How To 301 Redirect With PHP

If you want to redirect your URLs, the fastest and most simple way is to create a PHP file with

Then drop it into your folder, in my case it will be the zx folder. In your case, you can name it as you want. Then you need to paste this code into the file.


Of course, you need to change the URL.

You can read more from these resources:

Where myaffiliatelink.php is the file you have created and dropped into the disallowed folder!

How To Get Around Ad Blockers On WordPress

In the case that you are using WordPress, I advise you to use a plugin that is called AdRotate. It is free and you don’t need to upgrade.

If you are using this plugin, as always, never put HTML code and rename all your images and create affiliate links with thirsty affiliates plugin.

Here in this picture, you can see how I do it here on this website, you can pull out the code from the right as shown in the picture.

ad rotate get around ad blockers

I like my ads to open in a new window, so if you want to do that you will need this code, where you need to replace the URL with yours.

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="%asset%" /></a>
  • %assets% means that it will pull out the nice named picture you upload from the tab below.
  • target="_blank" means open in a new window.

ByPass Ad Blockers Advantages

You don’t need to use annoying tools like this one, which is ugly and annoying.

Your ads will be shown under any circumstances, to prove it, try to enable ad blocker on your browser and look at ads on the side.

They are all shown with no problems.

No need of using any of these plugins that costs money and they are actually most of them not even working properly.

As you can see, all the reviews and comment are saying that they are not working. These things can not do much if your pictures or links are named in a bad way.


In conclusion, if you want to get around ad blocker you need to do this:

  • download the banners as a picture.
  • rename them with a nice name lowercase no ads/banners words and sizes.
  • redirect your affiliate links via PHP redirect or a plugin like thirsty affiliates.
  • disallow the folder where your links will go from the robots.txt
  • upload your images.
  • give them a nice alt tag name.
  • avoid HTML or JS codes.
  • use AdRotate on WordPress.
  • make sure that the name in your links or pictures names is not blacklisted on AdBlocker.

This practice will increase your Ad revenue, and the Ad blockers that automatically detect Ads will be tricked.

I hope that this helped you to get around ad blocker for good!

And if it did not work or you need help, please comment below and I will help you out. Share on X

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