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TMDHosting Review | #1 Hosting For High Performance

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When it comes to making money online tmdhosting is the best hosting company, if you have a bad hosting your journey is already over.

It is really hard to convince someone that something is really good, and you don’t try to scam your readers.

I am a very intelligent person, and at the same time, I try not to waste money and always aim for the best quality, spending less.

There are a lot of companies that are promoted as the best hosting companies at the current time:

I think that the only ones that you need to consider in your life if you want to remain on a low budget and awesome quality are: Share on X




I will get a bigger commission if you get Bluehost and Dreamhost and Siteground. But honestly, I am 100% positive that the best hosting company out there is TMDHosting.

And here in this article, I will try to explain why.


My Experience With Hosting Plans


I have started 8 years ago to make websites! I went to GoDaddy and bought some domains.  I thought that they were the best hosting company. GoDaddy was coming first on Google results and I knew they had a lot of customers.

Well, I was very wrong, GoDaddy is probably one of the worst hosting companies and here what happened to me.

I bought a cheap price hosting plan for a 3 years plan in one payment. After 1 year some of my sites started to have serious traffic and GoDaddy was not able to handle it anymore.

tmdhosting cheapSo I have contacted them and asked how to do it. First of all the customer support is very bad, employees are very frustrated and not helpful.

After a lot of pain to be able to contact them, I was able to understand what to do. At the end of the story, I needed to pay a huge amount of money to get a VPS hosting or a Dedicated Hosting.

Getting a VPS was too much for the traffic that I had and I was looking for something cheaper, so I have looked at other solutions and found Bluehost.

I have asked for a refund on my GoDaddy plan since I paid like $500 for 3 years but I didn’t get any refund and lost 2 years of hosting packages without even using it. I had GoDaddy for 2 years completely empty and no 60-day money back guarantee.

They are also using the oldest versions of PHP and they almost never update for good their servers.

Also, according to traffic spike simulations at, GoDaddy is terrible at handling multiple simultaneous visitors!

Their shared hosting plan wasn’t even able to serve five concurrent users without dropping connections!



I then contacted Bluehost and got a cloud hosting with them. Since I found that was the best solution for my case.

The migration was a little bit hard to do and they messed up something in my databases. I was very mad for a while but then I have fixed everything and all went well.

I bought a 1-year plan with Bluehost and I was able to handle the traffic better and for a cheaper price. The problem is that my traffic grew, even more, Bluehost was handling the traffic but:

I was not able to edit my posts or using WordPress from the backend since the CPU of my host was always overloaded.

tmd hosting cheap and unlimitedI would have probably had to upgrade to a better Bluehost plan, but one day Bluehost contacted me that they would randomly shut down my sites because some of them had adult content in it.

They closed all my sites from day to night, it was very bad I have lost many customers and everything was so messed up.

I then started to get more serious about this hosting problem and started to do a deep research on what could have been the best solution so that I was able to pay a decent amount of money, have high performances and speed, and is an adult hosting that allows adult content.

After weeks of research and reading reviews and contacting dozens of web hosting services I have found TMDHosting.



Even if you don’t have adult content on your sites, I highly recommend using TMDhosting. And in this article, I am going to make a TMDhosting review.

I am quite of a geek and tech-savvy and honestly when I saw what I was getting for $5.95 a month it was just unbelievable and awesome at the same time.

I have contacted them to migrate all my stuff from Bluehost to TMDHosting and in 30 minutes all my sites were up and running. There were no downtimes and no database errors.

I didn’t even have to change passwords on my accesses. The only thing I had to do was to point the A records to the new hosting IP address.

With $6.95 a month, I have got a 4 CPU Cores 4GB DDR4 RAM cloud hosting with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited everything basically everywhere.

That would have cost me like $12.95 a month with Bluehost and didn’t even existed with GoDaddy.

Here we are talking about cloud hosting which is a more advanced kind of hosting plan. If you are just starting, just get a regular hosting plan for $2.95 a month.


How To Get TMDHosting

What I suggest you do is to land on the tmdhosting home page. Just chat with an operator that will guide you on the best plan to get based on the sites you own or you want to build. (Reply is within a few seconds).

The Team is American and not from a 3rd world country, and they are real geniuses in solving problems.

I then passed to a more advanced hosting plan VPS server when my traffic grew, and they took care of any problem that I had with me having to do anything.

tmdhosting dashboard

They are offering any sort of incredible hosting solution for the best price and with the best quality.

Speed also is absolutely great.

The support ticket system replies within 15 minutes, the support team is called “the genius team” and they are able to fix any problem.




Even the cloud shared hosting that will cost you a few bucks have a 16 times better speed compared to Bluehost.

These guys know what they are doing and I am so happy to use them that I feel like I needed to write it down here. Share on X


How To Install WordPress On Your Server With One Click

If you have purchased a shared hosting plan with TMDhosting you might be a newbie and want to create a website on WordPress.

Their tech support is always there 24 hours a day 7 day a week to help you! They will reply to any of your requests within 15 minutes. Their response times are incredible!

TMDhosting offers a one-click installation of WordPress on your new purchased hosting. All you have to do is to go to the softaculous section on your c-panel.

Then you need to click on the WordPress icon and start the installation. It is super easy and most of the information that you will find there can be changed also later on.

I will drop here a video on how to install WordPress on tmd hosting here, and if you need help do not hesitate to contact me.


25 Reasons Why I Use TMDHosting

  1. Best quality at a low price.
  2. Awesome customer support.
  3. They have all the hosting solutions on the market.
  4. Uses advanced cutting-edge technology.
  5. It might become the biggest hosting company in the world pretty soon.
  6. Hosting speed is blazing fast.
  7. The cPanel is super fast and with tons of features.
  8. Migration from other hosting companies is taken care by them with no downtimes and no database errors.
  9. They have an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 on almost any hosting review site.
  10. WordPress one-click installation.
  11. They are among the few companies using the latest version of PHP.
  12. The cloud hosting it’s like 16 times faster and more reliable than Bluehost and  Hostgator and probably the same as Siteground but for less price.
  13. They have a lot of apps you can install called Softacolous apps, like Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal and many more.
  14. Everything that is limited to other companies like bandwidth, email, MySQL disk usage etc.. with TMDHosting is unlimited and forever.
  15. Security is top notch using the latest technologies, spam filters to the max.
  16. It is almost impossible to get hacked if combined with a free Cloudflare account.
  17. Free SSL and high-performance SSD (Solid State Drive) servers.
  18. Free domain when purchasing a hosting plan.
  19. 99% uptime and SAN backups.
  20. Support replies always within 15 minutes or less.
  21. TMDhosting is the most dedicated hosting company and not an EIG company.
  22. eCommerce features.
  23. All the people I have advised to TMD Hosting still are thanking me and no one has canceled.
  24. Their VPS and dedicated servers are just incredible and way behind anyone else.
  25. They have data centers all over the globe.

tmd hosting one click wordpress installation


Different Kind Of Hosting Plans

Web Hosting

The most simple hosting plan starts at $2.95 and you will be able to host only one domain/website.




If you are planning on having just one website for a while and having great performances, get this plan. Be aware that in order to put more than one website you will need the $5.95 a month plan.

You will get a free domain with any plan you are getting, so it’s great. The SSD technology that loads your site 16x faster will make your site super fast, cheap and reliable.

One of the most awesome things with TMDHosting is that they have unlimited resources in any plan.

tmdhosting shared hosting

And honestly is one of the only companies that gives that.


Cloud Hosting

The one that I advice you to get, is the shared cutting-edge cloud hosting, it is my favorite since it is blazing fast.




If you get the $5.95 plan you will be able to host only one website, instead of with the $6.95 plan you can host unlimited websites.

This is the plan I have started my journey with and I have still some websites on. I have other sites on dedicated servers and VPS since they have a lot of traffic.

tmdhosting cloud hosting

To get you started, the business cloud plan is the best thing ever, it would cost you like 3 times more with someone else and you won’t get 4 CPU Core and 4GB DDR4 RAM Intel Xeon processors, cutting-edge cloud along with 3 layers of cache (APC, opCache, Varnish).


WordPress Hosting

This is specific for only WordPress users if you plan to use the internet only to host WordPress sites, pick this plan.




It will be easier if you are not tech savvy, you can do the same things with the other plans but here it will be easier for people not very good with technology.

Also, the performances are improved for WordPress only, such as speed, cache etc.. If you plan to use WordPress only just pick this plan.

tmdhosting wordpress hosting

Prices are the same as for the Web Hosting and characteristics very similar.


VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers with TMDHosting are stunning, you need to go to their website and look at the table.




They are offering 40GB SSD Space and 3TB Bandwidth and 2 CPU Cores for $19.95 a month and up to crazy capacities like  200GB SSD Space 10TB Bandwidth 6 CPU Cores for $64.95 with Solid State Drives (SSD) hardware that is 20 times faster than the other plans.

If you have a lot of processes and visitors and complex websites you definitely want to get a VPS.

tmdhosting vps hosting

If you just started you don’t need it all, the plans listed above are more than enough. Here is just an advanced hosting solution that you can always get when your business will grow.


Reseller Hosting

They are also offering resellers solutions for competitive prices. Advantages of having this kind of host are visible for people having e-commerce sites and or websites where people can purchase many things.




This plan offers even more security and it keeps hackers completely away, plans start from $19.95.

tmd hosting reseller

I have no experience with this kind of hosting plan but you probably want to check it out. Just have a chat with the tmd operator to have a better understanding of this.


Dedicated Servers

And here we are to the most complete and advanced solution which are dedicated servers.  This is only for advanced users that want the top notch speed and power on earth.




These servers are able to manage huge traffic like millions of visitors a month and more. Plans start from $79.95 a month to up to $149.95 a month. Here are the characteristic of the cheapest plan

  • 1TB Storage (RAID-10)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4 CPU Cores, 8 Threads
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM

And these are the ones of the most expensive:

  • 2x2TB Storage (RAID-10)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 8 CPU Cores, 16 Threads
  • 32GB DDR4 RAM

As you can see we are talking about monsters, setting up a dedicated server can be daunting. I promise you that with TMDHosting they will take care of everything and you will not have to lift a finger.

Just give them your access to your existing sites if you have some and they will do everything for you.

tmd hosting dedicated servers

This plan includes free daily backups, also the other plans have backups but not as frequent as for a dedicated server.


Other TMD Hosting plans

They do have also other hosting specific plans, but I am not interested in them and you should not as well that much.

The other hosting plans are like PrestaShop Hosting, Dolphin hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, woo commerce hosting and many more.

You can find all of these hosting plans in the footer of their main website. If you only use one of those services you might consider getting one of those specific hosting plan to optimize your business.

tmdhosting sign up


Awesome Website And Data Centers

Their website is beautiful, very clear and easy to understand. There is an FAQ section for each type of hosting solution and a brief explanation of how awesome each of them is.

Live chat support 24/7 ready to help you pick the right plan for you, and how to do it without any pain. They respond in 5 seconds after you type a question, they are crazy awesome.

TMD will take care of everything, and the fact that they have data centers in many places is a warranty on speed and reliability.

tmdhosting data centers

Cloud servers have been recently changed like 2 months ago, and they improved the performances that were already awesome even more.

TMDHosting always updates their servers with the latest and best technologies, my favorite plan for a newbie that want to host many sites and have no pain of moving to a better hosting solution is the business cloud hosting plan for $6.95.




This plan has unlimited domains 4 CPU Cores, 4GB DDR4 RAM, Memcache instance 128MB Performance x2 and many other things.

With another company it will cost much more with less performance, I promise.

They have no ads on their website, and all is clean and super awesome, they are so fast replying to you that they blow all the other hosting providers away.


Another Alternative


If still, you don’t believe me that TMDHosting is the best hosting provider on the planet. I have heard that SiteGround is great as well.




This one is more famous than TMD at the current moment. They are famous to have blazing speed as well.

But here plans are a little more expensive and I don’t know if they have an awesome customer service and allow adult.


But if you want to check them out so that you have two options, here the siteground website where you can chat with someone.

I am very positive that these are the only two options that you have to consider since all the rest or is too expensive or trash.

Do not go for GoDaddy for sure and not even Bluehost. I was reading reviews and opinion on the internet and there is no contest between TMD and these trashy hosting services.



In conclusions, there is no contest with any other hosting companies out there. Share on X

Big guys like Gizmodo quoted as the best hosting company to put your presence on the internet. In this TMDhosting review, we talked about some of the reasons why I think the same.

facebook status on tmdhosting

They have any kind of hosting solutions, and they are offering an outstanding customer support and unlimited resources. No other companies will give you unlimited resources with any plan, they will all have limits sooner or later.




Speed is blazing fast, prices are affordable and performances top notch. The average review rate is 4.9 on 5 stars. The people I have referred no one ever canceled with them.

I am very happy with TMDHosting. I felt like you needed to know how awesome and great this hosting solution is.

If you will use the links in this article I will get a commission as an affiliate. This is a great way to show your appreciation to my blog, my tips, and this article. You will have to pay zero cash to me and the company will take care of everything with no costs for you.

I think that this company deserves a lot of respect. I am 100% positive that you will be very happy and thankful to me for this gem of advice on the best hosting plan to pick.


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