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Teachable VS Coursecraft & How To Make An Online Course

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If you are trying to create an awesome online course, here I have for you an awesome review of Teachable VS Coursecraft.

I have mentioned when I have started this blog that I would make an online course teaching how to do certain things to people.

Although the idea is still way far ahead because I am super busy building my empires, last week I have started to look into a solution for this problem.

I was able to find a lot of Ads and companies that claim to be the best online course software.

If you are on a budget and you are looking for a complete solution to create funnels, online courses, lead magnets and more, just use ClickFunnels.




#ClickFunnels costs $99 a month and you will make the money worth it very soon. This is not only to build online courses. Share on X

But if you are looking for an advanced solution meant only to build the best online courses on the universe, Teachable and Coursecraft are the best options.

Teachable is more expensive but they have the best service ever. Coursecraft instead is super cheap and yet very simple and good as well.


How To Create An Online Course

There are people saying that universities and school will disappear!


#e-learning is the new thing, learn whatever stuff you want from home sounds like a good plan. Share on X


The thing is that you will need skilled people able to create online courses.

There are a lot of online course builders platforms that will allow you to do that.


But how to create a powerful online course?


There are a few things you need to have in mind, and as always you need a plan:

  1. what am I going to talk about?
  2. how am I going to create the content?
  3. what promotional methods I am gonna use?
  4. is this going to make any money ever?

Once you have figured these questions you can go ahead and pick one of the hundreds online platforms available.

Something that formally educated people don’t understand is that the world is huge and making sales can make you a millionaire.


Let’s take as an example of a course that costs $9.99.


It will take you a lot of energy to make it, making courses is hard and also there is a high chance of failure.

But let’s assume that the $9.99 course is selling each month to a certain number of people because it’s awesome and it adds value to people for a super cheap price here are your results:

  • $9.99 X 100 = $999
  • $9.99 X 1000 = $9.990
  • $9.99 X 10000 = $99.900

On top of that once the course is finished all the money you will make are passive. You will not have to work again.


teachable vs coursecraft 1


Scale up that price to $29.99 or more, or make it monthly recurring and you will understand why some people make millions.


The world is huge and reaching people worldwide has never been easier thanks to the internet. Share on X


Certain guys are selling courses for $3000 or more, and many people buy them.


10 Steps To Follow To Make An Online Course

  • Step 1: find out your best skills and passions,
  • Step 2: figure out if your skills can be profitable,
  • Step 3: test if people might be interested in your idea,
  • Step 4: make some surveys to ask people what they want about that topic,
  • Step 5: create a mini-course for free and see if people are actually reacting good to it,
  • Step 6: if people react good, start creating the real big course,
  • Step 7: use OneNote to outline all the topics and stuff you want to talk about,
  • Step 8: grab Teachable or Coursecraft and start building your course and make videos,
  • Step 9: think about a profitable channel to promote your course,
  • Step 10: launch your course on your website and paid ads if you want too.

These are just some steps you should follow before starting to buy expensive software and shoot time-consuming videos.

10 tips to create great online courses


There is no point in making an awesome course, spend a lot of money and time to build it if no one will ever be interested in it.

Another thing you should consider is that there are millions of courses online. If you are just making a copy of somebody else work or if your stuff is not interesting you will fail.


Teachable VS Coursecraft


Teachable Review

Although you don’t see it on the pricing page, you can start with teachable for free as well.

All you need is to click on the button below and start for free.

Teachable is in the online education business for many years now.

They have one of the best minimalistic online course platforms and Learning Management System (LMS) on the market.


The main reason why you need an #LMS is that you won't be able to code a complex system like this yourself. Share on X


Also, you can not upload videos to a regular hosting plan or on your website without sacrificing speed.

Why the teachable platform is the best according to me?

  • I really like the design and simplicity of the platform,
  • they have advanced tools that will help you build your own brand,
  • you will get a lot of selling tools like webinars, event calendar, lead magnets, promo videos, etc…
  • they have great support and awesome tutorials to start,
  • you can start for free.


What is teachable pricing?


Teachable starts from free, you won’t see it here on the pricing tab but if you make an account you will see it.




With a free account, they will take a higher commission when people buy your courses. It is worth it to start free but then you don’t want to give them free cash like that.

They have many integrations with the top payments system and people will experience a very nice feeling when buying a course.


teachable pricing


A basic plan starts from $29/ mo for an annual subscription. This is pretty cheap considering all the features you will get.

Once you will pay your monthly fee, you can have infinite students on the platform. Some other services will ask you for more money when you start to get too many students.


Coursecraft Review

Coursecraft is the cheapest alternative to Teachable for people who like to have a super simple interface and a nice and clean outcome.

A lot of people is very happy with Coursecraft as well because they find it super easy and powerful.

The course builders are super intuitive, in fact, just right after you are making a free account you will be able to build and launch your course in no time.





coursecraft create a course


Coursecraft is one of the only ones that with a free account will only take 9% of transaction fee from your course sales.

And with only $59 / mo, the fees will be completely eliminated and equal to 0%

With a free plan tho, you can not have more than 100 students and 2GB of stuff.

With the ‘Club’ plan for only $29 a month, there are no limits and the transaction fee will be 5%.



coursecraft pricing


You might be asking why not choosing Coursecraft then over teachable? They have low fees, pricing is lower the platform is simple.

The problem with coursecraft is that they have way less extra tools like, webinar builders, survey builders, lead magnets.

All the material you will need to promote your business, in general, is lacking.

They have coupon generators and many other tools, but still Teachable is better if you plan to grow big.

My advice is that if you are still confused about the idea of making money online selling courses to start with Coursecraft.

Once you will get traction and confidence get teachable and give your students a better experience.


How To Sell Online Courses

The best way to sell online courses is via email marketing. If you don’t have an email list you will need to start collecting email or buying leads.

There are a lot of companies that sell leads but my advice is to build a nice looking website and start getting traffic the same way I am doing it here on

My most recommended EMS (email marketing services) are:

You might want to do some media buying also if you know your sales channels. Facebook Ads are very powerful for online courses. (read this)

Also, YouTube is doing great!

You can start a free YouTube channel and give to your future clients some bits of what they are going to get on your paid course.

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most profitable ways to make money online with online courses.


Take as example Tai Lopez, a big #douche that is able to make millions of dollars selling fake false hopes! Share on X


YouTube can be free, but they have also a paid platform and YouTube Ads are super powerful.

If you have money to invest go this route.


convertkit best ems




The online education business is getting serious. Forbes says that in 2025 it will be a 325 billions of industry and keep growing.

People like to get educated, a lot of them also like to receive false hopes and dreams they will never accomplish.


Most of the money made online are made with scammy #courses that at the end of the day won't add any value to a user. Share on X


It is your mission to create a kickass course that everyone would love to buy so that they can improve their lives, moods, diets, skills etc…

There are hundreds of online course builders out there! After intense research, I have found the two best options I could end up with!


The first one is Teachable, which is according to me the better looking and a most complete solution. It will cost you a little more.




The second option is Coursecraft which is way more affordable and yet simple and nice to use with fewer features.




I think that I will pick Coursecraft to create a course for

I don’t have experience in making online courses and also I want to start free with the lowest fees.

I like the platform, and if people will start being interested in my courses I will then get Teachable then.

If you liked this nice review of Teachable VS Coursecraft please make a comment below or contact me if you have any questions.


I really like Twitter as well, if you feel like this was helpful picking the right platform gimme a tweet, I will see it and be happy. Share on X


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