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Long Tail Keywords & Long Tail PRO In Affiliate Marketing

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Long tail keywords are words that a user might type into a search engine before landing to the answer that they are looking for.

Long tail keywords (LTK) can also be called user intent keywords. They have at least 3-4 or more words in it.

For instance, if you need to buy a new SSD for you Macbook PRO, you might type on Google stuff like:

  • how to make my Macbook PRO faster,
  • will an SSD make my Macbook faster,
  • should I buy an SSD for my Mac?
  • SSD comparison review,
  • buy SSD on Mac,
  • etc…

If you type any of these queries on Google, as you can see in the pic below you will get additional longtail KW at the bottom under:

  • search related

long tail keywords in search results

One of the most powerful ways to create a website that will rank on Google in a short time and make money with affiliate commissions is via longtail KW.

I have seen people getting a couple of hundreds of visits only, on products that pay up to $800 commission making a lot of money with relatively low traffic.

So What are longtail keywords? Why I am talking about these entities? How to find them the right way?

If you are interested in this, keep reading.


What Are Long Tail Keywords?

The long tail keyword definition is:

a long tail keyword is a sentence of 3 or more words that a user might type into a search engine.

If you want to be more precise you can illustrate a keyword into:

  • Fat Head (short tail)
  • Chunky Middle
  • Long Tail (long tail)


fat head chunky middle long tail



As you can see from the graph above, fat head traffic is the most competitive and yet is the lowest.

Most of the search results come from long tail searches.

You are on the same planet as I am, so you might have Googled for stuff as well.


Each time I need to buy something online or search for something online I personally avoid the paid Ads results and go straight to the organic results. Share on X


Most of the times, if I type just 1 or 2 words I am getting the big guys on the first page of Google.

The ones that have years of experience in that particular field or niche and I stick to them to find my answers.

But there are times when I ask Google not only a few words but entire sentences and questions.

When I do that, often I get results from people I have never seen before.

These guys had the intuition to write something about this particular problem that someone else didn’t have yet.


How Search Engines Are Pulling Out Results

Search engines are trying to deliver to a user the best possible results. If you solve a user problem there will be no doubts that you will be on the first spot.

So you might wonder why the big guys are not targeting longtail kw as well right?

The big guys are doing that all day long!


The thing is that there are just too many queries that people type on Google to satisfy the demand. Share on X


You can see from the graph above that the top 10.000 keywords make up less than 20% of the search traffic on Google.


What I am trying to say is that there is room for anyone on this planet to rank for a particularly query if it’s not too competitive as long as people are actually searching.


Why You Should Focus On Longtail KW

With no traffic, there are no sales and with no sales, you will soon fail your online business.

Most of the people I know are focusing on getting a huge amount of traffic, spamming around and writing as much as possible.

But in reality, using free keywords tools like the Google Keyword Planner to find all the stuff that people is searching is good, but not awesome.

In fact, if you focus on targeting high search volume keywords, you will soon end up getting almost no traffic due to the high competition that they have.

free keyword tools


Longtail keywords have less competition and a lot more buy intent from a user.

If you focus on creating awesome content and solving a user answer on a specific topic, you will soon gain the first spot.

What you should do before writing something is a detailed long tail keyword research using the Google ‘search related‘ box, Google AdWords and paid tools.

I will talk later about a super powerful tool called long tail PRO you can use to find unexplored keywords that you can rank.


How To Find Long Tail Keywords?

There are a lot of techniques you can use to find these magic words. Certainly the most efficient is to use a tool created just for that.

If you are one of my readers you know by now that my favorite tool is SEMrush. You can create a free account and try it now.

But if you are looking for a massive solution to find the best and most efficient longtail keywords I have something else for you.

The best long tail keywords tool is called long tail PRO which is a keywords finder and LTK generator.

With long tail pro, you will be able to find a lot of longtail kw examples and suggestions for any niche.




You can connect your Google Ads and Moz account and get a huge volume of keyword suggestions that actually work.

You can add projects clicking on the plus sign on top. You can track and create up to 800 LTK from a few simple seed kw.

A seed KW is something like:

  • best SSD,
  • faster mac,
  • cheapest SSD,
  • etc…

Just drop all of your seed keywords ideas and get thousands of nice longtail keyword with low competition and a rather high search volume to write your articles around.

long tail pro


Super Powerful Trick You Can Use To Make Heaps Of Money

Now I am going to show you a nice trick you can use to make a lot of money online as an affiliate taking advantage of long tail keywords.

These are the steps you need to take in order to make this trick to work:

  1. think about a problem you have or that you have had,
  2. figure out if you are interested in going deeper into that field,
  3. if you are interested in that topic, read this to learn how to start a website,
  4. start typing on Google all the possible seed keywords that you have in mind,
  5. take note on your OneNote of all the ‘search related‘ kw to that keywords as shown in the picture below,what are the best ssd longtail kw
  6. try to find a lot of these related keywords, by a lot I mean at least 1000.


The process is always the same, think about a seed keyword like:

  • what is the best SSD,
  • top SSD,
  • should I get an SSD on mac,
  • etc..

Then apply the following steps and use software like Long Tail PRO.


  1. put these keywords into SEMrush keyword magic tool and Long Tail PRO,
  2. drop all the 1000 KW you have found before in Long Tail PRO,
  3. let the software understand which ones are the kw with a lot of search intent and low competition,
  4. go to tmdhosting and get hosting and a free domain that includes your main keyword in it,
  5. use your brain to keep only the cool keywords from Long Tail PRO,
  6. make a website with articles about this topic only.


additional related keywords


Thinking about the case of the SSD thing for Mac.

You will need to write at least 50-100 articles targeting all the long tail keywords you have found on long tail PRO.

For instance, write articles about:

  • most reliable SSD for Mac,
  • most reliable SSD for PC,
  • best 250 GB SSD for gamers,
  • cheapest SSD under $30 for old computers,
  • where to buy the cheapest SSD online,
  • etc…

All of the keywords above are going to be the titles of your articles.


If you are doing this correctly you should expect a lot of traffic within 6 months. Share on X


You should promote your site a bit and do a few good backlinks as well.

All the traffic that you will get will bring you mainly sales! This is because people are looking to buy something at the moment of the search.


semrush backlink




Long tail keywords are probably infinite!

There is room for anyone to rank for a specific query that a user might type on Google.

If you are smart enough to build an entire website around all the related long tail KW to a specific topic you will be the king soon.

There are many free tools like the ‘search related‘ box that appears on Google when you search for something.

The Google Keyword Planner will allow you to find volumes of keywords as well.

However, the most recommended and essential tools you should use are:

For my readers, just in case you want to upgrade you can grab a 30% off long tail PRO (LTP) immediately using the button below.




Long tail PRO will help you find the most profitable and yet searched low competition keywords based on your research.

I gave you a powerful step by step trick you can use to create a powerful affiliate site around longtail kw.

If you need help or if you have doubts or suggestions, please comment below or contact me. I will reply to all of you.


If you found this article interesting and helpful I would appreciate a tweet as a sign of recognition for my work. Share on X


semrush cover your seo with one tool


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