Marco Diversi SEO Best Paid And 100% Free Keyword Research Tools #1 List

Best Paid And 100% Free Keyword Research Tools #1 List

Best Paid And 100% Free Keyword Research Tools #1 List post thumbnail image

If you are overwhelmed by keyword research, here you will find a list of all the best free keyword tools and paid keyword research tools.

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I am 100% sure that the ones listed in this article are the best free keywords tools available.

I will also mention the top paid keyword research tools as well, and I will tell you which tools are a must-have.

I am a very cheap dude and I don’t spend money in stuff unless is strictly necessary. If you follow along here you will be able to do a pretty advanced keyword research for free.

My advice is to do this:

  • Create a Free account with each service under the free keyword tool section.
  • Bookmark each of these sites into a folder of your bookmarks called “keyword research
  • Make a free account with each of the paid tools and see if you can still use some features as freemium.
  • If you are ok with the free features they provide, bookmark them as well otherwise forget about those sites.

What I usually do in order to keep it free and cheap is to use multiple tools. Especially the free ones combined to a paid version of SEMrush which is currently the only tool I pay for.




If you click on the button above you will land on the SEMrush sign-up page!

It will ask for a credit card but you don’t actually need it, so don’t be scared. If you make an account when the email is confirmed it will not ask for a credit card.

If it does, just refresh the page after you confirmed the email a few times.


Best Free Keyword Tools Online List


Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

The Google keyword planner is a fundamental tool and there is no way that you can think not to use it.

This is where all the keywords tools listed below are pulling data from Google. It is one of the few 100% free keyword tools and it is part of Google Ads.

It was called AdWords keyword planner meanwhile now it’s called Google Ads Keyword Planner.

You will be able to see in what volumes people search for stuff on Google and it must be your starting point every time you are starting to do some keyword research.

Even if you have your Google Ads account banned for life like me, you will still be able to use the keyword planner.




Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere is my favorite keyword tool, you can read more on my article about the 3 essential chrome extensions for marketers.

It is my favorite keyword research tool because it is one of the best 100% free keyword tools that will make your life easier. 

Once you install this extension you will be able to see in a glance the main results of the keyword planner tool from AdWords:

  • Volumes.
  • CPC.
  • Competition.

Everywhere you are performing a search.

This number is pretty accurate, in the case of the query “keyword” people search for that 450.000 times a month.

keywordseverywhere result

These results will pop up not only on Google but also on other tools like the one listed below! Answer the public for instance and many more.

The data is purely coming from the Google keyword planner. But still, it comes in handy to see these results everywhere as the extension name suggests.




Answer The Public

answer the public


Answer The Public is another essential keyword analysis tool you definitely want to use and a free keyword tool.

If you type in a word or a sentence in the answer the public box, you will get a list of all the related questions that people ask to Google.

If you have installed the keyword extension mentioned above-called KeywordsEverywhere you will be able to see just next to the questions in what volumes these queries are asked each month.


how to make a burrito on answer the public

What I usually do is to put a word or a long tail word in there and look at what are the most popular questions.

Then I try to give it an answer on my websites! I then optimize these results based on what I have to say on that topic.

Answer the public is an awesome tool and you should use it since it is a free keyword tool.




Uber Suggest


Ubersuggest is a super old tool that got recently purchased from Neil Patel which is one the most famous SEO gurus.

The move he made is pretty great since he acquired all the authority and traffic of this tool! This is one of the first and free keyword tools available!

Right now the platform is hosted on and it works pretty smooth! It will give you keywords suggestions based on the Google keyword planner in a nice and visual way.

I don’t find it essential but still, it’s free so why not to use it once in a while.




Yoast Suggest

yoast suggest

Yoast suggest is a tool that I have recently discovered via the Yoast SEO blog. It is pretty cool because it will sort the most relevant keywords results in the first results.

Then you will get a huge array of semantic keywords and suggestions that can inspire your writings.

Yoast suggest is a keyword tool for Google search mainly and it will give you insights based on Google mainly.

The design is not as nice as for uber suggest but I find it a little bit more readable and sometimes even useful.

I would use it if I were you just because it’s free and sometimes the free keyword analysis is pretty accurate and useful.




SEObook Keyword Tool

seobook keyword tool

SEObook offers different services like:

  • The Keyword Tool.
  • Hub Finder.
  • Local Rank.
  • SEO Site Planner.
  • Competitive Research Tool.
  • Domain Name Finder.
  • Keyword Comparison Tool.

All of these tools are free but not super awesome.

They can still be helpful if combined with the results you will obtain from the other tools above to get more suggestions and semantic KW.

It is free to use and why not, make an account with them as well.




KW Finder Freemium


KW Finder, it is not a free tool! The reason why it is here in the free section is that this is a free keyword tool if you are making an account and search for no more than 5 searches a day.

This is called a freemium software and if you don’t have a lot of keywords to search, 5 searches a day can be enough.

I am my self not paying for this tool but I use it all the time because the KD (keyword difficulty) of this tool is very accurate.

The KD is on a scale of 0-100 and if you get as result “Possible” it will be possible for real to rank on Google for that KW.

  • 0 – 9 effortless.
  • 10 – 19 go for it.
  • 20 – 29 easy.
  • 30 -39 still easy.
  • 40 – 54  possible.
  • 55 – 74 hard.
  • 75 -89 very hard.
  • 90 – 100 don’t do it.

Test the difficulty of your keyword with the box below! 


Also, it is probably the best keyword research tool out there and if you find it useful you should upgrade.

Consider that this tool is only for keyword research. The biggest advantages are the readability, easy to use and KD grades that are very accurate.

What I do is to pay for SEMrush, find cool KW on KW finder and drop them on SEMrush paid version.

You can read more about niche sites and KW finder.




SEMrush Freemium

semrush join freemium

SEMrush is the only tool I have a subscription and I pay. You can literally do anything SEO related and even keyword research.




If you make a free account via my link or button you will get a free trial.

They will ask for a credit card for verification! But if you make an account, confirm the email and if you refresh a few times the page, the credit card will be not asked anymore.

You can use it for free with 5 searches a day completely free of charges every day. Which i is awesome.

So again like before this is not a completely free tool but a freemium and it is 100% essential so you need to use it.

If you take advantage of the Beta features, those are completely free for anyone until they are still in beta.

One of these beta features is called keyword magic tool and you can read my review. It is recommended you read it.

So you can just drop keywords into SEMrush and get a very accurate analysis of the KD (keyword difficulty and so much more).

If you need to invest money in something, my advice is to get at least SEMrush because this will make your business stand out.




Best Paid Keyword Research Tools


Keyword Revealer 

keyword revealer

Keyword Revealer among the paid keyword tools is probably the best one. The pros of this software are the suggestions and long tail keyword feature included with the subscription.

Keyword revealer it is not free and you will need to pay to use it.

What I honestly think is that if you have SEMrush you probably don’t need this. But in the case that SEMrush is too expensive for you this is a good alternative as a keyword search tool only.

Prices start from $9.99 a month so that it is pretty affordable and you can do a pretty advanced, easy to understand and accurate keywordspy.

Keywordspy is an advanced feature of this tool and it will spy the keywords of your competitors. So that you can find vulnerabilities and holes in their strategy.

Keyword revealer will give you also results and awesome graphs when you search for words and click on the “Evaluate” from the blue box.

This will give you probably the most useful insights under the keyword point of view compared to any other tool.

You can just hit the button below and make a free account now to try it.





jaaxy trial

Jaaxy is another great keyword checker tool that will give you additional and exclusive metrics like:

  • Avg. (search volumes).
  • Traffic (potential traffic that you can get if ranking for that kw).
  • QSR (Quoted search results) number of competing websites ranking for that kw.
  • KQI (keyword quality indicator) this is very helpful btw.
  • SEO (a seo score of traffic that you can get if ranking on the first results of Google).
  • Domains (a list of domains names available with that keyword, to use for exact domain search).

So yeah Jaxxy is a paid keyword tool but with features that other tools don’t have like the “Alphabet soup“.

That will help you brainstorm huge assets of keywords so that you can find long tail keywords with ease.

If you are interested in having a very nice and readable keyword tool and if you want to use this keyword tool for free try it now.

You will have up to 30- searches for completely free as my reader.

Jaaxy is pretty awesome and plans start from $49 a month. The metric I like the most is the KQI indicator.

Make your free Jaaxy account now and then if you love it and 30 searches are not enough for you, upgrade.






k-Meta is a great tool for on-page SEO and to find cool keywords for your marketing strategy and keyword analysis.

Something nice on k-meta are the graphs that it generates for each query you are going to run on k-meta.

The smart semantic keyword research is pretty advanced and also the dashboard is crowded with options and stuff.

With k-meta you can just drop the domains of your competitors and get in a glance the organic rivals.

You will also be able to see what’s going on on the SERP for your site or your competitor’s sites.

This tool is only for keyword research and it is similar to the SEMrush keyword research section.

If you are looking for a free keyword tool that can be used as a freemium and you don’t have a plan with SEMrush, this is a good solution.

With k-meta I was actually able to discover stuff that I was not able to discover with other tools in an easy way.

Something I have discovered is that some keyword I was ranked on 1st or 2nd page of Google that only k-meta made me aware of.

k-Meta is also nice to find long tail keywords questions related.

Prices start from $0 and up to $97 for a Plus version. Lower prices are  $29 and $59 for other versions.

Start your free trial with over 20 reports a day for free for a lifetime.




KeyWord io

keyword io

KeyWord.Io is another great keyword tool where you can search for stuff in many different places like:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Amazon
  4. Bing
  5. Yandex
  6. Wikipedia
  7. eBay
  8. AliBaba
  9. PlayStore
  10. Fiverr
  11. Fotolia
  12. Ponds

These are all in their way search engines, and you will be able to pull out good semantic keywords and for any country.

You can start completely for free but to get full access to the best features you will need to upgrade. If you are interested in KeyWord io you should try it now and see where it goes.

I think that it’s a new and well-made keyword research tool.




KeywordTool io

keywordtool io

Keywordtool io is a very good keyword search tool that will help you figure out awesome keywords from almost any nation and for different engines like:

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • App Store
  • Instagram

This is pretty good to find long tail keywords for all the engines listed above. But if you want to see metrics that are actually going to help your business plans starts from $48/mo to up to $88/mo.

This is pretty expensive but the main advantages are that you can search not only for Google and you can search in many countries, basically all of them.

I am not sure that you really need this tool but it is definitely nice looking and the long tail keywords you will get here are most of the time interesting.

If you want you can try keywordtool io for free via the button below but you can not use certain features with the free version.






kParser is another paid tool. I don’t have a lot of experience with them but if you are going to make an account it looks good.

As far as I see, you can export over 2000 keywords and manipulate the data in bulk.

I don’t find it a lot different from the ones listed above, it is up to you to choose the one that you are more comfortable with.

Prices start from $0 to $15 a $29 so this is definitely more affordable and effective. kParser is very cool to exclude and include keywords to your keywordspy plan.

If you are interested in how to use this keyword tool you should definitely make an account and test Kparser yourself.






LSIgraph is promoted a lot from the big guys but it is actually full of ads and bothering things around. I don’t really like it a lot and it is very similar to keywordtool io in the design and results.

Apparently, the point of strengths of this website is that LSI is the only among keyword tools that understand semantic.

The motto of the company is this one:

Generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords.

In fact, if you run a search on this LSIgraph you will get absolutely related words to your search that you are not going to find with the tools mentioned above.

The catch is that to see useful metrics you really need it is not free, and plans start from $24 a month to up to $54 a month.

I find it useful to get ideas and suggestions of semantic keyword related to your theme to throw into your article or website to rank like never before.

For instance, if we put: “free keyword checker” we will get results like these ones:

  • ultimate research tool
  • keyword density
  • keyword analyzer
  • SEObook keyword density




The Strategy I Use To Do Advanced Keyword Research For Free Or For Very Cheap

Alright, now you got here extremely overwhelmed with so many options to choose from. My advice is to use all of the tools at least the free versions of them but, this is the strategy that I personally use.

I have all of the website above bookmarked into a folder called “keyword research“. Then I have another folder called “Writing Stuff“.

In that folder I have all the tools I need to write on my blogs, some are free keyword tools, some others are quick notes tools and typos checkers and so on!

The tools I use the most are the ones listed in a bit! Then I will draft my strategy so that I will keep it efficient, advanced and cheap.

My essentials and must have tools list:


semrush free trial worth $99


The Exact Steps And Strategy I Use To Do A Cheap KW Research

  1. I put on Google my keyword/long tail keyword or query I am interested in and look at the volumes via KeywordsEverywhere.
  2. Then I drop the related keywords I am interested in into my OneNote and then on the Google keyword planner.
  3. After that, I run a competition and strategic insights overview via the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool. (this is still free until is in beta). I pay for SEMrush and I have a GURU plan, you can read how to use the keyword magic tool here.
  4. Once I have a decent amount of keywords noted in my OneNote I drop the most interesting ones into KW finder freemium version. That will allow me to figure out a pretty accurate KD (keyword difficulty) only 5 searches a day with a free account. So make your 5 shots worth.
  5. From KW finder you can see how difficult it can be to rank on Google. The relative keywords that you might want to include in your article and the respective KD.
  6. Then I put the keywords with KD lower than 50 or 40 on answer the public one by one and look at the volumes of the questions that people search on Google.
  7. Once I have a nice list of questions that are searched many times on Google I am writing them on OneNote and try to outline some headlines for my article based on these questions. (This is not my final version but a first draft of how my OneNote looked like for this article).this is how it looks my onenote for this article
  8. I am trying also to include a few times super difficult keywords and semantic keywords inside of my articles.
  9. The main focus, by the way, is on the main keyword I want to rank for which is going to be written also in my article title.
  10. I am using Keyword Revealer also to get more insights and then I start wiring a cool article.


answer the public google




If you are wondering what is the best free keyword tool you could get a headache pretty quickly.

There are so many free keyword tools that you will probably get scammed at some point or that they will just ruin your SEO plan and marketing strategy.

I have a ton of experience with ranking websites on Google with no shortcuts but with only effective methods.

In this article, I have gathered for you the best free keyword tools for SEO and the best-paid keyword tools and a strategy I use to avoid buying many tools you don’t need.

keyword revealer

I am talking like this because I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

I save some money and don’t buy a lot of tools because I find other ways to have excellent results almost for free.  (but this requires a lot of time! If you want to have faster results you should buy as many tools as you can.).

The only keyword tool for Google rankings that I recommend you to buy is SEMrush but you can use it for free if you make an account and confirm the e-mail.




Then you need a combination of all the other tools and your own technique to come up with the best Keyword analysis strategy.

If you liked this article or if you have doubts feel free to contact me, comment below and share this article on your social networks. Share on X

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