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SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool For Keyword Research

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The SEMrush keyword magic tool is the most powerful and best keyword research tool on planet earth, period.

SEMrush keyword magic tool will give you millions of keyword suggestion that can rank your business.




You will able to add keywords to your lists and export them so that you can work even offline on them.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or multiple words that correspond usually to what people search on search engines.

Each time you perform a search on Google that search will be recorded.

For instance, if you search on Google:

“how to make money online”

and you are not alone searching that, Google can tell you how many times that search is searched on Google.

Since there are more than 3 words on that search we are calling this “long tail keyword“.

If you are trying to make money online you need to make a distinction between:

  • attention keywords
  • intention keywords

An attention keyword can bring a lot of traffic to your site but in most of the cases will bring less money compared to an intention keyword.

For instance, one-word keywords like #burrito get searched 673.000 times a month on average. Click To Tweet

burrito search results on google

If you were to be ranked first for this keyword you will surely get a lot of traffic!

But if you instead were to rank for “where to eat the best burrito in Austin Texas” you see that people performing that query are hungry and their intent is to buy a burrito.

This is why you need to use the SEMrush keyword magic tool to help you out with all of these details.


SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

There are over 5 billion keywords in their database! Click To Tweet

When you start any marketing strategy, SEO strategy or PPC campaign you must understand the keywords you are targeting.

Let’s put “affiliate marketing” in our keyword magic tool. The results on the left side under the blue bar are related keywords.

keyword research all


On top, we can sort “all” keywords or “questions” keywords. This will sort all of your keyword related to questions.

Something more hidden but awesome is the sorting by “SERP features“, for instance, we can exclude all the results that are not “featured snipped result” also known as position 0 or vice-versa.


keyword magic tool advanced features


This will help us find a keyword that can eventually turn your article into a featured snippet.

keyword magic tool advanced featuresYou can search for all keywords or break it down to the relative keywords on the left side sorted by “SERP features” = “Featured Snippet”.

You should look at high search volume and ideally low KD (keyword difficulty).

To have a better overview of what keyword can rank you on the featured snippet you can apply filters and sort for:

Search Volumes > 10.000  and KD < 55  (for instance).

You can have 7 tabs with different keywords on top of keyword magic tool.

When you find something appealing you can select them in a bulk and add them to the keyword analyzer.

Something new in the SEMrush keyword magic tool is that you can send these keywords to the analyzer and from there you can send them also to the position tracking and PPC keyword tool.

You can have 50 keywords per list and 1000 keywords tracking each list.

If you hit the little arrow you can narrow down your search and you will get a huge amount of what they are called long tail keywords.

So, with SEMrush you no longer need any other keyword tools that’s for sure.


How To Optimize Your Keyword Strategy Using SEMrush

Among all the SEM tools (search engine marketing tools) this is the only one that will solve any problem.

The most useful features of this seo keyword magic tool are these:

  • Figure out the monthly search volumes.
  • KD (keyword difficulty 0 < KD <100).
  • CPC (cost per click) on AdWords.
  • Advanced filtering.
  • SERP snapshots.
  • and so much more.

A simple keyword optimization strategy you can perform is what I call “steal an answer” technique.

What you need to do is to head over the semrush keyword magic tool and throw a keyword or multiple keywords you want to rank for.

Then you want to look at the left column and find some awesome long tail keywords that have high search volume.

Some of these keywords might have a High KD.

If you add these keywords to the keyword analyzer you can press on “show” and see a list of your competitors that rank for that keyword.

Once you are on your competitor’s pages, keep that tab open and on another tab look at the related questions that people ask on that query.

semrush keyword magic tool questions

Now steal those questions from your competitor’s list and answer them in your articles.

Pretty simple but this will allow you to see what keywords your competitors are missing out and it will work very well.

Note that the keyword overview tab and the keyword magic planner tab are two different things and complementary to each other.

You can add up to 100 keywords with the magic tool and analyze them in bulk.  It will help you to find weaknesses in your competitor’s keyword strategies.

what is affiliate marketing semrush result



Doing a serious keyword research is probably the best thing you can do before starting to dump content on your sites.

semrush keyword magic tool start

The best sem tool that will help you find the most profitable and easy to rank keyword is the SEMrush.

If you don’t know what is SEMrush I advise you to read this article and SEMrush review.

With a PRO version you will have full access but even with a free account, you will have 5 searches a day so make an account now.




In this article, I have listed some awesome features of this seo keyword magic tool and a simple strategy called “steal an answer” that you can put in action.

I really love SEMrush and I don’t think that anyone on this planet should not use it.

This seo tool will replace all the other tools you have and condense them into one super powerful tool.

I hope that you have learned how to do keyword research without having to hire any scammy SEM agencies.

You will need to keep studying and testing to become good at it.

If you need any help please comment below, send me a message and share this on your social media. Click To Tweet

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