Marco Diversi SEO SEMrush Tutorial Organic Research Tool & Increase Traffic

SEMrush Tutorial Organic Research Tool & Increase Traffic

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In this article, I am going to talk about the SEMrush organic research tool which is a very powerful SEO tool.

Once you type in a domain on the menu bar, you will be able to have a clear overview of the organic search results of that domain.

And more specifically you will be able to have an overview of the domain and these awesome features:

  1. Positions. (Beta)
  2. Positions Changes. (Beta)
  3. Competitors. (Beta)
  4. Pages. (Beta)
  5. SubDomains. (Beta)
  6. URL Report. (Only with the old version)

I am going to dive into each of these features so you can unleash the powers of SEMrush and of your website.

You can claim your free trial worth $99 by clicking on the picture below! You will then get SEMrush as freemium for life.

semrush free trial worth $99


What Is The SEMrush Organic Research Tool | SEMrush Tutorial

The SEMrush organic research tool will create very useful reports that will help you to find what’s ranking for your competition.




You will be able to see for any website what is ranking on Google and even specific pages and queries.

You can see day after day the position of any website for that specific keyword. Related keywords to a specific keyword that ranks for a website and the SEMrush sensor filter.

Being able to deeply understand what your competitors are doing to rank on Google will give you some hints on how to compete with them and if you have any chance and how you can have a chance.

#1 – The Position Report

With the position report, you will be able to see all the keywords that rank for a specific domain on Google for the first 100 positions.

If you run a report today and let’s assume that website X ranks on position 5 for the keyword Y, you can keep track of where it was ranking the previous day, week or months or years thanks to live graph feature.

The SEMrush database is updated very often and this value will be very accurate.

From this report, you can see how many keywords rank on the first 100 spots of Google for that specific site and how much traffic these keywords can potentially bring and how much it would hypothetically cost to pay for this amount of traffic on Google AdWords.

semrush estimated traffic and overview


The live graph next to it is absolutely awesome. You can switch the results between Estimated traffic and Keywords that rank or ranked from the timeline.


semrush positions toggle traffic or keywords


You can also zoom in and out in this graph and see if a Google algorithm influenced your website rankings. (This feature is not yet available in the new version of organic research tool, but this feature can be found in the old version.)


semrush keywords positions

You can do that by choosing a smaller timeframe and selecting the options in the ‘notes‘ tab. You can check or uncheck these options and see if Google algorithms messed up with you or your competitors. (This feature is not yet available in the new version of organic research tool, but this feature can be found in the old version.)

The SERP box on the right will show you what triggered a specific keyword the most. If you click on it you can see where the main traffic comes from for that specific keyword.

The table underneath is giving you interesting values, like position, search volume, traffic, keyword difficulty, and much more.

You can also use advanced filters to filter the keywords that might interest you the most and also export them into an excel file.

semrush position tracking

And last but not least you can toggle these results for mobile users. In most of the cases, the results are completely different and you should optimize for mobile as well.


#2 – Positions Changes Reports

The position changes report will give you insights of a specific keyword position change. You can get a report based on:

  • new.
  • lost.
  • improved.
  • declined.

With New, you can change the period of time you want to look for from the timeline toggle. You can visualize where they started to rank for instance the last month.

semrush position changes new


The Lost tab can visualize a live graph of the lost keywords for instance of your competitors. These will be their weaknesses and you can think about targeting those keywords for your site since they lost it.


semrush position changes lost

With Improved, you can see the keywords that are already ranking for them that improved on the SERP.

Meanwhile, the Declined tab shows you what keyword started to decline on the SERP but still is ranking on the first 100 results.


#3 – Competitors Report

This report is like a smart tool that will compare your site keywords with all the other websites keywords.

The more keywords you have in common with other websites the more likely it will be that a website is your competitors.

It will pop up a graph with some websites on it and with some circles,  the biggest are the circles the biggest is the competition.

If you click on the circles you will get the overview of that domain and you will be able to explore it as always. (This feature is not yet available in the new version of organic research tool, but this feature can be found in the old version. You can switch between the versions, clicking on the little house symbol with ‘Old version‘ written on it on top.)

Knowing what your competitors are and spying on them will increase the chances of the success of your website.

semrush competitors overview


#4 – Pages Report

This is probably the SEMrush organic research tool that is easier to understand and that can be very powerful.

With this report, you will be able to see the top pages that are ranking for any domain and for what keywords.

You can then check the position changes columns and try to identify vulnerabilities in your competitor’s sites.

You will be able to spot the percentage of traffic that specific page brings to this site. Where they have backlinks to that page and if there are vulnerabilities and what keywords trigger that page.

If you are a media buyer you can also check if the website you are looking at is paying for traffic on that page and you can see how their ads look like.

semrush pages tab


#5 – Subdomains Report.

Big websites usually have multiple subdomains that usually have a different functionality. Some websites can even decide to put specific stuff on a subdomain for instance just for the sales another one for the press etc…

Knowing which of your competitor’s subdomain performs better and where the traffic comes from what keywords and in what percentage can be very important.

If you click on the traffic percentage for the subdomain you will land on the keywords that triggered that subdomain page.

You can then check in which position are ranking on the SERP and repeat the steps we discussed on point 1 and 2.

semrush subdomains tab


#6 – URL report (Only with the old version)

With the URL report, you can check a specific URL. (This feature is not yet available in the new version of organic research tool, but this feature can be found in the old version.).

You will get an awesome live graph with the distribution of the traffic for that URL as so:

  • Organic Keywords.
  • Organic Traffic.
  • Organic Traffic cost.

The graph is very clear and then from the table just underneath you will see the important metrics mentioned above such as position, volume, KD (keyword difficulty), CPC, competitivity, traffic, cost, trend, last update of the database.

You can as always export these numbers into a CSV file and toggle from desktop to mobile results and apply filters to make your search easier.


How To Use The Live Graphs

You should use the awesome live graphs that SEMrush will give you to get a serious overview of the report you are trying to do.

You can study more how graphs and trends work here. But if you want to keep it simple you should change the timeframe to different times.

Then try to write lines on it and see if the trends are always going up, or down or are bumping and try to compare those graphs with other competitors websites.

semrush organic research tools trends

For any website, you decide to run a report you can understand from where their traffic comes from. For instance, in the picture above you can see it for

SEMrush organic research tool and the live graphs and the tables underneath are really easy to use and if you have an analytics mind you will improve the quality of your website to the next level.


Example: Steps You Can Take To Increase Your Traffic With SEMrush Organic Research Tool

Now you should be able to understand and functionality of the SEMrush organic research tool. The best way to increase your skills is by playing with it.

You can get a free trial if you use the button below so you will have full access for a limited period of time and you can use it as a freemium with 5 searches a day for life.




Here in this short paragraph, I am going to give you a list of simple steps you can take to increase your website traffic thanks to SEMrush.

semrush organic research tool 1

  1. analyze your website with the overview tab or with the script below of this list.
  2. go to the competitor’s tab and export it into an excel file.
  3. paste one by one the URLs of your competitors into the SEMrush organic research tool.
  4. export into an excel file the position reports.
  5. look into live graphs of that domain and start writing trends on a different timeframe.
  6. repeat the process above for all the competitors URLs created with the first report.
  7. try to find vulnerabilities in your competitor’s websites.
  8. create better content based on a keyword that your main competitors dropped.
  9. go look your competitor’s main pages get traffic and where they get backlinks from.
  10. Research link building and outreach to other websites owner.

In the list above there are some steps you could take to improve the organic search results of a specific website.


SEMrush To Find Long Tail Keywords And Increase your SERP Position

The best way to increase your position on the SERP is by adding long tail keywords to your content and write stuff around them.

You can use the organic research tool to find keywords that are dropping for your competitors. Once you found something you are interested in and you know about it you can just click on it and you will get more related keywords.

I suggest you use the ‘Phrase Match Keywords‘. Since you want to get a broad overview and idea to create the long tail keywords.

Once you have found something interesting you can use the SEMrush keyword research tool to analyze the long keyword created.

semrush top kw

If you see that your competitors lack in ranking for that keyword just go forward and start writing stuff and optimize your content on that.

You should also optimize you on page SEO, and here is a great advanced tutorial.



SEMrush organic research tool is just one of the tools offered by SEMrush. The position tracking and competitors analysis on pages are definitely something you need to improve your content marketing strategy and rankings.




Google loves to see new content and it is proven that out of 200 factors that are proven to help your sites to rank on Google more than 68 factors are content related.

If you have no content the chances are that your website will be ignored sooner or later. I hope that this SEMrush tutorial talking about this specific tool was useful for you.

get semrush free trial now

In this article I have talked about the SEMrush organic research tool mainly because talking about all the SEMrush tools can be overwhelming.

The best way to understand how these tools work is to play around with domains, analyze the competitions and get better at it.

What you absolutely need to do is also to download and export the results of your sites overview and compare them along the process of optimizing your website.

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