Marco Diversi Social Media How To Add Multiple Hashtags On Instagram With No Copy And Paste

How To Add Multiple Hashtags On Instagram With No Copy And Paste

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Do you know how to add multiple hashtags on Instagram without having to copy and paste them from notes?

In this article, I am going to show you a very fast and effective way on how to add multiple hashtags on Instagram immediately from the Instagram app.

This is a trick I have developed my self, I am not sure that you will find it anywhere else, but if you are a smart person you might already do that.

how to add multiple hashtags on instagram

Basically what we will do is to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts feature of your phone to create hashtags. Click To Tweet


How To Add Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

The procedure is pretty simple, here I am going to list the steps to take for an iPhone with English as the main language.

You can apply the same steps to any other kind of smartphone or android that have the ‘Text Replacement‘ feature.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Go to: Settings  ⇒ General ⇒ Keyboard ⇒ Text Replacement.
  2. click on the plus sign on the top right.
  3. add a ‘shortcut‘ name i.e.: mdaffiliate
  4. add a ‘phrase‘  i.e.: #marcodiversi #affiliatemarketing #seo #makemoneyonline #etc
  5. go to Instagram and add a picture.
  6. when it’s time to put the hashtags write your shortcut. (mdaffiliate, in my case).
  7. click on it from the top of the keyboard.
  8. the ‘phrase‘ will appear in your Instagram post.
  9. share it.
  10. you can add unlimited hashtags, but it is recommended to add less than 30 on IG to avoid spam filters.

Just in case you got lost, I have prepared a video with this procedure, and you can watch it.

Please feel free to share it if you feel like this is smart and useful.



If you are interested you can read my tutorial on how to post on Instagram from PC without the need of any software.



This is a very smart way to post pictures on Instagram without having to exit the app and maybe copy a list of hashtags you saved on the notes app.

I strongly recommend you to use ritetag to find out the best and most appropriate popular tags related to your business.

This tool will help you with the hashtag search and it is one of the best Instagram tips to find relevant hashtags.




This software is really easy to use and it will boost your Instagram activity to the next level.

All you have to do is just to copy and paste text into it or just a few keywords and you will get the right tag.

I hope that you have learned how to add multiple hashtags on Instagram without the need of copy and paste tags.

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