Marco Diversi Social Media Increase Instagram followers | 10 Awesome Instagram Hacks

Increase Instagram followers | 10 Awesome Instagram Hacks

Increase Instagram followers | 10 Awesome Instagram Hacks post thumbnail image

In this article, you will learn how to increase Instagram followers for free thanks to some advanced techniques.

You will also learn that having millions of followers doesn’t necessarily means that you will make more money than someone that has 50.000 followers.

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I don’t believe a lot in social networks, but I think that Instagram together with Pinterest are the only ones that can eventually make you money.

I am not using Instagram a lot for I have other accounts with a lot of followers but most of them are in the adult industry haha!

Feel free to follow @marcodiversi if you want too, I might start posting pictures one day soon.

For the ones that don’t know it, Instagram was sold to Facebook the 9th, of April 2012 for  $1 billion: $300 million in cash.

Increase Instagram followers

In fact, if you are going to one of your Facebook pages you will be able to see that Instagram integrates perfectly with Facebook within the FB page settings and you can reply to comments from there and so on.

What this means is that if you are using Instagram for business you will need also a nice Facebook account and page.



Best Techniques And Methods To Increase Instagram Followers Organically


#1  – Do Not Ever Buy Followers Or Use A 3rd Party Website.


I am not the best expert in recommending automation software or websites that sell Instagram likes or followers.

But as for my experience, if you decide to buy likes or followers from someone that promises you heaps of followers you can prepare your self to trash your Instagram profile pretty soon.

These companies are going to sell you what are called ‘ghost followers‘. These followers are people that don’t use Instagram on a daily base. Mainly from 3rd world countries and they got some money just to have a profile that will never create any engagement.

Instagram and Facebook, which are the same thing have complicated algorithms that are able to figure out the quality of your profile and the percentage of ghost followers.

If you buy followers or try to cheat, your profile will pass in second class.

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#2 – Complete Your Profile

People see a lot of profiles every day if you don’t stand off the crowd chances are that no one will follow you.

instagram profile description

The first thing you need to have to do is to complete your Instagram profile.

  1. put a nice profile picture or logo.
  2. make a short and that attracts attention bio. (You can use also some hashtags in it.)
  3. place a nice URL, the best URL you can put in your bio is an URL that goes to a funnel, or you can use to create a nice landing page.

Spend time A/b testing your profile if you notice a better follow rate with a logo instead of a profile picture keep the logo.

I suggest you hire some awesome freelancer on Fiverr that will make you an outstanding logo for $5.


#3 – Create A Pattern Or Something Very Visual

You need to plan this in advance because it is not possible with Instagram to move the pictures. You can post pictures in a way that grabs the attention.

For instance, you could follow these posting patterns:

  • quote, picture, quote.
  • black and white picture, color picture, black and white.
  • you can split a big picture into 3 pictures and post one picture per line. (Instagram allows to have 3 columns.)
  • there are infinite patterns you can decide to do, the more weird looking and cool your profile will look the highest the follower rate will be.

People are interested in following profiles that can give them emotions on Instagram. Posting pictures with no criteria will make your profile look like any other profile.


If you want to make a business around it you need to be rad.


If you look at my profile, and please follow it as well! You can see that I have posted some pictures made with another app called Prisma.

Which is according to me very cool.

A post shared by Marco Diversi (@marcodiversi) on

I am pretty sure there are also other apps like that one.


#4 – Understanding That Instagram Is A Pictures Gallery App.

Some people forget that Instagram only purpose is to show the world awesome pictures, with ideally a high quality of the pictures.

Mobile phones in our century are able to take pictures with a quality that is hard to believe. But yet, professional cameras are still way better.

If you are taking pictures with your mobile phone and then posting them on Instagram, I strongly suggest you use an app called Snapseed from Google.




You need to take a picture with your phone and then adjust it with Snapseed (available for ios and android).

This will make your picture 150 times better looking.

Instead, if you are taking pictures with a professional camera I suggest you use adobe lightroom or photoshop to make it nicer.

If your pictures are coming from a professional camera, please, do not upload them from your mobile.

You can read my tutorial on how to upload pictures to Instagram from PC without the need of any tool and completely for free.

Do that, sending high-quality pictures to your mobile will decrease their quality somehow.


#5 – People Don’t Just Wake Up And Search For Your Profile

There are billions of Instagram account, and people don’t just wake up and say:

“Alright, today I am going to search for pictures of toilets in my city”.

I mean there will be a chunk of people doing that but for the most of the cases, you need to use the Instagram geolocalization feature and hashtags in order to be found.

Some tips to increase Instagram followers and increase the chances to be seen:

  • Try to write a nice picture description, include bullets and ordered lists.
  • Do not stuff the picture with hashtags, include them at the end of the description. (Maximum number of hashtags allowed = 30).
  • After that, drop a nice CTA call to action.
  • Ask for likes and comments, people often need to be reminded.


You can also see a cool pattern from the profile above!


#6 – Find A Few But Related Hashtags And Aim To Be Featured In Popular Pages.

The front page of Instagram is populated with pictures that got featured. The pictures that are going to be on the front page of your Instagram are not there for no reasons.

First of all, Instagram is able to figure out if a picture is an awesome or not thanks to their algorithms.

Second of all, hashtags and interactions of users with the picture will ultimately give signs to Instagram that the picture in consideration needs to be placed somewhere more visible.

An interaction of a user can be the time that is looking at the picture, the kind of comment that he gives and so much more.

So this is the secret sauce to have your picture featured on the popular pages page:

  1. high-quality picture.
  2. a few targeted and low competition hashtags.
  3. you need to put the location.

I strongly suggest you make a free account with ritetag. This software will help you find the correct hashtags for your pictures.

All you have to do is to write the description for that picture and then paste it in ritetag. This will give you the most appropriate hashtags that will rank.




I suggest you also to watch the video below that will show you a trick to put hashtags in pictures very fast.

You should create many shortcuts with ritetag and then use them for your pictures.

If you don’t know how hashtags works, basically if you post a picture with #love, your picture will be visualized to anyone that at that moment is searching for #love on Instagram.

If you use less popular hashtags your picture will stay there on the list for longer since fewer people are posting pictures with that hashtag.


#7  – Interact With Your Competitors

The best ways in life to reach success are with stealing and cheating. There is no one on this planet that become the best without breaking some rules.

With Instagram, you can cheat as well but still, you need to be careful and not to be busted.

A very nice way to cheat on Instagram is to go look at your competitors Instagram profiles and start to comment on each picture they post.

Write an awesome comment that grabs the attention and for sure some curious will go to your profile and take a look.

If your profile is nice visual looking like I said before they will follow you.

Another trick is to ask your competitors for shoutouts, you can pay them some cash to post a picture on their Instagram with a mention to your profile.

This is expensive but it works like heaven, and if you are in a rush and you have some cash to spend I strongly advice you to ask for paid shoutouts.

One trick you can use as well is to go follow all the people that liked the pictures of your followers, this is a process that takes time.

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#8 – Connect Instagram To A Business Profile

I should have put this at the beginning of the list. But if you go into your Instagram settings on your mobile you will be able to see a business profile option.

This is mandatory and you need to have a business profile if you want to rock.

Having a business profile will allow you to have:

  • email.
  • directions.
  • phone.

tabs featured in your profile! Most of all detailed analytics for your profile and ability to reply to comments from your Facebook account.

If you don’t know what analytics is, you should.

instagram business profile

Basically, analytics will allow you to see everything that happens on your profile, from impressions, what cities are looking at your profile and pictures and most of all at what time there is a peak of interested and engaged.

Based on what niche your profile is, different it will be the time of the engaged.

If you have pictures of modern art, people will interact differently compared to a profile talking about sexy gals.

There will be more people interacting at night or evening for the sex gals profile and based on the time zones and cities that are engaging the most on your profile you will be able to figure out the perfect posting time.


#9 – Consider Some Tools That Will Follow And Unfollow People

This is something you can also avoid but that still works fine. There are many tools that are automating the follow/unfollow process.

Something interesting of these tools is that you will be able to follow people in your niche and then if they don’t follow you back to unfollow them in the long run.

Something annoying about Instagram is that you can not follow more than 5000 people unless your followers/following ration is at least 2/3.

If you have followers/following ratio greater than 2/3 you can follow 7000 users. 7000 users are the maximum number you will ever be able to follow.

So you must unfollow people once you reached 7000 following in order to follow more and potentially grow your network.

I am not an expert in this at all, so I will pass the voice to Fred Harrington and his list of best Instagram bots to use in 2018.


#10 – Interact With Live Sessions, Stories, And Videos

We are not at the point where we can touch our followers or having a VR session with them. But it will not surprise me a lot if this will happen in the near future.

As it is now at our age, you can interact with your audience with videos, live sessions, and stories.

People like to see what their idols or friends are doing in their personal life. And even more, they love to touch base their deep secrets when they see that the person they are following goes live or posts videos or life stories.

This is proof that you are a real person and that you love to interact with them and make them happy.

This sounds very sad to me, but for some people, social networks are all they have and they waste their lives scrolling pictures, newsfeed and watching videos online. Click To Tweet

I am a big fan of Youtube and learning from it, even though I don’t have so much time for that either.

Some people love spending their time watching other people videos and stupid stories on Instagram this is a fact.

If you are able to grab their attention there, they will spread the voice and you will become a celebrity.



There are a lot of qualities you need in life to have success! One of my favorite, and not by case also my favorite song ever is patience.

You can not expect to have millions of followers on Instagram from day to night. You need to grow slowly, starting from zero being cool and slowly grow with a lot of patience.

Consistency is needed as well, an Instagram profile needs to have pictures posted almost every days on it, and always remember high-quality pictures.

Find out the best timing to post a picture and do it every day.

Using bots can speed up the process but it is also risky, many Instagram accounts get locked out of these practices.

Tag people that you think they would like to be tagged in your pictures. That way they will get a notification and chances to interact with your pics.

The steps listed above are according to me the best ways to Increase Instagram followers in a very efficient and legit way.

You can also find other tricks on this article from Forbes.

Even though I am not a big fan of social media because I do not believe in referral traffic, still if you have awesome social media accounts you can make a lot of money.

There are profiles with millions of followers that are charging something like 10k a week or more to have a link featured on their bios.

I hope you understood this last sentence!

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