Marco Diversi Social Media Ritetag and | Tools To Get  Free Twitter Followers

Ritetag and | Tools To Get  Free Twitter Followers

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Twitter according to Alexa is the thirteenth most visited website on earth, and if you want to know how to get free twitter followers, read this post.

Having a lot of engaged followers on Twitter can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Trying to engage your audience and gain some traction on twitter without automation can be time-consuming and less effective.

To have engaged followers you need to have people that like the stuff that you post, and that retweets or like your tweets.

To do so, the best way is to add hashtags to your tweets. A nice tool that helps you find good hashtags is Ritetag, you can check it out here.

discover ritetag and tools to get free twitter followers

Once you have your hashtags organized, in my opinion, the best 100% free twitter automation tool is Share on X

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to get free twitter followers in a short period of time with a few minutes of work per day.

The Concept Of How To Get  Free Twitter Followers

Twitter and Instagram are very similar social networks, if you post often and target specific hashtags you will instantly be first for that hashtag research worldwide.

The problem is that there are billions of people in the world. At the same time that you post something with, for instance, #love as a hashtag million of other people will post the same hashtag.

But still, if you post or tweet very often you will get great results and here I am going to tell you why.

A lot of people is scrolling Twitter and Instagram all day long.


If you have a website that talks about the paleo diet, and a blog connected to your twitter account you might want to post your blog posts on Twitter and have the most efficient hashtags on your tweet so you will gain followers, likes, traffic and ultimately money.

With ritetag, you will be able to find the best hashtags related to an article just copying and pasting the whole article into it.

And with instead, you will be able to add to a Twitter queue for multiple twitter accounts a lot of tweets in a very fast way.

The Setup To Have Free Twitter Followers

To have free twitter followers you will need these tools:

  1. A Twitter Account.
  2. Ritetag Account.
  3. Account.
  4. A Blog.
  5. Some Pictures.

The first 3 tools are mandatory, you must have them to use this method. Number 4 and 5 are recommended if you are trying to drive traffic to your blog or website.

But if you are doing this just to get free twitter followers you can post any kind of material.

1 – Create A Twitter Account

If you want to get free twitter followers you need a twitter account in the first place. To create a twitter account is pretty easy.


All you need is an email a password and fill in the profile with a link to your website, some hashtags and nice profile picture and cover picture.

I suggest you make it pretty looking and niche oriented.

2 – Create A Ritetag Account

Then you want to create a ritetag account. This website will allow you to find the perfect #hastags to add to your tweets. Make an account with ritetag now, you can log in straight from your twitter account created before.


Once your account is online, you can go to the hashtag feature and add keywords or paste your blog post article and you will get the best, most used and more relevant hashtags you can add in your tweet.

Ritetag will sort the tags in the following categories:

  • Hot now.
  • Long life.
  • Only for Instagram.
  • Overused.
  • Underused.
  • Banned.

ritetag suggestions tags feature

With a click, you will be able to filter, select and copy the tags that you can paste into your tweets.  Look at the video above to see it in action.

3 – Create A Account

Then you need to create a account. If you are logged into your twitter account you can create a account in one second.


If you have multiple twitter accounts, you can just log out of your main Twitter account and login into another to add more accounts to

Go to the settings and adjust the posting time! The more often you post the more followers you will gain.

circular io

I like this buffer app because is super fast and works asynchronously. You can add to the queue pictures and tweets in a matter of seconds in a very lightweight manner.

I have tried many stupid other websites, but none of them is great like which is just a GitHub project for now and works perfectly. 

4 – Create A Blog

In order to make money with the tweets, you will need to have a website that gets traffic from it. The best way to make money online is with affiliates marketing and blogs.




Niche blogs can be very profitable, and the traffic that comes from a well-targeted and established twitter account is pretty good.

If you want to know more about how to make money with blogs and the internet subscribe to my newsletters. I will guide you through the process with my articles.

5 – Add Pictures To  Your Tweets

If you don’t want to have a website, you can just post tweets with awesome pictures or videos attached. Quotes are very popular, you can then build your brand on Twitter and monetize your tweets with some affiliate links in the tweet.

If you are interested in other tricks to enhance your Twitter presence, follower and more read this article, 50 free ways to increase your twitter followers and follow my blog. I will post more social media tricks to boost your social media traffic.

I strongly advise you to own a website by the way! So the traffic you will get from referral and organic is yours and you can monetize it the way you want it.



In this article, we have learned how to get free twitter followers using two nice tolls called RiteTag and




The advantages of these tools are huge. The first one is that you will get targeted traffic niche related to your blog or interest. This will make Google happy and your traffic will be more profitable.


With a few hours of work, you can automate multiple twitter accounts for the following weeks or months.

You will send out tweets during the day, with targeted hashtags on it all day long via and for free. 

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