Marco Diversi SEO How To Set Up Google Alerts To Help You Build High-Quality Backlinks

How To Set Up Google Alerts To Help You Build High-Quality Backlinks

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Like for most of the free stuff on the internet, google alerts is an underestimated and free powerful SEO tool.

If you want to learn how to set up google alerts so that you can improve your backlink portfolio and domain authority, stick to this guide.

This will be a very easy tutorial, and if you don’t use this tool I highly recommend to use it and learn how to set up google alerts.

With Google alerts you can find any kind of information on the web, without having to do anything. It is possible to get a notification on new posts and news related to the things you are interested in.

google alerts

It is also possible to get alerts from blogs or newspapers looking for writers or to add a guest post. Share on X

All of this is called white hat SEO and will boost your rankings to the sky. Google will be happy, and your website will become popular.




How To Set Up Google Alerts

To setup google alerts you need to have a Gmail account if you don’t have one you can make one here from this link.

Once you have a Gmail email, you can go to the google alerts website, there is a button down below, and start adding alerts.


I will put a video here you can watch, that explains the process you need to follow. The concept is to get email notifications from google from topics that interest you.

Once you are on the Google Alerts homepage, you will see the options to add your name and email to the alerts.

This will notify you every time someone is searching or mention your name or email on Google. I like to have it enabled. Share on X

But the most interesting features are others! In the video, I showed you that I have added some interests. One of them is:

  • make money online

Just enter make money online in the white box, and then you can pick some options like:

  1. How often you would like to receive an alert.
  2. The sources.
  3. In what language you want those alerts.
  4. The region where those articles will be searched.
  5. How many alerts.

Click on “create alert” and then we are all set. In the bottom of the page, we can see the current alerts and we can already see some articles related to that interest.

google alerts make money online

How To Build High-Quality Backlinks With Google Alerts

You should have added some alerts as said in the section before. If you did, you will soon get some emails from Google related to those alerts.

how to set up google alerts and reach people

Then, you want to go over the articles sent by Google and see if some of them might be interesting. If they are you should just reach out to the owner of the website and write something like this:

Hi {website name},

My name is {your name} and I’m getting in touch with you regarding your {blog / website / store}.

I am the owner of this website {your website}, where I { write what you are doing on your site} and I am expert on {something you are expert with}.  You can find more information on my blog here {link to your website}. 

I find that this resource {link to the resource} might add value to your site. If you agree I would love to add a resource from your site on my site, in exchange for one of my site on yours. 

As someone who has an interest in {you interests / usually the google alerts interest}, I’ve signed up for your site's newsletter and look forward to learning more.

Best wishes,

{your name}

{your email}

If you send out 30 e-mail a day, you will probably get one or two accepted the offer. The success ratio depends on how authoritative you are.

To find out how much of Domain Authority (DA) a website has, you should install the MOZ bar extension.


How To Set Up Google Alerts To Find “Guest Posts” And “Write For Us” Websites.

If you put the alert between double quotes you will be able to find alerts for dynamic searches. And this can help finding people looking for guest posts and write for us etc.

This is how the alerts should look like:

  • “write for us” affiliate marketing
  • “submit guest post” make money online

Where of course you want to replace ‘affiliate marketing and make money online with your niche’.

When you get the alerts, as always send an email to the website owner and ask what is about the opportunity that you’ve got an alert for.

Being able to write a guest post or writing for a well-established website is one of the best ways to get tons of traffic and authority.

These are my main uses of google alerts but actually, there are many more uses you can have with it. If you are interested in this, Matthew Woodward made a better job than mine on this article.

I am more focused on SEO and building links with Google alerts, but he wrote about other uses as well.

So Now I Have Millions Of Websites That Want Me To Write Blog Posts And Articles.

If you have learned how to set up google alerts for good, you might end up with a lot of people that want you to write stuff for them.

Sometimes it’s better that you are personally doing the job and write the articles. But other times when the website is not that massive you might want to outsource this.

What I suggest you do is to go on Fiverr and outsource this job for $5 to someone. You can use the time you save from outsourcing this job to do other more important things.

find article writers on fiverr

Try to pick a good writer with nice ratings! The writer must be mother tongue or well skilled! In my experience, 96% of the people from India and Bangladesh or a 3rd world country will make a bad job.


Even if they are cheap they are not worth it, and I would make sure to hire someone good where I can build a serious relationship with.

How To Include Your Website In Google Alerts

You might be wondering how those sites are included in google alerts, and it is a good question. If you feel like that your website is worth to be included in google alerts, you might consider contacting google for that.

To do so you will need to have your websites properties verified from the google webmasters tools, and then you need to go to the partnerdash console from Google and add from “news”.


Once you are there you can see the option ” request inclusion in news index

include a site to google news index

Note, that in order to be approved is not easy, your blog must produce new content almost every days and the news you are producing must intrigue Google.

A human will check your website and not a robot! It is very common to get rejected so don’ t give up. If your website will be included in Google news you can be sure you will get a huge amount of free traffic without to having to lift a finger. So it is worth a try. 



Google likes to show on the first page, websites with awesome content and that have links pointing to it with relevant content. Share on X


If you learn how to set up google alerts for good, you will find relevant content to your niche sent from Google straight to your inbox.

You can use those alerts to build a strong link portfolio and relationship with website owners. All you have to do is to reach out that website owner and ask politely for a link back to your site in exchange for something.

I wrote a letter template to follow to help you succeed with this technique. I hope that you learned how to set up google alerts and this helped you! Feel free to comment below if you have suggestions or doubts.

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