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What Is A Solutionist And How To Become A Solutionist

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My name is Marco Diversi and I am a Solutionist! A Solutionist is an awesome kind of individual that is able to find solutions to any problem. I think that in my case this ability is embedded in my genes.

I have heard a story that my grandfather, was able to fix his truck 50 years ago, while in the middle of nowhere, with a blizzard going on, and get back home using his belt to replace the transmission belt of the engine.


If you are facing these kinds of problems day after day, and you get by in the most spectacular way, you could be called a solutionist.


What Is A Solution?

In chemistry, a solution is a mixture of various substances that make another substance, with other proprieties. (This applies also to life as a mixture of skills.)

In life, a solution is the result of a sequence of actions that leads to gratifications and progress.

I am not sure that you can become a solutionist! I think that is something you need to have inside of you.

What makes me a solutionist is the fact that I have an unlimited curiosity, and I am never shy about asking “WHY?“. (Even multiple times!!)

Being able to solve problems to the next level, is a skill that I wish you to acquire the sooner that you can. People will come to you asking to solve their problems because 90% of the people on this planet loves comfort and replacements.

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I am sure that 2000 years ago there were a lot more solutionists compared to the modern times. The advent of technology and consumerism turned most of the people into lazy fucks with no inventiveness.


What Is A Solutionist?

If you are constantly able to solve problems, in a more efficient way with fewer tools and less money compared to other people, you are a solutionist.

This is my career blueprint with the most valuable skills I have learned and became the best at it. Note how different all of these things are, and also, these are just the things where I have spent the most of my time, but in between, I did a lot more.

  • fixing motorcycles.
  • wheeling and stuntman.
  • welding.
  • getting a master degree in engineering.
  • traveling the world.
  • working several completely different jobs.
  • personal development.
  • living in different countries for long periods.
  • psychology and effects of drugs.
  • affiliate marketing.
  • trading cryptocurrency.
  • learned how to invest money and compound interests.
  • making cash online.

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Note, that none of these skills are taught at school, but still, some of them are important skills that will eventually make you a millionaire.

We are taught that if you go to school and get a job, and then you start saving money, you will get by with life with money.


Case Of Study

But this is not quite the case bro! I’ll give you an easy example so that you can figure it out yourself.

Let’s assume that you will live 100 years! If you were to save 5$ for each day that you were alive, this is how much money you would make using a saving account like a poor person.  Instead, look what happens if you are going to invest using compound interest.

100 Years X 365 Days = 36.500 Days To Live 100 Years X 365 Days = 36.500 Days To Live
5$ A Day X 36.500 Days = $182,500  5$ A Day X Compound = $1,488,160.94 

Instead, if you were to save $5 dollars in stocks and reinvest your earnings in more stocks wherein most of the cases the inflation rate is 2.1% on average, you will become a millionaire.

You will make $1,488,160.94 with the same 5$ dollars investment a day. You can see how I calculated this from this link.

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You can become a millionaire with 5$ a day of investment, who learned this at school?

Probably no one, and that’s why you need to become a solutionist so that you can constantly learn new things and become better at solving problems.

No successful people followed the world rules one by one! You need to break rules to stand off the crowd!


How To Become A Solutionist?

The best way to become a great problem solver is actually being surrounded by problems. If you never go out and experience new things you will never face new problems and situations.

If my grandpa didn’t go out with an old truck in the blizzard even though he knew that sooner or later something bad to that old truck would have happened.

He would never have had that problem.

I had become a great solutionist because no one else solved my problems. I was always interested in trying new things and become the best at it.

If you surround yourself with opportunities, which is something that anyone can do, problems will come and the need for a solution will come.

Why Am I Talking About This On A How To Make Money Online Blog?

I am talking about this on a make money online blog because to be able to make money online you need to find solutions with the help of no one.

If you think that at school they will teach you how to fix a truck or how to make money, how to invest for good or how to live a happy life you are wrong.

At school, you will only learn how to serve someone else! The system is perfectly created so that you will get stuck in societies rules and slavery.

You need to get educated in order to get a job, but to get educated you need to pay and waste valuable time to learn skills that will train your mind to obey someone else orders.

If you are not able to find a solution to this problem, you will always be stuck in this! My biggest dream in life was to be able to support my self and having the time to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I didn’t know how to accomplish that, until the day that I have started to make some green online after I have tried any kind of job, and pursued many passions.

If you are interested in this, subscribe to my blog. I will guide through the steps and process that brought me here.

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Being able to experience more, growing curiosity and drive day after day, will surround your self with opportunities. Share on X

I was able to find a solution to my need of freedom.

If you want to learn my journey, subscribe to this blog and share it with your friends. So I can grow and help you with more drive.

Opportunities will bring along problems! Only if you commit yourself to act and solve them at the present moment you will become a better problem solver.

Not everyone can become a solutionist, I think that is something that it has to be inside of you. But if you are interested in becoming a better solutionist you can definitely improve yourself.

Most of the people like to live in the comfort and replace old things with new things and outsource problems to other people to be solved for cash.

If you were left alone in the storm with no iPhone and an old broken truck, what would you do?

I have already many plans roaming into my head to try to fix this problem, what about you? (comment below!).

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Much Love and Peace Out,

Marco Diversi.

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