Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing Niche Site Ideas & #1 Tools | What Is Niche Marketing

Niche Site Ideas & #1 Tools | What Is Niche Marketing

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A niche site at least for me is the coolest way to make money online, I love the concept behind of it and you should know why.

Having one or even better multiple niche sites will increase your possibilities to make a lot of money online.

We are living in the perfect time to do this! If you started to do this like 10 years ago you would be probably a millionaire by now.

Now the competition is higher but still, these skills are not taught at school! Not a lot of people yet thinks that making money online is a real thing, you can create a passive income with this.

This is one of the best long term investments of your life.

When I am telling my friends “hey wanna make money with this method?. Their reply is often: “you are crazy!“, “what are you talking about?” or “I need to have a full time job to make money“.

make money with a niche site

This could have been true 100 years ago, but now with the technology surplus, it is no longer the case. Click To Tweet

If you want to know some interesting notions about niche websites and what they are, how to make them and how to find niche ideas, you are in the right spot at the right time.


What Is A Niche Site?

It’s a website that will solve a specific problem to a targeted audience.

For example, if you are passionate about cars, you could make a website talking about all the different cars on this planet and make reviews on new cars coming out.

If you do so, you will have a lot of competition and it will be very hard that your website will rank first on Google when people are looking for a new car.

There are too many companies and websites that have dozens of high authority site and millions of dollars to spend on Ads that in order for you to outrank for certain popular terms you would need probably a miracle.

This is why I have chosen the Virgin Mary as a cover picture of this article if the miracle happens you will make so much money.

Since I do not believe in miracles but only on my own superpowers! I am going to tell you in this article how to have more chances that this miracle could happen.

The secret is building a high quality content site based on a topic that identifies the needs of a specific group of people and then it will try to solve those needs and requirements.


Example Of A Niche Site

Going back to the”cars” website, a niche site example would be: “the coolest customized Lamborghini cars“.

You can start to gather information from Lamborghinis cars dealers or garages and ask them if they had crazy requests from rich people to customize their car.

I have heard a story that a rich guy from Dubai one time went to a Lamborghini dealer with the purse of his wife in his hands!

The purse was made with ostrich feathers and purple leather.

He went to the car dealer and he said:” I want a Lamborghini with the interiors like this”.

Finding a segmented market like this one and trying to figure out if there are people searching for these things on Google is your job!

If you pick the right niche you will make a ton of money. Period!

ostrich feather purple purse lamborghini intern


What Is Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing is a powerful way to create a segmented market on your website that will turn out to be very profitable.

To create a powerful website you will need to have a general idea of the market you want to put your feet in.

The markets are a lot and here are some examples:

  • cars.
  • motorcycles.
  • make money online.
  • diets.
  • health.
  • fitness.
  • dating.
  • gadgets.
  • technology.
  • etc..

Then once you have figure out on what your blog will be about you need to niche down these huge markets in something more specific.

If you want to make a blog talking about diets, you will need to talk about diets on the side, but your main contents need to be something targeted and specific.

You need to use tools like Google Keyword Planner or KWFinder to figure out if people are searching for these terms.


KWFinder Simple Case Of Study

In the picture below you can see what happens if you put ‘diets‘ in KWfinder. We can see that the difficulty score is pretty high and there is a lot of red stuff on the right under LPS (link profile strength).

diets kwdifficulty kwfinder

If we want to rank on the first page or even second or third page when someone is searching for “diets” it will be practically impossible.

I have picked as an example one of the most competitive niches! But if we look at the next picture we can see some suggestions that we might want to rank for like “no carb diet“.


less competitive keyword on kwfinder

Long story short the broader your long tail keyword is, the biggest are the chances to rank for that keyword.

I really like KWFinder because if you find a KW where you get as results “easy” it will be easy for real to rank for that keyword or long tail keyword.




The difficulty  scale on KWfinder:

  • 0-9 | effortless
  • 10-19 | go for it
  • 20-29 | easy
  • 30-39 | still easy
  • 40-54 | possible
  • 55-74 | hard
  • 75-89 | very hard
  • 90-100| don’t do it

A long tail keyword is a keyword that is formed with multiple words and still, people search for that, like as we seen before” no carb diet” or even better”no carb diet for girls“.

I like to combine google keyword planner to KWFinder! And then compare the result to the ones on SEMrush as well.

Also, I recommend you to have this awesome free chrome extension called ‘keywords everywhere“.

keywords everywhere extension



What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is the Virgin Mary of the situation! Let’s take this article as an example! Here I am trying to rank for a short tail keyword which is “niche site“.

The easiest way to understand how a KW works is that if you include those two words in an article for at least a density of 5% it might rank for that search research.

With the two formulas below you will be able to calculate how many times you need to repeat the keyword and the keyword density.

google keyword planner niche site



If you are a WordPress user there is a plugin that calculates this for you and it’s called Yoast SEO. In the cases that you are not using WordPress bookmark this page since these formulas can come in handy one day.

On the assumption that your domain will have good content, and a decent domain authority you can potentially rank on the first page of Google when someone types “niche site” in my case.

This will take a while, but if you did a great job and the article you have made is better and more updated than the ones on the first page you might rank and get a ton of traffic and traffic equals to money.


How To Find Niche Ideas

There are many techniques that can help you find some niche ideas! The most powerful and that you must consider at first are your inner passions and goals.

Try to focus on what you get intrigued and passionate about! From there try to niche down what can be profitable on the market.

You want to go to the Google Keyword Planner and KWfinder and put down your ideas. If the search volume is relevant you can think about a domain name and start writing stuff.

Once you have a domain you need to start writing stuff and including the long tail keyword you want to rank for in your article as explained before.

You can see some niche ideas from these guys! I like the way they talk together but I don’t agree with everything they say. Check out IncomeSchool list of niche ideas is pretty good and they keep it updated.

Also, I love this post from nichehack, here you can see what having a really targeted site can do! Can you imagine having a website talking about how to knit dolls that brings home $60.000 a month each month from tutorials and advertising?

If you read the article above you can see that there is crazy stuff like prochurchtools that is making a ton of money because is probably the only website helping religious people spread their message.

Cool Websites You Can Use To Get Inspired For Niche Ideas


Product Hunt

I recently discovered this website and immediately fell in love with it. You can check out my profile here, feel free to follow.

What this website does is very simple but at the same time very powerful. With a free account, you can select your interests and passions from the left sidebar.

product hunt topics

You will get every day new cool companies names that are launching new awesome products on the market.

New product means that there is not yet a lot of competition! And not a lot of competitions means that you will rank with ease.

These companies will soon advertise and probably spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads and google ads.

The search volume of some of these companies will go soon to high levels and if you were among the first ones writing a nice review or creating a demo on that product, no wonder you will be ranked first for that keyword.

80% of the companies listed on product hunt have an affiliate program! If they don’t have it specifically on their website, most of the time they do have it but it is just not on the website!

Send them an email and ask if they have one. Then write a review or create a video demo on your niche blog and boom, sooner or later you will get visitors.

This can help you find the topics of your website as well if you are looking at the products that are coming up among your interests.



I really don’t like Clickbank and I do not promote anything from them! I think that 90% of the products on it are just a scam and bad shit you don’t really need.

If you see “protected by Clickbank” on a page when you buy something, it will be most of the time a scam.

So stay away from Clickbank to get your affiliate commission. Also as an affiliate, if you don’t earn a certain amount of money they will start to take money off your earnings until the point where you just loose.

No other affiliate programs do this! But it is an awesome tool when it comes to trying to figure out what’s hot or not in the marketplace.

clickbank marketplace

You can pick your area of interest and then sort by “gravity“! The biggest is the gravity the more sales that offer had compared to visitors and clicks.

So it means that it converts like crazy.

As you can see in the picture below the second offer with big gravity is talking about niche sites! And it’s from there that I have decided to write this article and give some value.

clickbank gravity

There is still not a huge competition and I saw that it converts very good on Clickbank! So there might be people interested in building a site.

This offers sells niche sites templates, it will never work in reality but people buy it and they think that it will work.

It costs $24.95 and as an affiliate, you will get $5 and $25 for the re-bill. Not bad but it’s a scam.

This is useful just to find niche ideas and topics to write about.





SimilarWeb is a freemium tool that will allow you to find similar websites! If you go back to the Clickbank offer from that dude selling websites templates you can get the URL and you can put it in SimilarWeb.

similarweb research for similar webistes

You can then go visit all the similar sites and look at their content and for what they are ranking for and get niche ideas from them as well.

You can also see where the traffic comes from and where they advertise and if they have any social referral traffic.

If they do have social traffic go in there and look at their videos. They will have successful sites and content ideas.


YouTube, Pinterest,  Amazon and Google Search Suggestions

YouTube, Pinterest and Amazon and very similar to search engines. You can put your niche ideas into YouTube and figure out if there are people watching videos on the topic you are interested in.

On YouTube, you can see the searches per month on a specific keyword and searches if you installed the keywords everywhere extension as I mentioned before.

If there are people searching for that keyword on YouTube it means that the niche website you are trying to build can be profitable.

On Pinterest, you do the same, and if you see a lot of repins or interactions with the Pinterest boards it’s a good sign.

With Amazon, you can just search for your products or niche ideas that you have in mind! Look if there are a lot of reviews and positive sentiment with your search.

These tools are free and yet very powerful and you should use it all the time to help you create new blog posts for your website.

You can also use the google predictive search combined with keywords everywhere extension.

Just type in “diet a” as shown in the picture, and do the whole alphabet “diet b“. You will get all the most searched terms in Google doing this.

use the predictive search and keyword everywhere



SEMrush is probably my favorite tool! I will make a review about this because to list all the features and capabilities of this tool it will probably require 40 pages. 

But SEMrush can be used as a keyword research tool combined with google keyword planner and KWfinder.

What I love about SEMrush is that you will be able to see valuable long tail keywords and their position and progresses along the time on the SERP (search engine results page).

semrush keyword research

The long tail keywords generated from SEMrush and the articles that are ranking first on the SERP are very important and useful when picking your niche.




With SEMrush you can see if your website started to rank for the specific keyword you have in mind and also it will give you precious insights.

I have tried to sum up some of the most important keyword related insights in the picture above.



In conclusions to this article, I hope that you found it useful and you discovered the potential of a niche site.

There are infinite ways to turn an online business profitable and there are infinite niches that can be potentially be made.

I know a guy who made millions in a few months writing about mentalism! All the people that heard about mentalism searched for mentalism and for a while, he was the only one on Google!

He sold so many mentalism books that now he’s living on a tropical island and he retired.

I spoke about some of my favorite ways to get inspired by niches, and where to find profitable products.

You’ve got also introduced to what is a keyword and some of the nicest tools online that will help you with the keyword research.

One of these tools is KWfinder, I like it because the KW score is very accurate and if they say ‘easy‘ it will be easy.




You can make a free account now from the button above and you will have 5 searches a day for free for a lifetime.

So this is totally worth to have an account and unleash the niche site powers!

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