Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing Make Money Online With Google Ads Method #1

Make Money Online With Google Ads Method #1

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In this article, I am going to finally tell you a method to make money online with Google ads that work perfectly and requires very little money.

Since now on this blog, I was more focused on giving you some notions about SEO and what affiliate marketing is.

I have also introduced you to some of the most powerful tools you can use such as SEMrush, Clickfunnels, and many others.

In this article instead, I am going to tell you a method I have used before I got banned for life on Google to make money with a very low budget.

So if you don’t know me, I hate wasting money on stuff that does not work. If you want to make money online there are no shortcuts.

You will need a lot of work and patience (doing SEO) or you will need to pay some money for traffic.

make money online with google method one

There is no better-paid traffic than Google ads which was called AdWords a few months ago before the rebranding to Google Ads.

Google is the best traffic source and also sometimes the cheapest, most efficient and easy to understand.

I will make my first making money tutorial based on this.




Something you need to consider is that I am banned for life from Google Ads. I can not show you my earnings from this method and cannot even run campaigns.

I have got banned for life because I was advertising adult stuff in a manner that was not complying to their policies.

If you keep your ads not adult you will not get banned for sure. Share on X


How Google Ads Works In A Nutshell

Google is making trillions of dollars from advertising!  People pay Google to have their business on the Google search results for instance.

search results ad example

Today I am here to tell you that you can do it as well. It just takes a few seconds to make your Google Ads account and run your first campaign.

The way that Google Ads work in a nutshell is very simple.

Let’s assume that you have started a website talking about “Traveling to Italy” yesterday.

There is no way that your website will go on the search engine results page (SERP) of Google right?

If you want it to be on the first page you will need to do SEO and wait for an unknown amount of time before you will be shown as long as you are providing value to people that want to travel to Italy.

If you instead make a Google Ads account you will be able to slam your site on the first page of Google in a matter of seconds.




All you will have to do is to pay more than someone else on that specific keyword:

Traveling to Italy“.

All of this is based on a bidding system, where you will be able to see the price of a specific keyword from the Google Ads dashboard. If you pay slightly more than what’s the bid price, the first spot will be yours.

Easy right?

If you want to make money using AdWords now called Google Ads you will need to find profitable keywords that cost not too much money and they have the purchase intent.

How to find them? (keep reading). Share on X


How To Make Money Online With Google Ads Method One

There are infinite methods you can use to make money with google that’s for sure. But here I am going to tell you a method I have used and that works perfectly.

You can modify this method and see what’s work better for you but here is how it works.

If you scroll your Instagram or Twitter feed, for instance, there will be a lot of ads shown there from people that advertise on Instagram and Twitter.

Of course the same applies to any other website or app, but I find Instagram very good for that.

The Ads that are showing up on Instagram are in most of the cases relevant to you. So you will have some sort of interest in the stuff that is shown to you.

For that, you can thank Instagram because you can use these Ads to make money yourself.

If you have already a Google ads account and I suggest you make one since it’s free. You will be able to see the costs of each keyword that you type on the Google keyword planner.

We can see that for instance for the keyword “Italy vacations” for the English speaker’s results you will need to pay a minimum bid to be shown on some pages of the search results.

traveling to italy google keyword planner bid


PPC 101

$1.11 per click (low range) not the first page probably and $3.18 (high range) to be shown on the first page of Google.

If you want to go on the first page of Google you will need to pay $3.20 for each click that people will do on the search results.

This is called a PPC (pay per click) model, and as you can see if you get 100 clicks on that result you would have to pay:

$3.20 *100 = $320

You will pay only if people click on it!

You can set a daily budget of even $5 but then once the click happens your Ads will not be shown until the next day.

As you can see this is can be tremendously expensive! Especially considering that $3 per click is still considered a very cheap bid.

You can see here on ProductHunt, I have found the most expensive keywords in the world, check them out now and upvote.

traveling to italy google keyword planner bid

For the keyword “purchase auto insurance online” in Mississippi, USA some people will need to pay more than $624 to appear on the first spot per click.

Holy shit!

If there would be no money to be made let’s assured that no one will pay that.

So let’s go back to Instagram.

Whenever you find a “sponsoredAd on your Instagram feed you want to screenshot it or just write it down on your OneNote.


instagram sponsored ad example


In most of the cases, the Ads shown on Instagram are from made from new companies that are trying to start their business!


Make Sure The Product Is Profitable

If you have installed the KeywordsEverywhere extension you will be able to immediately see the search volumes of that specific keyword.

leapin keywordseverywhere search results

If the volume is a nice volume you can look on Google Ads how much it will cost you to be on the first page of Google.

Certain brands have their brand name which is a keyword that is very low on the bidding system we have talked about before.

I have just scrolled a few seconds on IG and found already 3 companies!

Who knows: Verv, Leapin, Animation Throwdown etc… not me for sure.

instagram ad example


I have never heard about these companies but if they are there, people will start to know them soon or they already know them from some other campaigns they have run.

There will be a search volume for these branding keywords.


low bid brand keyword


I have just picked 3 examples because these were the ones that popped up on my Instagram feed!

You will need to do some more work than that and find good products! And mostly you need to make sure that they have an affiliate program.

Some of these products can pay you Revshare for a lifetime and they can actually turn out to be very good products.

This is how I have found for instance RedTrack just after their first launch.


How To Make Money Online With Google Ads

Now you want to make a nice list of all the products you have found! Try to find the ones that still have a very low (high range) bid so that you can go on the first page of Google for cheap.

It is very common to find products or relative keyword of the same product (the ones that you will find just below the product keyword) that can cost you even $0.01 per click.

This means that with a $5 a day budget you can eventually get 500 clicks and visits. Share on X

People that will visit your Ad is very likely to purchase the products. Because if they searched for it they are pretty close to buying it or they just want to have more details.

What you can do then are mainly two things:

  1. If the product you are trying to promote affiliate link includes their URL. For instance, and if they allow Ad bidding on a brand keyword you can just create Ads and use their landing page if you find it simpler.
  2. If they have an affiliate link like you will need to create a landing page on our website. Because Google will not allow you to advertise a link that does not match the domain name where the user will land. I could, for instance, create a landing page on Even better on a brand new site called for instance Then put something awesome on it so that after the user clicks on the Ad it could also file in an e-mail and land on the landing page passing via your website. (P.S.: Your affiliate link needs to be somewhere on that page)!

convertkit free trial


Create Campaigns And Several Ad Groups

I find this method very profitable for revshare software products!

Also for small objects that people buy online from stores and anything that is useful for people.

You could, for instance:

  1. find a nice software Ad.
  2. make a little bit of research.
  3. look at their affiliate program, and if you think that it can sell pretty good.
  4. create some Google ads with a low bid and a low daily budget and see what happens.

google ads ad setup

I could explain to you how to use AdWords, but since it will take me a while what I suggest you do if you don’t understand how to use it is to contact me.

We can have a chat and I will help you!

Or you can read this outdated but still pretty informative post from Neil Patel on how to use AdWords.

Google will make it very easy to create Ads. You should start off by creating several campaigns and choose your main goal and pick between:

  1. search.
  2. display.
  3. shopping.
  4. video.

google ads search results

The most popular is the search display kind of Ad.

Which is the one you will see on the Google SERP. It is also very efficient for this method and you should start with that one.

You can create unlimited Ad groups that they will rotate and auto optimize based on how much interaction the users have with your Ad.

Do not make just 1 Ad group with one Ad and targeting only one keyword.

Add multiple keywords and bid on each of them the lowest possible. Eventually, search for low bids like:

$0.01 or $0.05 CPC unless you have a higher budget.

semrush ton of data

Before launching a campaign you should read some tutorials and watch some youtube videos. Or you can followfree Adwords course on Udemy.

Try to follow free stuff you don’t want to waste money in stuff you don’t need.

These courses will introduce you on how to use Google Ads. They will make it faster for you to use an adverting platform like Google Ads (AdWords).

The only way to make money online with Google ads is by playing with them and practicing.

No one will tell you what to do to become a #millionaire but your practice. Share on X



In conclusion, to make money online with Google Ads you can use a very simple technique that is proven to be profitable.

All you have to do is to do a deep research of the companies that are sponsored on the ads on Instagram and Twitter for instance.

Try to figure out if they are good stuff and if they have a brand bidding keyword that has a low price.

I told you that you can find some low bid KW for $0.01 but probably to be more realistic you will end up with something on average around $0.08 per click.

brand keyword cost

Because you will need to add also relative KW in order for your Ad to be shown to more people.

Unless the branding keyword has a huge search volume and a low bidding which is not going to happen, probably.




If you are able to spot a good product and bid on the brand keyword for cheap, you could eventually reach a lot of people interested in that product and that will buy it with a high chance.

This method should deserve more explanation on how Google search Ads work and how the Google display Ads work. But there is not a lot of time here so that you will not get bored reading this.

If you are interested in becoming a good Google Ads PPC guru you should read some articles and take a small free course on Udemy.

Don’t waste too much time learning theory!

Put into practice what you learn immediately. Share on X

create a campaign on google ads


You can create campaigns and Ad groups even without spending any money only for experimenting.

You will not pay a dime until you will launch the campaign so you can play with as much as you want.

That’s why I have chosen Google as my first “how to make money online” tutorial. Because it is very simple and completely free to use until you launch the campaigns.

By now you should know how to earn money online with Google using this method!

If you find it helpful or you need help share, tweet, and comment below. Share on X

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