Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable?

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable?

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Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable?

In this article, we are going to cover this question! There is a need to clarify all the aspects behind that question.

A lot of people think that affiliate marketing is just some get rich quick scheme or some sort of scam that only a few assholes can do.

In fact, this is not what it is!

Being an affiliate nowadays is all about having a serious business online and promote other people’s products.


A lot of stuff changed lately, things that worked a few years ago now are no longer working, meanwhile, other things are still working. Share on X

career in affiliate marketing

If you want to know how good is a career in affiliate marketing and how to start making your first sales read this.


Where Affiliate Marketing Is Heading?

If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing you should read the article linked before.

If you are lazy and you want a short answer, in a few words affiliate marketing is:


Selling somebody else product and earning a commission from the sale. #affiliate #sales Share on X


You can be an affiliate for absolutely anything, even for the watch store across your house.

The problem is that you will need to make an agreement with the store owner so that you can get a commission if you sell a watch.

Thanks to the internet, being an affiliate is easier if you like a product!

You can simply sign up to the product affiliate program and you will get a personal link capable of tracking all of the clicks and sales.

For instance, let’s assume that you find SEMrush useful!

Just go to BeRush open your affiliate account and start earning commissions from sales.

Affiliate marketing is heading toward a direction where only established businesses and websites can actually make sales.

People hate Ads and spammy techniques, stupid mobile text messages, email spam, and annoying pop-ups are going to be eliminated from the world pretty soon.

Many browsers like Brave Browser and Google Chrome started to remove tracking scrips and annoying Ads by default.

I don’t want to be catastrophic but what I feel is that the only people that will be able to make a lot of money are the ones that invested serious time on SEO.



Who Is Involved In The Process Of Affiliate Marketing?

I have made an article just before of this one talking about some entities you should be aware of when trying to make money as an affiliate.




Advertiser and Publisher are the guys that somehow make the money!

Advertisers spend money to make more money and publishers usually just earn money from Advertisers.

There is also another entity that needs to be considered and taken into account when playing with affiliate links and this entity are consumers.

  1. Advertiser.
  2. Publisher.
  3. Consumers.

You should always think about them first,  then sales will come!


If you make your consumers happy sales will come and money will come as well. Share on X


How To Get My First Sale With Affiliate Marketing?

You can’t pretend to make a lot of money and get sales if you are just spamming around links.

For instance, I have been in the adult industry for quite a while now, it’s very easy to make money there with spamming.

You can simply create hundreds of profiles on xHamsters with a VPN for instance, and comment your affiliate links like crazy. (doing this will be never passive income)

You will easily make some money from leads, but I have serious doubts that people will pay for that offer and your affiliate manager will shut down your account.

The same applies to any other industry!

If you want to make your first sale you need first to keep your audience sticking with you.

For instance here on, I am trying to write super useful stuff for completely free.


I am not spamming links or annoying people visiting my website! Share on X

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I am starting to have traffic and people who like me buy certain things because I told them that they are awesome.

In fact,all the products on this site are super awesome and if I am talking about them high chances are that I regularly use them.


The audience reading my blog can be people #cheap as I am! Share on X


I aim for people, that doesn’t want to waste money on useless stuff and still that wants to have the best performances.

I spend most of the time finding new awesome products that cost less money as possible or even better products that are free.

If you are going to build an SEO friendly website like this one for instance in any other niche, the money will come on autopilot in the long run.

SEO is a long term investment, you need patience


Top Tips To Make A Lot Of Sales

Here I will list some Top 10 tips to start a successful career in affiliate marketing.

Of course, these tips are vague and you need to discover what they mean yourself.

The main deal is that you need to create a website or even better many websites that are going to help someone else.

If you want to learn SEO you should start by reading this guide about SEO from me, and this guide about SEO from Google.

  1. promote products you love and understand to the fullest.
  2. think about helping people instead of making sales.
  3. adapt to new coming products.
  4. leave the old behind.
  5. focus on becoming the best friend of someone searching for a solution.
  6. don’t spam ever.
  7. don’t get too excited when you are making money.
  8. keep more than one eye on the competition.
  9. focus on evergreen niches.
  10. the simplest thing is most of the time the best and most efficient.


Visual marketing and videos are also becoming very important.

In fact, a lot of douchebags on the intent are making a lot of money just because some of their videos get viral and those are literally cash machines videos.

The guy below actually is not a douchebag but is the proof of how you can become a millionaire if you know how to talk and sell stuff.

This guy is making a lot of money from YouTube revenues and sales of products for men like shaving creams and stuff like that.

He’s a marketing genius and it deserves to be on this article.


This guy is a super affiliate and all is doing is creating kick-ass videos on YouTube.


Which Are The Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs?

There is nothing I hate most than Clickbank products and even Amazon affiliate products.

In order for you to make a living from these programs, you will need to generate a huge amount of sales with Amazon and scam most of the people with Clickbank.

The most lucrative and profitable affiliate programs are affiliate programs that work on a RevShare model and that are useful.

For instance, SEMrush has a kick-ass affiliate program because you will earn a 40% lifetime commission!

On top of that, you will give your customers the best marketing tool available at the moment that will increase their sales to the next level.

Make A Free Account And Test It Out.


semrush boost your seo sem ppc


What Are The Best Affiliate Programs To Join?

There are millions of affiliate programs on the internet.


My advice is not to look about the best affiliate programs but to let the affiliate program look for you.


What I mean is that if you are a smart and a curious person, chances are that you are browsing the web onto websites you love.

Each time you go on a website that you think is awesome or that sell a product that is awesome for you, look at the footer and try to see if they have an affiliate program.

If they do you can become an affiliate!

Selling a product that you love means that you will be more likely to generate sales because you strongly believe in that product and you know what you are talking about.

rush to work


If you are looking for a place to start, this is my top list of the best affiliate programs and affiliate networks you should join.



In conclusions to answer the question is affiliate marketing really profitable the short answer is YES!

What you need to do is to have patience, doing things correctly and consistently and focus on creating a long term serious business.

Being an affiliate with online products is probably the easiest and most efficient way.


Creating a website, making awesome videos and tutorials, building an audience and growing an email list is the most efficient way to generate sales. Share on X


You should always pick a niche that you really love and enjoy talking about. That way sales will come with fewer efforts.

There are many affiliate programs you can join, there is no better or worst affiliate program as soon as you think that the product you are going to talk about is a good one.

The best affiliate programs are the ones on a RevShare model, in other words, that will pay you for a lifetime until a consumer will renew their membership, or buy additional services.

Some affiliate programs are complete rip-offs!

If you want to have an idea of rip off sites just make an account on Clickbank.


98% of the products on Clickbank are useless, scammy and complete crap.


I would like to know your opinion about this!

Are you making any money with affiliate marketing yet or you are just not getting going? (comment below)


If you liked this article give me a tweet now, I will see it an be happy! Getting your first sales is just a matter of targeting the right people. Share on X


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