Marco Diversi Media Buying How Do Ad Networks And Media Buying Agencies Work?

How Do Ad Networks And Media Buying Agencies Work?

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So you want to make money from your website but have no idea how ad networks and media buying agencies work?

There are a few concepts you need to fix in your mind before starting making money online!

In this article, I am trying to tell you with simple words how all of this works.

You will learn the difference between advertiser, publisher, media buying agencies and what are the best ad networks and what they are.

If you are a newbie, you must understand these entities.

I am getting a lot of messages every day asking me stuff like:


So now how I am going to make money with my site? Should I put AdSense? #lol #hahah #ads Share on X


Each time I hear this AdSense thing I know that I am talking with someone that has no idea of what is talking about.


semrush not a problem



What Is An Ad Network?

There are too many websites available on the internet.

It would be nearly impossible to make all of them making money without the help of Ad Networks.

So this is how it works:

  1. you make a website.
  2. the plan is to make money with it.
  3. the best way to make money is by selling Ad space on your site.
  4. but how to find people willing to place Ads on your sites all the time?
  5. this is when Ad Networks come in handy!

An Ad network is a complex platform where advertisers and publishers are interacting and taking benefits from each other.

Ad networks spend their time finding new profitable publishers, the advertiser can use their platform to set up campaigns and advertise their business.

Ad Networks take all the available Ad space from publishers and then resell it to advertisers for impressions.


What Is A Publisher?

  • a traffic provider!

A publisher is anyone that has a website or traffic, in general, to sell in exchange for cool offers, leads or money so to speak.

If you have a website that gets organic hits or a big audience on certain social media you can become a publisher and make money.

Ad networks are usually gathering the best publishers on their platform and put them in contact with advertisers.

Webmasters are the coolest kind of publishers!


publisher typewriter



What Is An Advertiser?

  • an offer content provider!

An advertiser is someone willing to pay money so that they can make more money.

If you have a product to sell you might need to find publishers with good traffic or audience so that you can generate more sales and leads for your business.

Advertisers need users to buy their products and users can be found on the publisher’s websites or audience.


What Are Media Buying Agencies?

Media buying agencies are specialized in optimizing the advertising campaigns so that publishers can make money from them.

The competition is fierce at the current moment and thinking about running a $100 /day campaign and make money from it it’s very difficult.

There are people spending a lot of money every day to show their ads in the most profitable spots!

Without the help of a specialized media buying agency, you might only waste money.

My advice is to spend a lot of time trying to find the best traffic sources and scale up your media buying campaigns as soon as you break even.

Using media buying agencies to make money can be very expensive!


ney york city


What Are Ad Networks?

An Ad network is a place where advertisers and publishers get together and put their plans in action.

Media buying agencies and media buyers are still considered to be advertisers since they are the ones that spend the money.

You might get confused between CPA networks and Ad Networks.

On this article, I have talked about CPA marketing and you should read it.

But to be short:

  • Ad networks are providing traffic directly from publishers.
  • CPA networks instead gather offers and Ads from several advertisers that need help from affiliates to promote their offers.

That way media buyers can run profitable campaigns onto publishers websites meanwhile affiliates are using their tricks to drive extra traffic using CPA networks offers.

Usually, the CPA networks offers can be found directly from the advertiser website.

For instance:

LiveJasmin can be found on CrakRevenue as an offer as a CPA offer, but if you go on AwEmpire you will find more options since Awempire is the real advertiser of this offer.





Make Money With Ad Networks

If you want to make money online you will need to become an advertiser or a publisher or both.

You need to understand these concepts and optimize your websites and traffic so that you can make more money!


Always think about these two entities. Share on X


I really love to be a publisher and sell my traffic to advertisers, CPA networks and awesome offers.

I have over 45 websites now and some of them are starting to kick in for good.

Once you are at a certain level, Ad networks will try to contact you and then you will find the most profitable ways to make money.

The problem with me is that I don’t like random Ads and spam.

I rather make a lot less money but offer my visitors cool products.

In fact, on this website, I have no AdSense and I always say no to publishers to add stuff for money on my site.

I have a few banners on the side of products that I think that are awesome and that’s it.

Almost the same happens for other sites I have.

This way I make less money but I know that people won’t be disappointed or annoyed by ads, pop-ups and stuff like that.

Here you can find a list of the most famous Ad Networks to work with.

ad networks 1



Top Ad Networks List



AdSense is the Ad network from Google. This is one of the most used and most of the ads that you see on big websites are coming from them.



Magenet is a powerful ad network you can use instead of AdSense for instance. It’s easy to sign up and very profitable.



This is the best adult traffic network on the internet. If you want to promote adult offers and you have a lot of money you need to use them.



Exoclick is the second best adult traffic network. It will allow you to place awesome ads on your websites and make money and sell your ad space if you have some.



A big network you can join and start earning money from and monetize your traffic. They have a wide range of niches.



The cool platform, a young team and a lot of customizations. They have also content lockers and in-house offers as well.



This is a very popular ad marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade ads. A lot of bloggers are using this network to monetize.



OutBrain is one of the biggest advertising networks on the planet. These guys are used from big newspapers sites like CNN, TheOnion, etc…



AdThrive is my favorite alternative to AdSense. If you feel like you are losing money with AdSense and you have a website with a lot of traffic and you are willing to place ads use these guys. (100k visitors a month is the minimum to get accepted)



This is another rather big adult traffic network for advertisers and publishers. They have a good platform.



On JuicyAds you can find a lot of publishers and cheap adult space on adult sites only. This is one of the cheapest adult display network.



RevenueHits is a very old network that still some people use to monetize their sites. I am not sure if it’s still good.



These guys are pretty popular and they have a lot to offer as well. They always have nice tips and tricks that they share. is one of the top networks, they have advertisers, offers and publishers of any kind. This is very popular.



They are specialized in-text ads. If you don’t like display advertising you can test some text links campaigns with them.



Another great place to monetize traffic. A lot of people is using them but I have no direct experience.



ZeroPark is very popular among media buyers. they have pretty good adult traffic sources. I have tried them a while ago.



Monetizer as well is a great ad network you can use. they excel with customer support and traffic monetization mainly adult and forex.



FroggyAds is a pretty popular platform as well that you can use. Many users are happy to advertise with them.



On NetoTraffic you can join as a publisher or advertiser as well. They have many crypto publisher sites.



W4 is pretty popular and awesome. It might be a little too hard to get into the platform but still, you can try.



Mundo media is another huge ad network with a lot of fame. They have many different solutions for both advertiser and publisher.



MediaVine is taking advertising to the next level with an awesome and management platform. Overall is not bad.



Advertising network available for both publisher and advertisers. The platform looks a little bit outdated.



A cool network that is looking mainly for leads traffic. Getting leads is their best thing.



A nice network to use to monetize traffic. The website looks like monster insights for WordPress so maybe the same guys are behind this.



Pretty popular ad network working worldwide. A lot of people is using it and not a lot of complaints are made yet.


xHamster Partners

If you like adult movies becoming an xHamster partner is a good idea. They will pay you a lot for every 1000 visitors you send to send.



HubTraffic is one of the biggest adult monetization traffic on the internet. You will be able to earn money from the traffic you send to PornHub, YouPorn, Tube8 and all of these big guys in the adult industry.



This is one of my favorite ad networks available, they are doing great with adult and pop-under. It is often in the top 10 networks.



On PopAds, you will be able to find only pop traffic. all the most annoying ads that you see on the internet might come from them.



They have pretty legit adult traffic as well. Almost impossible to get into their platform if you are a newbie but still if you are not it’s very good.



Cool adult network as well. They have a very to the easy platform and you will not get overwhelmed with options.



Pretty popular service for both advertiser and publisher. Also, this network is often in many top 10 lists of best networks.



They have a lot of adult traffic, nice publishers in many niches and a cool platform. Even though they are shady many people use them.



This is another super famous adult ad network you should join. They have cool guys managing their platform.



They have a young team and a fast growing and cutting edge platform. Also, AdSterra is often on the top 10 lists of best Ad Networks.



Nice ad network. I have no experience with this platform but the website looks fine and they might have something interesting.



These guys are on the market since forever and some people like them. I think that there are better solutions to this.



Hilltopads have a monopoly over many famous sites and huge traffic. It got very popular a few years ago and still is rocking.



Taboola is one of the biggest mainstream ad networks available, it is pretty expensive to advertise with them but they have great publishers.



Mgid is a Russian or Ukranian network and they are pretty good and famous. You will get a dedicated manager for this.



On Etology, you can buy and sell traffic like never before. Many ads you see on the internet are actually coming from them.



Cool network full of features and awesome publishers. People are usually happy to monetize their traffic with this network.



Nice ad network for ads. You can place display ads and mobile advertising pretty easily and you will like it.



You can join ClickBooth and monetize or sell your traffic. They are pretty popular worldwide and very good for mobile advertising.



Ezoic is getting pretty popular and used lately also on big sites. If you want to try it do it, they have a good platform.



Another interesting and cutting edge network you can join for free. Making money and selling traffic is easy.



Bidvertiser is a cool network where you can sell and share traffic.  Media buyers and newbies are getting a lot out of them.



A popular CPM advertising network. Most of the ads you will place on publisher websites will be based on a CPM model only.



This one of the top ad networks you can join and use to increase your revenues. If you like new stuff this is for you.



They are experts with mobile advertising and great publishers. These guys are dealing with a huge amount of clicks.



AdXpansion is a cool display advertising network. They have mainly adult traffic but also other niches.



TrafficHaus is one of the best adult advertising network. They have control over a lot of adult sites and adult blogs.



Also, TrafficFactory is an awesome adult ad network. It got a little hard to get into this network but overall is very good.



TrafficShop is a brand new advertising platform mainly for adult as well. The website is one of the best and easiest to use.



DoublePimp is one of the biggest adult ad networks that control all the main porn sites under the pop-under and annoying ads point of view.



TrafficStars is another great and new ad network mainly for adult traffic. They have ad space on sites like xHamster.



EroAdvertsing is another great adult network. They have control over a lot of adult cam sites and you can make a lot of money with them.



ExoticAds is the one ad network behind chaturbate for instance. they have adult traffic for publishers and advertisers.



Also, the traffic company is a brand new Dutch company specialized in adult traffic and adult ads placement.


exo sign up




In conclusions, Ad networks need to become your friends if you want to monetize your traffic in an easy way.

These entities are specialized in gathering the best publishers so that advertisers can advertise their products and everyone is happy.

There are many ad networks on the internet, it can be overwhelming and expensive to start a media buying campaign.

There are media buying agencies specialized in doing that but it can be expensive.

The best way is to learn how to do it your self and if your plan is to make money long term try to become a good publisher.

The best way to be a successful publisher is by creating a website!

Talking about something you are passionate about and monetize it with Ad networks, CPA offers, and custom products.

If you have no idea how to start a website you can read my article that will guide you step by step.


Then you will need to learn a few basic concepts like what’s SEO, Keywords Research, Backlinks, etc…


If you need help you can contact me!


I hope that you liked this article if you think that this was helpful give me a tweet now so that I can see it. Thanks Share on X


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