Marco Diversi Media Buying Why Self-Hosted Trackers Make Sense: The Binom Tracker Example

Why Self-Hosted Trackers Make Sense: The Binom Tracker Example

Why Self-Hosted Trackers Make Sense: The Binom Tracker Example post thumbnail image

An efficient tracker is a must-have for affiliates, media buyers and digital marketers in general, both successful ones and wannabes.

This statement is more or less self-evident. As long as you want to make enough money on the Internet, you are supposed to be concerned about how you act, what you see, what you spend and how much you get.


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It is not an exaggeration to say that the more you want to earn, the more you have to invest in different directions.

Thus, a reliable tracker is an indispensable tool for optimization and prioritization. With it at your disposal, you will see and control everything with no risk to get lost or confused.

How to choose your right tracker? That’s where the trouble lies!

Right now, there is absolutely no shortage of available tracking solutions that may suit every taste and budget.

However, this great variety notwithstanding, there is an important line that divides all of them into two main basic types.

Namely, you can use either a cloud-based tracker or choose a self-hosted one.




Many beginners and even experts would automatically opt for a cloud-based tracker since it seems to be a logical step to make.



try binom 14 days for free


After all, the overwhelming majority of services have already migrated to the cloud for a totally comprehensible and not surprising reason.

It is convenient and prompt.

However, there are two considerations that may make this choice less predetermined.


Data Safety Is A Sensitive Matter

The first one is all about your data safety.

Your cash flow is generated not only by your skills but also by your “data infrastructure”. Hence, the data you manage, your verticals, offers, formats, publishers, tricks, efficiency metrics, and other digital marketing stuff is the main key to your success.


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And no one wants to lose control over it. This is your info after all. Which must remain exclusively yours.

Whoever, sending this precious data to the cloud is a never-ending risk per se.

One may dismiss this consideration with an understandable argument. We are constantly sending enormous amounts of data to the cloud nowadays, personal and delicate info included. Almost everyone is accustomed to it.

So, why bother?

Well, one should bother, because, in this particular case, your data is more than data here.

It is your main asset, your digital fuel for money making. And you shall handle it in a proper and suitable fashion.

That is why you need a self-hosted tracker.

By using it, you effectively secure your own exclusive access to your data and prevent any other data breaches or misuse. This is the nature of self-hosted solutions.

For sure, every adequate and prominent cloud-based service provider would care about its reputation.

So, they do take appropriate measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized misuse.

However, all the related risks such as leaks, improper data usage, etc… still remain.

And they will remain forever. No one knows what may happen or might be happening right now behind closed doors one day.


secure data is better


Do you?

At the same time, a self-hosted tracker resolves this privacy and protection issue from the very beginning, once and for all.

Your data is your data with a self-hosted tracker. Period.


Installation And Settings: Easier Than It May Seem

The second concern relates to the main inconvenience of self-hosted solutions,  i.e. installation and settings.

This may be a problem for some people who find these operations boresome, time-consuming, and even irritating.

Human beings normally tend to avoid unnecessary actions. It is our nature.

However, it is not all that simple again. In light of the aforementioned safety concern, some actions are worth it in order to protect your data.

And more than that, it is not that difficult at all with a modern self-hosted tracker.

If a service provider is really determined to have you as a customer and win your lasting loyalty, the support team will do their best to help you, effectively tuning the solution instead of you, on their own.

At least, this is what Binom, one of the best and most popular self-hosted trackers, does.

Just contact the Binom support team and they will guide you through the entire process.


What Is Binom Essentially  

More than that, Binom may be viewed as an optimum solution exemplifying an up-to-date self-hosted tracker.

Binom is both popular and trusted.

As you can see below, Binom is one of the industry leaders indeed. At least according to Adplexity’s estimates, Binom is an indisputable leader in terms of traffic volume as a self-hosted tracker.

This success is not accidental for sure.


binom comparison with other trackers from adplexity


Binom Tracker, created in 2016, was developed by a team of affiliate professionals for affiliate professionals.


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That is to say, by those who are familiar with all the relevant needs for those who require ever more efficient solutions here and know.

This tracker is deep, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use. Its success speaks for itself: now it has over 800 loyal customers (this figure is growing) and processes 2 billion clicks monthly.

The key advantages offered by Binom are as follows:

  • The cheap price that does not depend on your traffic volumes,
  • Amazing speed,
  • Precision regarding any details and points you may possibly need,
  • Qualified, committed, and responsive support team,
  • Absolute safety of your data which can only a self-hosted solution guarantee.


binom dashboard and data


If you are interested, let’s take a closer look at it and make your free account now.


Binom Tracker Features

A truly detailed guide through this tracker would take a lot of time. As you can see in the pictures, Binom covers all the crucial aspect of affiliate marketing.

So, the info provided below is just a really brief overview of its capacities.

At the same time, an event such a brief enumeration says a lot and explains how Binom has managed to become so popular among aspiring newbies and seasoned experts.


  • 5 ms to process a click saving you from frustration and nervousness.
  • Almost instant grouping of most your reports.
  • Transactional engines to store your clicks.

Organization of your activities

  • Groups for offers, landings, and entire campaigns.
  • Easy search across your base.
  • You may add other users with individual rights.
  • User permissions include each and every possible aspect of your activities, including sources, rotation, networks, landing pages, offers, and entire campaigns. You can assign different rights regarding viewing, editing, and creation.
  • Finally, if you are a boss managing your team you may actually hide revenue figures from your employees.


binom permissions activities


Traffic distribution

  • MVT and A/b testing.
  • Multi-affiliate landings.
  • 20 metrics to set your rules, including devices, OS, geos.
  • Smart rotation.
  • Different paths and landing/direct tests.

testing the offers with a tracker


Deep analysis:

  • Multilayered reporting.
  • Filters for white and blacklists.
  • Row tagging.


self hosted tracker stats


Advanced tracking 

  • 30 attributes for your clicks.
  • LP pixel to direct your traffic to a landing page without excessive redirects.
  • Enhanced postback.
  • No limits for extra domains.
  • Metrics for landing pages including exit points, headers, browser settings, etc…
  • Integrated landings.
  • Event systems.


binom click stats



  • Detailed documents.
  • FAQ answering more than 100 questions.
  • Feedback via e-mail, Telegram, internal tickets or Skype, whatever is more comfortable for you and your situation.
  • They will answer your question within an hour at the latest.
  • Available from 9 A.M. to 23 P.M (UTC +3).


first time response times


Efficiency and workability

  • Binom can function under any workload.
  • PHP 5+ based.
  • Compatibility with MySQL 5+, MariaDB, Percona.
  • It does not use much memory.
  • Server failover system.
  • SMS-notifications.

All these features and functionality are available at a cheap price of $99 a month.

But if you opt for the yearly plan, the cost will decrease by 30%. It goes without saying that a free trial is also available.




14 days of practical usage and hands-on testing are more than enough to demonstrate its unlimited potential.


binom yearly plan cost




Binom is an up-to-date tracker that has won considerable recognition due to a combination of speed, depth, balance, cost-efficiency, and its extremely good support team.

The fact that is a self-hosted tracker should not be viewed as an important obstacle when it comes to making your choice.

Yes, one may spend a little bit more time while setting it up. However, once it is installed, it starts to work quickly, seamlessly, and effectively, with any probable issue being resolved almost immediately.


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So, it may be a reasonable step to try safe-hosted traffic. Why not?




With Binom, you really can propel your online activities to a new level of transparency, optimization, prioritization and, at the end of the day, profitability.


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