Marco Diversi Media Buying Turn Facebook Into Something Useful With Turbo Ad Finder & UseTurbo

Turn Facebook Into Something Useful With Turbo Ad Finder & UseTurbo

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People like me use Facebook to make money! If you want to join the crib, read how you can make money as well.

On this article, I am going to talk about two free tools called Turbo Ad Finder and UseTurbo that will help you turn your Facebook into something useful and productive.

As you might already know, Facebook is tracking you a lot.

Facebook knows everything we like and dislike and the stuff that you see on your news feed and Ad spaces is stuff you like.

To make money online you need to write about your passions and stuff you like!


What's better than using the money that other people spend to show their stuff to you in your favor? Share on X


You can easily discover all the Ads that are running on Facebook with two simple free tools called:

  1. Turbo Ad Finder,
  2. UseTurbo.


How To Use Turbo Ad Finder

Turbo Ad Finder is a simple and free tool that will allow you to see and filter, all the Ads that are running on Facebook at any time.

In order to have semi-full access to this tool, you will need a free account. So go ahead and make your free account now.




Once you are logged in, you will land on a page that will look like the one in the picture below.

turbo ad finder


This is your Turbo Ad Finder dashboard and the place where you can filter Ads using the menus on top.

We can change the language of the Ads, for instance, try to put Italian, and you will get all the Ads that are running in Italy at the current moment.

You can also filter the Ads by domain, for instance, we can put our best friend domain in it and get all the SEMrush Facebook Ads.


semrush turbo ad finder on facebook


This tool is free and it can be used to see what our competitors are doing or just to see what Ads are running on Facebook.

With a free account, you will be able to do a lot! I am using the free version as well.

With the paid version you can also filter by country, using custom filters and look at historical Ads and so much more.

You can then create awesome campaigns not only on Facebook but also on Google or any other traffic source.

You can also see where exactly the Ad was placed and from whom.


turboadfinder dig deeper


How To Use UseTurbo

With UseTurbo instead, you can use your personal Facebook account to get awesome ideas of new products based on your interests.

You can see what the people in your niche and area of interest are promoting on Facebook.

The way it works is very simple, with a simple chrome extension install, you will be able to toggle off and on your news feed posts.




P.S: If the extension is removed from the store, you will need to download it from this button above and follow this tutorial to install it.


When the extension is enabled your news feed will be populated only with awesome Ads based on what you like and dislike.

You will see products that are being advertised on Facebook from new companies or big companies related to your niche.

My advice is to let Facebook know what’s your interests and let them do retarget Ads personalized based on your likes.

I don’t care about privacy at this point, once you are opening your browser there are tons of companies that know everything about you.


So there is no point to try to stay private and safe on the internet, you are not. Share on X


useturbo only facebookads on newsfeed

My Facebook Feed Have Only Ads!! Nice…


All of these privacy policies and GDPR stuff are just a bunch of nonsense gibberish concocted by people! Share on X


They know how to make money off small companies and they are trying to destroy the internet for the small business owner, while the big companies with a lot of power will continue to exist.

I am personally using ExpressVPN but I know for a fact that Surfshark is very good and cheaper, just a little slower.


WordPress Tables Plugin


With a VPN you will be able to change your IP address, the Ads on your Facebook news feed will magically change based on your location!


In 2019 having a VPN is essential and super cheap! You can get one from $2.99 a month!


This is the only way to have a little bit more of privacy, the rest is all just fake privacy stuff.

Going back to UseTurbo, you should always use your Facebook to look at ads on your news feed. Take inspiration from others to do better with your own ads.


How To Make Money With Turbo Ad Finder And Facebook

Now if you want to make money with this method you will need to spend money.

You will need to spy on the ads from turbo ad finder, create spreadsheets based on the info you will find and start running some campaigns.

Since these ads are running on Facebook, you might want to run Ads on Facebook or on Google Ads.


WordPress Tables Plugin


You can also use other traffic sources, but these are the ones that eventually can make you more money.

Then you will need to have a product to promote, if you don’t have one, you will need to sign up for a CPA network.

You can read more about CPA marketing here.

These are my top CPA picks if you are a newbie.


WordPress Tables Plugin


The CPA networks will have many offers you can promote. Most of them are paying a lot of money for sales or leads.

You can create an Ad copy of a product you see advertised on turbo ad finder or on your UseTurbo Facebook feed.

Then you can launch a similar campaign and start to optimize it until it gets profitable.




You can use the method described in the article above also here. The difference is that you will steal Ads from Facebook.

It can be a little more expensive if you are trying to bid on big keywords. But if you are going to use SEMrush, you will be able to spot low CPC keywords that can eventually make you money.




SEMrush is the only tool you will need to use if you want to make a lot of money with the internet.

You can use it for free with a limited version.

However, you will soon find out that upgrading is the best move to do in your life.

There are plenty of SEMrush tutorials on this blog, check them all out.


Here is one to start with.


semrush ton of data


A Simple Strategy You Can Follow Step By Step.

  1. make a free account with turbo ad finder.
  2. install the useturbo extension.
  3. make a free semrush account.
  4. go to your Facebook account and enable useturbo.
  5. start scrolling your news feed.
  6. gather ideas!
  7. open a Google spreadsheet.
  8. make some columns and give it a name corresponding to the category of the product, i.e: fishing motorcycles, diets, dating, etc…
  9. scroll the ads and start typing the name of the companies in the respective column.
  10. write down the ads on another spreadsheet and steal the creatives.
  11. log in into one of the CPA networks listed above.
  12. try to find offers similar to the ones promoted on the ads you see.
  13. make an account on
  14. hire a few Indian or Filipino dudes to create similar but better creatives for a few bucks.
  15. once you’ve got the ads, make a shit load of facebook and google ads campaigns without running them. You will spend no money yet.
  16. use semrush to find profitablebuy intent‘ keywords that are still cheap.
  17. grab the spreadsheet again, compare your campaigns and ads with the ones you have found on turbo ad finder.
  18. modify your ads based on what you saw on the ads of your competitors.
  19. run a few campaigns on Google and a few on Facebook. Run the ones that you think that came out better.
  20. monitor the traffic and conversions. Since you are working with CPA networks you can think about making some campaigns and get paid per lead just to get some cash back immediately.
  21. try to understand if it’s more profitable to run pay per leads campaigns or pay per sign up campaigns or revshare campaigns.
  22. go to and make an account and get your free trial.
  23. Run another bunch of campaign and A/b test, direct linking campaigns and landing pages campaigns created with clickfunnels.
  24. When you make campaigns with a landing page created with clickfunnels, you will have the advantage that you can collect the email of the user for yourself and then send email marketing offers without the need to pay for traffic.
  25. If you are making money with the direct linking and pay per lead, go with that route.
  26. If you are not making money, try with clickfunnels and email marketing.
  27. Optimize, scale until the campaigns get profitable.
  28. Be happy!


convertkit free trial




Turbo Ad Finder and UseTurbo are two free tools that will allow you to spy on ads that people put on Facebook.

The best way to make money is having a passion and try to sell products where you have a deep knowledge about.

Facebook knows all about you and it will target you with ads that are exactly related to what you like in life. Share on X

Take advantage of this using spy tools like the ones mentioned above to create successful and profitable campaigns.

If you don’t have a product to sell, you can be an affiliate for a product or work for CPA networks.

You will need to sign up to a CPA network and find awesome offers to promote via some Ad copies you can make spying on your competitor’s Ads. will help you find a cheap keyword to bid on that can be profitable.


This is just an introduction of a cool and rather effective media buying techniques.

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