Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Affiliate marketing is a massive blessing for every internet entrepreneur.

To list a few advantages of being an affiliate marketer here are some: it is a market with a ton of products, you can work at your own pace, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

To top it off, you don’t need to invest big money to start and there are no other ways as easy as affiliate marketing to make money on the internet.

Maybe because of such benefits it is a business worth $12 billion worldwide and new companies are seeking to join every year. 


From 2012 to 2017, the number of merchants grew by 40% and the number of affiliates by 49%. Share on X


Also, 86% of affiliates expect it to keep growing. That means more products to the markets and a higher earning potential.

So far, affiliate marketing sounds amazing. What’s the catch, you might ask.

The answer: nothing, if you do it right.

Affiliate marketing is like any other business. If you know how it works and you make smart decisions, you will prosper.


Unfortunately, there are traps many affiliates fall into.


mistakes to avoid in your affiliate marketing business


New affiliates especially tend to make mistakes, get discouraged, and give up after a short time without success.

So, if you’re an affiliate or want to become an affiliate, here are a few mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing!


Top Newbie Mistakes To Avoid In Your Affiliate Marketing Business


Don’t Fall For the Get Rich Quick Scheme

This one is the bane of new affiliates. There’s nothing worse than getting into affiliate marketing with the “get rich quick” mentality.

Making this mistake is understandable. Everybody wants to make money. When people hear about the huge amount of cash some affiliates make, they want to do the same.

You might have seen some ads saying stuff like: “Learn how to easily make $100,000 a month.”

free money for everyone

It might sound silly, but ads, articles, and videos like these are everywhere.

If you knew the secret to make a $100,000 a month, would you really be selling it to people on the internet? Share on X

Probably not. You’d be out there making websites that make $100,000 a month and you’d be rich!

The reality is that the person on the other side of the ad doesn’t know how to make money

Here’s the truth:

  • Can you make money being an affiliate? Definitely! Plenty of people got rich through affiliate marketing.
  • Will it happen within a month? It’s highly unlikely.

Affiliate marketing is about playing the long game. Like with any other business, you have to put in some efforts.

Slowly attract more and more people to your content and, once you have an audience, sales will come naturally.

It won’t happen as soon as you start and you probably won’t be earning spectacular money during the first year.

However, this is not a reason not to try. If you work hard, there’s no reason you wouldn’t earn your fortune in affiliate marketing.


Have a look at the infographic below about the affiliate marketing situation and stats!

affiliate marketing infographic


Not Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing Business

A lot of affiliates make the mistake of thinking that people will come to them.

There’s a possibility that someone will find your website even if you don’t promote it. However, chances are not a lot that this will earn you a profit.

You need to promote your website. It can be tedious at first but, I promise, it is worth it once traffic rolls in.

To start, pick a niche that sells. There’s nothing worse than trying to interest people in something they don’t care about.

You can do keyword research first and see which keywords are worth ranking for. Once you know there are people interested, you can get them onto your website.

Don’t refrain from spying on your competition. Check out the top ranking competitors and see what they’re doing. It’s always good to have ideas for the future.




You should also start with search engine optimization.

Search engines are typically the biggest source of traffic and you should consider them. Make sure your content conforms to the current SEO standards.

Also, optimize your website’s speed and get good backlinks. Not only will more people find your website and stay there longer, but your search rankings will improve too.

A good way to get authoritative backlinks is to write guest posts. Once you get recognized as an authority in your niche, people will link to your site on their own.

promoting your business

Somewhere down the line you can try is paid advertising. Targeted Ads get better each year, and they are more likely to pay off.

If you’re a new affiliate, you shouldn’t do it right away. If you have an established site, on the other hand, and you’re good at getting people to click your affiliate links, ads could be the next step.

Also, make your website mobile responsive and optimize your pages for voice search.

Mobile traffic is more than 53% of all the traffic and 40% of all the searches are voice searches. Share on X

These numbers are expected to go up by 2020. All the best affiliates will adapt their marketing strategy to these trends in 2019.

These are just some of the ways you can draw more visitors to your website. You should try with different options and find what works best for you.


Focusing On Sales And Not On Quality

You might wonder what this is about. Your entire job as an affiliate is to make sales, right? Sales should be a goal, true, but not your primary focus. 

Think about buying one or two similar products, product A and product B.

A salesman is paid to sell product A. He has never used it himself but he highly recommends it. Product B, however, is recommended by an expert who tested both products.

It’s easy to guess which product you’d buy.

It’s the same situation with affiliate marketing. If your only goal is to sell as much stuff as possible, your audience will see through your guise. Your content will look too pushy, unreal, and eager to make a sale.

You want to be the expert rather than the salesman. After you establish yourself as an authority, it is easy to make sales.

How do you establish yourself as an expert, then?

It’s simple. Start by writing what you know. Don’t pick a subject just because the affiliate commission is super high!

Knowing what you write about makes the job so much easier. You’ll earn your commission far faster than if you had to learn about a new topic.

The second step is to create quality content. Ideally, you should personally test each item you market before reviewing them.

Honest, in-depth reviews are an affiliate’s bread and butter.

Strong reviews show your audience you are concerned with their best interests and showcase your expertise. This is great to start to be an authority!

Another benefit of honest reviews is that they are an absolute cash machine! Sure, we said money shouldn’t be your primary concern, but you still need to earn your commission.

Quality reviews are great if you get them ranked. This is because users usually look up for reviews of certain products just before buying it.

They need one good review to convince them and get them to make the purchase.

Don’t forget about email marketing and social media.

Use social media and emails primarily to send out some interesting content and provide updates about your website.

Once you get the people to come back to your website, let your reviews sell the product.

Also, video reviews, podcasts, and vlogs are a nice selling platform in this era.

happy customer service

These last ones will become increasingly successful in the years to come. They’re amazing for establishing a personal connection with your audience.

If you’re a cool person, you can try making a vlog or a podcast alongside your website. Your affiliate career will benefit from it.



You should avoid making your affiliate marketing strategy all about sales.


Affiliate marketing is not about making cash quickly or easily. Remember those people who try to trick you with getting rich quick schemes?


That kind of thing won’t make you much profit! Share on X


Instead, affiliate marketing is about showing others you’re an authority. They should know you’re an expert and they should feel they can trust you.

Quality content and a good reputation are everything in affiliate marketing.

You now know the things you should avoid as an affiliate.

This is not all. The affiliate marketing scene is complex and it takes a lot of effort to learn all tricks of the trade.

But, if you want to learn more, you can check a cool infographic with stats and data about affiliate marketing collected by, a website that provides practical comprehensive information on host providers.

marco diversi eagle

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