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5 Tools to Personalize Your Business

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Marketing is constantly evolving, in fact, what worked twenty years ago, now is no longer existent because new technologies took ever.

Now brands are narrowing down their reach.

We’re no longer targeting customers as a whole, instead, marketers are forced to reach out to every single customer with an individual approach.

Why are businesses so interested in personalization? How to improve its efficiency?

Are there any tools for marketing automation to help marketers personally reach customers and increase customer loyalty?

We’ll answer all of these questions in a bit.


Why Do Businesses Need Personalization?

A Magento development company, for instance, can create a better experience to customers visiting your sites compared to a react developing company.


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According to the research conducted by Infosys, 86% of respondents remarked that personalization has influenced their shopping habits and decision-making.

Why is its influence among digital marketing trends significant enough to drive customers’ choices?

Here are the reasons why companies would benefit from personalization tools:

  • Winning the fight for time. These days no one wants to waste time, everything is moving faster. As a result, we no longer have the time to narrow a wide message down, in case a product doesn’t communicate its application clearly, its advertising messages are likely to get lost in the noise. With personalized marketing, you are one step further than the brands that are targeting wide and vague messages.
  • A better understanding of the audience. By segmenting the audience and reaching out to smaller groups, a business owner gets a larger pool of data to analyze. You’ll be able to collect statistics on each customer’s preferred items, shopping habits, the time spent on the website, etc. As a result, a marketer can further deepen the connection between a customer and a brand as well as offer exceptional customer service and cut advertising costs tremendously.
  • Improved content quality. By diving deeper into the audience’s preferences, brands are able to create relatable content they wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. Campaigns like Coca-Cola’s Share A Coke prove the connection a company can establish with its customer base by using as little as clients’ names.
  • Increases brand transparency. One of the challenges marketers face on a daily basis is to break the wall between the people behind the company and the audience. Proving that people on the other side of the screen actually care about clients is easier said than done. However, the elements of personalization (adding the employee’s name to newsletters, for instance) improve online presence and the level of trust between the brand and its audience.


Technologies Used For Personalization

While personalization can be done manually, as the business grows a user base, it becomes harder to prevent the consequences of human error, not to mention the amount of time a marketer would have to spend on a daily basis.

In order to be able to provide a personalized experience to hundreds of clients, marketing managers use software tools.

Here are the main technologies used as ways to increase customer loyalty.


1. Messenger chatbots

As spending storage memory to download a brand’s app is not the best idea for customers, they prefer to interact with companies via messengers.

Creating a chatbot in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber is a good way to keep a connection with a customer.

Moreover, unlike a human support agent, a #chatbot can answer questions 24/7. Share on X


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2. Custom data management platforms

We’re yet to see the times where each customer can see a personalized post on the company’s page.

However, you can already create a custom delivery system that would take a reader’s reading habits and preferences into account.

These tools measure and analyze all the integrations a user has with the post, video, or other types of content.

A marketing manager can access this data later and find out more about readers’ personalities. Share on X


3. AI and predictive analytics

The sprouting growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning has given a boost to dozens of personalization tools.

Thanks to AI-enabled tools, a marketer can stay one step ahead of the customer and create an offer that would tailor his needs better.

#AI is helping marketers to cross-sell intelligently and improve the pace and the efficiency of upscaling. Share on X


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Top 5 Business Personalization Tools

If you’re looking forward to personalizing your customer’s experience, there are dozens of tools you can try.

Here are our top picks:


1. Barilliance

Barilliance is among leading all-in-one digital marketing solutions for e-commerce personalization.

It allows store managers to create a personalized experience for shoppers on every step of a customer journey.

There are dozens of features regarding website personalization, tools for social media and email marketing.

Main features:

  • Create personalized retargeting emails;
  • Embed personalized product recommendations to your website;
  • Alerts and notifications about real-time shopper’s activity on the website;
  • Get access to advanced shopping statistics and reports.


2. LiveChat

LiveChat is an automated chat system created to manage customer support.

The tool is capable of managing long strings of dialogues. Using LiveChat, a business owner can answer questions instantly.

You can increase conversion rates on the website tremendously by guiding customers to check out.

Main features:

  • Personalized chat windows;
  • Embed a chat window to Facebook and other social media;
  • Advanced reports and analytics;
  • 50+ integrations with marketing and automation tools;
  • A flexible ticketing system.




3. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a tool for targeted A/B testing, mobile, email, and server-side optimization.

A marketer can improve the personalization level with two modes, rules-based, and one-click personalization.

You can benefit from behavioral targeting, content and social media recommendations, automated offers, and segmentation.


Main features:

  • Multivariate and multi-armed bandit testing;
  • Connected device optimization;
  • Batch experience prefetch;
  • Personalized search, recommendations engine, and content;
  • Change privacy settings to comply with governmental regulations.


4. SendInBlue

SendInBlue is a go-to software when it comes to automating personalized email marketing campaigns.

The variety of features is enormous, the interface suits the needs of both beginning and advanced marketers.

Good news is, SendInBlue also has a free account that allows you to try it for free.

Main features:

  • Built-in email template designer;
  • Personalized tags (such as NAME);
  • Email distribution by the time zone;
  • Advanced reports and statistics;
  • Campaign social media stats.


5. Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360 is a free tool that allows marketers to test different website personalization workflows and decide which ones work best based on advanced statistics.

The solution is a possibility to get a better insight on how to personalize your business.

Main features:

  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Native statistics reporting;
  • Improved Google Ads segmentation;
  • Split, A/B, server-side, and multivariate testing;
  • Visual website editor;
  • A suite of tools for experiment management.


email marketing to the next level sendinblue



Business personalization is a trend in modern-day marketing as brands have to compete for customers’ time more than ever.

Tailoring unique experiences allows companies to get a better grasp on the audience, improve the efficiency of advertising and content, and increase conversion rates.

Using technology for business personalization is a way to upscale marketing in a quick and efficient way.

There are various off-the-shelf solutions to help companies reach each customer personally.

Another way to go would be by developing a custom solution, proprietary to your company.

No matter which way you go about it, at the end of the day, personalized marketing will pay off both with improved brand awareness as well as increase sales and revenue.


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