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Write For Us | Guest Post On Marco Diversi Blog

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Write on my blog, I accept guest post.

Looking to increase your DA domain authority and you want to have a couple of dofollow links on my website pointing at yours? Write an awesome article for my blog.


guest post on marco diversi blog

I will accept any article that is related to: SEO, affiliate marketing and making money online as long as interesting, engaging and adding value.

On this blog, you can find awesome articles about SEO, affiliate marketing and how to make money online.

If you have something related and you are looking to increase your visibility and brand submit your content to [email protected]

If the article is at least 2000 words and cool it will go on and I will give you credit.


Guest Post Guidelines To Get Approved

  • At least 2000 words.
  • Do some keyword research and target something that is searched at least 800/mo.
  • SEO friendly.
  • something that I did not talk about yet. (Use the Search Box).
  • unique content, no copy, and pasting from other sites.
  • Good English or Italian.
  • 2 links to your site max.


What You Will Get In Exchange

  • I will share your article on my social media.
  • a good quality dofollow link.
  • targeted traffic.


How To Submit Your Content?

Write me an email to [email protected] and attach these files:

  • Google drive .docx link or word document with the article.
  • guideline file with your notes, slug, meta descriptions, keywords.
  • zip file with the pictures.
  • author bio and mugshot. (if you didn’t go to jail, a regular picture of yourself is fine).


How Will I Know If You Are Accepted?

I will reply to you personally! If your content is related to my blog and cool I will publish it.

You will get a feedback pretty soon after you send me the files.


Additional Info

Try to write SEO friendly articles, do some keyword research and try to keep it interesting and nice.

You can write in English or in Italian or both! If you make an English version I will translate it in Italian and vice-versa.

If your English or Italian skills are bad but the content is good I will modify your article and re-publish it my way.

I will keep your concepts on it and your link structure, so don’t worry.