Marco Diversi Cryptocurrency Brave Browser Review For Enhanced Privacy And BAT Tokens Explained

Brave Browser Review For Enhanced Privacy And BAT Tokens Explained

Brave Browser Review For Enhanced Privacy And BAT Tokens Explained post thumbnail image

This article is all about how life is unpredictable, I never thought I could abandon Google Chrome until I found the Brave Browser.




80% of the time we spend in front of a computer is using a browser.


Since the advent of SaaS software and cloud computing, pretty much everything you were doing with some software installed on your PC can be done online with a browser.

On top of that, we are living in a time where privacy and security laws are enforcing, and cryptocurrency is a word that starts to be on the tongue of everyone I know.

While it’s not clear if Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency will ever replace FIAT currencies, it is definitely clear that all of the stuff that is happening in the world about crypto and privacy are real.

The Brave browser is a Chromium open source web browser which is basically Google Chrome with some additional features in it.

If you are curious to know all about how this browser works, and why you should use it, read this Brave browser review.


brave proud long



What Is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a cutting edge open source Chromium web browser built for privacy that has all the Google Chrome features plus other custom features.

If you like Chrome, I get it, it’s an awesome browser! But what if you could have all the Chrome features plus other awesome features?




The answer to that is Brave browser!


With this web browser you can install all the Google Chrome extensions, themes, you can sync your passwords and do all the stuff you can do with Chrome.

The difference is that this browser is developed to run way faster and completely private.

You can monitor the number of trackers and Ads you have blocked and see the time you have saved.


brave browser time saved


Each time you are visiting any website, you are allowing dozens of scripts to be loaded in the background.

Each of these scripts has a purpose, for instance, Google analytics is a script that tracks all the stuff you are doing on a website.

The Brave web browser is going to remove all of these scripts when you browse any website so that no one can see that you are visiting them.

Also, it will remove fingerprints and intrusive tracking cookies that might track your life for a while.

Brave is not a VPN but combined with a VPN it can be your best tool for complete privacy and improved browsing performance.


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Brave Browser VS Chrome Browser


The first thing you’ll notice when using Brave is the browsing speed improvements!

The way Brave is designed blocking all the unnecessary Javascript and tracking scripts on any site is the secret.

Certain scripts sometimes are taking seconds to load. On top of that, they will make you vulnerable to advertisers.

I have tried all the major browsers, here is my top 10 list of the best ones:

  1. Brave
  2. Chrome
  3. Vivaldi
  4. TOR
  5. FireFox
  6. Opera
  7. Safari
  8. Maxthon
  9. Microsoft Edge
  10. Internet Explorer


None of them feels as lightweight as Brave which is a fast internet browser.




Here is a picture of the menu of Chrome on the left, and Brave Browser on the right.


chrome vs brave features comparison


We can immediately see that Brave has gotten a few more interesting features such as:

  • New Private Tab With TOR.  (TOR is a special browser, you should read this to know more).
  • Brave Rewards.
  • Brave AdBlocks.

Brave rewards are one of the most interesting features of this browser and I will talk about this later.


Something new that will pop up on Brave are the two little icons next to the search bar.


  • The Brave logo icon will allow you to toggle OFF and ON the script and trackers blockers. You will be able to see exactly all the scripts that have been blocked as shown in the picture below.


onesignal ads blocked


  • The triangle icon next to the lion icon is the icon that will allow you to send BAT tokens and rewards to anyone approved on the BAT network. (I will talk about BAT later).


brave verified badge


  • With this button, you can send BAT (basic attention tokens), hence money, to anyone anonymously with one single click. See pic below.


brave bat tip to a verified site


Something you don’t want to lose when switching from Chrome to another browser are the millions of extensions and themes available on the Google store.

You will find them all on Brave since it is built on the same framework as Chrome.


What Is BAT And Brave Rewards?


BAT (Basic Attention Token) is an ALTcoin token, or in other words a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but on the Ethereum Network.

You need to read this cryptocurrency 101 guide to get more familiar with these words.

brave basic attention tokensThe thing that got me very interested in this token after having lost interest for many other tokens I was interested before it’s that Brave is a real thing that we can all use.

You can download this browser now and start earning BAT tokens very simply.

The development process of this browser is still at the beginning and certain features are only available for Android, yet.

The main purpose of this browser is to make the internet completely free, private and with no ads.

In fact, advertisers, in order to place Ads on websites that are verified on the BAT network, will need to pay in BAT currency the Ad space, and when people will see these Ads they will receive compensation.

Ads will not be intrusive anymore, and they will incentivize you to use a Browser and click on Ads because you will get paid each time you see the Ad that went live on the BAT network.


How To Get Verified On The BAT Network?


Having your site verified on the BAT network will allow you to earn BAT for watching Ads and get tips from users visiting your websites.

In order to verify your website on the BAT network, you will need to create a publisher account on the basic attention token website.




Once you have an account there, you will also need an uphold account to store your cryptocurrency and BAT coins.




It is recommended to get verified ASAP and to enable two-factor authentication via the Authy app.

Once you are verified you can connect the uphold account to the BAT dashboard and start adding your sites to it.


brave rewards dashboard


The easiest and most efficient way to verify that you are the owner of a website is by dropping the .txt file that BAT will give you into your website .well-known folder.

You will need an FTP client to reach the root folder of each of the domains you want to verify.

I am using Cyberduck to connect.


bat verification via well-known folder


It will take up to 48 hours to get your property verified, but in the meantime, you can play with the tipping banners options and you will receive a referral code you can use to invite people using Brave.


You will earn $5 each time someone is installing it. #cryptocurrency #brave #privacy #bat Share on X


You can check the status of the verification of your site using the button below and searching for your site.




As you can see my website is in there.


marco diversi verified on batgrowth


How To Earn Or Buy Basic Attention Tokens?

If you are using an Android phone I believe that you can already earn BAT tokens only by using Brave on your Android phone.

For the other users, it will take still a few months before you can do that, keep an eye here:


(This link works only on Brave and needs to be copied and pasted on the Brave search bar).


When it will no longer say ‘coming soon’ it will work.



basic attention coming soon


If you want to tip websites and or buy some BAT currency, which by the way is very promising, the easiest way to do it is via Coinbase.

You can open a coinbase account in a few seconds and if you do it now, you will get $10 free as soon as you are verified.

To verify a Coinbase account you will need to send them an ID as always.




Once you are verified on Coinbase you can start buying bitcoin sending money to them via a regular WIRE transfer.

Once you get Bitcoin you will be able to buy BAT currency.


coinbase bat token


I think that BAT is a nice asset to have and one of my favorite cryptocurrency at the moment. If you want to learn more you can watch the videos from Coinbase.

If you join the waitlist with the button on the bottom right, and you have a verified coinbase account, they will send you BAT tokens while learning about BAT and pass the exams.


coinbase learn and earn bat


If Coinbase is not available in your country or if you want to skip the verification process, which is not recommended, you can always buy Bitcoin on Paxful.




This is one of the only sites that will allow you to Buy bitcoin basically with anything, even with Amazon gift cards.


Testimonials And Social Presence

If you want to read about BAT and Brave you should definitely subscribe to the subreddits below.

There you can find some very good testimonials.

Something that makes this browser awesome is that a lot of people is using Firefox as an alternative for Chrome, but as you might know, there are not all the cool features and extensions on Firefox like on Chrome.

On top of that, the privacy you will get on Firefox is the same as Chrome.

Brave instead gives you the opportunity to earn BAT tokens doing what you are regularly doing, browsing at a faster speed, and all the brave browser extensions that are from the Chrome store.


I used Brave browser for 4 months and this is what I have concluded: from r/BATProject

Today, for the first time ever, I EARNED ‘MONEY’ ($.08 in BAT) for nothing more than using Brave Browser, while I worked. What an amazing time to be alive! Figured all you crypto supporters/privacy guru’s would appreciate a screenshot of this revolutionary moment… from r/CryptoCurrency


These are just some of the testimonials I have found on Reddit.

You can also read this nice article on The Verge and this one on PC Mag.  You can also follow them on social networks:



The only thing that I miss on Brave is the bookmark sync across Chromium devices. For instance, if I am using Brave, I won’t be able to automatically sync my Chrome bookmarks to Brave.

You will always need to import them manually.

The first time you install it, you can import all of your Chrome bookmarks and settings with one click.

The Brave app is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. There is an iPhone Brave browser for IOS, and a Brave browser for Android.


brave proud long




If you are wondering if is Brave browser safe or also about questions like can the Brave browser be trusted the answer is:

yes, you can trust it, it’s an awesome browser working on Chromium that will enhance browsing speed and add an extra layer of privacy and security.

If you are looking for the best combination of privacy and security read this review about ExpressVPN.

You can get Brave for free and ExpressVPN for cheap using the buttons below.


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  • Brave is a super secure web browser you can download for free and use in place of Chrome.
  • Brave is a new browser with better technology than Chrome that preserves all the features of Chrome.
  • You will block Ads, trackers, and surf the internet with a few more layers of security and privacy.



brave bat community


Brave combined with ExpressVPN will keep you safe from hackers and no one will be able to track the websites that you are visiting.

Brave is using BAT cryptocurrency to pay you for watching Ads that publishers are publishing on their sites.

You can be rewarded with BAT tokens just browsing the web the same way you do it on any other browser.

You can become a BAT publisher and start receiving tips from your fans with one single click.

You will need a coinbase account to buy bitcoin and being able to withdraw your money on your real bank account.




If you don’t have an awesome bank, my favorite bank in the world is called N26. It’s not available worldwide yet, but if it is, open an account now, it’s free and you will love it.




If you liked this review and you started to love this #browser as well, please share this post and give me a Tweet now! #brave #bravebrowser #bat #privacy Share on X


brave the fastest browser


What You Will Learn On This Blog! 

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Much Love and Peace Out,

Marco Diversi.

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