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How To Use Earn.Com And How To Get Free Bitcoin

How To Use Earn.Com And How To Get Free Bitcoin post thumbnail image previously called is an awesome service that uses the blockchain and cryptocurrency for marketing.

If you make an account with right now you will be able to earn free bitcoin by completing very simple tasks.




If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency and the blockchain I suggest you read my other article on how to invest in cryptocurrency.

The idea behind is very simple and powerful since there are millions of ICOs and cryptocurrencies. This website will make it easier to reach potential investors in the cryptocurrency space via the airdrops.

Airdrops are free transfers of tokens to an ERC-20 wallet from an investor in exchange for joining the ICO project or a telegram group for free.

If you sign up now and join the airdrops you will start making $1 each time someone is sending you a message to join their airdrops and telegram groups.

This is completely free and you will earn easily free bitcoins every day and you can transfer them on your coinbase and then on your bank account.

You will be able also to use a very smart system that will bounce the email out of your network from Gmail.

You can receive paid messages instead of e-mail and you can become a professional in your field via the lists. Share on X

So here are the top features of

  1. earn free bitcoin.
  2. bounce email out of your network.
  3. discover new cryptocurrency projects.
  4. get paid to reply to people’s questions.
  5. cutting-edge technology.

How To Set Up Your Earn.Com Account

If you are ready to earn free bitcoin with a few seconds of work a day sign up now for this awesome website from the button below.




After the signupsecure the account with a 2FA and you will be asked to link LinkedIn and preferably a business e-mail.

If you have a website you can create a custom email from your hosting c-panel.

If you don’t have a website or hosting I advise you to get TMDhosting. They are cheap, fast and pretty awesome.

In the screenshot below you can see the settings you need to have in order to get approved and start to earn free bitcoin. best settings

You will need to have an ERC-20 wallet address in addition to a free and easy to open Coinbase account.

I am not going to tell you how to get an ERC-20 address since it requires some efforts from you. I am dropping this link with a tutorial, it is not very detailed but it will give you an idea on how to do it.

The tools you will need and I suggest you use are these:


Then you will need to have a telegram account. What I usually do is to download the app on my iPhone.

You can download telegram just typing ‘telegram‘ in your app store.

Then connect telegram to your browser with All you need to do is to put your mobile number and connect it to the app via the authentication code that will be sent to your phone.


How To Earn Your Free Bitcoins

When your profile is verified via LinkedIn and business email and a coinbase account connected. A business e-mail is not always needed, sometimes LinkedIn is enough!

You will be able to join the airdrops from the settings above, and lists where you can contribute to the community.

I advise you to join as many lists as you can, as long as you understand what they are talking about. Try to be honest when asking to join the lists and you will get approved. join a list

Then will send you an email each time there is an airdrop you can participate! There will be a message on your inbox icon on top of the website and a message like the one in the picture below will pop up. tasks

Read the project purpose and click on next, all you have to do is to join their telegram group or follow them on twitter and sometimes creating a free account to participate in the airdrops.

Click on next and put your ERC-20 address so that you will be able to receive the tokens when the airdrop will start.

Put also your telegram username and join via the email you wish to join. I use a secondary email for that! You can see the process in the gallery below!



How To Cash Out The Bitcoin You Earned

When you complete the task you will instantly earn $1 worth of bitcoin or more! These are real money but to put them in your bank as a real currency like USD or EUR you will need to have coinbase.




If you have coinbase you will be able to transfer the money from directly to your coinbase account with one click. cash out on coinbase

You can also send money to another BTC address, for example if you want to buy an altcoin on binance, you can send the bitcoins you’ve earned to a binance BTC wallet and then purchase whatever you want to purchase from there.

send money from to binance

You can either cash out to coinbase and put the money in your bank account so that you can use them in your currency or buy Altcoins on binance.




How To Bounce The Email Out Of Your Network

An interesting feature of is that you can bounce the email out of your Gmail network and send them an autoresponder.

You can set up this from the bounces tab, and customize the autoresponder from the settings tab under bounces. bounce email settings and custom autoresponder

Be aware that this will create a 21 Archive folder in your Gmail inbox!

Whenever you will receive an email from someone you don’t know it will go there and it will be bounced.

This can be extremely useful if you receive a lot of spam to prioritize your inbox but sometimes is annoying.

What I usually do is to whitelist the whole domain of the people who are trying to contact me so anyone else with the same domain can contact me.

To do that just go into settings, click on domains and paste the part of the email after the @.

For instance, if you want to whitelist [email protected] you would paste there and click on the button on the left until you get ‘Accepted.’ bounce email and domains

You can disable this feature if it bothers you from the 2 buttons on top of the bounces page.


How Does Earn Make Money?

Earn.Com is making money from the big investors interested in reaching people that are into cryptocurrency.

It will take a lot more money to reach all the people that earn is able to reach with the traditional email marketing approach.

If you are a user with earn you will have already an ERC-20 wallet, a telegram account and you know already how to invest in cryptocurrency.

This is a very good way for the people who are creating ICOs to promote their project and earn is getting money from them and from the fees you pay to cash out the money.

Recently earn was sold to coinbase, so if you are into cryptocurrency all you need to start is a coinbase account, a binance account, and an earn account.



If you are just starting with cryptocurrency having an account is mandatory. You will be able to earn free bitcoin just completing simple tasks like joining a telegram group or following a twitter account.

To receive the ICOs tokens you will need an ERC-20 ethereum wallet, the one from coinbase will not work.

To create an ERC-20 wallet you will need to find some tutorials on the internet, I have linked to one up in this article.

My advice is to use and to create a strong password for your MetaMask.

MetaMask will allow you to login into your MEW (myethereumwallet) account with your password. This is the safest and most secure way to do it.

So start earning bitcoin now and make your free earn account.




Another great feature you can decide to use is the autoresponder feature for Gmail. You will be able to bounce all the junk mail and blacklist and whitelist all the senders that you don’t want or that you want to get the email from.

There are no reasons for you to not creating an account with this service! I am not sure that you understood everything but if you didn’t just comment below and I will help you.

To earn free bitcoin all you have to do with simple words so you don’t get scared is this.

  1. make an earn free account.
  2. create an ERC-20 wallet (find a tutorial, it is pretty easy).
  3. get telegram.
  4. complete tasks that earn will send you.
  5. get free bitcoins.

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