Marco Diversi Affiliate Marketing How To Find A Profitable Niche With Flippa And Sedo #1 Trick

How To Find A Profitable Niche With Flippa And Sedo #1 Trick

How To Find A Profitable Niche With Flippa And Sedo #1 Trick post thumbnail image

So you want to start a niche site and have no idea how to spot a profitable niche?

Today I am going to reveal you a nice trick you can use for free taking advantage of Flippa and Sedo.

Flippa and Sedo are two of the biggest domain auction sites on the internet.

A domain auction site is basically a place where you will be able to sell your domains and sites in a completely safe way and where people can buy them.

If you make a free account now on both,  you will be able to discover a lot of domains that need to be sold and you will be able to see also the domains that got sold already.

It is pretty common to find certain domains sold for a lot of money. Certain domains can easily reach $100.000.




Using Flippa and Sedo to spot profitable niches to start your site is a very powerful trick and here you will learn how to do it.

I will show you:

  • how to avoid being scammed and what to look before buying.
  • how to take advantage of the data you will find to find a niche to start a website from scratch.
  • some examples of sites that sold for a lot of money.





How Sedo And Flippa Works

Flippa is a huge domain marketplace where people park their domains and wait for people interested in them to buy them.

If you make a free account you will able to park your domains if you have some and create a buy price so that you can sell them.




The good thing about Flippa and Sedo is that you can also see what domain got sold and you can filter a lot of things.


get sedo


For instance, you can exclude all the domains that cost more than $1000 and that is not at least 2 years old.

You can discover what domain got sold for 300k and which ones got sold for $1000 in the past 3 months.

All of these insights can definitely help you spot profitable niches that you are not aware or never thought that they could even exist.


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How To Spot A Profitable Niche Using Flippa Or Sedo

Once you are logged into Flippa you will be able to run searches.

The most simple search you can run is a ‘website search‘.

Just follow the picture below and run a search.

This will bring a list of ‘HOT‘ websites, usually, these are not something you want immediately buy.


flippa website search


You can use the left bar to refine your search.

  1. If you have a keyword in mind, the best idea is to drop your keyword there.
  2. If you don’t have a keyword even better, that’s why I am talking about this on this article!

The dashboard will populate with all the domains containing your keywords.

The domain name is according to me one of the most important parts of SEO. If you have a keyword match domain you will climb the Google ladder faster.

You can use websites like ExpiredDomains to spot expired domains and even look at some important data, such as backlinks, etc…

Having an aged domain is very important!

I am going to refine the search so that Flippa will show me all the domains that got sold already for less than $3000, and that they were at least 2 years old.


flippa refine domain search


The same thing can be done on Sedo, their interface is a little more minimalistic and easier to use but also with fewer features.

What I am doing is usually trying to gather data from both, Flippa and Sedo, compare the results and then buy the domain on Sedo because it’s easier to do there.


sedo domain listing


Try to Find a website that sold for $120.000 for instance.

Then try to find an available domain on NameSilo that looks very similar.

For instance, if you spot:

  1. on Flippa.
  2. go on NameSilo.
  3. and try to buy or etc...

Of course, these won’t be available but for another microniche, you will be able to find the .net TLD or some very similar variations.


How To Avoid Being Scammed Before Buying A Domain

If you spot an awesome site and you are pumped and ready to pull off your credit card from your wallet you should wait a bit! (Not too long though).

Not all the websites for sale on Sedo or Flippa are good deals.

There are people that do this as a job!


They buy a lot of domains, drop a little bit of content on them, wait a few years and then sell them. Click To Tweet


Some of these sites for sale are legit, some others are marked as spam or bad sites from Google and you should avoid them.

You should also avoid branded domains, such as or These are brands and you don’t want to buy a second-hand domain of a brand.

What you should do is to look at the analytics data just underneath the listing.


flippa trafffic


Then you should also consider looking at the comment section and contact the website owner yourself.

You can ask to provide you with a detailed report from the Google search console of all the keywords ranking for that domain.

You should also look at the bounce rates and if the domain has earning potentials not only from Google Ads.

Another important thing is that you should aim to get a website that is ranking high CPC keywords from the Google keyword planner.

Also, your domain name should have a rather high CPC cost KW in it.

If the CPC is going to be high, it means that you will have free traffic on your site that other people would actually need to pay a lot to have it.

If the niche you are looking at has only super low CPC bids, it is a warning sign that it’s not a good niche.


pimple videos cpc


How To Start A Niche Site From Scratch Using Flippa Or Sedo

Once you spot a very good site for real, don’t hesitate too much and put your plan into action.

There are two routes you can follow now:

  1. buying the domain on Sedo or Flippa for a rather high price.
  2. get a similar domain, maybe with a different TLD or name variation on NameSilo.

The first option will allow you to have an aged domain. Maybe a better name and TLD and some residual traffic and backlinks. (This option will be in most of the cases expensive).

The second option, instead, will allow you to buy a brand new domain for something like $9 that you can start growing from scratch.




Using Flippa and Sedo to find a niche can be used also to spot the perfect profitable niche.

You don’t need to buy a $100.000 domain on Flippa if you don’t have the cash and you don’t want to spend the money.

  1. If you are going to opt-in for the first option, you will need to study the website and create a plan so that that website will make money for you.
  2. If you pick the second option you can design and develop the best plan that you think it will make money for that website.




My advice is always to look at what profitable sites in that niche are doing and do it better with something new in it on your site.


Examples Of Money Making Websites Found On Flippa And Sedo

It will not take you very long to spot some weird websites sold for a rather big amount of money.

I am going to show you 3 examples of websites that I have found.

I am going to tell you what you should do to figure out how they made or will be making money and why they got sold for so much money.




This website is all about videos of people popping pimples.

Some videos are funny videos some others are just tutorials on what’s the best way to pop pimples without causing scars or infections.

This is a niche that probably you never thought about. But in fact, the website got sold for $1700 and it was making a little money mainly from Google Ads.


pimplepoppingvids sold on flippa


When you spot a website like that, you want to go read the comments, contact the owner, check out stats and see if there are expired domain names or exact domain match names similar to this one.

For instance:

  3. etc…

Then once you have your domain name, you need to build a website!

My advice is to think ahead for the monetization part of your future site.

If I was the owner of this site I would probably create a nice blog on the side and teach people whats the best ways to avoid having pimples and how to pop them correctly etc.

Then I could set up an e-commerce store selling lotions or products for pimples.

Or I can monetize it with pimple products from Amazon.




Going up with the price I was able to spot this website called talking about magic tricks and illusions.

When picking a niche we all think about diets, tech, health, etc… but in fact, those niches are over saturated.

This super simple website showing pictures and small illusions tricks got sold for $15.000.

The reason why someone bought it for so much is that the website is already filled with posts.

It has a 64 DA on MOZ because a lot of people would share the trick to their friends and then post it on some sites and create backlinks.

Also, there is some traffic on it and all you need to do is maybe redesign it a bit, make it look better, keep adding content and find a better monetization plan.

Like before with the pimples, here the best monetization strategy would be to let magician post their tricks and ask some bucks to them to have them posting on your site.

Selling magician related products from Amazon could be very profitable as well.

Selling an ebook with all the coolest illusion and tricks for $9.99 could be another radical idea that the owner of this site did not implement yet.



This website has a better domain name compared to the sites listed above, a 39 DA but it got sold for $98.000.

I think that this was not a good deal at all!

First of all, since they bought it they made it way cooler but they changed it from a blog/store to a store only.

Most of the products are from AliExpress and the biggest monetization of this site is dropshipping.

The problem is that it is a very competitive niche, there is no content on it and since the new owners took over they have lost a lot of traffic according to Alexa!

They passed from a 400k range to a 1 million range.

What I would have done instead was to look at other TLDs like:

  3. etc…

And then build my site from scratch. I would go over backlink history and try to replicate them on my site.

I would have invested instead of $98.000 to purchase a domain in advertising on Facebook for instance.


survivalkit 100k


I could have made a $5000 Facebook campaign and hopefully trying to break even selling some survival kit stuff and grow my email list.

This website is in a very competitive niche!

If you own a domain with a cool domain name you can see that it can be easily sold for 100k or more.

Just move the settings on your Flippa and you will find even 1 million dollars domains.




There are a lot of tricks you can use to spot a profitable niche!

The best one should be to follow your hearth and pick a niche you really love.

That way it will be easier to write content and manage it!

But if you are a businessman and you would love to create profitable sites and maybe outsource the work, I gave you a nice trick you can use.




You can use domain auction sites and spy on what other people thought or think that it can be profitable based on the price of an old domain.

The Best Domain Auction Sites Are:


You can create a free account now and navigate thousands of domains that got sold and that are for sale.

You can even sell your domains if you have some.

But the trick to finding a niche that can turn out to be profitable is using Flippa or Sedo to spot gold mines niches that you never thought before.

I gave you some tips on how to avoid being scammed and what to look and think before pulling out your wallet to pay for an old domain.

You should be aware that some old domains can be very bad and penalized on Google. But you can use them to have niche ideas.

I hope that you have found this article helpful and that you will start building your niche site asap.

This is the best way to create an online passive income that will set you free.

If a website got sold for a lot of money on a particular weird niche it means that there is money to be made.


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