Marco Diversi SEO 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Help Improve Your SEO Strategy

6 Digital Marketing Trends To Help Improve Your SEO Strategy

6 Digital Marketing Trends To Help Improve Your SEO Strategy post thumbnail image

Every marketer knows the importance of organic traffic. Aside from the fact that you need not pay a dime for website visitors, it will also expose your blog to a wider audience and boost user engagement.

All of this comes down to one important goalincrease your conversion rate and grow your revenue.

Many businesses take advantage of this marketing technique to gain more website visitors who will eventually become paying customers.

But it can also be beneficial for individuals who wish to expand their online presence and make money out of it.

A lot of success stories have cropped up to prove this. For those who figure it out properly, SEO is a goldmine.

If you are like us, you must be constantly finding ways to improve your SEO strategy to stay effective and competitive. This year is no exception. You might ask why.


Well, SEO is an ever-evolving process that requires constant updates and consistent efforts. You never stop even when you get to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Click To Tweet


seo is heading


You might be perfectly aware of many search engines tendencies to update their algorithm every now and then.


Where SEO Is Heading?


Google, the world’s most widely used search engine, recently updated its algorithm and search index.

This is one of the reasons why you need to adapt to the ever-evolving advances because what worked splendidly for your SEO strategy yesterday might not be as effective tomorrow.

Aside from that, there are new digital marketing trends and updates that can affect your current tactics, as shown in the brilliant infographic created by the Serpwatch team.


These current digital marketing trends can even make or break your SEO efforts.


For one, the market is evolving. Consumers and online users are getting smarter. Many of them are more discerning when it comes to the content they want to consume.

They have preferences that dictate their online behavior.

Knowing useful SEO trends can be a huge help for you and your website, whether it is the fresh ideas on content marketing or the growing digital marketing trends on video content.


Being in the dark, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your strategy. Click To Tweet


If you do not want that to happen, now is the best time to keep up with the changes.

But where do you start?

Get to know these digital marketing trends and how you can use them for your SEO tactics by reading this guide.


The Growth of Voice Search


The impact of voice search on the future of SEO is undeniable.

The trend towards hands-free search is reinforced by the emergence of an improved AI technology that allows users to do their search with the use of voice.

This breakthrough gives way to a more conversational way of phrasing queries, eliminating the use of specific keywords which is a common fixture in conventional text-based searches.

With voice search, internet users can access the information they need while on-the-go.

They can even master the art of multi-tasking because it is easy to ask the search engines anything through a simple voice command.

So how does this impact SEO?

Well, the main difference between a text-based search and a voice search is the length of queries.

Typically, text-based searches can be longer phrases that can go as long as five words.

But voice searches go beyond that and often take the form of a question. They can even take as long as 10 words and sometimes even more than that.

SEO recognizes these differences and has since adapted to this trend.

To help your SEO strategy, it is important to start optimizing content for voice search by taking several points into consideration — the length of the queries, the question format, and the clear intent behind each of them, among other things.

This means that content should not merely answer yes or no questions but accommodate a bigger picture. Click To Tweet



voice search


The Use of AI and Chatbots



When you observe the developments in online technology, you will notice the surge in the use of AI and chatbots.

Since marketing is slowly embracing automation, AI can impact the way users interact with websites.

Many businesses and website owners use AI to analyze and understand their visitors’ behavior. This helps them to find ways to improve the customer experience.

If you are an online seller or service provider, it is impossible to man your website 24/7.




But with the arrival of chatbots, dealing with customers’ problems and helping them find a solution has become a lot easier.

Chatbots are now smarter with the help of AI.

They don’t simply respond to questions either. They can think and replicate the way a human conversation goes along. In short, they have become more intuitive.

Through the help of AI and chatbots, you will be able to engage your visitors better. The chatbot can encourage them to actively participate and stay on your site longer, which is highly beneficial to SEO.





The Need for Fresh Content


Many marketers still believe in content marketing, and this belief is justified.

SEO still gives importance to relevant, valuable, and top-quality content that can help visitors with their problems, answer their questions, and meet their expectations.

Good content can attract more visitors, increase click-through rate, and even help improve conversions.


However, no matter how comprehensive or valuable your content is, if it doesn’t bring fresh ideas to the table, it won’t be as effective, because internet users value fresh and original content. Click To Tweet


The trick here is to produce it regularly while also making sure to update the existing one that is still valuable to the readers.

Search engines also regularly send their crawlers across the web and index new posts.

Having fresh and constantly updated content on your website can boost your SEO ranking.


fresh content



The Rise of Video Marketing


As one of the most engaging forms of content in the digital age, videos are fast becoming the biggest source of traffic.

In fact, by 2021, it is predicted that they will represent a whopping 82% of the entire web traffic.

No wonder videos have so much influence on SEO.

Incorporating video marketing into your content strategy can do wonders to your SEO ranking.

Search engines tend to favor websites that use videos on their thumbnails.

It is also good at attracting and engaging visitors, driving conversions, and spreading brand awareness.

Many users prefer to watch a video when doing research on a product, service, or information they are looking for.

Since they can garner a lot of shares among internet users, videos can give ample backlinks that can help your SEO ranking.


video marketing



The Influence of Mobile Search


The arrival of mobile technology changed the way people search the web.

They can do it while commuting, for example. Fast and instant results are also expected, and they can all be accessed through mobile devices.

In fact, mobile search has become one of the biggest sources of online traffic, with 52.2% of all online traffic coming from mobile phones in 2018 as noted by research.

Mobile-friendly sites tend to rank better in SERPs. Because of the market share of mobile search, many search engines altered algorithm to consider mobile usability.

This means your website should appear properly across mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Failure to do so can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

This might lead them to abandon your site and conduct their business elsewhere.

It can cause your bounce rate to go up and you will risk being penalized by the search engines.


mobile search



The Advent of Influencer Marketing


With the tough competition in the online world, it can be very difficult to be heard above the noise and stand out.

That is why influencer marketing is big today.

Through the help of industry influencers, you will be able to amplify your voice and reach a wider audience.

One can be considered an influencer if she has a huge following on a social media site.

Influencers wield authority in their respective niche, making them the ideal source of information and thought leadership.

Because of their undeniable appeal, influencers are sought after by many businesses to help them raise brand awareness and promote their brand more effectively.

And since they are considered as a credible authority in their industry, getting a natural backlink from them can bring in loads of benefits for your SEO ranking.

Of course, it does not stop in knowing and implementing some, if not most, of these trends in your marketing strategy.

You should also keep in mind the best SEO practices that will guide your strategy, give you an edge in the eyes of search engines, and boost your ranking.


influence marketing



SEO Best Practices


Finding the Best Keywords

When it comes to SEO, keywords can’t be taken for granted.

However, the best and most suitable keywords have evolved. Now, you also need to consider the context, search intent, and voice searches in researching and choosing them.


Making Use of Featured Snippets

This one comes in handy to many who do not have enough time to click, open a text, and go through thousands of words to get what they want.

Featured snippets stand out in search results, providing quick answers to questions at a glance. They are good for user experience, and a sure sign of good SEO practice.


Planning and Creating Cluster Content

While diversifying content is important, it is also worth noting that it should be structured in a way that search engines can easily index.

HubSpot nails it in its article where it discussed the essence of topic clusters and pillar pages. This is where you take one broad idea and tackle it through sub-topics that are connected to each other.


Spring Cleaning Your Dead Pages

If you have been maintaining your website for so long, the chances are that you have pages that are past their sell-date. This means they no longer add value to your website.

They can also be in the form of duplicated content or product pages that are no longer interesting to customers.

Taking them down from your site can be good for SEO as search engines will no longer count low-quality pages as part of your sitemap.


Positioning Your Brand as Authority

A brand with authority can quickly get the attention of SEO and boost its ranking. An authority brand shows expertise and trustworthiness in its niche or industry.

How much value can you give to your audience? Is your knowledge enough to give you an authority?

When you are consistently producing high-quality, engaging, and relevant content, you will build your brand authority, inspire trust and loyalty from customers, and strengthen your search rank.


Focusing on Great User Experience

When your visitors like their experience on your website, they will probably come back for more.

And guess what? SEO loves this.

Great user experience is pivotal to your SEO ranking because search engines aim to understand user behavior and help people to meet their needs.

By providing visitors with great user experience, they are less likely to leave your website in a hurry.

You will also earn plus points from search engines.


semrush analytics





Now that you have learned some of the trends and practices that can help improve your SEO, it is time to put them into practice.

Start updating your strategy with the innovations that work and let go of those that no longer serve the purpose. Only then can you see great results from your efforts.

Remember that SEO does not happen overnight.


It is an investment that takes time, patience, and sheer will. #seo #digitalwisdom Click To Tweet


But if you are determined enough, you will see why it is one of the most effective marketing tools in this digital age.


Written By: Josh Wardini

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