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SendInBlue Affiliate And Best #1 Email Marketing Software

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SendInBlue is the best email marketing software to start with, the reason why I say so is that is completely free.

Money is something that no one wants to waste these days with the economic crisis.


Starting a website that makes no cash and having to add up a $30 a month subscription to send email to probably 20 subscribers you've got in the latest 6 months, is not worth it. Click To Tweet


This is when it comes to SendInBlue, a super powerful email marketing platform that you can use for free.


You will be allowed to send 300 emails a day completely for free.


You will have transitional email, automation, SMS integrations and even a dedicated IP (on a paid plan).

This is very good because once you grow, you will be able to afford their paid plans which are still cheaper compared to other providers.




I have tried many other solutions before! With none of the other solutions, I could get a good value for money like with SendInBlue.


email marketing to the next level sendinblue



SendInBlue Review

The main reason why you should use SendInBlue is because of its simplicity and super affordable pricing.

In fact, is one of the only companies that will allow you to send 300 emails a day for free to unlimited contacts and that offers paid plans for a very cheap price as well!


Some of you might say things like:


you get what you pay for. [means, if it’s cheap, it’s shit].


This is not the case with SendInBlue, in fact, if you have the guts to create an account now you will soon notice that this EMS is awesome.


four times cheaper than mailchimp signup


The platform is very serious, once you sing up it will take a few hours before your account will get approved.

They are looking only for people that are not planning to send spam so that they can keep their deliverability scores high.

If you have a spammy site you don’t want to use them for sure. But if you have an awesome store or a website this is a good solution.

Most of us don’t want to start paying for sending email unless until they make at least $50 a day with their sites.

With SendInBlue you can start for free.

You will be able to have full access to awesome and simple forms, email campaigns, automation, transitional email, and SMS integrations.

The support is very prompt and they usually reply within a few minutes.


sendinblue ui


The interface is super simple, reports are rather detailed and everything looks just super easy to use with not a lot of unnecessary stuff around the interface.


Make A Free Account And Start Using It, You Have Nothing To Lose.



SendInBlue Pros And Cons

There are certain things that are awesome about this email marketing software but there are also certain things that are not perfect.

If you are looking for a quick comparison of all the pros and cons of SendInBlue here you can find some:


SendInBlue PROS

  • the price is ridiculously cheap for the good quality you will get.
  • the automations are super powerful.
  • email heatmaps.
  • there is a landing page builder for paid users.
  • SMS marketing tools integrated.
  • dedicated sending IP.
  • great forms with default double opt-in feature enabled.
  • blazing fast support.


four times cheaper than mailchimp sendinblue signup


SendInBlue CONS

  • inbox rates are not top notch.
  • no double opt-in integration for website widgets.
  • a lot of businesses are not accepted on their platform.
  • not a lot of integrations yet.


These are just some of the best and worst qualities of this awesome email marketing service.

Other EMS companies will have a hard time to beat their prices. But the deliverability rates of this EMS are not super awesome.

Automation is darn easy and you can do some pretty advanced stuff even with the free versions.

You can create powerful triggers, you can create sequences and pretty complex follow-ups based on the interactions of your users.


sendinblue automation


Something that is lacking is the ability to create double opt-in newsletters widgets.


I have asked the support if they can fix this and they replied that they will do it soon. #support Click To Tweet



SendInBlue Pricing

I have already repeated several times that the best quality of SendInBlue is their pricing.

You can start for completely free and this is something that anyone I know would be interested with.

If you have already a business and you want to migrate to SendInBlue, the migration is free of charge.

They will take care of your million emails in complete discretion and with no glitches.

For the ones of you looking for a table of their prices, here you can see the SendInBlue pricing options.


sendinblue pricing


As you can see you can start completely for free, and then you will be able to send up to 40.000 emails a month for only $25.




How do you know if SendInBlue is the right email software for you?


  • If you are looking for a sophisticated and yet easy to use tool for a low price, able send out awesome automation and follow-ups SendInBlue is for you.
  • If you are just starting an online business and you don’t feel like wasting money on an email marketing software this is the right tool for you.
  • I am using it as well on this website now because I still don’t have a big audience but I am growing pretty fast and I like to automate things.
  • SendInBlue is also awesome for e-commerce stores because you will be able to create a trigger, passwords reset, refunds orders, customizable KPIs and so much more.
  • It is not recommended if you have a huge business with many employees because you won’t be able to allow more users to the same account.


SendInBlue Affiliate

The SendInBlue Affiliate program is pretty good as well. It works on the TapFiliate platform which is very easy and intuitive to use.

The SendInBlue affiliate program is not based on a revshare model at least right now.

You will get paid $5 for each approved account you will sign up for free, and up to $100 for each paying user you will bring to their platform.

As an affiliate, the best affiliate programs you should join to make a lot of money are revshare based.


But the fact that they will give you $5 also for free users makes this program awesome as well.


sendinblue affiliate program


If you get 20 signups a day, you will make already $100 only from leads.

Then if some of these guys are upgrading you will make 100 bucks more on top of the $5.

The SendInBlue affiliate program is not the best when it comes to email marketing software because it’s not RevShare.

But it is very good if you are planning to promote an awesome product.


sendinblue affiliate


They have nice creatives you can use in multiple languages. You can send visitors to any page of their site adding your affiliate link at the end of any page.

You can add as many trackers as you want to understand where your traffic is coming from.

The minimum payout is $100 and once you reach that, you will be paid with PayPal.


email marketing to the next level sendinblue




On this SendInBlue review, I have highlighted all of the best and worst qualities of this awesome email marketing software.

The website and the support section is available in 6 languages (EN, ES, PT, DE, IT, FR) and fully GDPR compliant.

This is the best email marketing software for anyone who just started their online business.

They have a free plan you can start using right away!

With a free account, you will be allowed to send up to 300 emails a day.




If you have an e-commerce store and you are planning to grow, they still have super cheap plans compared to other providers.

SendInBlue excels with automation, transitional email and the simplicity of the interface. That’s why it makes it on top of any list of best email marketing software.

The intuitive and awesome drag and drop builder for your campaigns will never let you down.


The price is kicking ass, the design of the website is awesome!

What are you waiting for then?


I would like to know it in the comment below!

If you need help with the setup or if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


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