Marco Diversi Social Media What Is A Shoutout | How Does It Works And How To Do It

What Is A Shoutout | How Does It Works And How To Do It

What Is A Shoutout | How Does It Works And How To Do It post thumbnail image

If you are wondering what is a shoutout you are welcome to read this article that will unleash any aspect of this practice.

Shoutout: literally is a synonym for screaming and yelling etc…

But lately, it got used mainly in the social network space.

If people talks about shoutouts chances are that are talking about an Instagram shoutout, a Twitter shoutout and so on.

what is a shoutout

Receiving a shoutout with a social media is basically having your name or brand threw in front of someone else audience.

For Instance: My name is Marco Diversi and I am trying to compete with Pat Flynn and Neil Patel which are respectively an affiliate marketing Guru and an SEO Guru.

Marco Diversi was born a few weeks ago but still, he would like to kick ass.

If I would hypothetically get my name posted on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts with a mention saying:

go follow this guy, he kicks ass!

Chances are that a portion of their audience will follow me.

It will basically get targeted potential customers that if they like more my work ideally they can become my customers. Share on X

Having your name or brand mentioned on any social network with the intent of having some engagement with, is a shoutout.

It can be a Snapchat shoutout, an Instagram Shoutout or whatever you feel like it works better for your business.

What makes it a shoutout is the fact that bigger influencers will shout your name on their social networks.


What Is A Shoutout

As I said before if you don’t know what is a shoutout,shoutout is a mention or dropping a profitable link on a profile that is already famous in order to grow your profile or website.

If you like skateboarding having Tony Hawk mentioning you on Instagram on of his posts would make the difference for your business.

Something you can immediately achieve is a lot of followers and eventually traffic to your sites.


So you might be asking: why we are not just asking shoutouts to famous people?


how to add a username on instagramWell, there are certain profiles with millions of followers that are charging thousands of dollars to mention you on their profile.

The easiest way to mention someone on Instagram, for instance, is by using the @ sign and then start typing the username.

If you have social media profiles with a lot of engagement and followers you can charge people a lot of money for a shoutout.

There are people making a lot of money only because they have a lot of followers on Instagram. They are charging people for shoutouts.

This turned out to be a full-time job for some people and it is a serious business to consider.

The advantages of having a shoutout from a well-affirmed brand in your field over buying traffic are enormous.

For instance, if your page is about skateboarding and Tony Hawk will mention you, you will get people interested in skateboarding and that is likely to be engaged with skate stuff.

If you pay for Ads you will never get so precise and accurate as with shoutouts.


Different Kind Of Shoutouts And How To Do It

There are mainly 3 different kinds of shoutouts you can get:

  • reciprocal shoutout.
  • selling a shoutout.
  • buying a shoutout.

You can not pretend to have a shoutout from Tony Hawk for free if your account is still new and with a few and bad pictures.

You need to escalate the ladder by starting to find less known influencer. Even the ones with 10.000 followers or less.

These little guys can help you grow your business, they might be super cheap. If you are lucky some of them might shoutout you for free in exchange for a shoutout from your profile.


If you like the slang this is called S4S (shoutout for shoutout).


At first, I recommend you to do that before starting to pay. Make a list of small influencer and DM (direct message) them.

To send them a direct message on Instagram you will need to follow them. If their profile is set to private you will need to wait until they are approving you.

If their profile is public you can go forward and send them a direct message.

Start asking for free shoutouts and if they are asking for money try to get a good deal.

Most of the nicest profiles at least on Instagram or Twitter have their email address or even phone number on it.

Don’t be shy and contact them!

(P.S. click on the picture below and make an account with N26 is awesome!)


how to send a dm on instagram


Wanna grow your audience and followers?


Pickup Line To Get A Shoutout

I like to call this a pickup line because in some ways it’s like getting on a girl or a boy.

You need to be persuasive and make aware the person where you want to get a shoutout that it is worth it doing it for you!

This is a pickup line you can use when contacting someone on a social network:


Hi <their username>,

my name is <your username> and I am passionate about <your passion>,

I see that we are in the same niche,

Can I shoutout your username on my feed?

If you shout mine as well on yours and I would appreciate,

Let me know if we can do it for free or if you usually charge people,




Where To Find Influencers

There are several websites that will help you find influencer if you are lazy and you don’t want to spend time searching them by yourself!

The best way to find good stuff is by searching people and looking at their profiles. But there are services like shoutcart where you can just go in there and purchase a shoutout.




All you have to do is to go there and type in the main keyword of your niche.

shoutcart fill in the niche

You will be able to see all the people registered to shoutcart that are selling shoutouts for money.

With shoutcart, you can buy shoutouts from other people or sell shoutouts for your profiles. This is totally free and you can make money with it, so make an account now.


I suggest you read my article on the best ways to get paid online.


You can see the health score of the profile you are going to get a shoutout from.

There are a lot of fake profiles and bots and is important that you will get your shoutout somewhere where it will get engagement.


5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Shoutouts


#1 – Search For People In Your Niche.

Do not waste time getting shoutouts from people who are posting pictures of cats if your page is about skateboarding.


#2 – Start Asking S4S To Profiles With Just A Bit More Followers Than You.

Not a lot of people is born rich, I was not at least and I always try to be cheap and efficient. If you are willing to put efforts, efforts will pay the price you will need to pay otherwise.


#3- Like The Pictures And Follow Your Pray.

Start interacting with the guys you like, put a like here and there and follow them. People like to have attention.


#4 – Do Not Spam.

Do not waste time spamming around, begging for likes and following, or using apps or stupid websites where you can buy followers. These will be what is called “ghost followers” and it will be just a waste of time and cash.


#5 – Use A Nice Email Or Private Message To Contact Them.

Try to contact them with your personal email, I have noticed some differences if you have a professional signature in your email. There are many services that will allow you to have a custom email signature, but if you are broke you can use Also get a nice logo, there are guys on Fiverr that will make a radical logo for $5. A nice logo when you send a DM will make you look more reliable and serious about your business.


If you have 500 followers and you get a shoutout from someone that has 25.000 followers or more, you definitely got a good deal.

Your goal is to nail the more free shoutout S4S as you can! If or when you will be rich you can always pay as well.

n26 banking



I hope that by now you know what is a shoutout and if you have some doubts you can always comment below or contact me.

But to be short here is what is a shoutout in other words:

Two users using any social network, from Facebook to YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram etc.. They agree that they will shout the other username on their wall instructing the visitors to follow it.

Shoutout posts often use photos or videos from the account they’re shouting out.

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build targeted followers on Instagram or any other social network.

My advice is to start asking for S4S or in other terms free shoutouts to profiles similar to yours.

These will still increase your followers and it will cost you zero money.

I also suggest you populate your roundup posts with the correct hashtags. The best software I have found that will help you with that is called ritetag.




Please, read and watch the video of my tutorial on how to publish hashtags with no copy and paste. This will save you a lot of time.

If you find this article helpful and awesome, please give it a Tweet and share it on your social networks so that I can grow and help you for free. Share on X

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