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The 10 Best Payment Gateways For Affiliate Marketers

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If you want to earn money online you need to have an account with the best payment gateways available online.

As an affiliate, you will get paid from affiliate networks like the ones in this article, top affiliate programs.

In my experience, there are many solutions! But I am sure 100% that if you have an account with all of these 10 best payment gateways listed in this article you will be able to accept payments from anyone worldwide.

I have created this list based on the worldwide availability that these services have! Some other payments gateways are not available in certain countries.

These are accepted and you can apply for all of them almost from any country! These websites are reliable, secure and well known.

So let’s get started with this list of the 10 best payments gateways for affiliates that you must have to make money online.

Best Payment Gateways For Online Entrepreneurs


#1 – TransferWise


You will need a transferwise account if you are trying to make money online because it is the best way to erase currencies fees.

With a free account, you will get a debit card you can use even with apple pay worldwide.

The interesting thing is that you can open over 20 bank accounts in multiple currencies also called borderless account.

The borderless feature is a sign of this cutting edge and one of the best payment gateways available.

Then you will be able to receive money in any currency and use it with your debit card! And If you have the currency of the country you are in, no fees, otherwise it will be converted in GBP British Pound.

For instance, if you get paid from the united states you can open an American bank account, you will get paid there with no fees.

Then you can decide to spend your USD if you are living in America or convert it to EU if you are living in Europe.

If you don’t convert the USD in EU and you decide to use your card in Europe the USD will be converted in GBP.

It is way cheaper to always convert foreign currencies to your own currency! And then if you want to transfer it to your local bank or N26.

PROS ⇒ Low fees and excellent app and website.

CONS ⇒ You can only send to bank accounts.



#2 – ePayments


ePayments is probably the fastest yet cheaper way to get paid as an affiliate online. This is probably one of the best payment gateways available.

The website and the app are outstanding and WIRE transfers recently got very cheap. You can receive money on your personal IBAN from the UK for $0.50.

This is super cheap and also if you get paid with the same currency there are no fees.

You can even send money to cryptocurrency wallets with bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. All you need to receive payments is your personal e-wallet number.

You will get instant payments from other ePayments users with no waiting time.

This is the best thing ever, because usually when you get money online it will take a little bit of time for the transaction to complete.

If you decide to receive money via WIRE you will have a personal British account with IBAN and SWIFT.

In order for them to eliminate all of these fees, they have a $2.99 maintenance fee on your MasterCard! But if you spend more then $300 a month you don’t have to pay it.

PROS ⇒ No costs to receive money and $0.50 to send money, cash gets here instantly.

CONS ⇒ $2.99 a month maintenance fees if you don’t spend $300 a month.



#3 – N26


N26 is a very awesome bank, you can open a bank account with a personal IBAN and Swift in less than 8 minutes with your smartphone.

What I usually do is to get paid instantly on ePayments or Transferwise depending on what country I get the cash.

Then I am transferring EU currency to my N26! I do this because this is a real bank and it works everywhere.

Here in Italy certain gas station or old shops don’t accept cards like transferwise or ePayments!

In other countries, they are fully accepted here you can have some problems sometimes, so using N26 is very important.

Also with a free n26 bank account, you will be able to cash out 5 times a month completely for free in any currency.

They have very low fees and the mobile app and website are very simple and efficient to use. I also like to have one place to store my money made online! And meanwhile, I get paid regularly also with the other services I always try to withdraw all here on N26.

So don’t wait for too much and open your free N26 and start banking the right way.

PROS ⇒ awesome mobile app and it is a real bank accepted everywhere.

CONS ⇒ sometimes they don’t accept wire transfers from currencies that are not EUR.



#4 – Coinbase


Coinbase is the best and easiest way to buy bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin. You will be able to receive cryptocurrency with ease and you can even send cryptocurrency around with no fees using gdax.

A lot of companies are already paying with bitcoin as one of the best payment gateways, and the main advantages are these:

  • completely anonymous.
  • money received instantly.
  • if you get paid $10 today and bitcoin is worth $1000 if tomorrow bitcoin is worth $10000 dollars your $10 will become $100.
  • easy to use.

If you decide to get paid in bitcoin BTC you will need a coinbase account! This is 100% free to open and you will be able to create as many bitcoin addresses as you want.

I really like cryptocurrency and you should get paid with bitcoin as well! Here is my article about cryptocurrency.

Receiving and sending money is super easy! And if you want to spend it you can even order a cryptocurrency card with WireXapp.

PROS ⇒ fast and anonymous, it can grow since the cryptocurrency price is volatile.

CONS ⇒ if you don’t use gdax fees are high.



#5 – PayPal


PayPal is one of the most famous payments methods. All works pretty fine, you can receive cash worldwide only by giving away your associated email address.

You will receive money instantly with no waiting times and if you are receiving or sending with the same currency it will be free.

If you have an EUR account and receiving USD the fees will be very high! So I suggest you get paid on transferwise first.

If you are receiving money in the same currency PayPal is great and to be considered one of the best payment gateways.

Another problem is that you can only receive $2500 a year before you will receive a message from PayPal asking you for a taxpayer ID.

If you plan to receive more than $2500 a year you will need a business account. Something I don’t like is the fact that they don’t have a 2fa system for the login.

And if you are not a US citizen you will not be able to receive a VISA or MasterCard you can use in the store or withdraw cash like with the other services.

But still, PayPal is worldwide used and you must have an account. Just be careful before you buy or spend to set your main currency to match the one from where you will receive a payment otherwise fees are very high. 

PROS ⇒ you will get paid instantly, no fees between same currencies, worldwide used.

CONS ⇒ no mastercard, no 2fa, fees are very high if you get cash from different currency.



#6 – Payoneer


Payoneer is used among the affiliates a lot, it was one of the best payment gateways ever, but now better stuff arrived.

They didn’t have a mobile app until a few weeks ago, and now the fact that they have one gained some hopes in me again.

You will get an IBAN and SWIFT account but this is not a real bank! You will be asked for permissions from Payoneer everytime you receive money on that account.

So this is not very awesome. You will receive a prepaid card like with all the other services linked to your Payoneer account and that you can use worldwide.

Payoneer is great to send mass payouts and recently they also added a ‘manage currencies‘ feature! You can move your money around your account from different currencies almost free of charge.

Something that took me a while to understand is that currencies fees really exists haha!

You should always try to minimize them using the same currency or converting the different currency from your main currency with transferwise.

PROS ⇒ a lot of companies are using it, fees are very low and competitive.

CONS ⇒ it is not a real bank and you will not get a completely personal IBAN.



#7 – Paxum


If you are in the adult niche, paxum is one of the most used payments. For me, it is a struggle everytime I log in to see how old the platform is and I don’t like it.

Also recently they had some problems issuing prepaid cards and I don’t trust them a lot. But some companies like awempire are going to pay you only with paxum.

Honestly, the mobile app looks better than the website and to receive the money you will need just an email address like with PayPal.

It is pretty easy to send and receive money and not even that expensive to withdraw cash t your bank account.

What I usually do is to get paid on paxum, and withdraw the money to my linked n26 account. This costs on average $5 and  I didn’t even order a paxum card since it costs $44.95 a year.

This service won an award also a few days ago for best payment method! Maybe because like PayPal you can request cash only with an email address.

I hope that they will update the platform soon and lower the fees like with the other services.

You will need an account with them to open an account now.

PROS ⇒ instant payments with email. 

CONS ⇒ old platform and the debit card costs money.



#8 – LeuPay


LeuPay will give you USD and EUR debit cards! This is the only service that will give you both cards for free.

It is possible to get both currencies also with ePayments but it will cost some little money, here it is completely free.

You will get also personal IBAN and SWIFT where you can receive money worldwide! This is one of the best payments gateways if we are talking about features.

They even have for each country the ability to use local services like top up your mobile phone, play with lotto, pay the utility bills with just one click.

They have also a live chat customer support here at LeuPay and the procedure to open an account, get verified and receive your debit card is very smooth.

There are many features with this payment gateway! I personally do not use it that much since not a lot of affiliate network are using it as a payment method.

But if you are living in a country where other services are harder to get approved, this is a good option that will allow you to have a European bank account even if you live in India.

PROS ⇒ they have a lot of features and great customer service. 

CONS ⇒ not used that much among the affiliates. 



#9 – Stripe


Stripe is used a lot especially if you are doing e-commerce with Shopify or having your business online like Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez is the first name that came to my mind because I know that his multi-millionaire online business is based on Stripe.

He’s selling his own online courses and merchandise etc… And he’s using Stripe as a payment gateway.

Do not get confused, I am not like him! I like the fact that he’s able to make so much money! But also, I think that he’s not adding any value selling all the products he’s promoting and I am not like him.

Long story short, Stripe is one of the best payment gateways because you will be able to create as many businesses as you want.

Each of them will have different options and you can even add co-workers and look at analytics and stats from a mobile app.

This is a more advanced and one of the best payment gateways online! You will almost never get paid as an affiliate from Stripe.

The only ones that get paid from Stripe as an affiliate are some WordPress affiliate programs that have stripe embedded in WordPress.

You will need stripe if you have an e-commerce site or your online products to sell! And it is one of the best payment gateways.

PROS ⇒ awesome website and app, analytics and multiple businesses set up.

CONS ⇒ you will get no IBAN or email to get paid from.



#10 – Skrill


Skrill and Stripe are very similar! This is mostly used from cryptocurrency, gambling and forex website to pay affiliates.

You can also send money internationally with a service called ‘skrill it‘ which is very cheap if you send money to Skrill account owners.

But if you want to send money to other accounts that are not Skrill it will be very expensive and not convenient at all.

This is why the best way to avoid fees with Skrill is by ordering your prepaid debit card. This will make available the money in your Skrill account and you will have to pay no fees if you are using the card.

It is very hard to keep it cheap if you are trying to send out money from Skrill on another account. A lot of websites are using it as a payment method but if you can pick among ePayments or PayPal or something else try to avoid this.

You can even send or receive money via credit card through your Skrill account in almost all the 3rd world countries.

But still, many cryptos, gambling, and these niches affiliate programs are paying only with Skrill so you will need an account.

PROS ⇒ Skrill it is very cheap among skrill users. 

CONS ⇒ Fees are too high to send money out of your Skrill account. 



This is a very nice and complete list of the best payment gateways to use as an affiliate or digital entrepreneur.

Each of them has their pros and cons! But overall the ones that I am more satisfied with and that I always try to preferer among all the others are:

You will need to have also the other payment methods! You can not think to have an online business without PayPal or Payoneer.

I hope that this list it is useful, I have spent many years doing this! The companies listed above are the best payment gateways and are very easy to get approved and have a fully efficient account with.

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