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SEMrush Competitive Intelligence And Research Toolkit

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No one wants to be a farmer or move rocks anymore!

  • We are all trying to pursue a career where the manual labor is doomed to disappear!
  • We are all getting educated and lazier and we all want to make a lot of money with the Internet.

While this is absolutely possible these days, you will have to deal with the whole world to conquer the first page of Google.

On the first page of Google, there are usually 3-4 paid Ads and 6-7 organic results. It is proven that most of the sales are generated from what goes into the first page.

My grandfather 60-70 years ago every morning would go to the city center of my town to meet with contractors that needed labor and hands to build houses.

All you had to do to work was going to the city center in the main square and while drinking a coffee and reading a newspaper you would eventually get picked up to go work somewhere.

Now, we are all walking with our phones in hands even while driving and eating. Share on X

I can not say that this is wrong or right, it is just the way it is! This proofs that the money to be made at the current moment are on the internet.

For some online business owners, in particular, ‘the internet‘ is their main source of revenue and they hope to get traffic and money from it.

The problem is that if you leave this to the faith it will probably never happen. Share on X

If you are smart about how you pick keywords and build backlinks on your sites, you can eventually become a millionaire.

There are no doubts, you can’t do this alone!

You will need a very analytic mind, a good team to help you and most of it a tool that will guide you on the right steps to take in order to conquer the first page of Google.




I have some experience on how to rank websites, and the best tool you can use to help you achieve that is SEMrush.

They have recently made an update to the core system and I am here to introduce the SEMrush competitive intelligence 2.0 tool.



SEMrush Competitive Intelligence Tool

The new semrush competitive intelligence section is a must-use if you are trying to bring your business to high levels.


This tool includes the traffic analytics tool, which is basically Google Analytics for your competitors.


semrush competitive research


At the current moment, they have a database of over 7.7 billion keywords and 400+ million web domains in 190 countries.

This is the best tool that will allow you to do benchmarking with different sites, find gaps and ways to improve your seo strategy.

You can find all the SEMrush competitive analysis tools using the drop-down menu on the top left.

semrush traffic analytics


SEMrush Traffic Analytics

Let’s pick the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool on the competitive research toolkit menu.

You will need to have a business plan or buy this package separately to have full access to this feature.

The reason why this is billed separately is that is super powerful and as you can understand it costs also a lot of money to maintain it.

They need to purchase a huge amount of data from many different companies in order to make it accurate.

This tool is going to give you the most accurate competitors analysis ever.

You can benchmark your domain with the ones of your competitors, and create solid maps of what needs to be done.

You can filter the traffic of any site in:

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Social
  • Referral

You can click on the ‘advertising research‘ tab on the left, then you will be able to see all the Ads that your competitors put on Google.

You can spy on the creatives and find the ones that were most profitable.

It is possible also to spy on the traffic sources and from where they get the most of their traffic from.

For instance, if you want to compete with you can find exactly from what big website the traffic comes from if they are paying for Ad space or PPC traffic.

You can then replicate these campaigns until the point where they get profitable or you can even beat your competition.

PPC or Media Buying techniques are all rather expensive so you must deeply understand what you are doing.


The best way to learn this is by starting a website today and then starting to play with it to get traffic.


semrush traffic analytics benchmarking


You can click on the ‘pitch mode‘ button to have a full screen of data.

You can, for instance, drop the competitors you already know to do some benchmarking, or you can let SEMrush find the competitors you might not know already and spy on them.


semrush benchmarking for marcodiversi


The display advertising tools will allow you to look at your main competitors under other eyes.


semrush traffic analytics benchmarking


Instead of being your competitors they will become friends that will give you some precious data to bring your business to the roof.


cool competitive intelligence insights


You can switch the publisher tab to see exactly to whom are paying for traffic and you can even sort by:

  • top 30 publishers.

These are usually the gold nuggets you want to start to collaborate in some ways. You can even look at the top PPC creatives.


SEMrush CPC Map

You can use the CPC map to discover what are the most expensive and profitable keyword to advertise in many regions.

You can, for instance, pick the United States, state of Texas and look what is the most expensive keywords if you are trying to advertise in the insurance niche.

The CPC map tool can be used for free, no need of subscription, all you have to do is to create an account and look at how crazy certain keywords bids are.


Guess how much is the most expensive keyword to bid for on Google Ads? Tweet me your guess without looking at the results below! Share on X


I have recently discovered the most expensive keywords and you can check out the thread on Product Hunt.


semrush cpc map

Growth Hacking With SEMrush

SEMrush competitive intelligence can also be used for growth hacking.

This is a neologism that refers to all the practices you need to follow to grow on the internet as a brand/business.


Using Funnels, Email Magnets, Social Media, SEO, develop new technology on apps and websites,  spying on competitors and so on can all be called growth hacking.


If you are a long-term thinker, content marketing and SEO is the best growth hack path to follow.

SEMrush will guide you step by step and give you tips you absolutely need every day.

For instance here are some growth hacks you can do with the  SEMrush competitive research toolkit:

  • spot your competitor’s most profitable keywords.
  • identify the best backlinks of your competitors. (take a look at this article).
  • look at what pages get the most of the traffic so that you can write better content on that topic.
  • find out what posts got shared the most.
  • look at the creatives and campaigns they run on Google Ads.
  • you can see where they decide to buy Ad space or advertise, and where it is most profitable.
  • you can use filters, the CPC filter, for instance, you could filter all the low search volume keywords that still cost a lot of money to advertise on Google Ads. If there is low search and high cost it means that those kw converts like crazy.
  • you can even find prospects and automatically outreach them from the link building section.


Practical Examples Of How You Can Use These Tools To Gain Success

The video on top of this article is a summary of these examples, but to be clear I will try to list them here as well.

SEMrush competitive intelligence has almost no limits, you can spend months playing with all the options and the million websites on their database.


Here I will list some of the most useful and practical routines you should follow. #semrush Share on X


I have already talked about the traffic analytics tool previously, so now I am going to give you some tips on how to use the other tools in the competitive research dashboard.



Here you will find these tabs:

  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Gap
  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink gap

A procedure you could follow to use these tools for good is this one.

  1. put your domain into the ‘organic research‘ tool.
  2. click on the competitor’s tab.
  3. export it to an excel file just for the records.
  4. drop your competitors one by one into the organic research tool.
  5. export or take notes of the new and lost lost improved declined
  6. try to be smart and write a better piece of content on low difficulty keywords that your competitors have lost.
  7. use the content marketing tool + keyword magic tool to find the best related and semantic keywords to use.
  8. then go look at the backlinks your competitors have and do some benchmarking with the backlink gap tool.
  9. go on the link building tool and try to do some outreach and build do follow links.
  10. repeat for all of your main competitor’s websites.



Here you will find these tabs:

  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • Backlink Gap

A procedure you could follow to use these tools for good is this one.

  1. get the list of your competitors gathered before.
  2. start dropping links into the ‘advertising research‘ tool.
  3. watch out the lost and improved keyword on Google Ads.advertising research new lost improved declined
  4. if you spot some rather cheap keywords to bid on, that got lost from your competitors you might want to start bidding on it.
  5. you can use the ‘Ad copies‘ tab to see what google ads performed better and get inspired from them.
  6. you can go over the ‘Display Advertising‘ tab and click on publishers.
  7. you will see a list of websites that make your competitors business shine.
  8. spy on the creatives that are using and on what keywords are bidding to get their traffic. You can even see on what landing page the users are landing and replicated those pages for you.
  9. if you have a store you can check out the PLA (product listing advertising) tab and see what your competitors are doing with their products.
  10. repeat this process and add your own experience in it.


Content And PR

Here you will find these tabs:

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Topic Research
  • Post Tracking

A procedure you could follow to use these tools for good is this one.

  1. create a ‘New Brand Monitoring’ domain.
  2. put your brand KW, and the main kw you want to rank for in it. Choose them smart and take advantage of the keyword magic tool to help you with that.
  3. start collecting mentions from web and Twitter, sort these mentions by estimated reach, for instance, you can find the sorting option under the ‘advanced filters‘.
  4. discover new prospect and people that might mention you as well on their websites or social media.
  5. use the topic research tool to create compelling content to show to these newly discovered peoplesemrush mentions
  6. get the keyword magic tool combined with the lost keywords from the organic search tool to spot holes into the newly discovered prospect.
  7. use the post tracking tool to monitor the progress of your posts and your competitor’s posts.
  8. find your rivals and use the position tracking feature of SEMrush to see if you are improving the position of a certain keyword on the SERP.
  9. use the newly acquired keywords to create better content to show to your competitors.
  10. repeat this process, there are a lot of more options ion it so you should play hard with this section.


Social Media

Here you will find these tabs:

  • Social Media Tracker

A procedure you could follow to use these tools for good is this one.

  1. create a project with the new social media tracker button.
  2. connect all of your social media, at the moment SEMrush offers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  3. analyze each single social media and try to look if your posts are engaging your audience.
  4. go to the social media poster and add a feed to the content ideas tab. social media poster
  5. create a new post based on the data you have seen before and on what engaged the most your audience.
  6. install the google chrome extension so that you will be able to put in queue new posts if you see something interesting on the internet to post on your social.
  7. schedule new posts and auto post them on your social networks in the peak hours based on the data from step number 3.
  8. monitor your social media analytics and try to post stuff that gets the most of the attentiondiversum peak hours
  9. put tasks you want to do on your social media calendar and outsource the repetitive tasks to your team.
  10. repeat and grow.


The Content Marketing Toolkit

The SEMrush content marketing toolkit is a powerful set of tools that will give you super precious insights.

If you want to succeed with content marketing you need to make sure that your site doesn’t have any problems, the SEMrush content audit tool will take care of that.


You can run detailed reports and fix all the pages that need to be updated or rewritten.


semrush content analyzer

The SEO content template will provide you with semantic keywords and content ideas templates you can use to scale your content marketing campaigns.

It will generate detailed reports analyzing all of your competitors and it will plan a content strategy for your site.

The post tracking will allow you to track all of your posts and competitors posts on social media so that you can always do better than the others.

The brand monitoring feature will allow you to keep track of your brand or your competitor’s brands. you will be able to see all the mentions, discussions etc…

The marketing calendar will allow you to put on a calendar all the tasks you need to implement on your site. You can then share it with your team and outsource tasks.

The seo writing assistant is one of the coolest tools. This tool will guide you on how to improve every article on your blog.


It will give you a list of all the #semantic keywords you should include! Share on X


If you are on WordPress you can install the SEMrush SEO writing assistant plugin where you can put all the keywords you want to rank for and SEMrush intelligence will pull out the best one.

semrush content marketing toolkit

When preparing an article you should use the SEO writing assistant and the WordPress plugin and run  a few reports like so:

  • measure the competition level, (how many keywords you have in common with your competitors).
  • spy on the new and lost keywords, if you see that your competitor has lost some KW on the SERP you might want to go for those on your content.
  • use the keyword gap feature to benchmark your domain ranked kw with the ones of your competitors.
  • drop the lost keywords and the common keywords into the keyword magic tool. You can read a tutorial on how to use the keyword magic tool here.
  • then you want to put the most relevant keyword inside the writing assistant or the SEMrush SEO writing assistant.
  • then start writing and follow the advice the plugin will give you.

semrush analytics



The SEMrush competitive research 2.0 tool is a very powerful tool that can save you so much time when it comes to doing your SEO analysis.

This toolset will never let you down, one of the most powerful tools is called :

  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics.

You can watch a video down below that specifically talk about that.

The traffic analytics will allow you to spoil all of your competitors best strategies and it’s totally worth it.





The SEMrush competitive data and the SEMrush competitive intelligence are very accurate.


I gave some practical examples of how you can use this tool to find:

  • holes in your competitor’s keyword strategy.
  • your main competitors and how to take advantage of them.
  • spot the places where your competitors are making the most of the money.
  • spy on the backlink portfolio of any site.
  • create a brand monitoring profile and manage your social media from SEMrush.

I hope that you liked this article, SEMrush is my favorite tool and I hope that it will become yours as well soon.

All you have to do is to make a free account and start using it for free!


If you liked this article and you found it helpful I would appreciate some comments down below and some tweets. Share on X


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