Marco Diversi Resources Web CEO SEO Tool Suite Review And #1 Guide

Web CEO SEO Tool Suite Review And #1 Guide

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Web CEO is a powerful and easy to read SEO tool that will help you day after day to rank you on the first page of Google.

I have been talking quite a bit about SEMrush in other articles, you can read more about that here on this SEMrush review.

I think that Web CEO is very similar to SEMrush but Web CEO could be easier to use, less expensive and a good alternative to SEMrush.

In this review, we will talk about Web CEO only and all of the features of this seo software. I will later compare some of the SEMrush features to the ones of Web CEO. You should make a free account now!




For now, I can tell you that WebCEO is a little easier to read and it gives you tips on how to take action to fix errors on your site.

If you are not a software engineer and you want something easier to understand and yet extremely powerful, you should definitely create a free account with Web CEO now.

You will get a 14 days trial version to test all the features listed in this article.

The backlink feature is, in my experience more accurate and powerful compared to SEMrush, although both Web CEO and SEMrush are pulling data directly from the Majestic API.

Another thing not to be underestimated is the ability to create your own Web CEO white label site and get paid selling this product on your site.

5 signs of bad seo with webceo


Web CEO Review And Price

From my understanding, this software excels when it comes to creating awesome SEO reports, and to analyze the backlinks situation of any site and competitors site.

I find it easier to read and it gives an awesome guidance to follow up with the errors and things to improve on your site.

Something that got my attention after having 1-hour call with a marketing representative at Web CEO is the white label feature.

For the ones of you that don’t know what a white label is I will give you a short example.

A white label is a copy and paste of a website or an online software platform that can be customized on your own domain.

do you want to get first on google webceo

So if you are an SEO agency for instance and you have a website called you could include a section called and when people visit that URL they will see your privately labeled SEO tool with no mention of Web CEO.

raise your ranks with webceoYou will able to customize the whole thing and earn money from this product from people using it on your site. I could call it, for instance, Marco Diversi Power SEO Suite.

If I am good with branding and promoting my product I will get paid each month from Web CEO.

People that get a membership on my site but that they don’t know that I am using Web CEO since I have customized the white label accordingly to my website.

With a paid version you will be able to share your projects even with not payers users. Click To Tweet


What Are The Costs And Prices Of Web CEO

The costs of webceo are very similar to the ones of SEMrush. As I said before you can share the costs with many other users. This is something you can not do with SEMrush.

The prices start at $74/mo if you pay for 12 months, and up to $374/mo for an enterprise account.

web ceo pricing

With a basic Startup plan, you can have up to 5 active projects.

You can get keyword tracking reports shipped to your every day with tips to help you improve your rankings.

If you are just starting with your website, it might be a big investment but if you are making serious money with your site or planning to make more money you should get Web CEO and start optimizing now.




Web CEO Tutorial And Features Guide

webceo homepage

Each time you need to go back to the home page just click on the W on the top left side.

This will bring you back to the homepage.

From there you will be able to see all of your projects and make some simple setup and see some stats in a glance of your domains.

online webceo projects overview

With a free account, you will be able to add one project, so I highly recommend you to make an account now and start using this software for free for 1 project.




If you have a paid version you will be able to track many projects and get tips and keyword suggestions from technical seo audits and keyword positioning etc…

From the top menu on the right, you can select the interface and report branding, this will allow you to add custom logos and colors and stuff you want to write on your auto-generated reports.

interface and report branding web ceo

If you want to see your project overview follow the picture below from there you will see all the most important information like:

  • keywords and rank checker.
  • main competitors
  • backlinks
  • etc..

web ceo project overview


Site Audit


Keyword Research

This section is separated in the other 4 sections:

  • Get Suggestions.
  • Spy on Competitors.
  • Keywords from Search Console.
  • Keyword Basket.

With ‘get suggestions’ you can just type in some of the keywords you want to rank for and for what country and you will get suggestions and a measure of the KEI ( keyword effectiveness index).

The higher the KEI and the lower the Bid Competition, the easier it will be to rank for that keyword on your site.

This tool is crawling your site and will calculate the effectiveness of the keyword based on how related is to your site.

Spy on competitors is pretty great, just drop a link in there and you will be able to see all the potential keyword you can rank as well compared to your competitors.

spy on competitors and add to kw basket

With keywords from Google Search Console, you will need to connect Google Search Console to see the keywords you rank for including the keywords you haven’t yet added to your Ranking Tracker.

You can achieve the same results with Google Search Console but here it will be all under one roof no need to log on to multiple tools and switch between different browser tabs.

The ‘keyword basket’ is a place where you can add the keywords you like and you can use this as a reference when writing new articles.

You can add a KW to the basket by clicking on the + sign to the right of the KW.


Internal Links Optimization

This section is subdivided by:

  • Link Text Analysis.
  • Page Authority Analysis.
  • Landing Page Analysis.

In this section, you will be able to see and expand the results of your site links profile. You can decide to pick a specific anchor text and dig into your website linking structure.

You can check the page authority of each page of your site and the status of the internal links.

link structure


Technical Audit

This is a very actionable section, you will get insights on the errors of your site, with a free version you can check a few links.

With a paid version you can crawl the whole site and figure out what’s wrong and what to change on your site.

If you click on the little question mark next to the errors, you will know exactly where these errors come from and get tips on how to fix them. (You can click any tab to get tips)

technical seo on web ceo


SEO Analysis

This section has many subsections, I suggest you check them all one by one:

  • Tool Summary.
  • On-Site Issues Overview.
  • Landing Pages Overview.
  • Landing Page SEO.
  • Page Speed.
  • Mobile Optimization.
  • Popular Pages.
  • Sitemap Generation.

The easier to understand and the most useful tab here is ‘On-Site Issues Overview‘. Here you can see all the SEO problems of your site, and if you click on the question mark you can see how to fix them.

These are the best rules of thumbs to make your website nice looking for search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc…

I have actually run the report for marcodiversi now and immediately fixed some of these errors. Also if you are looking for a tool to create a very good sitemap, I promise you that this one is the only one that does the job perfectly.

Web CEO is the best sitemap generator tool existing on the web at the present moment. Many free or paid tools are not accurate like this one for sitemap generation.

A sitemap is a list of all the links on your site so that search engine crawlers will have an easier time crawling your site.

You can also use Web CEO to submit the sitemap to search engines with one click.


Backlink Quality Check

The backlink section is one of the winning part of Web CEO compared to SEMrush. Even though you can do all of this wit SEMrush as well here it is more readable and actionable for newbies.

This section is subdivided into many other sections, and we can see them listed below:

  • Tool Summary.
  • Competitor Link Profile.
  • Linking Domains.
  • Backlinks.
  • Lost Backlinks.
  • Link Texts.
  • My Most Linked Pages.
  • Not processed toxic pages.
  • Toxic pages reported to Google.
  • Pages manually marked as non-toxic.
  • Competitor Backlink Spy.

From the overview tab, you can see what’s the TLDs you are linking the most and many other things in a glance.

The competitor’s profile will compare your domain authorities with your competitors, this is not super interesting.

The Linking domains report is very cool, you can sort all your top domains you get links from by their authority and explore them one by one.

The backlink tab is the most interesting. From there you can sort the backlinks by toxicity. I find it pretty accurate when the domain is marked as “Toxic”. Beware, however: the backlink might not be actually toxic if it is marked as “Suspected Toxic”.

backlink toxicity web ceo

If you spot a toxic domain you can click on the nuclear waste symbol. All you have to do then is generate the .txt file and disavow it via Google Search Console.

You can get this from ‘Not processed toxic pages‘.

The lost backlinks tab is more readable compared to SEMrush, you can read more articles from them here.

You can also check link texts or anchor texts and most linked pages with a single click. You can adjust toxicity factor and much more from the settings tab on top right of any section.

toxicity settings


Social Analytics

With this, you can get insights on the social buzz and how people interact with your business via the social media.

You can check out all of your mentions, retweets, and social buzz so to speak.

You can also spy on the links of the social networks of your competitors. This tool can actually help you find content that gets shared the most and that is more relevant for your site so that you can eventually boost your social shares.

You can look at Facebook insights as well:

You can literally see all the top performing posts of any page on Facebook, which is absolutely great. Here is the result for Neil Patel.


facebook insights web ceo


Marketing Analytics


Rank Tracking

The Rank Tracking section is divided into many subsections as follows:

Once you enter your keywords here you will be able to see their placement on the SERPs.

A very cool tab is the ‘ Dangerous competitors tab‘.

Here you will see stuff like domain age, Alexa ranking and common keywords to your site that are ranking for your competitors and their placement on the SERP.

What do you want more than this?

The visualization of these data is definitely easier to read compared to SEMrush and a little nicer. Also, the competitor’s suggestions are easier to get here.

Once you know what keywords each competitor is ranking for you can now try to outrank them.


Web Analytics

This will require you to connect Google analytics and you can see the data from there in a more clear and nice way.


Google Search Console

You can actually see the same stuff on the Google Search Console, however, it’s always nice to have all your info under one roof.


Competitors Metrics

This is a hub with the links to all Web CEO reports showing data on your competitors.

competitors link profile


Whitelabel Label Domain Setup

As I have mentioned earlier an exciting feature off Web CEO is the white label domain feature.

With $20 extra a month you can turn your website into an SEO agency and cash machine.

If you are looking for a white label WordPress maintenance service I strongly advise you WPbuffs, they are great at helping people with WP.

You can create a subdomain like or

If your website starts getting traffic you can direct your visitors to your subdomain with a white-label SEO platform powered by Web CEO which is customized with your brand name, logo and style and looks as if your own programming engineers have developed it for you.

You can add a custom logo and even modify anything you want to modify. People will pay for your SEO tool while, in reality, they don’t know that is Web CEO.

You could become a brand yourself and turn your website into a reference point for SEO webmasters or gurus that will use your Web CEO tools white label site.

web ceo white label domain


Other Cool Web CEO features

It takes a little bit of time to look at all the features of this SEO tool, of course, it costs some money and it needs to be a good one.

The ones above are just the tip of the iceberg of all you can do with Web CEO.

The main advantages of this compared to SEMrush are that it is easier to read, you can create white label sites on your own domains and site-domains and make awesome customized PDF SEO reports.


Custom Reports

You can create automated reports and send them to your clients, or developers.

You can also create branded reports and put your logo on it so that eventually you can sell them to some of your clients or on Fiverr.

branded reports

One of these reports can cost a lot of money if you find people willing to improve their websites SEO.

If they don’t have full access to Web CEO and they don’t know about it you can actually make money out of them.

You can email these reports and create alerts notifications as well. Feel free to click on the picture below and check out the report created for this website.

seo report marcodiversi


SEO Leads

You can also turn your site into a lead magnet via the SEO leads feature of Web CEO.

You can install a button on your site and provide your visitors with a complete SEO report and get paid for it.

You can retrieve the SEO leads feature from the homepage just underneath the menu bar.

You can customize and tweak the settings of the lead generation magnet according to your needs and budget.

seo leads


Report Export

For every report and test, you run you can export it into a nice looking PDF. This will export the page you are looking at.

The PDF can be mailed, shared and they all are clickable.

If you are looking for a very good guide that will help you edit a PDF read this How to edit a PDF guide!

Exporting data especially backlinks and keywords is very important if you are trying to succeed with SEO.

Exporting data will give you the chance to compare the results from the previous months and see if any progress was made.

Also, you can analyze data and copy and paste it somewhere else if you need too.

Another tool that goes well with the Web CEO is SEMrush.

backlink export in pdf web ceo



With WebCeo, you can do a lot of things and the best way to discover all of the functionalities is by using it.

You can run excellent and very easy to understand reports and SEO tests. You will get guidance on how to fix the problems that your website might have.

15 seo tools that works webceo

Some of the radical features of this seo suite tool are:

  • you can share your projects even with members that don’t have a paid version.
  • web CEO is crawling sites not only on Google.
  • you can create white label sites.
  • you can generate awesome SEO reports and eventually sell them.
  • you can create lead magnet and SEO agency tool.
  • it is more possible to run keyword research, backlinks report, create sitemaps, and much more.

I strongly suggest you take the deal now of a 14 days trial with my affiliate link by clicking on the button below.




Even if you don’t decide to upgrade, in 14 days you will be able to correct a lot of errors that your site might have and that they were harder to spot using SEMrush.

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