Marco Diversi SEO How To Publish On Medium Your Posts To Avoid Duplicate Content Guide

How To Publish On Medium Your Posts To Avoid Duplicate Content Guide

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Medium is the best publishing platform online, there is a lot of traffic on it but you might want to have your own blog as well.

Writing posts on your blog is a lot of efforts and also very worth it since you own it! I strongly recommend you to have a self-hosted blog.

This one you are reading now is a self-hosted blog, you can read my guide on how to have a successful blog here.

The reasons why you need to have a blog on a cool domain on the internet are many. But if you publish content on Medium as well you could potentially bring in a lot of extra free traffic. This is a very powerful content marketing technique.

The problem is that if you write an article on your blog and then copy and paste it or even re-write it a bit on Medium it will be considered as a duplicate content.

If Google finds out that you have duplicate content, your site will face serious problems and your site might not rank and it can get penalized by Google.


medium homepage

Medium is a very good platform and here I am going to teach you how to publish on medium your articles and avoid duplicate content problems.

If you publish on Medium a lot of people can read your articles. Millions of users are using it to read interesting stuff.

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How To Publish On Medium Your Blog Posts

Medium is one of the top 300 most visited websites on the web according to alexa!

If you are creating great content you might want to consider adding your ideas on this platform as well.

medium traffic on alexa

The first thing that you need to do in order to be able to post something on Medium is to create an account.




Once you have created an account, complete your profile and fill in all the options in your settings tab.

I strongly suggest that you create a publication section on your profile.

This is like having your own blog where people can subscribe too. You can even modify the menu of that page.

thrive global medium publication


Medium have by default an ‘Import story‘ feature that will add a canonical tag to the post you are importing to Medium.

A canonical tag gives Google directions on what pages to crawl and show in the Search results.

Adding a canonical tag on your Medium articles is like  saying that the original content is on your blog at that specific URL.

“hey Google, this is just a copy and paste, please do not consider it and crawl the one I am linking in the canonical tag.”

You will not get organic traffic from Google then but still you will get organic traffic from people searching for articles on Medium.

In the video below there are the steps on how to publish on Medium the correct way.


Video And Steps To Take To Publish On Medium Correctly

So here is a short video and the steps to take to post on medium your blog articles correctly.

  1. create a Medium account.
  2. complete your settings.
  3. click on your Medium profile pic on the top right.
  4. press ‘Stories
  5. hit on ‘Import a story‘.
  6. adjust the stuff that got imported wrong.
  7. add tags, title, and meta description.
  8. publish!



If you are wondering how medium works, it is pretty simple. You can create a profile and a publication section and even medium series.

I don’t use a lot the medium series but actually, those are sending notifications to your subscribers each time you post.

I really like a lot to post my content on Medium as well from all the various websites I have.

I  always wanted to post my stuff also on Medium but I was always scared of the Medium SEO point of view and duplicate content.

If you are using this feature you don’t need to be scared of the Medium SEO because the SEO will come from your post that should be already SEO optimized.



Using Medium as a way to bring more traffic to your sites is a smart idea to generate some built in audience.

If you post on Medium the right way you will not need to care about duplicate content. Medium will create a canonical tag that will solve all the problems. 

If you go up on this article you can see the steps to take to post on Medium the right way and you can even see a video. 

You can also see all the stats of your sites on Medium and interact with a huge community. 

If you are interested in these kinds of tricks and hacks I suggest you read my guide on how to post hashtags on Instagram with no copy and paste

Another suggestion I can give you is to create a blog on a self-hosted platform like and on a domain and hosting plan.

You can read my guide on how to do it from the button below




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