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How To Use The Apple Time Capsule With A VPN Service

If you have just bought a VPN and you have a Time Capsule at home, in 99% of the cases the Time Capsule will not work.

The surprise is not pleasant since you probably need your time capsule to work! But thank god the fix is very easy.

The reason why this is happening is that the time capsule in order to connect to your computer needs a local and static IP.

If you didn’t buy a cheap VPN but a good one you will have several options to choose from.

After many years of trying any kind of software, I know what are the best VPNs and my advice is to get:

  • NordVPN (cheap and very good but a little slower).
  • ExpressVPN (a little more expensive but faster).

You can read my NordVPN review and get a special deal for only $3.99 a month.




At the current moment, the VPN I use is ExpressVPN because I find it a little faster but it will cost you $8.32 a month.




It’s up to you to decide which one to take!

But here in this article, I am going to tell you how to to make your apple airport extreme or time capsule work with a VPN service.


time capsule vpn

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Time Capsule VPN Fix

To make the Time Capsule VPN work all you need to do is to go over your VPN provider preferences or settings and uncheck the option:


enable network lock (internet kill switch).


and if you have it you should uncheck also this option:

manage connection on a per-app basis (split tunnelling).

expressvpn and time capsule fix

Consider that depending on the VPN that you have this option can be named a little bit different.

The moral of the story is that you uncheck at least the first option mentioned above.

This will not protect you only when the connection suddenly drops. It is usually for a few milliseconds a few times a day.

You don’t have to worry about it, but it will make your Time Capsule VPN server network happy and working.

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If you chat with your VPN support in most of the cases they will not be able to help you. Or they will tell you that you need to get a VPN router and configure the VPN on your router.

While configuring your VPN on your router is way better, not all the routers and countries allow you to do that, so it will be not a fix for everyone.

If you need additional settings on your time capsule VPN you can get them on your mac from:

Application > Utilities > AirPort Utility



If you can not set up your VPN on your router or you need to change your router in order to do it, there is an easier and free solution to be able to use your time capsule with a VPN.

The solution is pretty easy and depending on what VPN service are you using you need to disable this option:

enable network lock (internet kill switch).

If you don’t have yet a VPN or if you have a bad one. I highly suggest considering only NordVPN or ExpressVPN since are the best VPNs.




A VPN (virtual private network) will protect all the stuff that you do online and encrypt all the data and passwords you are transferring to the internet in a more efficient way.

You can also change your IP address to whatever location you want to change it. The advantages are countless.

If this fix worked please let me know in the comment box below. I have asked many people with this problem and this solved the “how to use the time capsule with a VPN service” problem for all of them.

If this didn’t work or you are struggling to find this option, please let me know in the comment below or contact me.

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How To Use The Apple Time Capsule With A VPN Service
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How To Use The Apple Time Capsule With A VPN Service
The Time Capsule VPN problem is a problem that a lot of people have. With a VPN ON they can not access their Time Capsule. Here is an easy and free fix.
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