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How To Transfer Your Domains To Cloudflare Registrar & Advantages

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I want to start off the year with one of the best deals and things you should do with your sites, transfer your domains to Cloudflare.

Using the Cloudflare registrar is one of the smartest and cheapest moves you can do if you have a website or even better a lot of websites.

If you are a newbie, you probably ended up buying your domains on GoDaddy or any other popular registrar.

I have made that mistake as well a long time ago. You can fix this mistake and transfer your domains to Cloudflare, is super simple and cheap.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you how to transfer your domains to Cloudflare registrar and I will list the top advantages and benefits you will get from this move.

One of the biggest benefits if you transfer your domains to Cloudflare, is that the renewals are super cheap for a lifetime.

cloudflare registrar tlds prices

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Main Advantages Of Using Cloudflare Registrar

Now you might be wondering why you should move all of your domains from your current registrar to Cloudflare.




I am not here to convince you or selling you some stuff. All the things I write on this blog are the best things you should do to grow a serious online business.

I am not getting any money if you use Cloudflare since you will only need a free version to do that, I am actually on the free version as well.

Transferring your domains to Cloudflare brings many advantages, and here are some:

  1. the renewal price is the basic price you would pay as if you were the registrar. (Cloudflare does not earn a dime.)
  2. you will have a 100% private domain and free WHOIS redaction.
  3. you will get a free DNSSEC configuration for the domains.
  4. 2fa, two-factor authentication protection on your domains.
  5. a cutting-edge platform.

Talking about the price, I am going to show you how much money you can save each year using Cloudflare as your registrar compared to the main registrar available at the moment.

(Cloudflare at the current moment provide only domain transfer, you can’t buy domains from it.)


GoDaddy $14.99 + $9.99 = $24.99 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $16.96
NameCheap $12.88 + FREE = $12.88 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $4.85
Ionos (1&1) $15.00 + FREE = $15.00 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $6.97
NameSilo $8.99 + FREE = $8.99 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $0.96
Bluehost $11.99 + $0.99 = $12.98 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $4.95
Enom $39.95 + $8.00 = $47.95 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $39.92
Ovh $12.99 + FREE = $12.99 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $4.96
Domain $9.99 + $8.99 = $18.98 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $10.95
Register $37.00 + $11.00 = $48.00 $8.03 + FREE = $8.03 $39.97
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You can keep an eye on all the TLDs that they have available from this link, and here is the Cloudflare domain homepage.


What you should do is to get a super cheap domain on NameSilo, you can use the discount coupon code:


to get $1 off!




Then when the 30 days are passed, transfer it to Cloudflare and your domain will be renewed for another additional year.

NameSilo is very cheap but it doesn’t have the awesome features you will get with Cloudflare and a cutting edge managing platform.





How To Transfer A Domain To Cloudflare Registrar

The procedure to transfer a domain to the Cloudflare registrar is pretty simple. It will only take you a few minutes.

I have created a video if you want to follow it!

This shows you how to do it from GoDaddy to Cloudflare, but the same process applies to any other registrar.

Now if you need a little bit of guidance, I advise you to refer to the Cloudflare domain transfers guidelines.

But In short, here I am going to list the main steps.

  1. make an account with Cloudflare.
  2. let them manage your DNS, put the Cloudflare NS server given. (You can watch this to learn).
  3. click on domain registration.
  4. choose the domain you want to transfer.
  5. go back to your current registrar.
  6. remove your current WHOIS privacy.
  7. unlock your domain.
  8. ask for your authorization code.
  9. go back to Cloudflare and drop the authorization code.
  10. if the checkmark is green, go ahead and then confirm the transfer.
  11. go back to your registrar and refresh the page you were on.
  12. this should bring a new section that will ask you to accept the transfer.
  13. accept the transfer manually to speed up the transfer.
  14. wait a few hours or days for the domain to be fully transferred.
  15. once the domain is transferred, go to your Cloudflare DNS settings and enable the DNSSEC.
  16. now you will be able to see your success from the Cloudflare overview tab.


how to enable dnssec on cloudflare



Google Webmasters .htaccess Verification (Bonus Trick Only For Advanced Users)

If for some reasons you are not in the measure to verify via HTML tag your domain because you have a redirect on it or whatever else, I have found a powerful trick.

I am not going to explain all the procedure, you can skip this step and it is not necessary.

I am talking to experienced people that know what I am talking about.

If you need to verify your domain on Google webmasters but your domain is a redirect or you can not verify it with the classic methods all you have to do is to:

  1. access your site via FTP.
  2. put ‘show invisible’ files into your FTP client options.
  3. search for the .htaccess file of your domain.
  4. just below RewriteEngine On
  5. add this line of code.
  6. RewriteRule googlea123456789xyz.html googlea123456789xyz.html [L]
  7. where googlea123456789xyz.htmlis given from the Google webmasters tools, (see screenshot below).
  8. doing so will brutally force and verify your domain in any case.

htacces verification google webmaster




You don’t need to be a geek to understand that moving your domains to Cloudflare is the thing to do.

No markup costs and no additional fees will ever be applied on renewals. The prices are super cheap and on top of that, you have 100% private domain WHOIS guard and domain lock.

Almost none of the websites out there have their DNS encrypted with the DNSSEC protocol. To configure this on any other registrar is tricky, with the Cloudflare registrar all you will need is a click.

Look at the GIF above.




I hope that this Cloudflare setup and guide on how to transfer a domain from your current registrar was clear.

The last section of the .htaccess file is only a bonus. I have transferred many of my old domains and they were only ‘redirected domains’ and I needed to use this trick to verify them.

The Cloudflare domain registration is super simple and probably also the fastest and better designed on the internet.


The process is very fluid and easy to do even if you are inexperienced.


If you have any problems feel free to contact me, I would also appreciate a comment if you think that this was a smart move. Share on X


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  1. They are not allowing you to transfer out from cloudflare later, it’s fishy and shady behind the scenes.

    1. hey bro, transfer out will be disabled for 60 days like with any other registrar. The option to transfer out from Cloudflare will pop up after 60 days as always like any other registrar!


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